(1311-03-19) A New Thorn
Summary: Danté nó Mandrake becomes Danté nó Rose Sauvage.
RL Date: 19/03/2019
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Dowayne's Office — La Rose Sauvage

Jacques Verreuil nó Rose Sauvage is a man in his early forties, and his movements and demeanor emanate the quiet authority of someone used to lead. He can be found in his office on this afternoon. It is a room of adequate size, furnished with the only the necessary things, such as a desk of dark mahogany and a chair with dark leather upholstery. Attired in a black shirt below a black vest, and matching black trousers, the Dowayne of the salon has been dealing with some paperwork, obviously, now arranged in a neat pile to the side. Once the door is opened to admit the visitor into the room, Jacques shifts from his casual posture into a forward lean, lower arms coming to rest on the table before him. His gaze is dark and attentive, taking in the appearance of the man that enters.

Danté makes his way into the the office once the door was opened to admit him and offers the Dowayne a nod of his head. Dante may only be in his thirties but he does walk with the air of confidence tempered by innocence, "Good afternoon Dowayne, thank you for seeing me today." He's dressed smartly with a white shirt tucked into his dark brown pants.

Jacques remains seated, studying Dante for a moment, before he returns the greeting. "Good afternoon." Two words, that carry some weight, as if they were sealing some sort of fate. "So… you are Monsieur Dante, of Mandrake House?" His hand lifts, gesturing for the visitor to have a seat in the chair opposite of him. "It is always an honor to receive visitors from the Capital, and Mandrake especially. What can I do for you?" The Dowayne's features soften a little into a faint smile. The question, in a way, receiving more emphasis from the inquiring glance he gives Dante.

Danté nods a moment as he takes his seat in the chair, "That's correct Dowayne I'm Monsieur Dante of Mandrake. I'd recently left their services to move to Marsilikos. It's less what you can do for me and more what I can do for you Dowayne. I would like to join the Rose Sauvage. I rather enjoy the weather and the atmosphere in this lovely city and plan on making it my home as well as retiring here."

"You wish to join our salon?" Jacques eyes sharpen just so. "An even greater honor. But forgive me, before I can make a decision in that regard, tell me a little about yourself. What are your fortes? Which are your specialties. Is there a certain niche, you can cater to?" His posture shifts, and the Dowayne reclines in his seat, dark eyes considering Dante. "The weather is always lovely here in Marsilikos.", added with a faint smile, as Jacques waits for Dante to respond to his questions.

Danté smiles some, "I was known as the Innocent Mandrake back in Elua. As far as specialties I quite enjoy turning my patrons into works of art with rope. I tend to work better with long term contracts where the patrons receive rules and when broken receive appropriate punishments during assignations. I also enjoy using both the carrot and the stick as a motivator. Where the stick can be used to batter down some walls afterwards one must help them be rebuilt appropriately and often a kind touch is exactly what is needed then."

"The Innocent Mandrake." Jacques stresses those words, amusement there at the irony. "Innocent, in that it leaves patrons unsuspecting? Very well. Ropework is a fine discipline, and I believe we have use for someone skilled in that area. What about whips and flechettes? As you finished your marque at Mandrake, you should be able to handle those as well. There are many roads to please a patron of Mandrake, and each may have different needs we must be able to meet adequately. A Thorn may command. But eventually, we are all servants, in the way that we serve Naamah and Kushiel."

Danté nods, "I finished my marque and training with Mandrake. I'm skilled with whips and flechettes. And yes Innocent and that it leaves patrons unsuspecting. I'd originally been thought to be Alyssum but that was quickly changed during that lovely candy. It was quite adorable demonstrating how some patrons who wanted a power struggle and believed I would be an easy mark being so… innocent were quickly reminded that I bear the marque of Mandrake." He nods his head at the statement of servants, "I fully agree Dowayne, and I take my duties as a servant of Naamah and Kushiel very seriously."

"Very well." Jacques nods, his eyes flickering briefly. "In that case, I'm interested in taking you on. Understand though that there will be a trial period of a few weeks. While I am leading the salon, the Second in charge of Thorns is Baptiste. So in case you have concerns or suggestions, feel free to approach either him or me. Also… I will write to the Dowayne of Mandrake House, to make inquiries about you. Right now, I'd like to see a demonstration." He pulls open a drawer and takes out a lacquered box and a grape. Within the box, as Dante can see, once Jacques opens the lid, is a pair of flechettes. "Peel the grape, while leaving its skin intact."

Danté nods as he reaches down to pick up the flechettes and the grape looking it over before he begins peeling the skin off the grape with the skill honed from years of training in house Mandrake he sets the flechette down and then the intact skin next to the uncut grape, "Like this? And I would have been surprised if you didn't write them or a trial period.. So the Second of the Thorns is Baptiste. I look forward to meeting them. Anything else I need to know about the house?"

Jacques watches very attentively, observing Danté's flechette work as the courtesan peels the grape in this test of skill, the dowayne had demanded. The twitch of a smile when Danté finishes gives away the Dowayne's verdict. "Baptiste is in charge of the Thorns," Jacques confirms quietly. "Séverine is Second of the Red Roses and Marielle is Second of the White Roses. Please keep in mind, that our roses are not intended to be prey at the disposal of thorns. Even if we share the same roof, each of our canons is kept separate from the other. White Roses usually are to be found upstairs, in the solar. They are not to linger in the foyer of our salon, even if I know that some of them sometimes seek to spy on what is going on there. Red Roses and Thorns - now these tend to work together now and then. Like in Elua, where adepts of Valerian and Mandrake are training with each other, we sometimes hold lessons for instruction — and also Showings, that would involve Red Rose and Thorn. If you are unsure about how we handle things here, feel free to approach the Seconds." His demeanor turns a bit thoughtful. "You'll need a room, in the Mandrake wing. You can have a pick of one of the vacant rooms there."

Danté smiles and nods, "I appreciate it and as we are all Servants of Naamah I would never dream of preying on the other courtesans. We're all here to pay homage to Naamah and in our case Kushiel as well." He starts to climb to his feet, "If there's nothing else Dowayne? I'll go and find myself an appropriate room and begin to settle my things."

"We need to settle some paperwork as well. A contract of employ, of you will. For the time you serve as Thorn in this salon, you are required to follow the rules of the salon, as I pointed out. We know of the power of contracts, don't we? I need you to acknowledge the rules with your signature, and I'll sign the contract to confirm that we are taking you on.", Jacques points out quietly. "I shall prepare the contract, while you pick yourself a room and get settled. Once you are done, feel free to come back here, so that we can finalize things."

Danté nods a bit, "Very well. I'll be back to sign the contract as soon as I've picked a room. Thank you for your time and I do look forward to my time with the Rose Sauvage."

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