(1311-04-20) Get a Kitten
Summary: Bastien and Oliver talk after the opening of Le Requin.
RL Date: 04-20-2019
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**Oliver's Chambers - Basilisque Residence **

Through a door of dark mahogany wood one enters into a chamber that has few candles that look barely used. There is a fireplace on wall which doesn't have a door or the small balcony. The tall doors are beautifully built raised stainglass. The bed is more to the center of the room with the head of it against the opposite wall the fire place is one. The bed is covered in dark blankets and pillows. With the large four posters being of painted black wood.

There is a white armchair that has it's back to the balcony and it's facing the fireplace. It has a matching footstool and chaise. There is a painted black wood trunk in the corner which matches the two end tables beside the bed which do not have a light on them but they do have a cane each. The walls are painted white. There is nothing really visual in the room. There are no portraits, no art pieces, no books…nothing. Just a tidy room.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring evening. The weather is cool and drizzling.

He directs Bastien towards his home. Once he's inside he speaks softly, "Please ready a large bath." He licks his lips and keeps holding Bastien's arm. "I would like to have a bath with you." He speaks softly, shyly. He bows his head. "My room is upstairs." His voice breaks.

Bastien escorts Oliver back to his home. At the statement, the young Mereliot blinks, "Is that a Camlach custom or something?" He cocks his head, "If you are asking me to your bed, I am afraid that I can't. I mean, at least, not yet…"

The blind lord blinks a few times. "I am but why is that?" He tilts his head. "A bath is a bath." He blushes and bows his head bringing his arms more around himself this time.

Bastien sighs as he can tell the other boy is disappointed. "Because as a novice, sex was forbidden… I have already promised someone my first time, someone that I have known for several years… After that, then I have no problem, but not before."

He takes a moment to think before he nods his head. He turns and feels for the railing. His hand curls around it and he slowly starts to go up the stairs. Oli makes it up the stairs and turns his head. "Not the first time I've been rejected." He grins warmly. "Thanks for bringing me home. I shouldn't keep you any longer."

Bastien shakes his head, "No offense, Oliver, but you're not going to get all mopey on me again. I didn't say no, I just said not right now. I mean in truth, this is just the third time that we have really met with each other. I will admit that we have a repoire with each other… And while we're having a heart to heart, you want to tell me what was up with you and Pierre? The way your grasp tightened when he spoke told me that there was something, not to mention the way that you held onto your chest. It is enough to make me not like the guy."

He removes his jacket and lays it over the railing. "There were two men in that room. One cared for me and the other rejected me." He stands at the top of the stairs looking a head of himself. "The one who rejected me is your cousin, Marco. Him and I… we…" He blushes. "A few times. He told me he liked me and then when I asked perhaps if we could ever be more, he said he doesn't want more and wanted to be free. I was fine with that until his marriage was announced a week later." He slowly pulls up his shirt and removes it. As it drops, there is a cut from an inch under his collarbone down the center of his chest but stops after about five inches. Then eight chevrons in total pointing down, almost looking someone lightly carved an arrow head into his chest. "Pierre… or as I know him Raphael, helps me focus. He helps me." He speaks softly. "I pay him though. The only people that want me… I pay them."

Bastien cocks his head, "I'm sorry that my cousin is the one that hurt you. You told me of such without any detail when we first met. I cannot speak or answer for Marco, nor can I speak for Pierre or Raphael or whatever his name is, but I can answer for myself… I told you that I would go to bed with you, just not at this time… so unless you are calling me a prostitute, since I am no longer a courtesan, which this discussion is quite over… you're statement is quite false, now isn't it?"

Oli grumbles. "Raphael is a Thorn." He speaks quietly. "The pain helps focus me." He finally bows his head. "I hear anger and pity in your voice. Perhaps I'm not meant to … You are promised to another. You are noble and you will be married off to a good family. This is good. You will be happy." He speaks softly.

Bastien crosses his arms, "You hear anger in my voice because inadvertently insulted me. Neither of us know what my future will hold, just as we do not know what your future will hold. I will admit, I don't understand the joy of pain, but there is no pity in my voice for it. Nor do you hear judgement in my voice. "

Oli frowns. "I didn't insult you. I don't understand you." He snaps at the man. "The only people who want me are Courtesans that I pay and even then sometimes I will pay a courtesan and they will stand me up. This is why I started to want pain. To feel it. To let it wash over me because it was more real than wanting anything. I stopped feeling pain here…" He points to his head. "Then I started feeling pain here." He points to the cuts.

Bastien frowns. "Listen to me, for I am going to say it one last time. I do want you, just not tonight. I am no longer a courtesan, by saying that the only people who want you are those you pay, you are calling me a whore, which is why I was in fact insulted." He sighs, "And it is a shame that you have to let someone disfigure you so that you can feel pain so that you don't feel pain."

He frowns. "Courtesans are not whores. The reason I don't understand you is because I pay for someone to care and yet you care and I do not pay. My experience with Mereliots are… use and throw away and you don't seem that way either." He slowly sits on the top stair. "These will heal." He pushes his hand against a few chevrons and the pressure causes the scab to break and blood flows again. "There is much I struggle with, Bastien. Pain keeps me grounded."

Bastien sighs, "No, courtesans are not whores, but I am not a courtesan. See my point now?" He moves over to Oliver and moves his hands away to prevent him making it bleed any more. "I do care about you, Oliver. Maybe it's because I wasn't raised as a Mereliot. No matter what, as long as you wish it, I will be your friend and will care about you no matter what."

Oli feels his hand taken and he frowns. Then he feels the warmth of the blood sliding down his stomach. "I need to feel." He speaks softly, lightly pulling at Bastien's hand. "I am having horrible cravings and I can't. I need to fight it and this helps. Please?" He bows his head and closes his eyes. "I need to fight it."

Bastien lets go of Oliver's hands. "If that is what you need, Oliver, then I can't stop you, but don't ask me to be part of it." He looks at the bit of blood that is on his hands from where he had grabbed Oliver's. "What do you want from me? I'm standing here with your blood on my hands."

Oli seems sad that Bastien doesn't wish to be part of his darkness. His mouth opens and then closes. He touches his stomach and nods his head, tears falling. "I am sure the bath is ready. You can wash your hands in it." He grabs his clothes and turns and moves back towards his room. He walks in the house as if he's memorized it. He tosses his shirt down on the bed and then sits on it.

Bastien sighs and shakes his head, "I swear you are absolutely maddening. What do you want, Oliver? Do you want me to hurt you? Because I thought that you didn't want to hurt or at least so that you don't have to hurt anymore, or do you want me to be something that I am not to play along with your self-destructive spiral?"

The blind man flails his hands a little and grumbles. "I don't know…" He speaks quietly. He honestly sounds tired and frustrated. "Bastien… I'm scared I'm going to fail." His voice breaks. He reaches over to the end table and pulls a box out. He unclasps it and then puts it open on the bed for Bastien to see. It's an opium injector with opium. Not good in high doses and highly illegal except in the houses. "I have been taking this since I was thirteen. To help me sleep and to stop the pain and now… I have to stop. My brother demands it and the law and my health is failing because of it and I know all this and I still want it." He tears up. "I don't want to fail but I'm going crazy."

Bastien walks over to stand beside the blind man. "Look, Oliver. I don't have any answers. Hell, I am drowning in all manners of questions of my own. I like you, Oliver… I feel like there is some sort of connection between us - what that connection is, I don't know. I don't get the draw of pain, in receiving or giving of it. In fact, I detest seeing anyone in pain. Perhaps that is what drew me in to you at first, you were in such pain. All I can really promise is my friendship. Hopefully, that can be enough for now."

Oliver takes a deep breath and speaks. "I don't hurt myself and I do not enjoy hurting others." He speaks. "I ask a Thorn to deliver pain to me in a controlled way. I can say stop at any time." He turns his face to where Bastien's voice came from. "There is much that hurts me. I am weak. I know there are people who have gone through worse than I have and come out better so I wonder why I came out like this." He reaches his hand out and sighs.

Bastien reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "It doesn't matter who is delivering the pain, I still don't understand it, but that's not really the point. " He sighs, "You are not other people. You are you. It doesn't matter what other people have been through. What matters is what you have been through and what you do to get through it. If this whole bleeding thing does it for you… then good for you. Just don't expect me to be okay with you being hurt, even if it is a controlled hurt."

Oli bites his bottom lip. "I will only have him. I trust him." He grumbles. "You… lost your family and now you are having to juggle being heir and figure out your place. You have had pain and you are younger than I am. I've… my story isn't as hard as yours. I don't have expectations." He shakes his head again. "It's not just bleeding. It's tying down. He said he used a horse…paddle the first time. No blood. He said I was the first he's cut on the front. So I can feel it. It's nice to feel something. Opium makes me numb so I don't feel things or think but he makes me think and feel. I know not many will be okay with it but … maybe it's that I feel the need to be punished."

Bastien laughs out, "Lost my family? I lost two brothers that I never knew of and a father that never wanted to know of me, at least until he had no other option. I haven't felt any pain from my father's death. I didn't know the man. Yeah, in some ways I lost the family at Lis D'Or, but I still can visit them and see them. Growing up, I had a happy childhood and have little to complain about." He frowns, "If the opium makes you numb, then perhaps it's a good thing that you are being forced to give it up." The young man pauses, confusion in his voice, "Need to be punished for what? What could you have possibly done that would have you deserve to be carved up like a roasted chicken?"

He listens to Bastien and frowns. He doesn't contradict him but stays quie. There is a shake to his voice before he finally says, very quietly, barely over the sound of the fire. "I was born." His voice breaks and he bows his head. He pushes himself up and moves around his bed, moving for the bath silently.

Bastien reaches out and places his hand on Oliver's shoulder as he starts to walk off. "I don't believe that, and I bet if I were to ask your brother, he would not either. I'm sorry that you were hurt when you were younger and blinded. But that doesn't mean that you need to be punished or that you deserve it." He sighs, "But I have a feeling that there is nothing that I can say to convince you otherwise… Hopefully, Pierre or Raphael or whatever his name is at the time can."

He jumps at the hand to his shoulder and he turns quickly. He takes a breath to calm himself before he speaks. "My father said I was an accident. That I wasn't meant to happen and the companions cursed me for not following their rules. It's why I was blinded and the scions couldn't fix it. He said he wished I was never born. Do you know what that does to someone?" He bows his head. "I want to numb things so my heart stops breaking. I ruined his life. Yet, at the same time I want to feel what I can control."

Bastien frowns, "Then your father was an ass." He looks at the other man, "And he was wrong for saying such. If it had not been the will of the companions, then you would not have been born, much less been born as a scion of one of them." He sighs, "You are just a victim of the fickled mood of luck. That's all. It could have just as likely had been your brother that was blinded as it was you or anyone else. Well not me.. I have never been near a horse, except by walking past the palace's stables."

He frowns. "He was but I never knew him to lie. That was his reality." He speaks softly. "I made him miserable." Then speaking of horses. "Peanut was my horse and he was wonderful and sweet and loving. He got scared and my father chopped his head off even after I begged him not leave him alone. I've never found a companion like Peanut again. I would have died for that horse."

"One person's reality does not make it the truth." Bastien counters. He listens to the Oliver talk about the horse. "I am sorry… closest thing that I ever had to a pet was a song bird that was given to my mother. And even then, I just fed it and cleaned its cage. "

He touches his chest. "Peanut was my best friend. Now he's dead because he was scared. Tell me how that's fair?" He shakes his head. "You need to see the love of an animal to understand. Animals are just animals until you are their world and you realize that."

Bastien's smokey gray eyes follows Oliver's hand to his chest with a frown. "It's not fair. Life is often not fair, Oliver." He pauses, "You're right. I don't understand the difference… My apologies for my presumption."

Oli stares towards the voice. "Go get a little kitten. Bottle feed it, raise it. When you see it's eyes look at you like are the world to it and if you do not love it back, I'll take it from you and love it." He shakes his head. "There is no love as pure as an animal loving you."

Bastien listens to Oliver, "Maybe I will… " He cocks his head as he regards the other man, "Have you had another companion since? I don't mean a horse, but a dog or a cat… "

Oliver shakes his head. "I'm afraid I will fail them. Or step on them." He ohhs. "Henri is like my dog. He'd probably try to drown me if I said that to him." He turns and bumps into the tub. He reaches his hands down and sighs at the warmth.

Bastien chuckles, "Then I shall not repeat it to him." He watches the other man, "Well, I think I will leave you to your bath… It has been a longer day than I had anticipated when I left this morning. What do you think of the idea of the club? Do you think you shall join? I am thinking that it would be a good thing for me to."

Oliver slides his pants down his legs and climbs into the bath, relaxing back. He didn't see his nakedness therefore no one did. "I will be joining. I went to school for philosophy so having people to talk to and bounce ideas off of sounds lovely." He grins slowly. "Get a kitten."

Bastien pauses, lingering for a moment, "I might just do that… I might just do that…" He stops, "Good evening, Oliver… I hope that this does not send you back racing towards your state of malaise. I much prefer you not so dark and gloomy."

Oliver grumbles. "I'm fine. I haven't had opium in a few days so I'm being a little bitch." He sighs again. "Thank you for bringing me home. Now as Lord of House Basilisque, I order you to get a kitten."

Bastien chuckles as he sees himself out. "I think that my station might trump yours, but I shall take your advice into consideration, my Lord Oliver."

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