(1311-03-10) Comfort
Summary: Log Summary
RL Date: 03/10/11
Related: Étienne looks after Symon on a cold day.
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**Symon and **
It has been especially cold for the past few days. Symon, being from a point more southerly than this, does not appreciate that weather. He has bought a new wool blanket for the bed, dyed a sea green color and, after coming home from a brief trip out, kicks off his boots and heads straight for the bed to roll himself right up in it.

Étienne arrives a little later wearing his new scarf under his cloak, carrying small parcel of books and what smells suspiciously like a parcel of hot meat pasties bundled up in cloth. He sets his things dow, stamps his boots on the entry rug, peels off the top few layers of clothes. "Symon? I'm home!" He collects Symon's boots to set by the fire to dry and once his are off sets them neatly next to Symon's.

"I'm in the b…bed!" Symon calls back, unmindful of neighbors' preferences about noise. "It's cold; come here!"

Étienne is a northerner and this is extremely mild weather for this time of year from his perspective and so it makes him obscenely cheerful. He collects the bundle of food and a bottle of red wine on his way to find sweet Symon in the bed. He bends to kiss him in greeting, "Are you hungry, Sweet Symon?" He is all red cheeks and smiles.

Symon seems happy to see Etienne despite his lack of satisfaction with the temperature. He scoots over to make enough room for this cheerful northerner. "Yes, indeed," he agrees. "I w…was just w-wondering what on earth I w…was going to eat!" But like most things in life, this drops into his lap without any effort! Which pleases him. "I smell something w…warm," he says, tone full of praise. "And you brought the w-wine, terribly clever."

Étienne kisses him again, "I picked up some pasties from that corner cart thar's around sometimes. I think they are still warm. He climbs under the covers and sits with his back resting on the headboard. He unwraps his old, northern weight cloak and inside there really are two large pasties, still miraculously warm. He attempts to feed Symon one, smiling down at im, "I though the red would suit. This is supposed to be beef and mutton, but I'm guessing some goat too fro the smell, but that might just be the cheese."

Symon twines round Etienne's side to eat from the pasty he's offered. He does at least chew and swallow before speaking so he won't spray crumbs all over the bed. "P…/Perfect/," he says. "I don't care if it's goat, it is /warm/. I didn't w-want to be out any longer than necessary today, b-but the other day I w…went to the b-baths and it was /heaven/."

Étienne smiles down at him, "That does sound good." He steals a bite rather than bother with his own pasty just yet, figuring they can share both if it comes to it. "A bit chewy, but pleasantly spiced. Let me know when you're ready for a drink." He smiles down at his friend, indulgently amused by his attitude to what he thinks of as 'December' weather for all it is March. To his mind, it's some charming Southern eccentricity. And the mood he's been in since Longest Night and being in funds has made him particularly inclined to indulge Symon, "Any new marriage prospects or invitations?"

Symon lodges no objections about sharing. "Oh yes," he says. "Get the w…wine." And he pulls the blankets farther around him to moan, "I should b-be /spring/, how can it go on b-being dead w…winter like this? It is insulting." But he hasn't ignored his friend's questions either. "Mm, I saw that Vicomtesse De Gueret again at the b-baths. The one with the not-p-pretty daughter. And Lady Ortolette w…was there, too. She's sweet. B-but I can't p…possibly m-marry her, she couldn't even get in the b-bath so children…" Out of the question, he seems to have concluded. "B-but nothing new. I don't think. I hear from time to time about Chimene's sister, b-but she's reclusive these days, it seems. Too b-bad, if she's as p…pretty and smart as Chimene is. And, I here, a little nicer," he adds with a tilted smile.

Étienne gives a warm chuckle and trades pasty for bottle, attempting to lower it at an angle to avoid spills, "It's early March, Sweet Symon. We should be up to our armpits in drifts." He studies Symon, "I think I'd like to meet you Lady Ortolette properly, even if she won't sit for an only son and heir. I you like her this much, she must be worth knowing." He looks a little sad, "I wish I had your gift for pleasing, but if only one of us is to have it, I'm glad it's you."

"/Noooo/," Symon disagrees without hesitation. "There should be narcissus in bloom by now. Crocuses at least." He drinks from the wine and then gives it up to Etienne. "She's just nice and likes m…music. So I'll introduce you sometime. W-we'll all go to the Opera together. You w…would like her. Even though I offended her and her cousin at court w…when they were upset b-by something." He smiles in his chagrin at that. He leans forward for another bite of the pasty, then after chewing in silence for a moment says, "The b-benefit in b…being thought an idiot is that p-people forgive you anything."

Étienne sips the wine himself, "No, it's a few weeks too soon for crocuses." he is smiling down at Symon fondly,his tone playful. "I should like to see the Opera." More seriously, "You know that's not why I forgive you things, right? Because there really is nothing wrong with you, whatever idiots think."

Symon squints faintly at Etienne. "Well. You know I am /normal/ in m…my w-way," Symon replies after a moment's thought. "You know me b-better, so you do not think of m…me the same w-way. B-but you also know m…my faults." He doesn't necessarily have a coherent synthesis for these thoughts, but he speaks them aloud as they come, anyway. "I think that is all right," he decides. "I think w…when you are forgiving me, m…maybe you are forgiving w-what is really there to be forgiven." He smiles as punctuation. "I don't really know your faults b…because you are so nice to me."

Étienne's smile widens and kisses his forehead, "I definately know your faults, yes." he cocks his head, "How can you not know mine? I offend nearly everyone respectable."

Symon leans his body on Etienne's. Wool-wrapped, he is actually putting off a fair bit of body heat. So he can't really be feeling /cold/ by now. "Oh, that doesn't count," he says. "That's just p-people b…being snobbish. It's small of them to b-bother about it."

Étienne pets his curls fondly. "I loved this place when I first came, but it would be terribly lonely without you in it."

Symon looks to Etienne's face. "Loneliness is the w…worst feeling," he says. "W-were you lonely at home, or only here?" He drinks from the wine.

Étienne thinks it over, "Yes and no. I think I'm a little lonely anywhere, but I really do love my family Symon. Even though the togetherness made me itch and squirm to escape. They know me a little too well, perhaps, but not always in ways that _help_." He takes a long swallow of the wine, "The day after we gt back, I talked to Claude…. That's the marquist? About… my needed to somehow court a bride. She's been married before. About some of the ways my religious education turned out inadequate for the man I grew to be."

Symon puts an arm around Etienne's neck. "Don't b-be lonely here," he says. "I'll do b-better at introducing you to m…more p-people. Only socially things are always slow b-before and after Longest Night." He looks curiously at the northerner. "I don't know this Claude," he says. "B-but w…what do you mean about your religious education?"

Étienne leans to kiss him, "You wouldn't like her. She's an artisan, but I like her very much." He grins, "Not the way I like you, mind. She's good company, but not this sort of company." Another kiss, rather tinged with red wine and goat, alas. "There are all sorts of things they train us for. The more… trammeled paths and the less trammeled ones. We are taught about Naamah's gift and Kushiel's, but I think there are gaps, that's all."

Symon seems to accept Etienne's remarks, just as he accepts and returns the kiss. "Oh, I see," he says. "B-but she knows about this thing? Isn't it b-better to ask a p…priest or someone?" He has not, in their time together, seemed especially religious.

Étienne has some more pasty, "I did. My trip to Gentian really helped even though we just talked." He says very casually, "She saw right away why I'm… anxious about the bride search and why I can't leave it to my family to pick for me."

Symon fixes Etienne with a look, then shifts to put a palm on his chest. "Do you feel anxious now?" he asks. "M…maybe you've b-been feeling anxious m…more than I realize."

Étienne looks into his eyes with those wide, angel-kissed ones, "Never with you, Sweet Symon, not since we worked things out on the road to Elua. You're a warm blanket on a cold day and a fire in the great."

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