(1311-03-24) In the Cards
Summary: Symon tells Etienne about his meal with Philomene and an exciting tarot reading.
RL Date: 3/24/2019
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Symon and Etienne's Chambers in Les Tanières

This small sitting room is wood paneled and cozy. It has a small fireplace with a shared flue, two comfortable chairs in front of it, and a small table on a green and black rug between them. There is a sofa, a dining table and chairs, and small writing desk and an X shaped oak foldable chair in front of it.

Symon has been out a fair bit the past few days, for various reasons, including attempts to catch up with a friend of his, Luc, who has come home from an important merchant trip. When Symon comes home today, he slips out of his boots and leaves them by the door, one falling over unheeded behind him. He pulls off his cloak as he moves in. "Etienne, are you in yet?" He drapes the cloak over a chair midway through the room.

There is loud thud from the bedroom and some soft cursing. Étienne appears dressed in his least reputable hose and a white linen shirt, unlaced partway down his chest. He is flushed from exertion. He gives Symon a warm smile, "How was your day, Sweet Symon?"

"Oh, Etienne," Symon says, "It's been such a couple of days. First I m…met this new friend, Haese, and then I ran into Lady…" Only now does everything else catch up to him. He looks Etienne over and then cranes his head as if to see into the bedroom, though that is quite impossible at this angle. "Is everything all right?"

Étienne kisses his cheek in greeting, then blushes a little, "I was practicing something new, that is all. I may have… knocked some things over, but nothing broke. Shall I pour us some wine? Tell me about your adventures today."

Symon only seems charmed by this, stroking Etienne's cheek. "W…well, /today/," he says, "I w…went to meet this Haese at her room at the Leaping Fish. She has these cards, you see, that can tell fortunes, just like the Tsingani do." In fact, he knows absolutely nothing about Tsingani, but Symon is quite animated this evening. "The room was all lit in candles and she w…was sort of… It's hard to describe. B-but she knows how to use these cards, you see?"

Étienne takes his hand and leads him to the small sofa, "Very Romantic sounding. Was she pretty?"

Symon tilts his head as if only just now considering as he absently sits where guided. "Oh, I suppose so," he says. "She's rather b-boyish. I first m…met her w-when she was throwing axes. I don't think either of us has any p-particular intention to sleep with the other. Anyway, she let me ask questions to the cards, so of course I asked about m…marriage— B-but did I tell you about Lady Philomene in the first p-place? I saw her yesterday," he says, tongue barely keeping up with all the things he has to say, "In the same inn. And she w…was going on about how she likes country p-people because they're not liars and city folk are so dishonest and so…I simply told her. That I don't m…mean to m-marry her daughter. And she accepted it. And still invited me out riding w…with her, and you as w-well if you would like to come. She didn't seem to know m…many Azzalese, but said she w…would look you up."

Étienne chuckles softly, "I shouldn't think boyish would have stopped you if you turned your mind that way, but it's fine that it didn't." He thinks a moment, "When it comes to a wife though, would it stop you? Boyishness? Wait, you saw Lady Philomene again?" Another kiss to his cheek, "I would happily come riding with you. She seems an interesting person to know."

Symon pauses to consider this. "Oh," he says. "Not necessarily. As long as I thought she'd b…be willing to carry a child, of course." He nods encouragingly about the riding. "I feel sure that you w…would like her," he says. "And she w…would like you b-better than m…me, I think. You have a lot in common." He takes Etienne's hand in his. "She w…was stoic about the whole thing. I felt b-bad. B…but she didn't m…make it worse."

Étienne, smiling, "Some men wouldn't, so that is a thing that widens your options." He is thinking of their previous conversation about Symon's prospects. I am glad she took her disappointment well. What makes you think she'd like me better than you?" He twines his fingers with Symon's.

"Oh, b-because you always say I should talk to farmers, and /she/ always says I should talk to farmers. And she is so straightforward, the w…way you can b-be sometimes. B-better than I can."

Étienne nudges him gently, "See/ It's not just me who thinks so. Did you tell her I agreed with her?" He rolls his eyes, "I am far too straightforward. I suspect it's why I don't get on so well here."

"I did," Symon admits with amusement dancing in his eyes. Then he darts in to steal a kiss. "There is nothing the m…matter w-with you. M-many p…people prize honesty." He squeezes Etienne's hand. "Oh, b-but the /cards/, have you ever seen them b-before? They had all these different p…pictures on them and she said I was the High Priestess, w…which m-means I know things? So I m…must have some p-proper image of the w…woman I should m…marry already in my head somewhere. And then the m…middle card w-was a b-bad one, four cups? I don't know w…why four cups full of w…wine should b-be bad, it's a p-perfectly good number you can drink w…without getting sick, b-but anyway it w…was b-bad somehow, it m…meant unhappiness or confusion, b-but then the /last/ card w…was a nobleman in a fine chariot trimmed in silver and gold and apparently /that/ m…means it all turns out all right in the end." This seems to have been a great relief to him.

Étienne kisses back cheerful and sweaty from exercise and content. He shakes his head, "So not like the regular cards one uses for gambling? They sound very fancy!" Then he is laughing about the bit regarding the wine cups, "We should play kottabos again soon. I admit four cups tends to leave me very confused but also very merry merry…. See? She agrees with me that you do have fine prospects in the end after all." He squeezes back encouragingly, "Perhaps I should go see what she thinks of me."

"Different," Symon confirms. "She said her friend p-painted them. Or something like that. Oh, yes," he says about kottabos. "Shall w…we go to the Glycine soon and find a game there?" He smiles. "You're sweaty." This is just a cheerful observation rather than disapproval. "Oh, you should. I asked her about m…my father's health and all the /strangest/ things happened, like the v…v…very card she spoke of as an example turning up, and the four cups again. I didn't really understand that reading w…well, b-but it sounds as if m…my father is p-probably in p…pain. I don't know how to feel or w…whether I should v…v…visit."

Étienne says, "Oh! I should very much like to see them then. I am interested in painting and to do it in a small space well is a marvel." He nods, "I should like to go to the Glycine with you and see if that time in a Elua was just beginners luck, though odds are I will need your help to find my way home again." He raises his eyebrows, "Exercise does that. If you'd like to get sweaty too, we cold try some sword dance together. I've an extra practice sword." His expression softens, "I know how difficult family is for you, Sweet. If you go, will it be very… Will you be all right?""

"Then I shall introduce you to Haese as well," Symon promises. When he is forced to seriously consider the prospect of riding home to possibly confront his father's suffering, he grows a great deal more solemn. "I don't know," he says. "I don't know w…whether I shall go. Do you think I ought to? It is spring now, so I cannot use the snnows as an excuse not to go…" He pokes fingertips against Etienne's shoulder. "I /do/ w…want to p-practice sword dance, though."

Étienne gently strokes Symon's curls. "Will you regret not going if he is very sick, or would you rather not be there? Will you want to go alone or with company?"

Symon shakes his head at Etienne. "B-but I don't /know/," he points out. "If I knew the answers to those questions, my m…mind would already be m-made up."

Étienne lets go of his hand, but only to curl his arms around him, "What ever you end up deciding, Sweet, I will support and help you any wat I can." He kisses his nose, "I could get the swords and we could dance to take your mind off it if you like. Sometimes it's good to do something else for a while and come at a problem fresh.

Symon bobs his head eagerly at that suggestion. "Yes," he says. "I think that is just the thing." The distracting, anyway. Coming back at a problem…well, that is a matter for a future Symon.

Étienne gives him a quick kiss, "Best to take off your tunic. I'll let Roberts know we will wanting to be washing later." He scampers off to get the swords, always delighted to dance with Symon.

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