(1311-03-16) A Game of Dice
Summary: Belmont, Inesse and Danté engage in a game of dice.
RL Date: 16/03/2019
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Gambling Hall — La Glycine

The Gambling Hall of La Glycine dazzles on first entry with cut crystal chandeliers which catch the soft light and set the place sparkling. Beneath four of the largest chandeliers are wide octagonal gaming tables in glistening, polished mahogany, inset with a panel of gently padded green velvet to provide easier gaming surfaces for dice, cards or dominoes. Seating is the height of luxury, deep, buttery leather chairs, lounges, loveseats, for any who want to play or watch, alone, or with company. Along the left wall of the room, a raised mahogany platform swells with a sultry curve, a massive spinning wheel attached to the lefthand wall closer to the door, pie-slices of variegated silks making a striking display of fluttering colors when the wheel spins. Three different indicators chime as they're plucked by the pegs which separate out each segment of the wheel, creating a musical whirling to drive up anticipation of what color might land at what indicator — and who might have to pay what penalty in this particular game.

Beyond the curve of the swollen stage on the northern wall a short passage with three stairs leads down into a more dimly lit chamber. The floor is rugged, rusticated stone rather than the polished mahogany and soft carpets of the antechamber. The couches are of the same buttery leather, arranged around a wide but shallow squared pit, around which velveteen cords have been strung from a series of posts. A massive chalkboard on the southern wall lists upcoming fight nights and events, turtle races, greased pig wrangling, mud wrestling, sparring with swords between members of the nobility. Odds are posted for wins, as well as other myriad possibilities for each event. The books are tended and the odds adjusted twenty four hours a day by one of Bryony's courtesans, so the fun here is not limited to events themselves.

The gambling hall of La Glycine is moderately filled with people on this early evening. Courtesans and adepts are mingling with guests and patrons, and laughter and chatter fills the air.

The Vicomte de Rognac has been a rare sight in the past months. Not that Belmont was a frequent visitor before, lacking the coin. But things have changed, since he married Gabrielle Delaunay, the heiress to the Comté, and one of the nice sideeffects of the arrangement is, that he has some spare money to spend on diversions. The young lord is currently taking a stroll about the room, and has just come to a halt by the dice table. His eyes are of a grey-blue color, and they follow the proceedings of the game quite attentively.

Lady Inesse de Baphinol is a petite figure almost lost between those men and women, tall and strong, wearing wide skirts or high necklines visitors of the La Glycine. Only the details, nuances and appliques of her white dress make a young lady to stand out. Her attire combines a soft tulle evase skirt and a bodice with embroidered floral appliques and lace. Inesse's fingers gently nibble on that elegant and very sophisticated gown when a young girl moves through the crowd curiously gawking at some of the nobles and courtesans enjoying the entertainment offered by the gambling room. She pauses beside one of the tables and watches the dices to be rolled. A chuckle escapes her lips.

Danté had stopped by to check out the gambling hall of La Glycine his hands clasped behind his back as he walks around looking at the various games until he looks at the dice and hmmmms, "This looks like an interesting game." Although he normally wears a gauzy see through shirt today his shirt is a solid white and just hints of his marque can be seen peeking up above the neckline.

That chuckle, the sound of it, captures the attention of Belmont, and he turns his head, giving the young lady a friendly smile. A pause, before he decides to approach. "Well met, my lady. I believe, you are here for the games?", he begins, reaching out for her hand, and if she should grant it, he will lift it to his lips for a gallant gesture of greeting. "So very young, and already a gambler?", he inquires in light tease. And there Danté arrives, and Belmont smiles, offering the man a polite nod. "Belmont Eresse Delaunay," he introduces himself to both. He gives the gambling table another glance. "Perhaps we should give it a try, hmm?"

"Indeed," Inesse whispers when she hears Danté's comment about the game. But then she is approached by another lord who reaches out for her hand. Her cheeks blush and her eyes start to wander around the room as if she would be a child caught in a crime. She even rubs her feet into the ground making the skirt sweep up the dusts around. "I… I…" She stammers trying to explain the reason of her presence in the gambling room but then lord's attention wanders to another man. Inesse looks up and smiles at the other man as well. Though, when introductions follow, she offers a polite curtsy. "I am lady Inesse de Baphinol. It's a pleasure meeting you. Unfortunately, I do not know how to play those type of games… I could watch!"

Danté looks over the game and shrugs, "I've never played this one but it looks like it would be fun." He looks towards the lady and shakes his head, "No need to just watch my lady you should definately play." As he steps up to the table, "I'm Gabriel Dante Somerville… no Mandrake although I prefer to just be called Dante. A pleasure to meet you both."

"Mandrake?", this captures Belmont's attention, and he gives Danté a curious look. "Well, in that case, I hope you didn't bring your flechettes and whips along," he adds with an easy smile. "As for the game…" He regards the table once again, "I believe, it's Liar's Dice. Shall we have a try? It is very simple. And yes, you should join us my lady. Each of us throw two dice, covering the roll. The highest die is the first one. So a three and a six would count as 'sixty-three'. The higher number wins. Except… if you throw a double. Meaning, two ones, or two threes, etc. Now. There is a reason the roll is covered. You can peek at your roll, and then you will have to announce what you rolled — either the truth or a lie. A bluff can be called out. In case a liar is caught, he is out, and the other two continue to determine the winner in the next round."

Inesse laughs and waves at Belmont casually, "Why would he bring flechettes and whips if Mandrakes are famous for their paintbrushes and violins, m'lord!" She then turns to Danté and beams broadly, "I believe the lord is only making a joke, and quite a good one!" But then her attention wanders to the table. Her smiles fades as she gets more serious trying to learn the rules. "This game sounds like fun! Even if I am a terrible liar!" She chuckles at the end and settles down at the table. "But I guess I can go for it!"

Danté grins a bit and shakes his head, "I'm just a guest here today my lord. I wouldn't dream of bringing the sharper pleasures of my skillset to another salon." As the rules are explained he grins some, "Oh this sounds like my kind of game." Then he looks at Inesse and chuckles, "Oh my lady I hope that was in jest my lady. If not then I do believe I may need to offer some education on the Night Blooming Flowers." He takes his spot at the table as well though, "Shall we begin?"

Belmont sits down at the table, after helping Inesse into her seat. Each of them receives a cup and a pair of dice. Belmont rolls his dice between his fingers, studying them carefully, before he drops them into the cup. "Okay, my lord, my lady…" He grins a little in Danté's direction. "I could probably smell a bluff, in your case, if you have that family trait of the Somervilles…" A light jest offered before he makes his first roll.

Belmont rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

Belmont peeks beneath the cup and announces, "Double-one."

Inesse glances at Danté mildly confused if he misunderstood her, or she misunderstood him in regards of his family of the Night Court. But then the game starts and a young lady gets quite excited. She watches Belmont roll and announce his dices. "Oooh… So, we have to tell loudly when we roll double and not to lie? I thought that is when we have to lie because it's bad to roll a double!" She laughs and reaches for her own dices and a cup. She shakes it slowly, "And what is the goal? What we are playing from? Aren't we suppose to set some coins on the table or something?" And then she rolls her own dices.

Inesse rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

Inesse peeks beneath the cup and announces, "Sixty-one." She smiles broadly.

Danté shakes his head, "I think this is just learning the game for us my lady." He hmmms, "So right now you're winning correct my lord? I'll have to beat a double 1." He accepts Inesse's roll and makes his own roll now, "Although I wonder what we should bet."

Dante rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

Danté smirks some as he looks under the cup, "Oh darn. Only a fifty three."

"That's right, it looks like I am winning," Belmont replies to Danté. "Two ones are more than sixty-one, and your fifty-three. The question is, will either of you call me out on a bluff? Or do you believe me? I only have to reveal my roll, if either of you calls me a liar.", he adds with a playful smile.

Inesse looks at Danté. It seems that the lady believes what an honorable lord Belmont claims and she is not ready to call him a liar.

Danté shrugs some, "I'll call you on it my lord. Although I'm sure with the first roll that was yours."

Belmont nods with a grin. "Of course, my lord. Just to give a demonstration about how the game works. I shall reveal my roll to you."

Belmont lifts the cup from the dice.
The first die shows one dagger. The second die shows one dagger.

"Now, let's get more serious with this game!" Lady Inesse excitedly taps her fingers on the edge of the table. "Just name the price, lords!"

Danté sighs in mock defeat, "Oh drat foiled again." Then he looks between the two and shrugs, "I'm just here to play. My vote for a wager is drinks but it's up to you two."

"A kiss," Belmont states with a smile towards Inesse. "From you, should you lose to me. 100 ducats from Lord Danté here, in case I win. I'll be willing to part with 100 ducats to the overall winner, should it not be me."

"A free lesson from you, m'lord," Inesse states looking at Dante, "If I win and you loose." Then she looks at Belmont. "100 ducats sounds about right."

Danté hmms at the wagers, "I gladly accept yours my lord." He looks to Inesse, "But before I can accept your wager my lady I must know that you truely understand what a lesson from me would be. I believe I'll keep my wager simple though, just 100 ducats."

Belmont nods, taking Inesse's words as agreement to his request in case he'd win. "Fine then," this said towards Danté, as he gathers his dice and throws them back into his cup. "Two rounds. The one with the least dice or who is called out successfully on a bluff is out, and the winner is determined in the final round."

"You shall not be worried, lord Danté. I understand!" A young lady chuckles and then nods in an agreement of all bets. "I am ready. Throw your dice, m'lord. This is so exciting! So exciting!" She claps.

Danté simply nods, "Then the wager is struck. Toss your dice m'lord."

Belmont rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

Belmont peeks under his cup, and a smile blossoms on his handsome features. "Very well. Sixty-five, my lady, my lord.", he grins, looking up to give each of them a victorious glance.

Inesse rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

"Oh, m'lord! Aren't you way too lucky tonight? Of course, I am not calling you out. I simply feel that today is your day and you will leave the room victorious!" Inesse laughs and shakes her own cup with dices before rolling them. She peeks and a wider smile curls her lips up. "Oh! I am absolutely right! No luck for me. Twenty-two."

Dante rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

Danté just shakes his head, "Looks like you two aren't the only ones with all the luck today. fourty four."

"I call you out on a bluff, my lord!", Belmont tells Danté. "And your roll is higher than mine, my lady.", this added towards Inesse.

"Oh! I keep forgetting that even if a double is very low, it's still a win!" Inesse chuckles and blushes slightly. Then she curiously looks at Danté and his dice.

Danté grins a bit as he reveals his dice and smirks, "Worth a shot."

Dante lifts the cup from the dice.
The first die shows four daggers. The second die shows one dagger.

Belmont regards the revealed roll. "Thank you, my lord. I believe, the lady and I are to compete for the win."

Belmont rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

"Sixty-five!", Belmont announces, after having a peek beneath the cup.

Inesse rolls the dice, keeping them covered.

"M'lord! Twice in a row the highest number?" Inesse throws her own dices and looks under the cup. "I did roll fifty-one but I would like to call out your bluff! I think you are lying!"

"Very well.", Belmont tells Inesse.

Belmont lifts the cup from the dice.
The first die shows six daggers. The second die shows five daggers.

Inesse's jaw drops down slightly and she glances at Danté in a surprise. "Can you believe it? This lord calls us for a game and then rolls the best dices possible twice in a row! One can only wonder if his dices were not special!" She laughs and then looks back at Belmont. "Congratulations."

Danté chuckles and nods, "It is hard to believe. I think we should have called him out last round." He opens up his pouch and starts counting out the coins to slide over towards Belmont, "Well played my lord. Another game?"

"Thank you, Lady Inesse," Belmont smiles towards her. "I can collect my prize today, or some other time if you prefer?" Danté's prize is accepted, with a smirk. "That was easily earned money. But no. Not today. I believe, I shouldn't push my luck further than I already have today…"

"This game can be quite addictive!" Lady Inesse nods, "But we shouldn't play with a luck! I was not even planning in having a game tonight! Though, it was very exciting!" She looks at Belmont. "M'lord, the prize is yours. You can collect it whenever you want."

Danté sighs and shrugs, "It's the joy of the gambling to play with luck." He offers a nod towards Belmont, "Well played though my lord." He looks to Inesse, "Another match then my lady? Same wager as before?"

"I would love to play more! I agree to have the same wager as well! You might win back your 100 docats!" Inesse chuckles and reaches for the cup of dices pushing it to Danté. "You go first, m'lord. And while you do so… tell me, if you are new in Marsilikos? I haven't seen you around before!"

Belmont rises from his seat and bows to Inesse and Danté, before he takes his leave.

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