(1311-03-14) The Wolf Comes Calling
Summary: Lord Fenris Valliers visits Helene's sickbed and brings her pie.
RL Date: March 13, 2019
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Verreuil Residence - Guest Room

A guest room decorated in buttery yellow tones.

Fenris hands the pie to the guard and then walks swiftly over to Helene. He crouches down to one knee and looks at her injuries. "What the ever loving fuck happened? You look like a horse trampled you." He sounds worried but also mad. There is an edge to his voice which is dangerous. He takes a moment to look over the woman again and he shakes his head. "Helene…" He takes a deep breath and frowns.

"I was beaten on the street and my finger cut off," she says blandly, raising the bandaged hand. "Look Fenris, I… I didn't ask for this. I handed every bloody thing over to the authorities this time." Unlike last time, when she went chasing across a third of the province.

Fen frowns a little and shakes his head. "No one asks to be beaten, Helene." He points out. "Someone felt you were a viable target for some reason. Do you remember anything about them?" His voice serious. "I think I should go on a hunting trip."

"There was a young man, and I knew his voice. And then there were a few on Jean-Marc, and he… he woke up this morning, but he's in worse shape. I ran, and then… this? Someone had a strange accent, but they all spoke d'Angeline," Helene answers, her head shaking. "It was right after I gave the Harbourmaster… everything." She looks at him again, or rather through him. Clearly the effects on her guard have her more rattled than what happened to her.

Fen nods his head and lightly touches her hand. "You are both safe. I will go hunting for these strange accents and looking around at who hurt your guard and you. Would you prefer them alive or dead?" He asks her plainly. His eyes on her own eyes and the giant is serious about his mission.

"The City Watch… Gal… he was here. There was a break in here too, and Martel…" Helene begins, struggling to remember who all is where currently, "He is on a war path, and Marco Mereliot is looking into things Fenris. I… I do not want them dead. I want to know who sent them. I want to know why."

He nods his head slowly and takes a deep breath. "I will find this Mereliot and I will help. I promise I won't kill them. Much." He grins a little. "I will see if we can get those answers for you and the person who sent them…. if the Old Gods will me.. I will drag them to your feet and you can cast judgment on them."

Helene shakes her head, her eyes welling as she answers, "No Fenris, please no. I've seen too much of this already. Give them to the Guard. This is… it's just the black market, it's just smuggling, which means it's about taxes. Let the guard, and the Duchesse deal with them."

He nods his head and takes her hand. "It is as you wish my lady. I will find your answers and deliver them all the guard." He bows his head to her and then stands to his full height. "They will rue the day they harmed anyone."

Hélène reaches forward with her left hand, unbandaged and only lightly bruised and reaches for his, squeezing it gently. She looks up at him again and cants her head, "Please Fenris, do not do anything that will harm you, or bring you to trouble. I would… Your children need you, and I'd hate… I'd hate if anyone I cared for came to more harm."

Fen takes her hand and bends down to look her in the eye. "Helene, I was a Skaldic tracker and killer. My children will be safe no matter what. As for me, if they do me harm they are quite accomplished in war. Do not fear for me. This is what I do." He brings his other hand to her undamaged cheek and kisses the top of her head.

helene winces slightly, withdrawing from his hand even though it was not the injured part of herself. The reaction is not one of pain, and is delayed by the drugs that run through her, even though she is trying not to get to muddled by them. Finally she answers simply, "Good luck. I feel like I have half the city out on the lookout, but I'm.. I'm grateful for it."

He grins slowly before pulling back. "It shows that they love you." His voice quiet. "I brought pie so when you are feeling up to it, eat some. It's good." The giant turns and heads for the door slowly. "Helene… be careful and know that you can count on me." His voice serious.

"Thank you," she answers back as he leaves, "And for the pie. I like pie."

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