(1311-04-17) I See You
Summary: Bastien and Oliver talk about themselves over dinner.
RL Date: 04-07-2019
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**The Golden Harbor - Noble District **
Situated close to the Opera and upon the famous wine cellars below, the Golden Harbour Restaurant offers the same refinement it expects in turn from its clientele. The name has influenced the choice of interior, where walls have been painted in sea green with golden ornaments, and one wall features the outline of this city's harbor in gilded painting that will catch the warm light of candles and oil lamps. Candelabras made of brass show the likenesses of mermaids and seasnakes. Tables and seating are of dark mahogany, cushions and upholstery done in dark green velvet, heavy drapes of similar color set into the ceiling that can be drawn to allow a certain privacy when such is wished for. Staff is attentive and discreet, and up to the standards of high nobility in their quality of service. They are clad in the unique livery of the place, sea green gowns, chemises and trousers, always tidy and well kept.

Meals served here are mostly local seafood dishes prepared from sophisticated recipes with inspired seasoning. Finest wines are available, both red and white, a supply never ceasing as they have the wine cellars below, to acquire even the most exquisite and costly vintages if requested. High windows offer a view over the city, especially where it slopes down to the harbor, with masts and sails of ships moored there visible in the distance.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring evening. The weather is cool and fair.

It is evening time, and the night is cool. Bastien had been out and missed dinner time at the Palace, perhaps a little on the purposeful side. Regardless of intent or chance, the young noble finds himself quite famished. He is wearing a doublet of green and gold, which gives his grey eyes a greenish hue. He is alone, having slipped his guard for the evening.

Oliver thinks he slips his guard but both Henri and his guard are right there. Henri holding his arm and his guard trailing. He smelt the seafood and grumbled something before being brought into the restaurant. Henri grins at Bastien and sits Oliver at a table for two, gesturing to the other young man to sit. He walks over to the kitchen and starts talking to all the helpers in the back. He's a charismatic guy and he might be getting lucky. Oliver though sits quietly, removing his cloak, letting it flop behind him. He doesn't wear anything special.

Bastien notices the large man, recognizing both him and Oliver. He quirks an eyebrow at the gesture towards the table, but he does not resist the offer. He walks over, before sitting, "Good eve, Lord Oliver? Might I join you? Your man seems to think that I should, at least?"

Oliver sits upright in his chair and blinks quickly. He seems to analyze the others voice before he speaks. "Lord Mereliot. It would be a pleasure." He frowns slightly and tilts his head. "Henri?" He speaks quietly out to the restaurant but no Henri comes. "He's not there is he?" He bows his head and grumbles quietly.

Bastien pauses slightly at the 'Lord Mereliot'. "Please Bastien." He looks towards the back, "Henri, is that his name? No, he is not here. He went to the back." He sits down, joining the other man at the table. "So how are you doing, Lord Oliver?"

The blind lord listens to the other sit and he grins. "Then I'm just Oliver." He points out to the other man. He tilts his head a little and nods his head. "I am doing much better." He chuckles. "Perhaps he's ordering?" There is a happy chuckle before a moan in the backroom and he shakes his head. "No…no he's not."

Bastien smiles, "Very well, then Oliver. I'm glad to hear that things are better. I admit that upon our first meeting, your outlook on life seemed rather grim indeed." He cocks his head, familiar with the sounds of passion, and well he should growing up in the Lis D'Or. He chuckles, "Well, at least we know that Henri is having a good evening."

He nods his head. "I am sorry about that. It was a dark time. I was struggling with something alone and I'd been hurt a few times. I'm less struggle." He chuckles. "He always does. He will find women everywhere that adore him. I swear he's going to have hundreds of children if he isn't careful."

Bastien shakes his head, "There is nothing to apologize for. Everyone eventually walks through dark times. What is important is that you have moved beyond it." He gestures for a server over, "I am thirsty, how about you L—Oliver? I am thinking something sweet. And food? I don't know about you, but I am famished!" He chuckles, "Well, people must be peopled."

Oliver nods his head. "Drinks and food sounds lovely." He grins slowly. "Henri has to Henri you mean." He sits back and shakes his head. "I hope I'm passed it. I just need time." He sighs quietly and shakes his head. "What about you? I don't know much about you."

Bastien looks to the serving girl, "Then please bring us food and drinks." Once the girl leaves, he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck as he chews on his lower lip. "Um.. well, there's not a lot to say… my mother is a courtesan of the Lis D'Or salon. My father didn't acknowledge my existence until he was dying and had no heir to replace him except me. I was trained to be a courtesan of the Eglantine canon, a musician, and now I am a Lord trying to figure out what I am doing."

Oliver blinks a few times and nods his head. "We are all trying to figure out what we are doing. You have a foot above though. You were trained how to be better. How to be exceptional. Now you just need to learn how to do taxes." He chuckles a little before sobering up. "I'm sorry about your father. I lost mine too. Though I am far from anything other than an Unlanded Noble. I could only imagine what you'd need to learn."

Bastien chuckles, "Well, I guess you could look at it that way." He leans back in his seat. "Thanks, but I knew the man for only a few days. It was a man who I did not know. People that we don't know die every day. I am sorry for your loss." He chuckles softly, "Funny, I still can only imagine what all I need to learn."

He frowns slightly and nods his head. "It's still your father. I know my father and I didn't get along but when he died… It hurt." He bows his head. "Oh… depending on your title you need to make up monthly reports to your superior. So if you are Baron, to the Vicomte. That type of thing. Your reports should be involving spending of money or resources, influx of money or resources. It should give report on the land being worked, profitability and how to increase profit while decreasing cost." He speaks softly and nods his head.

Bastien nods, "Perhaps the fact that it was my father will hit me once everything else settles, but right now, I am just dealing with feeling like I am drowning all the time." He listens to Oliver and nods. "Luckily for me, Lady Ortolette has been helping me, not to mention the fact that I have a steward who served my father."

He nods his head. "That is good that she's helping you. The Steward will be helpful as well." He listens to the backroom moaning and it's getting louder. His face blushes bright red and he tries to cover his face.

The moaning does not faze the ex-courtesan at all. He ignores it, or at least doesn't react to it. "Ah, here comes our food." He looks over at Oliver and grins slightly at the other man's reaction. Of course, he does not comment upon it. "So what about you, Oliver? Other than the fact that you were formerly rather jaded on love, what about you?"

He clears his throat and breathes in the scent of the food. He's trying to distract himself from the moaning. "Well… I don't know if you know this but…" He puts his hands on the table and leans forward. "I'm blind." He whispers quietly like he's telling a secret. "Shocking I know." He leans back and feels his fingers around for cutlery.

Bastien gasps, "You're blind? Really? I sooooo did not know that." He chuckles. "Surely there is more to you than that. You seem quite more complicated." He drags his canine over his lower lip, "Do you need help? I do not mean to offend you, if I have by asking."

He takes a deep breath and frowns. "Well… ask questions. I'm an open book." At the question he nods his head. "I can't find… the cutlery or the … oh there is the plate." He grins happily as he brushes his fingers over the dish. Fish. He brings those fingers to his lips and quickly licks them. "Haddock?"

The girl nods and curtsies, "Yes, my Lord." Bastien just looks amazed. "That is amazing. How did you know?" He chuckles. "How do you pick a question to ask? Were you always blind or did something happen that caused it?" He reaches for the wine and takes a slow sip from the glass.

The man lifts a brow. "Know what?" He seems confused. "I don't know how close you are to me but lift my hair on the left said of my face." If he does that, there is a deep scar that looks like a large hoof print over his temple and into his hair. "It was an accident when I was nine." He speaks softly.

Bastien brushes the hair with the gentlest of touches, almost a caress. He frowns slightly, "I'm sorry." As if it had somehow been his fault. "And I meant how did you know what type of fish it was." His touch lingers for a second, before it retreats. "And there is nothing that the healers can do?" He shakes his head, "Of course not, or otherwise they would have, I'm sure. That was stupid of me to ask. I am sorry."

His eyes flutter and he slightly leans into the soft touch. "Fish all taste different and feel different. Haddock have a finer flake and a more tender texture with a slightly sweeter flavor than Cod. So while I touched the fish, it felt firm so I assumed a white fish and then the flakes were fine and it tasted sweet. Haddock." He grins a little. "I have had priests, healers, scions all try. It's not stupid to ask. Not at all. Many ask this. I'm a Scion of Camael and look at me…" He gestures to himself. "I'm a skinny blind man. Not much Camael in me."

Bastien smiles and nods, "I never really noticed the difference. I will have to strive to be more aware of such things." As Oliver leans to the touch, Bastien lets the touch last as long as he can without it being improper or unseemly. The other noble is in no way unappealing to the eyes or to the mind. "Our birth does not dictate who or what we are, Oliver. I have been told that I am a scion of Eisheth… okay, bad example.. I do have a gift with music, but I was thinking about Eisheth's scions being gifted doctors. "

Oliver seems to enjoy the touch. His heart rate increasing. "I was about to say… You are a beautiful example of Eisheth." He chuckles. "You are gifted. I used to be good at sparing at least. Now I'm quite useless. I've learned though that if I swing a staff around quickly, I get dizzy and people get hurt." He chuckles. "I was hoping to be a better tactician. I do not think it will happen. I am not as wise as I want to be."

Bastien chuckles, as he imagines the sight of Oliver swinging wildly with a staff. "I bet that is quite a sight to see. No doubt you would lay me to waste. I am not trained very much in the martial skills. It was not something that was part of my training." He cocks his head and hums softly, "I don't know. You might be wiser than you think. For you may not be as wise as you want to be, but I bet, many are not as wise as they believe themselves to be."

The young blind man chuckles a little. "My brother is embarrassed at my lack of skills." He points out quietly. He clears his throat. "Any man who says he's wise is not. It's wisdom to be humble." He sighs a little. "May… May I see you, Bastien?" His voice breaks a little.

Cocking his head slightly, Bastien looks at the blind nobleman. He blinks a few times, "I mean no disrespect, but how can you see me, Oliver, if you're blind?" He is quite confused, but the Oliver's personality reversal confused him as well.

He blushes and lifts his hands up. "I can get a general idea. Cheekbones jaw eye brows…" He lets his hands drop as his face flushes. "Sorry. I'm trying to be the person my father wants me to be. The person my brother demands of me." He lets his fingers move over the cutlery and he picks up the knife and fork, or at least he thinks so.

Bastien ohs softly. He smiles slightly and nods. "I think I understand. I have no objections. Though Naamah knows that my voice is my grace and not my appearance." Which is anything but the truth, the young man is as beautiful as he is handsome, which is quite a bit. He stands up and moves over to kneel beside Oliver. "I am right here, see me as you will."

He grins. "There are many who say their voice is their best feature until I see them. Everyone is so beautiful and I look like a thumb." He chuckles a little and turns. He reaches his hands out, lightly making contact with his shoulders. He lets his fingers slide up to his neck. Each hand barely touching, as a ghost feeling over the skin. He feels along the jaw and up to his cheeks and cheekbones. He feels his brows and his forehead. He moves down his nose and brushes his fingers over the man's lips.

Bastien closes his eyes for a second as the fingers whisper over his face. "You hardly look like a thumb." He chuckles softly. He tries to stay reasonably still while the other man sees him. "You know, with a graceful as your fingers are, you could have made a hell of a courtesan. Gentle, but there is also strength there… Given the right canon in the right salon.""

His face flushes brightly. "You… are not the first whose said that." He points out to the man. He does an extra pass over his lips before bringing his fingers into the man's hair. Checking length and texture. "What color are your eyes, skin and hair? I'm sorry if that sounded… offensive." He grumbles. "I'm just trying to get a picture. Right now it's grey."

Bastien smirks slightly, but does not ask. He stands up slowly to return to his seat. "My hair is dark brown, which shows a hint of red in the light. My skin is fair, maybe with a slight golden tan to it. My eyes… well, that depends on what I'm wearing… You see they are smokey grey. Tonight I'm wearing green, so they take on a greenish hue. If I wear blue, then they are more blue. It all depends really. I have been told that they are one of my better features… a mark of being a scion of Eisheth, or so I am told."

The blind man nods his head. "I see you now. You are lovely." He grins happily. "You are right though. Your voice is stunning. I could listen to you for hours." He purrs quietly. He takes hold of different cutlery this time and feels around for his plate.

Bastien smiles, "Well, if you wish to hear me sing, I will be competing in the festivities on the Day of Eisheth. I was called to the Palace before I ever had the opportunity for my debut, so I am treating the competition as a debut of sorts." He chuckles, "Just without the bidding for any extra activities afterwards." He pauses, "But thank you. I take that as a compliment."

He nods his head. "I think I will." He blushes as he gets something on his fork and shoves it into his mouth. He chews quietly and thinks. When his mouth is empty he finally speaks. "My mother tried to teach me to sing. I am not that good. I love listening to singers, people who play instruments, even listening to dancers."

Bastien takes a bite of his own food, before washing it down with a sip of wine. "You know, some of the dances, you could still do, depending on how aware your partner is." He frowns slightly, "You know, you really should not be quite so hard on yourself."

He eats a little fish and listens. "Someone tried to teach me ballet or …the waltz. I was alright but nothing to write home about. I didn't crush her feet so that was a success." He smiles bright. "Oh no… I can't sing." He lifts his fork and goes through the octaves. He's on pitch but his voice keeps cracking.

Bastien looks at the other man for a moment. "I am not just talking about that… but about most things… " He continues, "I get that life is not what you or your family want for you, but it seems like because of that, you almost feel like you have to apologize for everything. You don't, you know."

Oli sits there now quiet. "But I do have to apologize. An avoidable accident that happened… and my life went from being that of a soldier to.. what I am now. Before my father died he said I was a mistake he wishes he never made." He shrugs his shoulders. "I might be a mistake but at least I own it."

Bastien looks at the man, "You have nothing to apologize for to me then. I do not know what you were meant for or what could have been. No one really knows. Perhaps the accident was the catalyst for you becoming a great thinker, a philosopher, or a writer. Who knows, with your sense of touch, you could become the world's greatest sculptor. I don't know. The only thing I do know is that I am glad to have met you, which I would not have been able to do had you not been."

He nods his head. "I'd be at the border of Skaldia and Camlach with my brother, Stephane." He speaks softly. "That was my destiny. Because … I'm the smallest in the family I was being trained for scout work." He lifts a brow at the thoughts. "A sculptor? Don't they sculpt what they can see?" He seems confused. "How would I…ever…"

Bastien looks at Oliver, "Did you not say that you could see me now? You see by touch don't you?" He shakes his head, "And I was just suggesting that as a possibility, nothing more." He pauses as he cants his head, "But if I did plant a seed of thought, then I want partial credit for your masterpieces." His melodic voice obviously teasing. He sets his fork and knife down having finished his meal.

Oli has barely made a dent in his meal. He just picks at it. "I can see you but … " He shakes his head. "I would never be able to enjoy my art. I would just hope that it looks right." He frowns. "What would I use?" He speaks softly. He nods his head at the last bit and bites his bottom lip.

Bastien shrugs, "I don't know.. I know nothing of sculpting. Besides I have heard of deaf composers, so why not a blind sculpture?" Bastien sits across the small table from Oliver. He can't help but to grin as the other man gives more than a touch of thought to his words.

Oliver nods his head and pokes at a piece of vegetables. He puts it in his mouth as he thinks. He tries to summon any thought that isn't a failure. He fills his mouth with food and just stares a head of himself.

Bastien sips at his wine. "I was just suggesting that there might be a destiny meant for you that is one that you never thought of." He looks over at the blind nobleman. "I apologize if my words have soured the conversation and your dinner." Okay, maybe not the dinner as he is still eating.

Oli is the slowest eater ever. He still has half a plate left after he is shoving food into his mouth. He clears his mouth and bites his bottom lip. "No you didn't. Thank you." He reaches his hand out to where Bastien's voice is and waits with his palm up.

Bastien assumes, perhaps incorrectly, and places his hand atop Oli's. "I'm glad. It was certainly not my intent." He watches the other man to make sure that he didn't misread the gesture. Truly, Oliver confuses Bastien.

Oli feels the hand on top of his own and he brushes his fingers over the man's palm. He holds the hand as he slowly rests their hands on the table. He uses his other hand to get more food on his fork. The whole piece of fish is on the fork. He brings it to his lips and jerks back a little. It's too big to fit in his mouth so he just takes a bite.

Bastien sits there, his hand in Oliver's. The young nobleman/former courtesan quite content with the simple gesture of comfort. He happily drinks his wine as the other man finishes his dinner. Bastien is quite happy to keep Oliver company while Henri is otherwise occupied in the back.

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