(1311-02-22) Shopping for a new season
Summary: Picking silks for new outfits which will be in fashion on an upcoming spring season.
RL Date: Fri Feb 22, 1311
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Courtly Couture

Under Isabelle de Valais' ownership, what was once a humble tailor's storefront has been transformed into a temple of high fashion; wooden foundations and walls have been removed and replaced by whitewashed stone. While the tall windows of the original construct have been kept and added upon, the final effects are spectacular - the interior has been inlaid with white marble embellished now and then with veins of different shades of blue, with sturdy stone pillars and beams to support the second floor and all chiseled with geometric designs at the top and bottom. The massive space has been segregated in different sections by the careful layout of tasteful furniture and rugs - all in either black or neutral shades so as not to detract from the myriad of colors on display.%r%rAnd there is plenty of color - all the basic hues and the hundreds of shades in between; if it exists, Isabelle has managed to find it. Catching the eye upon entering are five beautiful gowns and three ensembles - jackets, trousers and boots for men fitted upon tailor dummies and placed in different sides of the room, each demonstrating different cuts, styles and embroidered patterns, fresh twists incorporated in D'Angeline classics; from plunging necklines, to the square and classic, these are creations that have been made for the elite abroad and the further one goes inside the store, the more variations can be found to reflect the genius fashion designer's travels abroad - silk robes inspired by Eastern fashions, veils and scarves inspired by Akkadian dancers, loose, comfortable drapery and airy confections that call on images from distant Hellas, Courtly Couture isn't just a store, but an actual art gallery of the owner's work.%r%rFurther along the main hall are display racks for the actual merchandise for both men and women; tasteful white drawers and glass cases keep dust from the stock, and all filled with beautiful things. Books that showcase fabric swatches, ribbons, leather and lace, catalogued by shade, type and region are displayed on mounted shelves, framing racks full of shirts, skirts, breeches and dresses. Another section is dedicated to an expansive lingerie collection ranging from the demure to the absolutely risque - lace, satin, silk, Menekhetan cotton and leather are all present here. There are two private viewing rooms here, one as pristine white as the rest of the first floor, while the other is painted entirely black. Both are situated with large mirrors and plush seating.%r%rThere is plenty of help. Visible staff are all dressed in crisp, black-and-white uniforms and managed by the former owner and her apprentice. At the back is a winding flight of stairs leading to the second floor, where Isabelle's private office and consultation room is located.

It is midday, and the shop is quiet, the only customer a man of average height who is examining the rows of silk and brocade, occasionally looking to the counter as though expecting someone. He is dressed well, clearly a noble himself with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. As he moves, it can be seen that he only erally uses his right arm, his left never rising higher than about mid-chest.

A little bell jingles announcing arrival of a second customer. It's a young lady whose tangled black curls are playfully mixed up with white furs of her coat. A few snowflakes which are shimmering in her dark locks immediately melt. Lady Inesse rubs her nose. Maybe one of those snowflakes left a chaste peck on the tip of it as well?! A girl is carrying a small basket but the goods inside are covered by a dark green napkin. She smiles broadly and her eyes scan the shelves. "Oh!' Inesse gasps more to herself upon catching a glimpse of a brightly golden silks. She does rush towards it and very carefully touches the soft fabric. "Ooooh…" A sigh escapes her lips.

Gaetan turns to look at the newcomer, bowing his head politely. The gold fabric is close to where he stands, and he reaches to pull out the hanging portion to pass to her as she reaches for it. "Gold would certainly be your colour Lady?…" he asks, awaiting her name first before his own.

She broadly smiles at the man, "Lady Inesse de Baphinol! And you are very well right, m'lord. Gold is my color. As well as green. And red. And blue. And white. Especially white. I also believe that rosy colors suit me well. Unfortunately, if I wear black, I look very pale and very skinny. Almost like I would be ill! I really do not like black color…" She drawls the last sentance turning her gaze back to the fabric. Her fingers nip on it idly. But then Inesse looks up at the man again. "How do you know so much about tailoring, m'lord?"

"Nothing, or nearly nothing," the older man announces with a shake of his head, perhaps a bit baffled by her enthusiasm. "Gaetan Lafons, Viscomte de Biches," he says by way of introduction, "And I am here specifically because I know nothing about ailoring, but need a few new items for the coming season. And yourself young lady?"

"Oh! You did strike me as someone who knows their way here, m'lord. You very quickly realized which color fits me well," Inesse beams. "I do visit Courtly Couture regulary. Getting new gowns and new jewels is one of the most exciting activities for me. So, if you need any advice, maybe I could suggest?" She takes a step away and looks the man up and down, assessing his qualities. "I would recommend to take a look at something blue. Blue silk very well works with those who are blond. It will also enchant the color of your eyes, m'lord." The young lady explains but then bites her lower lip and looks away finding deep burgundy fabric quite interesting. The color of her cheeks darkens as well. It does not reach that deep burgundy tone but definitely the blush becomes vivid. "I apologize." She mumbles.

"Oh no need. Honestly you could hav chosen pumpkin orange and I would have said the same, or black. I am much better at giving compliments than I am at fashions. You know, I have a few cousins you woulg get on well with given your interests, and I will definitely look at the blue," Gaetan tells her, clearly amused by the young woman. She is, of course, less than half his age, and he finds the enthusiasm endearing.

"Oh?" The mention of some cousins with the same interests catches Inesse's attention and so she looks back at the man. "Would that be too impolite of me to ask you who are those relatives of yours? Maybe they are of my age? I hope it won't appear a bit too personal and you won't think that I am simply rambling or bothering you but I find it difficult to meet people of my age here who could become my friends…"

"Well they are your age, but they are back in Namarre for now. Perhaps when they decide to come to Marslikos we can have some kind of fete for the young people?" he suggests.

"Oh!" Inesse claps once. That makes her raise the basket up a bit and the napkin moves a little bit revealing some of her groceries. It seems to be beautiful snakcs of ginger bread. "This is a great idea! Majority of the events here seem to be circled around the Night Court and I am not that common visitor there. I just simply don't feel the need to spend my evenings there and some of the entertainments there are a bit too much for me!" She chuckles and the blunsh on her cheeks deepens. "But I speak so much about myself, m'lord, that I simply disturb you for finding the right fabrics. Though, I can assure you that the staff here is very pleasant. They will offer not only the best colors but also the most fitting design."

"Yes well, they are currently back there finishing a few fitting changes on a coat I requested last week. I needed something lighter now that winter is looking like it might end soon, and realised I had nothing in my House colours," Gaetan tells her. "I go to the Night Court sometimes, but I am Namarrese and Her Service is valued deeply there."

"Understood, m'lord." Inesse nods. "I also hope that the spring is just behind the corner! I am not saying that I do not like winter, but the city has many more colors during the summer, right? That is why you are looking for more brighter colors, right?" She chuckles. "Though, I would recommend not to overdo it. That you wouldn't look too pompous! Some lords really like to add way too many embroideries on their attires. Then they simply look funny. I mean no offense, of course. We all have different tastes."

"Well my tastes are fine, but with clean, elegant lines. I want fabrics that I enjoy the feel of, but nothing s fussy that I cannot dress myself in a hurry when my valet is unavailable, or I am not at home," he tells her. He takes the blue silk she pulled out before and holds it in his hand, "I wonder if there is linen in this colour for a few shirts?"

"I am sure they should have. The linen fabrics are over there," Lady Inesse gestures towards the shelves close to the windows. "Though, it might be of a bit lighter tone. But still would look good on you, m'lord. Anything blue would look great with your eyes and hair." She explains. "Though, I am not sure if I should take your time anymore. Since the staff is currently unavailable, I should probably come on a later time. Though, it was a pleasure meeting you. Your idea about festivities to the young ones is great. I will tell to my mother about it. She is very good at organizing various events. Thank you." Inesse curtsies and smiles at the lord.

"And a pleasure to meet you as well Lady Inesse," Gaetan answers, giving the young woman a bow. "I will send word when I think an event may be warranted, if one is of course. So far I am the only Lafons to come to Marsilikos, rather than Elua."

"Alright, m'lord. I will be waiting for your message with an excitement!" Inesse curtsies one more time and then turns to leave the Courtly Couture.

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