(1311-04-24) Dangerous Conversation
Summary: Bastien and Marco get to know each other.
RL Date: 04-24-2019
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Solar - Ducal Palace

Spacious enough to provide a meeting place of more familiar atmosphere to the residents of the Ducal Palace, the solar is of rectangular shape and generously lit during the day through a number of arched windows in the south wall. The opposite side is governed by a huge stone hearth, a fire crackling there during colder weather conditions. Above the hearth hangs a shield with the coat of arms of House Mereliot, flanked by a pair of exquisitely woven tapestries depicting naval scenes of ships on the sea, one in calm and tranquil weather conditions, the other one in a storm with heavy rain.

All furniture is made of oak, be it the long table in the middle of the room, or the number of high backed chairs arranged about it, flat cushions of blue brocade adding to the comfort of seating. The ceiling is a sophisticated rib vault, constructed of wood, the ribs painted in yellow. Depictions of a variety of sea animals have been added onto the light blue ceiling as well by an unknown artist. Several kinds of mediterranean fish adorn the spaces in between ribs, such as combers, groupers and flounders but also starfish and octopusses.

A door leads out onto a rooftop garden, and an archway opens into the upper hallway.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring evening. The weather is cool and fair.

It is evening time. The ideallic weather has pulled Bastien out of the Auzonnet rooms, where he "hides". The doors to the gardens are open, letting in cool, evening air. The young Mereliot is dressed in a pair of dark breeches and a pristine white poet's shirt. With the solar empty of anyone else, Bastien is almost relaxed as he sits in one of the large chairs, reading through a book. Actually reading isn't so much the case, as studying it with an intensity that nearly erases his enjoyment of the room's tranquility.

Marco picks his own way into the Solar with a casualness of being used to it. HE lets his eyes wander the area and he smiles as he spots Bastien. He inclines his head, "Well hello there." He offers warmly, "I don't think we've had the chance to truly catch up." He admits, "I didn't realise you were a Mereliot." He opens with warmness as he considers Bastien directly.

When Marco speaks, it pulls Bastien from his reading. He startles and immediately stands up, almost like he was caught doing something that he wasn't supposed to. "Oh.. um.. hello, Vicomte. No, we haven't." He smiles, with a half-hearted smile, "Well until last month, neither did I." Until then he was a novice at the Lis D'Or salon.

Marco smiles, "Sounds like quite the story. Tell me?" He suggests and laughs as he reaches over to pat Bastien's shoulder and he nudges Bastien down and moves to take his own seat, "And I'd like to hear about you and Oliver. I understand that he is upset with me and hurt by me but I wish him the best."

Closing the book, which if Marco cares, appears to be a financial ledger, he sits back down. "Well, it really is not much of a story, but if you wish…" Bastien drags his canine over his lower lip, before he shrugs, "My father was Gerard Mereliot," The very recently deceased Baron Auzonnet. "My mother is a courtesan in the Lis D'Or. For his own reasons, my father did not acknowledge me as his son. I didn't even know who my father was. My mother raised me on her own. When I turned eight, my training as a courtesan began…" His voice softens just a touch, mixed with a little bit of sadness and regret, "Two weeks before my debut, I was summoned here to the Palace, where my father, on his deathbed, declared me his son and named me his heir." He smiles, "So here I am now… trying to figure out how to be something that I never thought myself to be."

Marco watches the tooth along the lip and he listens. He frowns at the discussion at the lack of the acknowledgment. "I'm sorry to hear that." He offers, "For what it's worth you are not alone there are more than one noblewoman who was expecting to live their life out as a courtesan. They are rarely happy sources but joy can still come of it. And… Aunt Armandine is lenient and well disposed." He smiles, "And I doubt you have my risk of ending up caught up in a foreign bride." He says with wry amusement. "I'm sorry for your loss, but congratulations. If I can help please let me know." Marco is sitting across from Bastien speaking quietly.

Soft steps announce the arrival of Nathaniel. The golden haired Lafons wanders in his head buried in a leatherbound book which he scribbles in hastily as he walks. Dressed in a light springtime outfit of pale blue and a darker grey he maintains a look of casual elegance to himself. He pauses hearing voices near by and peeks up timidly. "Oh. My apologies. I did not mean to interupt anything." He smiles somewhat nervously.

Bastien nods, "Thank you. I must admit meeting all of my cousins has been and is quite a bit intimidating. I have been well receieved thus far, but I worry that I will be seen as an interloper." He smiles, "As for Lord Oliver and myself.. Well, we met in Wine Cellar and got to talking." He nods, "Yes, he is sitll vexed by your parting of ways." Well, that's putting it mildly or at least delicately. "He is very… intersting. I just wish that there was some way that I could help him. I am just not sure if anyone save himself can." And with the arrival of someone else, Bastien sits up a little more stiffly. "Good eve, my Lord." He glances over at Marco, "You are interrupting nothing, save some pleasant conversation."

Marco smiles softly, "They aren't so bad. But they are quite the variety." He glances up and over to Nathaniel and smiles warmly, "Good evening." He says easily enough considering Nathaniel studying him for a time, "Would you like to join us?" He asks as he looks back to Bastien and he nods softly and shrugs, "I… agree with your assessment. He has much frustration within him. I did what I could to break him out of his shelf and well you have I'm sure heard his feelings on the matter. But I hope he can find happiness."

Nathaniel tilts his head smiling a bit shyly at Marco's offer to join them. "I would be delighted to, my Lord. I am Nathaniel Lafons. Its a pleasure to meet you both." He bows his head politely and shuts the book he had been writing in before moving to join the pair where they sit. He smiles softly glancing between the two of them as though trying to get his bearings a bit.

Bastien offers a pleasant smile and a slight nod, "Well met, Nathaniel… I am Bastien Aubrey" the briefest of pauses can be heard, "Mereliot. It is a pleasure." His smokey gray eyes flickers between the two men, before resting on Marco. "Yes, I have heard… In a fair bit of detail. I would be interested in hearing your side of things, but that is a conversation for another time."

Marco shrugs his shoulders to Bastien, "It's not so much of a side. I encouraged him to explore the city he has that he need not live without enjoyment. But at the end of the day Armandine had plans for me that I could not decline." He says with a shrug and he smiles glancing to Nathaniel, "Lord Nathaniel. A pleasure. Marco Mereliot. And this lovely young thing is Bastien Mereliot once of the lovel Lis d'or."

Bastien blushes slightly at the introduction that Marco had given him to Nathaniel. He looks over to Marco and nods. "I see… From the way that Oliver made it seem, the engagement was all your doing and that he felt slighted for it. I see that his emotions are just strong and raw. Perhaps time will temper them." He smiles, "I will admit that he portrayed you in a much less favorable light. I am happy to find it to not be the case."

Marco blinks at that and he sighs, "Perhaps he did." He shrugs his shoulders and he smiles, "For what it's worth I'm not trying to affect anything. He's a sweetheart perhaps I should have been more considering of that. But I'm a bit more pragmatic. But… also well you may come to see. It is not something one does easily… disappoint Armandine."

Bastien cants his head slightly to the side as he listens. "I have come to see that Oliver wears his heart on his sleeve, as they say. His heart is large and caring, yet very delicate." He chews on his lower lip slightly, "I would not intentionally disappoint Her Grace anyway. " He shrugs slightly, "As a general rule, I try not to disappoint anyone, though I fear that my new found position may require that from time to time." He looks up, "So tell me, Cousin, of yourself, as you have heard my brief tale."

Marco smiles, "Yes. He does. It is one of the dear things about him." He chuckles softly, "She's hard to disappoint. She is a good ruler." He says softly and then blinks, "Of myself? I'm nothing but trouble if I don't say so myself." He assures the young man. "One does try to be disapproved of hmm?"

Bastien cocks his head and grins impishly, "Trouble? Should I be cautious of you Marco?" He chuckles. "Seriously, though, growing up, the one thing that I always wished for was a family, now I have one, and they are all strangers to me. So far, it has been you and Lady Ortolette that I have truly spoken with." He pauses, "I am to blame as much if not more so than anyone for that." He looks to Marco, "But now, I am trying to change that."

Marco assures Bastien, "You should of course be cautious of me. I'm not married yet. And I'm VERY charming." He assures Bastiena nd he smiles, "But.. I'm not so predatory." He blinks t that and smiles, "Ortalette is a dear." He smiles, "Well welcome. I will assist how I can. unless it comes to behaving properly. Then I'm utterly against that, and far more encouraging of depravity, indulgence and wickedness." He says with a wink.

Bastien's face becomes all the more youthful-looking, as he blinks with wide doe-eyed expression, feigning innocence. "Why, my Lord, I cannot imagine that you could be anything as to be predatory." He chuckles and shakes his head, "Now, charming, I will not argue with." He nods, "Yes, she does seem to be." He grins, with a look of amusement, "And quite exacting of what she wants of a minstrel."

Marco laughs softly at that response and he smiles, "Don't tempt me my dear. I think Oliver might be cross with both of us if I decided that I couldn't go on without having tried you." He assures the other man with a smirk and he chuckles, "Oh? Did she demand greatly of a minstrel? Well I'm sure she was quite worth it." He says firmly.

"So much for being far more encouraging of depravity, indulgence, and wickedness…" Bastien chides teasingly. "There is nothing more than a possibility of anything with Oliver and me, and even then, I have pointed out that we barely know each other for my heart to be tied to just him." He frowns slightly, "I am not sure that a relationship with him is really in my best of interest or his. I think that he needs things right now that I am not prepared to give." He sighs and takes a deep breath. "Anyway… Lady Ortolette, before introductions were made, took me to be a musician, which in all fairness I am, but not only demanded performance, but called out a particular operatic piece, which I do not know all that well. Let's just say that it is a performance that I am terribly embarrassed by."

Marco gasps, "Are you calling my depravity into question? You young scamp." He taunts faintly and smiles softly, "It's alright explore it at your own pace." He then laughs and smiles, "Oh? Ortalette is certainly…demanding. Oh and what was embarrassing about such a performance?" He asks in bemusement and smirks faintly, "Tempting little tidbit."

Bastien smiles widely with an infectious grin. "I think I did, indeed my good sir." He chuckles. "I was trained Eglantine. My voice is my chosen instrument." Which is true, even his speaking voice does have a musical quality to it, "As I said, I do not know the piece of musical that well. So let us just say that it was not a stellar performance. Truly so, had my instructors heard me, I would have been cleaning the floors for a month in penance."

Marco gasps and smirks, "And here you are saying that and you aren't even in my lap. What kind of eglantine training is that." He says with a pout, "Well at least she didn't promise to make you perform." He says faintly and smirks. "Well you are here now and you can do what you wish… within reason other than doubt my depravity you haven't an idea of the things I encourage."

Bastien looks at Marco, "Well, I don't need her to make me… I have decided to enter the competition on the Day of Eisheth, kind of in lieu of my debut in the salon, it will be my public debut. Just without the bidding for the honor of bedding me for the first time." He pauses, "I just pray that I do the salon and my instructors proud and do not make a fool of myself in doing so." His eyes betray that is an actual worry, even if it is one that is likely unfounded.

Marco smiles, "Oh? Have you I look forward to it." He chuckles, "Oh? Pity. One might hope to earn such a privilege." He says playfully, "But I suppose it's good that you will be making your debut performance so…publicly." He says and he then reaches over to squeeze Bastien's leg, "You will be delightful I'm sure."

Bastien leans a little forward. He had not been playing with the seduction training that he was taught, until now. He looks Marco in the eyes, maintaining contact. He scrapes his teeth over his lower lip, which causes it to plump up, just slightly. "One might still hope to earn that privilege, just that it is I to decide, just it might take more than just a jingle of coin." He lowers his gaze, then smiles. "Thank you, Marco."

Marco watches the lips over the teeth and he smiles, "Good. You will earn every warm reward I'm sure." He says staring at those lips and he smiles, "Oh? You're thanking me. But I haven't even given you a gift yet… or have I?" He asks fingers pressing into that leg squeezing.

"I was thanking you for your encouragement, Marco…" Bastien says softly, as his hand moves to stop atop Marco's hand, tracing the back of it with his fingertips. "My debut is Saturday… I might be more inclined to thank you for other support after then, but until then, I am following the rules of the Salon, even though I am not required to, but it matters to me. After Saturday, if you ply your charms, I might be more inclined to reciprocate."

Marco grins, "Good. Saturday it is then." He says brightly and he smiles as his hand relents, "My charms is it? How cruel that I might need my charms. Well I look forward to hearing the tale of this weekend then." He says relenting.

Bastien sits back in his chair, once again, returning into his slightly shy demeanor. He looks over at Marco. "I do believe that you are in fact dangerous." He cants his head smiling slightly, "But I think that it could be a fun danger though." He chuckles, "But the hour grows late, and I have a meeting with my steward earlier in the morning than I care to wake up, much less be alert and prepared to discuss business matters."

Marco blinks, "Dangerous? Nah. I'm delightful." He assures and he smiles, "I look forward to seeing you again young Bastien… after Saturday."

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