(1311-01-25) Big-boobied Statues and Plumbing
Summary: Drake, Philo and Rajiya discuss Home Decoration
RL Date: 25-01-2019
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Upper Hallway — Rousse Mansion

Beginning of the log is missing. Philomene comes to visit Drake and meets him in the Upper Hallway at the entrance to Jelene's abandoned Dragon Suite.

"I'm lodging at the Chalasse house at the moment," Philomène admits, it being an oddly unremarked thing that in all this time it's always been the Chalasse coming to the Rousse household and never vice versa. "But it shan't do longer term. I dislike being a guest when I've been my own mistress all my life."

"That makes sense.", Drake agrees and smirks, "I hadn't expected to stay here for long either and look at me now, Lord of the Manor. C'est la vie.", he shrugs and looks around, gesturing once again. "Basically you can have all this here.", he offers, "It's what Jelene left behind. "

"As long as Rajiya doesn't want it?" Philomène clarifies. She runs her tongue over her teeth hesitantly, then clears her throat. "Lord Rousse… do tell me no in quite uncertain terms if it's really not appropriate, I shan't be offended in any way." A pause. "I find myself a little light. Financially, I mean. I don't suppose you would be willing to act for me as guarantor? I can't possibly send them to Louis-Claude."

"Oh yea.", he says off-handedly, as if just remembering the existance of his fiancee, "Well, we can talk again once she's taken a look around here." HE looks puzzled when the woman suddenly becomes all serious. With him! "Guarantor for what? For the house you want to buy?", he asks, a little confused, and even more confused: "What happened to your money?"

Philomène arches a brow. "What happened to it? It's February and we own arable farms. It's a poor time of year, and the trade deals I've been negotiating here are yet to come to fruition. As such my line of credit is rather thin at the moment, hence the need for a guarantor. A smaller home, paying for a single servant instead of the extravagance that the Chalasse household here insist I donate towards is a sound investment in itself, but…" She shrugs. "Of course, I understand completely if you're unable. You have a new wife to pay for, after all. I thought I would ask before looking to a more unsavoury loan, however."

"Oh no, don't worry about it.", Drake says quickly, "I was only curious. Of course I'll help you.", he assures her and can't resist to puff himself up a bit. "As it turns out, I'm rather rich now, being the Vicomte who holds the purse strings. And I'm sure the wedding won't be -that- expensive, althoug the Gods know what elephants cost." They are standing in the Dragon Suite, Jelene's former rooms, discussing refurbishments.

Arriving and being escorted to the proper room, Rajiya hears the voices and so pauses outside the door, giving a knock to the doorjam as she peeks around it to the two within. Curiosity is shown as she overhears a little, a brow arched upwards in silent question, "Hello." The greeting is given with a smile.

"You can't have an elephant at a wedding!" Philomène declaims, punching him lightly on the arm. "There'll be no room for guests!" And then there's Rajiya, and she returns the smile with a warm one of her own. "My dear, how are you? We were looking at these rooms and how best to suit them for the pair of you. I imagine you have priorities, no? I've been telling him he really ought to have plumbing installed, but he's a stubborn ass."

"She doesn't a bathtub for two is a good idea.", Drake adds rather scornfully and steps forward to take Rajiya's hands into his own and pull her close for a kiss. Smooch! BECAUSE HE CAN! But he lets her go before Philo gets sick and instead pulls Rajiya into the rooms: "I was telling Lady Philomene she could help herself to whatever Jelene left here for her own new rooms. But she wondered, if there's stuff you'd like to keep for yourself?"

"There is no plumbing here?" Rajiya questions, surprised perhaps. "There is within the tower." Oh well, she will just have to suck it up. Drawn in for the kiss, she smiles to Drake, a brush of one hand to his jawline before stepping further into the rooms, "I do have a lot of stuff within my own rooms as well, that can either be moved in or.. I guess offered?" That said, she glances to Philomene, "But certainly, we can see what we wish to keep?"

"Nothing but pots and servants to run with water," Philomène confirms, giving Drake a smug look as Rajiya is quite as absorbed by the idea of plumbing as she is. "I've told him it's the first thing you'll want installed, especially if you're of a mind to raise a family here."

There may be plumbing! Philo made it up! But Drake heaves a sigh. "I will have everything installed and ready by the time we shall get wed and… you move in.", he assures Rajiya, "I know it's more difficult for… ladies." Yea, he can happily discuss bodily functions with Philo, but not with his fiancee! "Anyway, I don't care what happens to all of this… Jelene obviously didn't want it, she packed what she took. So… whatever you two like, it's yours."

Rajiya tilts her head, "That would be nice, though if you need help with finances, then I can surely help.." She nudges Drake, "You will be marrying a Princess." And she comes with a handsome dowry! She won't push for anything else, instead, turning an eye to the furnishings, "Tell me, Philomene, is there anything in particular you are looking for?"

"He's the Vicomte with the purse strings now," Philomène gently mocks, making her way over to examine a small chest of drawers that's been left. "I'm certain his finances are up to the task. Oh, me? I've a mind to buy a small place here if I'm to live in Marsilikos permanently, and I should have space to store anything you don't need from here, so you don't need to worry about disposal in order to install your own furnishings. We weren't certain what you'd prioritise, you see, or how best to ensure the place feels like a home for you. Goodness knows why Drake asked me."

"I'm still getting used to it.", Drake admits with a wry smile, "I'm used to having to beg Jelene for my allowance. And I don't want anyone to think I'm marrying you for money.", he adds firmly for Rajiya's sake. As the ladies begin discussing furnishings, he's quick to lose interest though. "While you think about this, I'm going to fetch some drinks.", he decides and scampers off in a hurry.

Rajiya nods to Drake, but offers his hand a squeeze, "I know you aren't, and that's what is important, is it not? That I /do/ come with money means that we can spend some of it instead of taking from your lands and people. We can also look to invest some of my dowry back into your lands and people.. or in your adventure to Chi'in, should you still wish to do that." Such is pointed out before she steps aside to look at furniture, "Mama and Papa had a blend of things. I brought mostly Bhodistan style with me, figuring that I would then get to blend in my own home."

"I was just telling him that if you were happy to move into his old rooms to begin with, you could completely remodel these if you wanted," Philomène points out, running a hand along the top of a dresser. "And then either move into these rooms and keep his for day rooms or vice versa. You have absolute autonomy, how marvellous! Perhaps you might sketch up a model to see what you want to fit in and where?"

Rajiya ohs at the very suggestion, nodding, "That would certainly work, especially if we wished to put in the plumbing.." Oh, yes, Phil has her thinking. "I should have brought my sketchpad with me.." She didn't think to grab it. "In time, his rooms would likely become the nursery.." Drake might not want to think about kids, but obviously she has.

Philomène laughs, nodding. "Exactly what I was saying, my dear, with space to install a nanny, naturally. Well, which large pieces have you brought with you? Will they fit, or should the partition move? And storage, of course… but really, don't underestimate an efficient privy. When you're pregnant and miserable, it is the most wonderful thing in the world."

"A nanny. I forget that I will not have the benefit of other wives or concubines.." Rajiya murmurs, somewhat amused, "I have a whole suite of furniture, from a bed, sofas and tables.. wardrobe. There is more that was put into a warehouse with other things brought for gifting and such." The answer is given easily before she turns back, listening, "The harem had several large bathing pools, much like those offered at Naamah's baths. "

Drake returns. In a way. He appears in the doorway to announce that refreshments are waiting in his own rooms if they'd like to join him. If they rather keep discussing draperies, so be it. He'll have more wine to himself.

"Installing a bathing pool will definitely take some remodelling," Philomène notes, turning as wine is announced. Mmm. Wine. "Lord Rousse, you'll need to add a mason and a plasterer to your list of tradesmen to call upon. Shall we?" she offers to Rajiya, along with a smile and her arm.

"We do not need one here.. it might be hard to put one in, on the second floor." Rajiya points out, but then, she doesn't know how well D'Angeline's might manage it. With the announcement of wine served in Drake's rooms, she turns and nods, "Sounds quite lovely." A hand reaches for Drake's, another squeeze offered, "Also, I do have more stuff stored in a warehouse.." Plenty of stuff to go around!

Drake only heard the tail end of things, though that does have him prick his ears. "A bathing pool like in the temple! Oh yes, that would be terrific!", he agrees as they start walking, all cute, hand in hand. "Perhaps it may be best to install it in the yard outside? Build something around it?", he suggests.—

"A moat springs to mind," Philomène notes as she follows on like a third wheel. "To keep out the hordes who'll be in there daily otherwise. Or a fence. Or a guard dog."

"You would almost need to build a room, connected to the house. A.. bathing room? It is how it is back home." Rajiya answers as they head for Drake's room, "Within the harme, all the ladies use it, and the kids. The men have their own baths."

"I'm not swimming in a moat!", Drake protests and frowns. "It will be part of the secure gardens of course. I've seen some such in Tiberum. A pool outside, with white columns on the side, topped with statues. And a fountain. There was a really lovely statue of a nymph with rather large boobies, holding a jar from which water poured into the pool. I'd like that. And a room for when it's cold.", he adds for Rajiya's benefit, "With another pool, I presume?" This is getting bigger by the minute.

Philomène points out from the peanut gallery, "You might want to take some measurements first, then. Of the yard. Not the boobies. I'm sure the boobies would be suitably large, regardless."

As Drake describes his perfect pool, with boobied statue, Rajiya just shakes her head, laughing softly. "So we're up to two pools now?" The Rousse estate will never be the same once they're done with it!

"The yard is rather large.", Drake promises and as they enter his rooms, walks right through to the windows opposite which offer a good look into the yard, all brushed gravel and nicely kept shrubs for now, behind which a garden with trees, more shrubs and a few small statues (with covered boobies) dotted along the path. "I use it for fencing practise, but I can do that elsewhere. It would be a small sacrifice to make to keep my wife happy." He then turns and gestures for the ladies to sit down at the small table on which wine cups, a jug and a tray with little cakes have been placed.

"Because you weren't only ten minutes ago talking about wanting to install a massive bath for yourself," Philomène adds with a grin as she settles into a seat, wincing just a little as she bends. "Clearly it's a sacrifice for your darling wife. Just bear in mind that you won't be able to install it until at least June, I should think. You'll need at least eight full days without rain, guaranteed, for the masonry to cure." Don't ask why she knows this. No doubt some history with building outbuildings on her land. "The damp ruins it."

Rajiya will seek a seat as well, listening quietly to the pair, though she brings up another issue, "And what about when the winter comes? Then what happens?" She pauses as she reaches out to pour the wine for the pair, "One also needs the water to be kept running, or you end up with stagnation. And green water." Yuck! Might be worse than a moat

"It will freeze and you can practise your ice skating skills!", Drake tells Rajiya with a bright smile and some misguided optimismus about the weather this far south. "We'll see. Other people have installed pools and ponds, we will do the same. We'll find someone capable to build it all for us. Perhaps I shall send for someone from Tiberium, or -" His eyes cut to Philomene with a wry look, "We'll let -her- build it. Clearly she knows all about it." He pours the wine and hands them each a cup.

Philomène eyes Drake and pulls a face as she accepts her cup. "Well, I'm sure if we left you to build it, it would be green, too big for the space it sits in, wonky, subside, and full of nothing but statues of women with enormous breasts," she argues cheerfully, lifting the wine in toast. "Your health, my dears."
Rajiya laughs quietly at their banter, lifting her glass in the air to toast back, "To yours as well." She returns, only to giggle softly, "I do get the impression he would send to Tiberium for many more statues if allowed. Or to one of the salons to have some of the sculpters there work on some." A collection of Tiberium and D'Angeline boobied women. Pouring water into the pool.

Lets not talk about Bodhistani temples and their boobied women. Drake chuckles softly at Philo's words and shakes his head. "I do not presume to build a pool or anything. We'll have someone come from Tiberium. And a local sculptor." He turns to Rajiya with a bright, albeit sappy smile, "He could make a statue of you for the pool…"

"Oh what a marvellous idea," Philomène agrees brightly, a hint of mischief in her eyes. "A statue for any visitors to admire your wife's boobies while they bathe. How thoughtful you are, Lord Rousse."

Rajiya opens her mouth, likely to turn such a suggestion down, then peers over at Philomene, "I already had one young courtesan from the salon wishing to paint my portrait.. without clothing." What's having a sculpter do it in stone?? Nevermind the blush that is warming her cheeks at the very idea!

Drake rolls his eyes at Philomene. The very thought! "No one is going to gawp at my clothesless wife. There'll be… drapes and all. If you want to.", he adds for Rajiya's benefit. "And which courtesan is wanting to paint you?"

"I should take them up on the offer if I were you," Philomène suggests, sipping at her wine and letting her thumb run absently along the rim. "It's not as though you're going to get any younger. It'll make a nice keepsake to look back on whenyou're old and decrepit. You don't have to hang it in public, after all."

Rajiya was joking, but as they both seem suddenly interested in her clothless body, she just peers at both of them for a moment, "I would stand for one with clothes." Not clothless! "It was Amoux no Lis d'Or?" She glances to them, to see if either might recognize the name of the courtesan before downing some of her wine.

Drake does not. Nor does he seem very pleased with Philo's words. "It'll be a long while yet until we're old and decrepit. But yes, we should have an official wedding portrait painted anyway. And send a copy to Bodhistan for your family that can't make the long journey.", he suggests to Rajiya. Moving away from boobied statues. Quickly.

Philomène takes another sip from her wine, adding aside, "Oh, do please wear clothes in that one, though." In case there was any confusion.

Rajiya just looks between the pair of them, lowering ehr glass and reaching for a refill, offering the same to them if they wish. "An oficial wedding portrait would be nice to have.." She will agree there, especially with the added benefit of sending one to her family. "I sent off my letter to mama upon returning to Marsilikos. I asked if she and papa could come and visit.."

"I do hope they can make it. I look so much forward to meet them.", Drake lies through his teeth with a bright smile. Who needs the in-laws at a wedding? "But yes, we shall find a capable painter. Perhaps I should send for one from Tiberium as well. The town may be grotty, but they DO know a thing or two about art there." HE lets Rajiya refill his cup, while he eyes Philomene. "Perhaps."

"One wonders if Tiberium holds everything you could ever need, Lord Drake," Philomène needles, settling back in her chair. "At least we know where to send you when your wife is quite bored with you."

"Why would we wish to send for one there, and not seek a gifted painted from the Salon, or even the House in Elua?" Rajiya does wonder, looking from one to the other, and lifting her cup to hide the smile that breaks out at Philomene's comment.

"I dare say, my wife shall never be bored with me!", Drake declares, as ever the optimist, "And Tiberium is just… classy." No wonder they chucked him out. "But yes, perhaps we can give someone local a try first. That courtesan you mentioned perhaps? Is she any good?"

Philomène catches Rajiya's eye at that optimistic proclamation, a smile playing at her lips as she wiggles her brows. "I'm sure, my dear boy, I'm quite sure," she soothes, reaching to pat his arm. "Why not take a walk around the various houses here and if you see a painting in the style you like, ask who painted it?"

Sucha pretty blush does Rajiya wear then, "I do not think boredom will ever be a worry, no." Still, amusement does show as she states, "He. And I am not sure for I did not take him up on the offer to see his work within the Salon.." She likely ran away. Very quickly. Or as quickly as Chetana could escort her away!

A brow is quirked when it turns out the courtesan was a male, but quickly lowered again when Drake hears that she ran off. "We can do that, yes.", he agrees, looking from Philo to Rajiya, "Visit the salons, see what's on display? Perhaps you'd like to join us, Lady Philomene? Who'll ever forget the most entertaining evening we had on Mont Nuit, all fun and games.", he reminds her with a grin.

"Fun, games, and pineapples," Philomène corrects, somewhat cryptically, then laughs and shakes her head. "It's your painting, remember. I don't want to intrude."

"Pineapple?" Rajiya asks, then likely wonders if she wants to know. Shaking her head, she leans forwards to take up one of those bits of pastry to nibble on, ducking her head enough to hide the blush that surely stains her cheeks at whatever thought wandered across her mind.

Drake laughs at the reminder, but leaves it to Philomene to explain the pineapple if she so wishes. "Oh you don't want to intrude, but you dearly love to dish out advice, Mylad, bidden or not.", he grins at her and leans back in his seat.

"I am old," Philomène points out smugly, claiming a pastry for herself. "All I have left to look forward to is offering unbidden advice, forgetting the names of my children, and complaining about mumbling."

Rajiya sits quietly by as they talk, gaze to wander from one to the other once more while nibbling on a pastry. Nope, she's not going to ask again. Perhaps it's better she not know.

The pineapple gets forgotten again. "Well, you can forget the names of your children all you like, as long as you remember the name of your little dragon godchild eventually.", Drake chuckles.

Philomène snorts. "Companions, I'm doing my best to forget your name, let alone tiny, terrible versions of you," she notes. "Although… do you not think Philomène is a lovely name for a girl?"

Rajiya tilts her head, listening to the pair of them continue on, "I thought of naming a girl after my many time great grandmother.. Asha. Or perhaps after her husband, the Sommerville that first connected my family with Terre d'Ange." She'll just throw that out while casually sipping her wine.

Drake begins to look uncomfortable when they're already starting to name the non-existent kids. "Slow down. It'll be a while yet. By the time her godchild arrives, Philomene might have forgotten her own name.", he points out thoughtfully.

"At which point I shall rename myself Asha and everyone is satisfied," Philomène decides firmly, brushing crumbs from her fingers.

Rising from her chair, Rajiya hmms, "I should go. I have a meeting a little later with the ambassador from Hellene.." The glass is set down on the table, her fingers to be wiped on a linen napkin. "I'll come back and make note of furniture and such. Perhaps we might make a trip to the warehouse to see what you like, Drake?"

Drake makes a half-hearted promise to go to the warehouse with her later, while he sees the lady out. And so it begins. Choosing Furniture. At least it's not a Skaldian chain selling flat-packs whose assembly has caused many a divorce already.

When he finally returns, after much smooching and sickening talk, Philomène has finished her wine and is in the process of pouring another. She looks up, granting him a pleased half smile. "She's a lovely young lady, isn't she? What on earth did she do to deserve you?"

A lovely young lady has found a lovely young lad.", Drake replies with a bright grin, "It's how it should be, isn't it?" He picks up his empty cup quickly and holds it out to her for a refill.

"I'm sure she has," Philomène agrees as she pours, "and yet she's still marrying you. The poor dear. You should insist she goes for a night on the town before she's sentenced."

Drake narrows his eyes slightly. "And I have no doubt you'd sacrifice yourself as her companion for the night.", he realizes and smirks, "Why not, take a few more girls, have some drinks, get your nails done, whatever it is ladies do when they cluck together."

"Watch semi-naked courtesans grind themselves at us," Philomène supplies helpfully, smile playing about her lips. "And have a jolly fun evening, with any luck. Does she have any other lady friends to join us, do you know?"

"Not really. She hasn't been here all that long. And she's usually very busy with her work as Ambassador.", Drake replies vaguely, "But you should ask her. Organize something. I'm sure it will be fun."-

"I'll see what suits her best, then," Philomène promises, reaching over to touch his arm briefly. "Even if it's an evening of flower arranging or something equally soul destroying."

Drake grins at that. "I think you underestimate Rajiya. She is not quite as innocent as she looks.", he winks, "I can't see her think of flower arranging as a spectacular night out."

"But I'll tell you it's an evening of flower arranging, no matter what," Philomène insists, returning the grin. "You don't need to know what we actually get up to, do you?"

Drake considers this for a moment, then chuckles and shakes his head. "I guess not, if I want to sleep in peace. Anyway -" He finishes his cup of wine, "I think I may be going out to see if I can find a decent local sculptor. Of course I won't hire anyone before you've had your say in the matter.", he winks.

Philomène snorts. "You're unkind, I don't insist on having my say in everything. Remember, you asked about the rooms, or I should have kept my mouth shut!" She drains her drink and pulls herself upright. "Thank you, Lord Rousse," she adds more quietly. "You're a genuinely good person, under all that. You have my sincere gratitude." And with that, she moves with him to the door, him to scoot off to find sculptors and her to… wherever her business takes her today.

The sudden show of genuine appreciation leaves Drake rather speechless, but he does smile and nod and manage a proper goodbye before they both go their separate ways.

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