(1311-02-25) Pleasant Company
Summary: In Marsilikos, a young lady renews her acquaintance with a former Heliotrope courtesan.
RL Date: 25/02-01/03/2019
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Salon — La Coeur de Lavande

Intimate. That is the first thing that comes to mind when entering the salon of Coeur de Lavande. The room is on the smaller side, perhaps purposefully so, so that there is a feeling of intimacy. Even the lighting is subtle, soft to add to the intimacy. Even the paintings adorning the walls go well with the coloring and create that feeling. They are of people in intimate moments, a mix of romantic, sweet, and amorous. The furniture is placed so that they create the illusion of small private areas. The couches, chairs, and tables are all comfortable and go well with the decor.

A letter has been sent to the Baphinol Residence, addressed to a certain young lady. Once it is unfolded, the following message can be read, written in a pleasant masculine hand:

My dear Lady Inesse,

words cannot express the void I have felt upon your departure from Elua. My heart felt so heavy, like it has not been in a long time. So, remembering your wish to see me visit you in Marsilikos, I was forced to come to a decision.

I have left my House of Heliotrope and the Capital. Please do not be alarmed. But I am in Marsilikos now, thrilled with the idea that our paths may cross again. You were right when you described the beauty of the city to me. There is a spirit of creativity and compassion here, that Elua may be lacking.

I am still in Naamah’s Service, and so I have joined a local salon. You can find me at La Coeur de Lavande. I have found their canon to be most compatible with my training. It is a fairly new salon of an intimate atmosphere.

I would be so happy, if you would honor me with a visit. Because I hope that we can continue our acquaintance, if this would be agreeable to you.

Love and Regards,

Adrien nó Coeur de Lavande.

It is a bright winter day, with a sky so blue that it almost hurts the eyes. The weather is fair, and so is the mood of Adrien as he enters the salon from the direction of the foyer. His attire may have changed a little. There is certainly more lavender and purple there, in breeches and the loose shirt he wears. Of his marque there is only a tiny hint visible, where the shirt has slipped a little to reveal a tiny part of heliotrope flowers climbing to the nape of his neck. Held in his hand is a book, a thin volume bound in leather, and he lets his blue eyes sweep over the interior and those that might be present, perhaps in hope of spotting someone in particular.

“No, no, I am telling you, he must be here and I want to speak only to him, Mademoiselle,” a young Baphinol lady gestures with her hands quite randomly trying to explain the reason of her presence in here to one of the adepts. “He is Adrien. I received his letter. He is supposed to be here!” She is wearing one of her favorite rosy gowns which has some small decorations of white furs and embroidery. A dress suitable for late winter which is coming to an end slowly.

Inesse doesn’t listen for an explanation which comes from the adept as she looks again around the room. This is when she sees the man who swiftly stole her little heart. She squeals and immediately bounces towards him, “Adrien! Adrien! I am so happy to hear that you came here!” She extends her arms to the sides and once she is close, she almost jumps to wrap her arms around Adrien’s shoulders. “The city of Marsilikos will be much brighter with your presence!”

That voice sounds oh so familiar. It makes Adrien’s demeanor lighten up at once, as he finds its source and the lovely young lady he had encountered last on Longest Night, in the City of Elua. “Lady Inesse… is that you?”, he asks, and in crossing the distance between them, meets her half-way, just in time to take her into his arms, and lift her off the floor in a merry twirl. Nevermind the other adepts and courtesans, there are not many of them anyway currently in the salon, but he leans in to kiss her, lips pressing to hers affectionately, as his blue eyes close for a moment, and when they open again, they are heavy with his emotions. “It will be even brighter now,” Adrien murmurs once the kiss breaks. “Now, that my heart feels all giddy again.” Gently, he sets her down and in holding her hand, leads her over to a group of comfortable chairs. “So you received my letter? How have you fared since your return to this city?”, he asks, regarding her as she walks beside him, and his eyes are glowing with deeply felt glee and relief.

Inesse tries to hold Adrien in her embrace as long as she can, and she won’t be the first to break the kiss placed on her lips. But once she is lead to the chairs, she follows and joyfully chatters, “Oh, of course, I received your letter. I was so happy when I got it! I was worried that you might not even come. Though, you arrived to the city of Marsilikos so fast instead. Thank you so much! I really am excited to show you around and introduce you to my friends. I think, that you will get along with my cousin quite well!” She sits down and cuddles to Adrien. “I already told some about you. I mean, I could barely think of anything but you once I came back, and the time we have spent together! I wish you could live with us instead of here, though…”

Adrien retains contact, his fingers lacing with hers as he leads her over, and even then, he sits down and pulls her onto his lap, his arm holding her there. “I have come to stay,” he tells her. “I simply felt that my time at Heliotrope House was over, that I needed a change. A change of scenery, and… to be somewhere close to where you live, my dear Inesse…” Her enthusiasm is noted, as he regards her, eyes alight with his sentiments, his features softened into that expression that is often found in those of Heliotrope canon when they are deeply in love. “I am living here,” he tells her. “I have found a new family. I am in service to Naamah though, Inesse. It is here that I can be of some use, tutoring some of the novices…”

Inesse playfully brushes off some locks of Adrien’s hair which fall on his forehead. And she leans in to place a peck there while her legs dangle slowly in the air. “Well… alright,” she nods. “As long as you are teaching the young novices how to grow up and be so absolutely perfect as you are, and you won’t be indulging into various activities with some new patrons of yours… Because ladies around here are very pretty. I am sure that each and every one of them could easily steal your heart from me and I do not want that,” The young lady pouts at the end. But then she beams very quickly again. “You know, I would like that we would live together till the last days of our life! Somewhere nice. In a very large mansion with many flowers. Somewhere on a small mountain that every morning we could meet the sunrise ready to light up the whole wide horizon and that every evening we could say goodnight to the sun when it falls behind the horizon. I really like how the trees seem to blush when the sun goes down or raises up!” Inesse grows a bit dreamy and her gaze drifts to the wall where it seems she can actually see the shadows playing out those lovely mornings and evenings she would adore to have with Adrien.

“But Inesse…” Adrien meets her gaze, and his blue eyes shine with the deep affection he has for her, “You know it can’t be just about the teaching, I serve Naamah. If there are patrons out there that need my help, because they are unhappy… Who would I be to turn them away? It is my fate to heal their hearts, but… it is only you who truly has a claim on mine. No one is going to steal my heart, Inesse. Who could steal something, that is already in your possession?”, he wonders, leaning in to kiss her again. “We can see each other, even for longer periods of time. You are a lady of good family, and… I will be there for you, if you need me.” The vision she conjures with her words, of that perfect idyll in the mountains brings a smile to his lips, and Adrien chuckles. “Who knows? Someday, perhaps.”

“A few more years.” Inesse simply states. Someday can not be a far far someday. Nope. it is supposed to be a soon someday. She smiles at Adrien and leans in to nuzzle her nose against his playfully. “Only two years and then I will be able to do whatever I want. And I want you. Only you. Like, I will take you to me big home. And you will be my lord and I will be your lady. And…” She straightens up a bit. Rubs her chin slowly. Frowns. Takes a moment to think. “Hmm… We will be helping my brother to rule his lands. YUP!” She nods more for herself while creating those images in her head. “Or, if the Night Court is very important to you, I can come and help you to heal others. Do you think people would even notice me if I would suddenly start spending quite a lot of time here?” She glances back at Adrien and chuckles.

“Two years,” Adrien echoes, and his gaze softens. “Who can tell, if you will still be in love with me then?” Leaning in, he will try to sneak another kiss from her lips. “I doubt I can help anyone rule anything,” the courtesan admits then with a chuckle. “All I can offer is love. It is all I have ever known. Of course, people will notice you, everywhere you are. You have that certain light in your eyes, in your heart.” He pauses, studying Inesse with a certain hesitant glee. “You must promise you’ll visit me… And I can visit you back in turn. You promised me, that you’d show me the city, Inesse.”, he says softly, and in lifting his hand he brushes a stray curl of her hair out of her view.

“Oh, absolutely!” Inesse slides from Adrien’s lap to cuddle to his side and lean her head on his shoulder. “I will visit you every day. We will go out and I will show you the city. We will go to our beautiful parks and I actually like our port. And we can visit temples. Oh, and I will also take you everywhere…” She entwines her fingers with Adrien’s. “I mean, to all events. Because one can always bring someone. So, I will always bring you and only you. And…” She frowns and looks up at Adrien. “Never say such a nonsense again. That I might not love you anymore. Why would I fall in love with someone else if my eyes are set on you?” She chuckles. ‘You know… you should tell me what is your favorite meal. I will ask that it would be made and you could visit me tomorrow? I would invite my cousin as well. I think he might be curious to meet you.”

“I would like that,” Adrien smiles, and his fingers brush against Inesse’s cheek gently and with affection. “To spend time with you, my love.” He leans in and places a peck to her forehead. “I’ve seen the Temples, and I already know the Night Court here, comparatively small as it is in Marsilikos. To appease the Dowayne of Coeur de Lavande, you should contract me to attend any official functions. But when it comes to time spent with you outside of the limelight and away from public attention…” His fingers slide down beneath her chin to lift the young lady’s face a little, his lips hovering so close over her own. “There shan’t be an assignation, as I don’t wish to bring you into trouble nor do I want unpleasant questions asked of you when you spend too much coin on me.”

There is no kiss this time, just the promise of one, lingering between Adrien and Inesse, a sweet tension there as he leans away from her, even as his blue eyes continue to linger on the young dark-haired beloved. “Tell me, Inesse. How much time do you have right now? Would it be enough that I show you the room they have provided me with here? It is very lovely, but I am curious whether you will like it.”

Inesse wears a wide smile every second spent with her beloved. However, when the man makes a promise to her that he will not require money for his love to her, the joy in her eyes becomes so bright that it would overshine the sun itself. It’s not like she wouldn’t want to give anything to Adrien, but this is more a promise of an actual love to her. And so she wants to hold onto that moment for a bit longer. She does not say a word just stares at Adrien with an affection in her gaze.

However, when the man asks her about the young lady’s availability, Inesse breaks her own silence and nods. “I do have more than enough time. My mother will be occupied anyway and probably quite happy that I am no longer spending time at home in the company of her or myself. So, I would like to see your room. Though, does it matter if I like it? It’s your room and I only hope you are pleased with it. As you said, things are smaller than in the city of Elua. Maybe even less luxurious but I hope that it’s still to your liking.”

His fingers cannot help but keep contact to Inesse, be it through a gentle touch to her cheek, or an affectionate lacing with hers. “I have in fact been a bit nervous, pondering what I’d do if you hadn’t answered the invitation,” Adrien murmurs. “I would have been desperate…” His eyes look to hers and he smiles. “Oh, Inesse… stay awhile then. I will treasure each and every moment you can spare just to be with me. Let me show you my room.”

Slowly, he moves to stand, pulling Inesse to her feet with a gentle tug of his hand. “Come along, then…” He leads her out of the salon towards the foyer, guiding her up the stairs to the hallway where the private rooms of fully marqued courtesans can be found, along with the dormitory for the novices and adepts. He pauses and smiles, turning back to her as they reach the door to his chamber, before he opens it and pulls Inesse with him inside.

“Here we are,” he tells her, gesturing with one hand towards the interior, before Adrien turns his gaze towards Inesse, curious about her opinion.

Adrien’s Chamber — La Coeur de Lavande

Playful creativity has been combined with a slightly frail air to create the intimate atmosphere of this chamber. The bed sports lavender colored scarves that have been wound about its four posters. The blanket has been orderly made, and a line of comfortable pillows are arranged along the headboard, in darker purple tones. Drapes of thin gauze, dyed in a similar hue flutter occasionally from a light gust of wind, if one of the windows has been left open.

The chest beside the bed holds the few personal belongings of Adrien, a number of fine outfits for differing moods and occasions. If if the season permits, there will be a vase with flowers, giving a fresh pleasant scent to the room, placed on a small desk by the window. Upon the desk, there are a few papers scattered, some holding fragments of love poems, whereas other are letters in progress. The quill that sits beside the corked inkwell has been cleaned meticulously, and yet, the dark tip hints at heavy use.

“Ooooh…” Inesse looks around the room. She lets go of Adrien’s hand in order to move around and explore. Her fingers gently brush over the contours of furniture, “I do love the colors!” And then she flops on the bed, leans against one of the pillows while taking another and setting it on her lap. “And I love pillows. You should have even more of those. They are absolutely adorable! And you know what you can do with pillows?” She laughs and throws that pillow from her lap at Adrien. “Pillow fights!” She chuckles, jumps to her feet and starts venturing towards the table with parchments. “Are you writing? Maybe poetry?”

Her hand is released, and Adrien remains standing where he is, granting Inesse that moment to explore the room. “I am glad,” he replies with a smile, when he hears her praise and moves over as she settles herself on the bed. When she tosses the pillow at him, he catches it, with a peel of laughter spilling from his lips. “Pillow fights!”, Adrien agrees with her, chuckling as he places the pillow back upon the bed, at the same spot from which Inesse had taken it. Agreeing over his shoulder, “Yes. I try to put sentiments to words. It helps dealing with time I am doomed to wait for a certain young beauty to pay me a visit…” A bit of mischief laces his tone, as Adrien straightens and approaches Inesse and the table. His arms wrap about her as he hugs her from behind, glancing over her shoulder down at the scattered parchments. “I fear, you have become my muse…” He murmurs, leaning in to press his lips to her cheek. “A muse I have missed so terribly.”

“Why do you fear that?” Inesse asks and turns around to face Adrien. “Is it frightening to have a muse? And if I am your muse… what did you make? What did the thoughts about me make you create? Did you finish any of the poems? I would love if you could read at least one of them to me tonight… Do you think I could stay for the night with you?” She looks up at Adrien with her pleading kitten eyes, in the hopes to hear the yes to her request about the poem and to her request about staying.

“Of course,” Adrien replies to her, loosening his grasp around her so that she may turn around to face him, and his hands reach for hers. “That you are my muse means that you have power over me, my creativity, my thoughts… And many of these thoughts, I have put down to paper. Yes, I can read some of my poems to you tonight.” His smile deepens. “I insist that you stay, but you should send a note to the residence of your family to notify them of this.”, the courtesan remarks softly, leaning in as he drowns his gaze in Inesse’s dark eyes. “That you will be safe, entertained and in pleasant company.”

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