(1311-02-19) A way out of the Kingdom of Sadness
Summary: Sebastien Basilisque is trying to find a way for his youngest brother Oliver to raise back to his feet.
RL Date: Tue Feb 19, 1311
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Oliver's Chambers

Through a door of dark mahogany wood one enters into a chamber that has few candles that look barely used. There is a fireplace on wall which doesn't have a door or the small balcony. The tall doors are beautifully built raised stainglass. The bed is more to the center of the room with the head of it against the opposite wall the fire place is one. The bed is covered in dark blankets and pillows. With the large four posters being of painted black wood.

There is a white armchair that has it's back to the balcony and it's facing the fireplace. It has a matching footstool and chaise. There is a painted black wood trunk in the corner which matches the two end tables beside the bed which do not have a light on them but they do have a cane each. The walls are painted white. There is nothing really visual in the room. There are no portraits, no art pieces, no books…nothing. Just a tidy room.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a winter day. The weather is cold and flurrying.

It's been sometime since Sebastien and Oli have talked or even seen the other. Sebastien got word from the guard protecting him that's he's not left his room in weeks, has had no visitors and a cold breeze is coming from under the door. Inside thee suite, the blind man has moved a chair to right in front of the balcony door, which is wide open to show the flurries and let in the cold. Half the room has snow in it. Oli is bundled up in a thick coat, a thick blanket as well but even then his face alone shows how much weight he's lost and his blue eyes are puffy as if he's been crying for days.

Sebastien Basilisque has been away for the festivities in the city of Elua. This is where his adorable wife wanted to go. It seems that the man has been delayed in his journey back. Probably, because of some politics wandering in his way. Some connections were made, and some potential trade agreements have been discussed. He did leave the Basilisque mansion, and most importantly, his youngest brother's health in the capable hands of the older brother - Anse de Basilisque, who was quite eager in resolving Oliver's issues in a more proper manner than Sebastien has suggested.

Now that he is back, his concern has been confirmed. None of the brothers seem to be able to resolve even the most simple issues. To be fair, the situation seems to be taking a worse turn for unknown reasons. So, the lord of the house is quick to knock on the door of his brother. Of course, he scolds the guards and all servants before that for not taking a good care of his brother and dragging his ass out of the room for some activities. All servants are dismissed for the day.

After the knock, Sebastien simply lets himself into the room. He looks around and assesses the situation. "Oliver." His voice states. He sounds genuinely concerned. He moves toward the window and closes it down before getting closer to his brother. If allowed, Sebastien would place his hand on Oliver's forehead to check if he has no fever. "What is the meaning of this?"

The youngest doesn't move when his brother knocks nor does he move when he's touched. His forehead is cold. The youngest doesn't answer the question but a few more tears fall down his blank face. At least the clothes he's in are keeping his body warm. He brings his hands up and tries to turtle himself in the giant cloak and under the blanket. Hiding his tears and face from his brother.

"Oliver, what is going on with you?" Sebastien takes a chair and drags it across the room to set it right in front of Oliver. He settles down on that chair and leans forward stabbing his eyes straight at the youngest Basilisque even if he can not see it, he would definitely feel authoritative presence of Sebastien beside and his warm breath. "You need to talk if you want help. If you will stay quiet, you will torture yourself, you will tear your heart apart, you will get ill, and you will probably die. You are definitely better than that. You do not want that the history would remember you as a crying little baby because you are not like that. I know how strong you are and how intelligent you are. So, tell me, what is going on, that I could help you."

Oli doesn't care that he's being weak. He hears the chair move over and feels his brother so close. He removes the blanket and cloak, he's wearing a simple shirt and tied pants. He crawls over and curls up in his brother's lap. He's wafer light and if one feels him, he's all bones. He curls his face against his brothers neck and relaxes against him. It's reaching out even if he's not yet saying why he hurts.

"Oh, by the angels! When was the last time you ate?" Sebastien gasps settling in more comfortably in a chair to accept his brother's presence on his lap. He wraps his arms tightly but gently around Oliver. The man leans his head to touch his brother's. "I know we did not have a great conversation the last time but I really want to help you. I do not want to be our father but I also can not help you if you do not talk to me. So, I am failing to be our family's leader, I am failing to be a brother, because you are fading in front of my eyes and I can't do anything about it. Oli, please, help me."

Oliver feels himself moved a little and he feels the warmth of his brother. He starts to cry bringing his hands to his face as he stays against him. "I … tried stopping Opium. I reached out to the night court to help me through detox and fix my nightmares. I signed a contract and everything and that was months ago. I tried to cut down to once or twice a week on my own." He whispers all this. "I fell in love. Twice. Both times though, I fell in love alone. They didn't want me back. Who could love a blind man?" He croaks. "I ate a couple days ago. They keep handing me food but I'm just not hungry."

"Oh, Oli…" Sebastien sighs. He shakes his head and brushes a curl of his brother's hair aside from his forehead. "You can't see it but you are absolutely handsome. I wish I could have your looks. You also have a very beautiful heart. You are intelligent, and strong. I am so proud that you are decreasing the amount of drugs. I hope one day you will not use them at all. Love…" He sighs and shakes his head, "… is very tough. Probably, those girls were not for you. Many of them sound sweet like honey, and they sound beautiful, and they sound clever, and they make you laugh and shiver but they are actually quite vain and selfish. It's very hard to find an honest person who could share deep emotions as you can. I always thought that you will be at the advantage," Sebastien pats Oliver's chest where his heart is beating. "Because you can't see. They can not trick you with their smiles and pretty faces, and revealing gowns, sway of their hips. You can actually listen into their hearts. You can't see but you can hear. Though, you need to learn how to listen deeper. Not what they say but how they say. You are so young, you will meet your lady. Just give it time and have some more patience."

The blind man stays limp in his brother's lap. His head resting against his shoulder. "You were always the best looking in the family Sebastien." He shakes his head. "He was my first. He kept coming by and I…" He tears up. "I fell in love with him and wrote him asking to be his and he said no but he still wants to play. Now he's getting married. The second was a wonderful woman who is kind but according to her, I'm far too young for love." He shakes his head as he wipes his eyes. "It feels like everything inside is broken and it hurts to breath." He brings his hands up and covers his eyes. "I just don't want to be so lonely."

"Well, you are not too young for love. You are a man, Oliver, and she doesn't know what kind of a man she lost. That man whom you loved and who is getting married might have no other options. Marriage is usually very political. There is no love in it. It's very rare to love your husband or wife. You grow to respect them or like them, or enjoy their company. Sometimes they become your friends. Sometimes you just want to murder them while they sleep. That is why we have the Night Court, courtesans and you can always have a lover. Of course, I wouldn't want you to be a lover of a man who simply doesn't care enough for you. Depends if he loves you back or not. Have you…" He grows quiet in consideration. "Have you visited Helliotropes? I believe that one of them could be of a high assitance to you. We can arrange a contract if you desire. Plus, soon you will become old enough to marry. We can start looking for a wife for you if this is your wish. But most importantly," Sebastien pats his brother's head lightly, "You need to find an activity. A distraction. You can't spend your time here thinking how life is misserbale. I did that before and it was terifyingly bad. I learned that when you are busy the life fixes itself."

The blind man stays against his brother and frowns. "I don't think he cares at all. He's marrying a Princess… he wouldn't slum it with a blind no-body." He nods his head. "I visited the Night Court. Had my little sixteenth birthday and that was the only time a courtesan followed through." He speaks softly. "I have a signed contract at the houses…the courtesan who is supposed to be helping me …never comes." He frowns. "I met him once and he said he could fix my dreams. Nothing. No word from him after I signed and gave money. Nothing." He tears up again. "I can't even pay someone to be around me." He curls into his brothers neck and tries to hide the fact that tears fall there. "I can't be busy. My signature means nothing. I have no skills…"

"Excuse me?!" Sebastien shouts out. Not angry but honestly surprised. "You are not a nobody. Don't you dare to say that. If you will consider yourself a nobody, people will treat you as a nobody. Whenever you approach someone, you need to be self-confident. You need to love yourself, your family, your name. You have to show them all who you are. You are a lord of house Basilisque. Our family protects the whole Terra d'Ange from wild and brutal Skaldi warriors. Your family counts many best soldiers in the Kingdom. Your brother Stephane is one of the best architects who managed to build forts in our rocky and tall mountains. Forts which can not be defeated by any armies. Your brother Anse is a faithful and honest servant of the angels. I have sailed through many seas and fought many villains. Your father has killed so many barbarians that none in the whole Terra d'Ange did. You have a Camlach blood in your veins and while your brothers are armed by sharp blades, you are armed by a sharp mind. You were only fifteen when you were already helping me to resolve economical issues of our house. And you might be young but you are about to bloom into a proud member of our house and half of the rest of the houses are unworthy of your awesomeness. Show me who dares to call someone of House Basilisque as nobody and I will slice their throat." Sebastien shakes his head and squeezes the hand of his brother. "You need to eat, and you need to focus on developing your skills. I will assign a tutor for you who will continue reading books for you, you will deepen your knowledge in economy and politics. I will also hire a sword master who is going to teach you how to fight. I know you can do that. It's all about hearing. But you need to promisse me that you will be proud of your family, yourself and you will do your best to get better. It will be a hard work but I will be there with you."

The blind man flinches and curls closer to his brother. "I'm a blind, unlanded noble, of a martial house with not martial skills." He grumbles out. "When people marry into our family they want strength, not flaws." He sniffs a little and sits up, head bowed. "I call myself unworthy." He squeezes the man's hand back and nods his head. "I tried riding again. I can't. I just get led around by someone who isn't going to steer the horse into a hole." He wipes his eyes. "I've tried to focus on my bowstaff but I keep hitting myself." Then he goes quiet and frowns. "Will you be here or are you going away again?"

"Blind can see more than any of those who have widely opened eyes, my dearest. You are stronger than half of those little bragging brats running around and throwing their names around. And we will actually, get you so occupied that you won't have time think of your flaws and you will only develop your merits. It's actually my own fault that we abandoned your studies. I will make sure that your tutor would come back. He will read you books and you will go to learn a new language. You will take courses together with my wife. She is also learning a new language. And I am not going anywhere. In fact, I am going to teach you as well. We will learn how you can use a sword even if you do not see. When I was sailing, I went to Carthage. They have many stories about their heroes and their warriors. One of them was actually blind as well but he never met a man who would defeat him in a battlefield. He died because of his old age. Happy and with three children at his bedside. If they can have such heroes, we sure can as well. As I said, it's all about hearing. But before we start your lessons, you need to get back in shape. So, off you go now. First, you will go downstairs into the kitchen and eat, then you will get a warm long sleep. One week, eat at least three times per day, sleep many hours, and then we will be able to start your physical training. Alright?"

The young lord takes a deep breath before hugging his brother tightly. More like hugging his face tightly. He just grabbed what he could. He pulls back and stands up on skinny legs. "Alright Sebastien." He nods his head. "Languages and more learning and … sword." He grins a little before moving towards the door without help. "I'm not hungry but I will eat for you…I love you brother. Please don't leave again." He opens the door and takes a deep breath as he takes a step out into the hall. He's not been out there in a while. "Thank you…" He speaks softly over his shoulder. He hobbles out of sight as he moves for the food. Sleep and food. Yeah he can do that.

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