(1311-03-28) Awkward Introductions
Summary: Fenris Valliers and Seline Somerville meet for the first time as their families have begun betrothal negotiations.
RL Date: March 29, 2019
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Somerville Residence

There is a touch of an l'Agnacite style to the interior of the Somerville Residence. The white walls of the medium sized parlor have black and brown branches painted on top. This ornament weaves throughout the whole room and it seems that leafless trees are reaching for the paintings of landscapes featuring lush greenery and animals such as deer, cows, sheep. Also, stuffed animals such as boars, deers, bears, foxes and wolves are incorporated to hang between those paintings or stand in the corner of a room, on both sides of the hearth as well.

Above the hearth of white marble hangs a tapestry with the Somerville coat of arms, a green tree with red apples on a field of white. It is at the hearth where a number of high-backed armchairs of mahogany wood can be found, with backrests carved in the likenesses of branches, and soft cushions in white and green adding to the comfort of seating. Closer towards the wall with the three windows, a long table can be found, offering space for up to ten people, suited for dinners and taking other meals. On the opposite side of the room is a rounded table with eight chairs. Carved into the tabletop is the map of Terre d'Ange and small boxes of chess and cards laying there suggest that this must be a gaming table.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring morning. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Seline is standing by the back windows that overlook the rainy gardens when Fenris is shown in. She has only been in Marsilikos for one night, having arrived late the evening before, but it was long enough for her to settle in and the invitation sent for the afternoon. When the man is shown in, she turns, her brown eyes taking in the hulk before her. She gives him a half smile as the butler makes the announcement, then inclines her head to dismiss the fellow. Her expression isn't exactly arrogant, more wary and uncertain as she says, "Welcome Lord Valliers. Would you care for a seat? Wine has been prepared." She gestures towards the chairs by the fireside where wine has indeed been laid out for them with an odd, uncomfortable kind of formality as though she is trying to be on her best behaviour, but isn't entirely sure how.

When he got the news it shocked him. He didn't expect his uncle to find a lady this quickly but then again he didn't know many of his uncles connections. He arrives right on time, with a thick sweater, light blue tunic and dark leather pants with thick boots. He removes the boots and stands tall waiting for his bride to be seen. He didn't shave but his hair was at least cut. His chin sports and almost well groomed beard, odd for a D'Angeline. His hair is short on either side and longer on the top and a few hairs have decided to jump out of place pointing straight up in a cow lick. He looks over the woman and bows his head. He grumbles as he moves over to the seat and he waits for her to sit first before sitting himself. He quiet at the moment.

The lack of spoken response clearly seems unusual to Seline, though when he moves to sit she does as well, taking one of the two armchairs and reaching over to pour the wine into two glasses. "Sir," she says as she passes one to him before raising to her own lips to take a healthy swallow. Then she sits still, the glass held in her hand before her stomach, just watching and waiting.

His eyes stay on her hands as she pours the glasses. He reaches over. "Thank you." His accent is thick, Skaldic. He takes a long sip of the wine and tries not to make a face, at least he's trying to hide it. He makes a small grumbles before clearing his throat. "I apologize for the… for you getting me." He bows his head and shakes it, taking another sip.

Seline cants her head slightly, looking at him with frank curiosity whne he says that, answering, "Oh? Why so? Is there something that the Duc has not been forthcoming about?" She takes another sip, then sets the glass down and leans forward to listen to his response.

The giant lifts his eyes and shrugs. "I don't know what he's told you." He grumbles quietly through his thick accent. "You are quite pretty. I look like testicles. That's not fair to you." He points out taking a sip of his wine.

"Well shit, if you're going to talk to that," she begins before she flushes brightly, "No, I'm sorry it just slips…" Seline shakes her head and takes a breath then explains, "You don't look like a testicle. I know, I've seen a few. And I was told about your 'time' with the Skaldi, and your children, and your consort, and… oh there were other things too. The Duc was fairly frank i believe."

Fenris lifts a brow and grins. "Speak however is comfortable for you." He points out to her. "Time? That's nice of him. Thirty years with the Skaldi. Two very young babies. Born in Winter. Consort being Gregoire Basilisque. Yes I have hair and I'm giant. I don't like table manners, tables are for eating on not mannering on. I am not good in public because people present falsehoods. I'm grumpy and stubborn and honestly, if you wanted to lose me, ride me into the middle of the woods and leave. I have no sense of direction." He says this all really fast.

Seline sits back in her seat, and says plainly, "I take it this was as much a surprise for you as for me then? I found out three days ago when I came in to find a trunk packed and ready for me to come here and meet you." She takes a breath and telkls him, "I don't care about much of that aside from table manners. I do not like seeing the food as people are chewing it, but I also couldn't care less which fork you use. I'm sure there is a happy medium in there somewhere.

He nods his head. "I knew my uncle had been looking. I didn't think he'd find someone willing to pair with his busted old nephew that quickly." He grumbles at the table manners. "I try not to show what I am eating while it's in my mouth. I was raised …somewhat well. Mouth closed when eating, yawning, and covered when sneezing and coughing." He nods his head. "What about you?"

Seline considers that for a moment before answering simply, "I turn thirty in a few months. I've never married. I'm afraid you've been thrown the family thornback because at least you got me out of their hair."

Fenris humphs quietly. "I don't know. Now I'm in their hair too." He points out to Seline. "That one at family dinners they don't talk about because he's outside drunk and naked on a horse."

"Are you a drunkard?" she asks plainly before adding, "I will not consent to a marriage with someone who is unsafe." Perhaps that is what the Duc was keeping from her family?

Fenris shakes his head and chuckles. "No Milady." He points out. "However, with my body as big as it is, I can have wine. Then someone will hand me ale. Then I'll have another. I don't feel it, milady. So sometimes I have had too much and I realize this when I stand. It's happened once since returning to Marsilikos. This is why I'm quite careful about what I drink and when."

Seline shrugs, "Then that is not a concern. I am curious about why naked on a horse though. That sounds… uncomfortable." She is relaxing a bit now, her posture softening as they speak. Seline does not appear intimidated by his size or general furriness, just curious.

The giant turns his eyes to her. "I was not gifted a set of pants until I was eight. So I learned to ride without clothes." He shrugs. "It's awkward to avoid things crushing but it's possible." He keeps his eyes on her. "Tell me more about yourself."

She considers that, then seems to file it mentally for future and moving on. Seline takes another sip of the wine as she considers what to say next, swallowing before answering, "there isn't much to tell. I'm twenty-nine. Aside from a year in Tiberium, I have lived in l'Agnace my entire life, and well, I have a good feel for agriculture. I like animals, like riding and hunting, and I have a large family with plenty of nieces and nephews. What kind of things would you like to know?"

He grins slowly at the mention of hunting. "You hunt? I hunt. My consort hunts. We could hunt as a group! Last time I went hunting I got slapped by a bear so I'd rather avoid that." He points out. "What's it like in Tiberium?"

"Slapped bya bear? Where on earth were you hunting that they got that close to you?" she asks in frank bewilderment, her head shaking. Then he asks another question, and she answers, "Caerdicci. It was very Caerdicci and full of students and philosophers running around pretending they mattered more than anyone else. I did enjoy the architecture though."

He nods his head. "In the woods?" He points at the wall. "Deep in the woods…" He grins slowly. "It was a stealthy one." He grumbles and then he makes a face. "What…is Caerdicci?" He nods his head again and grins a little. "Oh yes. When a student learns they know best." He shakes his head and sips more wine before putting it down.

"People from Caerdicca Unitas are Caerdicci, and yes, we all thought we did," Seline answers wryly, adding, with a smirk, "I enver said I wasn't one of them Lord Valliers. Then again, I was sixteen, few were much older, and at that age no one really knows better."

He chuckles and points out. "You are smarter than I am." He smiles almost proudly. "When I was sixteen I got to use a spear, got my first square challenge, was still sleeping in the stables, and was in four battles between clans and once.. I hit a much older man with a rock." He nods proudly.

"Who knows? Maybe I am, and maybe I am not. There is no saying what would have been different were you not taken by the Skaldi. I doubt that life was particularly conducive to your intellectual development," Seline suggests with a shake of her head. She reaches a hand up to brush a fallen lock of fair hair from her eyes, tucking it behind her ear, and asks, "So, right. What are you expecting from a wife?" The question is direct, as is her gaze, moving into the business at hand forthrightly.

The giant smiles. "I will bet you a cow that you are smarter than I am and I don't even have a cow." He points at her before sitting back. "I learned about pain and battle. That's it. If you ask me why the sun goes up and goes back down, I can't tell you. Oh! I know how babies are made." He touches his temple. He thinks about her question. "I have to expectations. I've never had a wife. I just don't want a bully." He grumbles. "It' might surprise you, milady… but I am … how did he…put it.." He taps his forehead and ahs. "I am a delicate butterfly. So someone can bully me easily and I would prefer not to have that happen."

Seline laughs brightly, "Oh I am sure there are better metaphors for you than a butterfly. There are plenty of large, hulking things that are delicate as can be, like certain kinds of vines, and fig trees. There are large fish that if they stray into the wrong waters die within hours. I cannot see you a butterfly though." She takes her wine again, though does not sip the half-full glass, just looks down at it as she assures him, "I do not intend to be a bully. You have your life, and I have mine, or will. My life will be changing very much, certainly more than your will milord. I would like some help with that transition, even if just some companionship. after that what you do is up to you.:"

Fenris watches her carefully. "I want you to be part of my life. To meet Gregoire and know him, love him as I do. Or… well … He's had a hard life and he's quite protective of me. It's adorable since I can toss him like a sack of potatoes but he tries. He's a sweet man. It is…not very D'Angeline of me but …" He blushes slightly and clears his throat. "The tradition I know…your wife is your partner. Your mate. You do not take another like her. You can build each other up as much as you tear down." He shakes his head. "My children need a mother. You can be their mother and I can provide others for you. My lover needs to not feel scared if he comes over to eat lunch with us. He adores my kids too. Though…" He brushes his hands on his pants. "You give the world to your wife and love her and cherish her but she is the one that calms an anxious heart. Does that make sense?"

Seline listens, her brown eyes watching him intently as he speaks, chuckling slightly at the image of a grown man tossed about like produce. She does slowly nod though, and finally answers him, "I think it does. I think it is, perhaps, more than I was expecting, and I cannot promise that I will truely love either of you. I will not hurt you though, not intentionally, and I will do my duty as your wife. I will do as is expected of me. I am curious though, why would your consort be afraid to come for lunch. He would be as much a part of family as we are."

Fenris seems surprised. Before he grins a little. "You will either go one way or another with me. You will either hate me, loathing to be around me or you will love me. I have never really fallen between those two." He chuckles. "Well… his wife is…she doesn't like me. We have tried to get along but she's mean to Gregoire from his words and her own so… I threw mud at her and she's very proper." He grins at the thoughts of the muddy woman. "So he thinks that if his wife dislikes me then you will dislike him. He's gentle and kind and passionate. Also… very fine to the eyes." He points out.

"Why would how she feels about you affect how I feel about him, unless he expects me to not care about how someone else treats you?" Seline asks, not making heads or tails of that. "As for love or loathing? There are plenty of people I am fond of but do not love, and few that I do love. It seems as likely to me that you will fall into the former category as any. I mean, I hope I do not grow to loathe you, but I'm not necessarily the easiest person to like either."

Fenris grumbles. "He thinks you might treat me as his wife treats him thus also disliking him. It makes sense in my mind." He grumbles. "He doesn't know you though. If you fall in love with him, I'd be okay with that too." He crosses one leg over his knee, leaving the ankle on the knee. "I am pretty forgiving and generally… I like people. Though sometimes…" He crosses his arms. "I get a certain way because of my past and having someone slap me out of it would be appreciated."

'I like a good argument, but I'm really not the slapping type, at least outside of farm animals. Sometimes a goat or a pig needs a good slap to move on to the next field. But how does his wife treat him? I rather don't think I'll fall in love with him, that would be… messy," Seline answers. She looks to the fire a moment leaning towards it and reaching a hand out.

The giant watches her. "Well… verbal slap then." He points out. "She overtly flirts with his twin in front of him while calling him ugly and disgusting and horrid. She brings him close just for sex and throws him out of her room. She knows he's loved her since he was a boy but she absolutely hates him." He shakes his head. "I don't want a relationship like that."

"That seems… unnecessary," Seline answers rather dryly. "So no, nI do not intend to be like that. I cannot guarantee you a welcome in bed all night every night, but I will not make you think things that are not true."

He nods his head. "Yes well sometimes I smell bad so kick me out all you need too and if I have a consort I am not expecting you to be without your own lovers." He grins a little. "Though know I will only ever be with yourself and Gregoire. At that point, no matter how our relationship blooms or dies, that will be all the room in my heart."

"Alright. If I ask politely for you to take a bath sometimes, will you? I have a brother who used to flat refuse and even years later we could not get the smell out of the chamber. No one will go in there any longer, even my brother," Seline tells him with a chuckle, her head shaking. "I rather expect people to smell like they've exercised after they have done so, but not the rank smell of having exercised three days ago."

He nods his head. "Absolutely. I have no issue being told what to do. I don't really have pride." He chuckles. "So I was allowed at the river for years and only received soap on my thirteenth birthday. I cherished it so I'd only use it once in a while." He grumbles and quickly sniffs himself making sure he's not bad. "I sometimes forget. Gregoire is helping me to remember."

Seline laughs brightly, "Well that would explain it. You are still learning what it means to be d'Angeline and to have access to money and other resources. I'm not really an extravagant person myself, unless you count showering my nieces and nephews with their favourite foods, and dolls, but that's only because I am unabashedly buying their devotion." Her voice is wry and self-deprecating, the implication being that they might not otherwise.

He chuckles and nods his head. "I am…still learning. Learning that it's not okay to cover a lady in mud, even in jest. Bathing is important. Cussing at people that upset me is a no. I keep being told to shave but… My beard is warm and it's glorious." He grumbles. "Oh and I was taught both how to curtsey and bow."

"I don't mind the beard, at least not yet. I think it suits you," Seline tells him appreciatively, "And mud is only for throwing when everyone is. I have gotten in trouble for throwing mud too, but very differently as it was me and my brother a few years ago, and the talking to came from the dressmaker whose work was utterly ruined. In all fairness, the silk was ruined the moment we went outside in the rain, adding mud just made it all the more apparent." So she doesn't mind childish fun, at least as long as it /is/ in good fun.

The giant grins. "Thanks. I get looks though. Also oddly people are rather rude to me because of my accent. When I say I'm Valliers they call me a bastard." He shrugs his shoulders. He chuckles at her story. "Don't lose that love of fun. I think it's a beautiful quality." He pats his chest. "What are you looking for in a husband?"

"If I'm honest, I am not. But apparently I am to have one, so I suppose much as anyone else is. I would like someone companionable, who isn't abusive or intolerable. I'd rather not deal with cruelty, or someone who will not accept no as an answer when it comes to sharing my bed. I will provide you with children, and care for your children, but well, I'm not always interested. And I suppose stability and reliability. I don't expect love, or devotion, though you seem to think you can offer such," she answers truthfully.

He nods his head. "And I was not prepared for a wife." He grins, clearly not offended. "I will never strike you. I will never make you feel in danger. It's my duty as husband to protect you with my life." He speaks softly. "I was raised to love your wife as your own body. I take good care of myself.. sometimes, but for you it'd be all the time. If there was only enough food to eat for one, you'd eat. Always. I will never force myself on …" His face goes a little grey and he turns his face away as he catches his breath. That struck him hard.

Seline reaches a hand out towards him, but hesitates, stopping short of his arm though and pulling back slightly. She nods, her voice warming as she assures him, "It sounds like we will muddle along just fine Lord Valliers. It is probably more than I had expected even."
GAME: Save complete.

The giant nods his head. "Maybe one day I will tell you more of my life before this… extravagance but I will promise you… it is not in my soul to force anything on you or to hurt you." He bows his head. "No one deserves that, milady." He lifts his eyes and reaches his large hand out palm up. "I think.. we will survive as long as you don't get driven mad until the wedding. I … feel compelled to follow what I know. Skaldic rituals. So if things start arriving, it's just me. One will be a baby goat, I warn you."

"I grew up on and off farms, so animals don't bother me, but we are both d'Angeline. I would rather be married in a d'Angeline fashion. I do not much think my family would want it either, or yours," Seline tells him, "So if you want that as well, it would be in addition to, and have to be completed privately."

The giant grumbles. "I saw a wedding ceremony here. It's pretty much the same except a lot shorter. In Skaldia it's a week long full of drinking, fighting, and eating. Condensing it seems wise. It's before the wedding. Tradition states that the groom will find an heirloom in a grave and come out, basically that his childhood died and returned a man. Both groom and bride at different times of course, would sit in a sauna cleansing their body and then they'd jump in the ice cold lake. A symbol of stripping everything away and building anew with someone else. Together like… yoke and egg white…once beaten impossible to separate."

"Thank Elua it will likely be summer then, so the water can't be that cold," Seline laughs brightly. "If you want to do some of that, we can, but well, I may not agree to absolutely everything, alright? i'm… I'm willing to try and learn more about all of that, the rituals and Skaldic stuff."

He nods his head and grins. "It's pretty much all on me. I give gifts trying to be like 'look at what I can offer you!' and then I give your father a sword. I can actually forge one for him. Personally. I just need to find a hearth worth using." He grumps a little. "All the soon to be wife does is enjoy being pampered and then have her sauna day and a nice swim. That happens the day before the wedding or of depending on when it takes place in the day. I have so much to do…" He grumbles.

"Our families are still working out agreements Lord Valliers. I rather think you have as much time as you need. No doubt my mother will also be having a field day with whatever preparations are needed as well. For all I know neogtiations will break down at some point and nothing will happen - that happened to me before," Seline tells him.

He tilts his head and he frowns. "I've never been … in this situation before. I assume the duke wants me to have a solid D'Angeline wife to help curb my heathen ways." He chuckles a little and shakes his head. "I am sure he'd pay your family to take me." He laughs.

"I think technically your family is taking me. I'm unlanded and usually a wife goes to her husband's family unless she is landed and he is taking on the title," she answers by way of explanation. "We are both from Ducal families, though you re closer to the seat than I am. My father is a Viscomte."

The giant seems to get a little confused and then he nods. "You… understand. Yes. Though I still think the Duc would pay your family for … " He shakes his head. "I would like you to meet my kids only when it's fully arranged. Hopefully that is okay. They are infants and they stress a lot. I don't know what about but the nurse says they are stressed."

Seline nods, her smile growing, "Well, fortunately for you I like being around children, even babies. As I mentioned, I have nieces and nephews aplenty, and was very settled into my role as an aunt. And babies stress differently than adults. They do not adapt to change well, and like familiar faces. It's disruptive when things change. Though on that note, I should probably let you get back to them." Seline rises to her feet and curtseys to Fenris, her head dipping low as she does. "It has been a pleasure to meet you Lord Valliers, and I look forward to next time."

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