(1310-12-27) Found at Last
Summary: Eneas, Helene and company start off from the inn and com across Lois and Zoe. The two young women are able to tell the others just where Gwenaelle and Anette are, along with those that took them from Marsilikos. The entourage head off to the rescue!
RL Date: 13/01/2019
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Cliffside near the sea away from Marsilikos

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 6: Failure. (2 5 3 1 2 6)
<FS3> Helene rolls Investigation: Good Success. (1 3 3 8 1 6 6 5 7 5)

They left the inn in the early morning, barely a half hour after sun up. Did they sleep? Yes, but only for a few hours following the late night investigation the evening before. So, bellies full of breakfast, and eyes still sagging, they make for the eastward road.

It is shortly after daybreak that the group is leaving the small inn in that small village they managed to reach well after midnight the day before. Or is that the early morning of the same day? Time and days are starting to bleed into one-another for the persuers surely after the forced march Eneas pushed the group to.

While horses are saddled, breakfast gulped down, Eneas speaks to the Innkeeper, taking out a map he stole — er, borrowed! — from that temple of Shmhazai, to interview the man of the villages and Inns that are within a day's ride from where they are now. How big are the villages? What is the news from travelers about the state of the roads, and so on.
Depending on said information, he might dispatch a pair of riders over whatever good road there is to the most likely target of the wagon, to race ahead and wait for both them and the main groups arrival while they keep trying to follow the trail of blue ribbons.

<FS3> Eneas rolls Investigation: Success. (1 6 8 6 3)

Jean-Marc is looking along the wrong road. It would seem that Helene is the one that spies that piece of blue cloth, half buried in the mud, and it's not on the Eastern road that the wagon has been traveling on, but one that turns southern.
In talking to the innkeeper when news of where the cloth was found, they'll find that the road that direction leads towards the sea. "Woods that end in a near cliff above the water. There's a trail down to the beach, but it's not easy to make during the day, much less at night?"

Helene nods to the innkeeper, "I am comfortable around the sea and cliffs. We will manage. Thank you, as well, is there anything I can do for you in return?". She takes out her coin purse, growing lighter by the day it seems, and places some coin on the counter for him. If no request is made, she will re turn to the horses and ride out with the rest.

There's nothing the innkeeper needs, though the extra coins are taken when offered. With the sun slowly lighting the sky, and a direction known to go in, now is the time to make any last preparations and plans.

Helene rides up to Eneas, Jean Marc nearby ever on alert. A hand reaches out to brush his shoulder as she leans in to speak, "They are heading south, towards the sea now. With any luck we can catch them before they get to the water, and are able to leave.". Her hand brushes his gently then, squeezes it before she leans in to say softly, "Come on, lets go get your other girlfriend.". There is a soft smile, and the comment is lighthearted, though the humour belies the seriousness of the situation before them.

Eneas frowns a little at the news, and the explanation of where that road leads to. Walking away with Helene to the horses, he waits for them to be out of earshot. "No sense of sending anyone ahead, is there?", he states, half to himself, before glacing at her. "They're heading for a beaching site, are they not. To board a ship.". Eyes close for a moment, before he nods. "We can't miss them.". And yes, with that they will likely get everyone moving. Eneas is not often one for subtelity, but with time ticking away surely this will not be anything but spurring the group on to keep up the pace while they follow the trail if there is one, and if there is not, to reach the coast.

Eneas frowns a little at the news, and the explanation of where that road leads to. Walking away with Helene to the horses, he waits for them to be out of earshot. "No sense of sending anyone ahead, is there?", he states, half to himself, before glacing at her. "We can't miss them.", Eneas agrees with her assessment of where they are heading. And yes, with that they will likely get everyone moving, though her lighthearted comment does make him give her a somewhat pained smile. "And a nightflower. Don't let it be said I am not chasing after courtesans after all.". Eneas is not often one for subtelity, but with time ticking away surely this will not be anything but spurring the group on to keep up the pace while they follow the trail if there is one, and if there is not, to reach the coast.

As the group begins to head out of the town along a road that doesn't see all that much traffic, it's perhaps obvious that at some point, there was a wagon that headed down it. Recent enough that the rains that have been coming and going over the previous days but for the evening before, haven't washed away. It's within ten minutes that something might surprise the entourage:

Two very beraggled girls will step out from behind bushes where they were hiding. One is blond, the other redhead. The first not noble, the other showing a certain noble leaning, if only because of the cut and fabric of what remains of her clothing. It is the blond that speaks up first:

"Sweet Elua and his Companions! Please.. help us!"

Helene holds a hand to pause the guards as she rides forward, calling out, her feminine voice belying her masculine riding attire, "Of course, how can we help? I MA Helene Verreuil, and this is the Lord Eneas d'Aiglemort.". As she nears she dismounts from her horse to approach the women on foot, her hands outstretched in comfort. Her green eyes take in the pair of them, and her expression softens as she reaches out. A glance is given Jean Marc, but he is a step ahead, already ordering the guards to form a group around and protect both his mistress and the two women she now tries to attend to.

Like Jean-Marc, Eneas is already lifting a hand, finger to scythe the air in a half circle, and then another pointing forwards down the road they are traveling. While the Mereliot guards may or may not react to it, the two mercenaries that he worked with before do know his hand signals, and they go wide and spurr their horses into a gallop to charge past the girls. All three of them to safeguard against ambush and to act as eyes and ears ahead of the little column, while Eneas hangs back, letting Helene deal with the girls. A nod of his head given to them, almost a bow from his horse, as his name is offered to them.

The redhead stares at them, nobles, ahorse, and in company of… guards! The good kind of people, or so it seems. She lets Zoé speak first, only to add after a moment, "My lord, my lady…" The adept dips into a curtsey of Night Court perfection. "You are our saviours! Blessed be Elua. Blessed be the Companions. This here is Zoé and I am Lois. Lois nó Coquelicot." There is a faint tremble in her voice as she lifts her gaze to regard Eneas with some urgency, as he seems to be in charge, then looks towards Hélène. "We… need your help. The Priestess… Sister Gwenaelle of Eisheth's Temple. She and another are still in the hands of… people that have abducted them and us."

Zoe is quick to step to Lois' side as the adept speaks up. She'll nod her dirty blonde head a time or two, "Anette couldn't get her ropes undone and the Sister was trying to help her but they got caught!" She adds on, then says with a bit of panting breath, "We've been running all night long!" Or so it seems to the girl who's likely a few years younger than Lois.

Helene's hands reach first for Zoe, then for Lois, gently brushing each of their cheeks as she looks them over. When Lois speaks she nods, and her smile warms brightly for the young woman, "I have spoken with your Dowayne. He will be glad to know you are safe." There is a visible sigh of relief from the elder woman before she continues, "Will you be alright with the guards? They are from Mereliot, and are trustworthy. Eneas and I need to go find Gwen and the other. Eula… I did not know there were so many of you!". The concern is clear on her gentle features, and she has to hold herself back from simply embracing both of the young women lest she make their trauma worse.
When she does let go, it is to turn to her companions and call out, "There is still another girl with Sister Gwenaelle. We need to catch them soon.".
She looks back to the two abductees and asks, her voice more firm now, though still with tenderness for the pair of them, "Please, tell me everything you can. Where did you come from? How many of them are there, and did you hear where they are headed?"

What was it about whiplash on this journey? Waryiness. Replaced with elation as it becomes clear that this is the night flower they were persuing. Confusion about the other girls, and then utter worry when it is clear what is transpiring. The two got away. And Gwen went back to free the girl. Perhaps recaptured. Perhaps worse.
Pushing his horse closer to the group, so he can hear what the three women are talking, he does turn to call out. "I need two to ride with me. The rest set up here and keep them safe.", Splitting the forces, yes, but there is not much choice. Meanwhile he starts to reach below the saddle bags behind him on the saddle. Knifes strapped to the inside of his left wrist. One to be stuffed into the inside of his boot, before the straps are loosened, and the rest of his belongings, food, water, spare clothes are unceremoniously left to slide off the saddle, to fall to the ground, lightening the load his aging war-horse will have to carry.

"I am well," Lois confirms, lowering her gaze, a pallor there to her cheeks as she realizes — perhaps belatedly — the peril she has endured. "We were to be brought on a ship. They were speaking in a foreign language, but Sister Gwenaelle translated for me. They were planning for me to…" The corners of her mouth twitch slightly, before she continues, "train Annette and Zoé in Naamah's Arts as soon as we were on the ship. But… they didn't touch either of us, safe to bind us and roll us into carpets…" Her demeanor alights, when Eneas seems determined to go and find the priestess and the still missing girl. "I… could show you," she suggests gently. Even if her hand lifts to indicate the eastern direction. "They have camped at the coast, not far from the road. Waiting for that ship…"

It's Zoe's turn to look surprised at Lois' words. Seems the younger girl wasn't in on that conversation between adept and priestess! "Train us? Naamah's… I no Servant. The salons wouldn't take me." Well, she does have crooked teeth when she smiles, and her hair is such a dirty shade of blond that isn't golden or lovely. Cleaning her up wouldn't really help her at all. But she does speak up with one thing to say, "Two of 'em were chasing us. Two of 'em stayed behind in camp, though hadn't heard the two chasing us in a while." But then, she really doesn't know how to tell time well.

Helene nods once more to Lois, "Thank Cassie for protecting you this far.". A kiss is given the woman's forehead if Lois allows it before she lets go, and turns back to Eneas, her steps quick as she returns to her own gelding to equally unbirden him.
"If there is a ship involved love, then you will need me. I am going," she tells him firmly, her voice brokering little rebellion, even though he will likely still try. She takes out her bow, securing it to her back, and secures her short sword to her hip. The knives she already carried? They stay in place. She may not be a Cruithne warrior woman, but she is comfortable enough, likely the fault of Jean Marc. As she mounts she looks to Zoe, "Two on the road, two in the camp. I promise you we will find them." No promise though as to what will be there when they do.

<FS3> Helene rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (5 7 4 5 5 5 7 6 5 4 1)

Some things are rote. Done a million times in the past, like the preparations for battle. He is not wearing his armor, no, but the arms are affixed in the usual places. The horse lightened for a possible charge. Lists upon lists to be run through, even while he listens.
There is already a grimace when Lois offers to show them, those lists being interrupted in the most jarring way. Blue eyes look to Lois, run down her form that has absolutely nothing to do with Naamah's arts but to assess if she is hurt. A look to the side at the two guards who make ready with him. "Caemael's frozen balls…", is muttered under his breath, cursing, for he turns his eyes back to Helene's geldling.
Only for her to declare she is going. Just like that. Oh, he wants to argue, eyes turning to look at her, giving her a glare no less and yet no words come out. Not at first. Finally, he just scrunces up his face again. "Fuck…".
Wait, that was it? No argument with the Verreuil? Not quite. A look for Jean-Marc, to make sure the man is saddling up and ready to follow. "Fine. You and Lois ride together. She knows the way better than we do. The faster we can find them.".

"Umm…" Well, she offered it, didn't she? Lois needs a bit of help to mount the horse, it seems she may not have much experience nor skill — but Jean-Marc is there and will hopefully see to it that she doesn't fall off. A nod is given to Eneas, and then a glance to Helene, and the adept feels somewhat relieved and at ease. At least she feels much safer now, and ready to come to Gwenaelle's aid. Even if that may be only by showing the lord and the lady, and their retinue the way to the camp. "It is that way," she offers, indicating the direction again, and then braces herself for the moment the steed will start to move.

Zoe peers at the horses, at the way that Lois is helped to the back of one. When eyes turn to her, she's shaking her head, "No. I… I don't wanna go back. That man with the dagger will hurt me again, and the Sister done healed my arm once." She's rubbing at her right arm near the elbow in remembered pain. "They went down that road and camping at the end of it.." She rambles, stepping back towards the way the village lies, trembling. Seems the adrenaline has run out on her, and she's turned coward. Or maybe she's just being smart. Trouble lies to the south. She's heading north!

Helene nods, and instructs the men to bring Zoe back to the inn they stayed at the evening before, even as Lois settles in front of a jean-Marc. He is older, in his late thirties, and clearly has carried a rider with him many a time. He takes the time to ensure Lois is settled and comfortable before urging the horse onwards, giving her instruction as they go to assuage her fears, and keep her from any sudden shocks.
Helene simply redirects her horse, riding either beside Eneas to comment on the seaside landscape, and challenges therein, or else riding behind him where the road narrows. All the while, eyes are peeled for the men who followed the two girls, and any sign of the camp ahead.

Eneas does not blame Zoe. Not at all, though blue eyes fix her for a moment when she speaks of a hurt arm and it being healed. "She…prayed to heal your arm?". Oh, that is not sounding good. Still, as Helene takes care to leave instructions with the men who will escort the girl to the village, he doesn't question her anymore. Instead eyes turn to Lois. "If we come across whoever you think is the leader of them, point him out.", he asks of the adept. "Can you do that?".
It is a rethorical question, really, for he does not really expect anything else but a nod, does not really wait for a reply before he turns to the other riders gathering. "I want that one somewhat alive. The rest? Cut them down as they stand for all I care.". There is no compassion in that voice. Not even anger. The mercenary has gone to the place where people go when they need to kill.
A road leading to a seaside cliff? That should be easy enough to follow, though the woods complicate matters. Possible ambushes, they abandoning the plan fearing the girls rouse the villagers and might try to seperate and slip away. Should they arrive at the cliff, however, and find what they find, Eneas will turn to Helene. "Once we reach the edge, you'll be able to see the ship if one is there. There is no need for you to brave the descent or the beach.", he states, oh-so-matter-of-factly, giving her a look over his shoulder. Oh, will she dare to argue that?

<FS3> Eneas rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (1 2 5 2 4 6 8 4 6 8)
<FS3> Helene rolls Composure: Great Success. (7 3 7 7 3 6 4 8 1 3 1)

"Of course," Lois replies to Eneas in that slightly breathless voice that comes with the realization that she is indeed heading back to the peril from where she just escaped. "I can point you to the leader…" If she can be sure of that, after all. "But we need to make haste. Sister Gwenaelle… and Annette… they need us!" How glad she is that Jean-Marc is not only a capable rider but also holds her safely on the horse. She will indicate a turn in the road, or a certain place she remembers. "It shouldn't be far now… we are almost there."

Helene simply shakes her head, eyes softening as she looks to Eneas and answer, "No, I am sorry. If you or your men were the ones to greet Lois and Zoe things may have gone differently. I will be there for Annette, but I will try and stay out of any melee. I am a better archer than I am am a blade wielded anyhow."
She pulls slightly away towards Eneas, their horses almost touching and continues in a low voice, her voice nearly pleading, "I think you know that there is little I would not do to help you Eneas. More has grown between us than either of us thought to expect. Please, let me do this now." There is a possibility in it though that if he demands, she will stay with Lois, but not knowing Gwen's fate, the arrival of armed men could be more than Annette can handle without a kindler face amongst them.

Zoe does turn t Eneas at the question, "She did, yes. It was broken. She healed it. Told me to keep pretending it was broken in case we got any chance to get away." That said, she'll happily go with the guard back to the village, leaving them to head out.
Those in front will soon hear some rather colorful cursing. At least, that is likely what you think it is by tone. (Anyone understanding Akkadian, let me know!). Throught he trees, two men are spied, wearing the usual cold-weather clothing of sailors. Dark skinned, black hair both. When they spy the entourage, there's comments made, and the two men, turn tail and try to run away. At least one is smart enough to zig-zag through trees and bushes. Lois knows that neither of these are the Dagger Man, who seemed to be in charge.

Eneas does bristle at the argument, eyes to close for a moment. Never one to keep his temper hidden, but he does keep his wits about him, none the less. "If there is a ship, there will be a boat meeting them. With more sailors. Sailors who know how to shoot bows.". Surely that is one of the ways to conduct naval warfare, if not the main one until ships crash into each other and boarding can take place. "On a beach. Where there will be almost no cover.". See, he has a reason for his request. "If this goes well, it will be quick and bloody. Yes, Anette and Gwen might not be spared the sight of the fray, but they will be alive. If this goes wrong…", he trails off, giving the Verreuil a long, hard look. "You will need the headstart, all three of you.". A glance to Lois and Jean Marc, giving the guard the tiniest of nods.
If their previous arguments have been any indication, surely the two would go over this a few more times, circling round and round both too stubborn to relent. Of course, that is probably cut short when the men are encountered. That they take flight is evidence enough for Eneas, though he does not give chase himself. "Run them down!", the order is barked, letting the two mercs and the lone remaining Mereliot guard do the deed while they push for the end of the road. Literally and perhaps figuratively.

"Those two… Those were the ones that tried to catch us, Zoé and me, when we managed to flee…", Lois states, her tone oddly detached as if distracted by some thought. "They will warn the other two at the camp. I think. I don't speak their tongue." Either way, things are getting into motion now, and Lois holds her breath, when Jean Marc makes the horse trot faster (if he does), in pursuit of the villains.

Helene pauses, taking a breath to calm herself, ready to respond when the men are seen. Now things are too close, but still, stubborn as she may be, she nods and turns her horse towards Lois and Jean Marc. She holds a hand up to stop Jean Marc, "We wait here, unless they call for help.". The older man nods. Still, Helene turns herself around once more and draws her bow, readying to shoot if one of the men makes a run for it.

The two sailors are likely thinking right about then they wished they hadn't gotten involved in this side money venture. The zig-zagging man lasts longer than the other who's running straight through the woods. He's cut down first by one of the mercs, his sword managing to come down and leaving head separated from the body that keeps running for a few more steps before finally toppling over. The other is hit by a sword at an angle, sne while it's a killing blow, doesn't die immediately, but falls over, whailing. They're still far enough from the end of the road that hopefully, the sound of his cry doesn't carry towards the campsite.

To watch all that violence from afar may be not as grim as experiencing it up close. Lois seems to be calm enough, her blue eyes directed to the guards in the distance, the proceedings not that visible in detail, through the dim light of a moon at night. But those sounds. They make the adept flinch. Those cries. They make Lois shiver and lean against the old guard that is looking after her.

Surely the one wailing will be dispatched soon enough by the Merc, even if he has to dismount briefly to do so. The two are just barely a step up from cut-throats, Eneas would say if asked, but they are his cut-throats. Ahem. A quick search for valuables and anything that might please the one paying them later, the pair will surely come trotting back to the group as they make their way closer to the camp.
Nodding to Lois when she explains they are near, the horses are slowed, weapons drawn by Eneas. They might be alarmed, but they might be not, so it will behove (ahem) them to approach slowly, to perhaps get a glimpse of what they can see from the camp through trees and what foiliage remains. He does not dismount though. Yes, it would be quieter, surely, but for all he knows the forest has a clearing towards the cliff and he might need to be able to charge the gap when they are spotted.

Helene is clearly discomfited, but she does not flinch as much as Lois does. She merely stays positioned as she is until the two men are dead. It is then atht she starts to walk slowly forward, bow in one hand and reins in the other. She is far enough back to not engage when the men are, but close enough to heed any signals. Her voice is low as the two horses proceed, Jean Marc beside the mistress he guards. "Are you alight Lois? Do you… do you have any wuestions, or…" her voice trails off as her eyes dart forward and narrow at a perceived sound. It was nothing though, just adrenaline playing tricks with her mind, and her very present fears over the man she watches.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 6: Failure. (5 2 3 3 2 5)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 6: Good Success. (3 8 2 8 1 1)

At the end of the road lies the camp in a small clear area. A few horseblankets on the ground, a fire that's burned out. Two men guard two females. Well, one paces, cursing, as the other watches with a growing worry, especially when the man turns upon hearing something. Maybe it's a seagull. A bird. An animal in the woods. Or perhaps the dying whail of a sailor. Turning to the females, he reaches down for the priestess, grabbing her hair, "You… " A smack comes to her yet again, and he turns towards hte other redheaded girl, "Get her up, and you make sure to follow me, or I'll kill you where you stand." Turning to the other sailor, he yells at him before turning to head for the tricky trail that leads down to the beach far beneath the cliffs. He'll grab the rope that's tied to the two female's wrist, jerking them along, hissing at them to hurry.

A shake of the head is given in response to Hélène's question. No questions on Lois' part, apparently, for now. She has assumed the role of spectator rather than participant, and she is no longer a target, as she had been earlier, when she and Zoé were pursued by the sailors.

Who knows what waits down on the beach for them. That might be what Eneas was thinking as it becomes clear they are still on the top of the cliff, the two women and their two captors. Reinforcemnts. Half a ship full of akkadian co-conspirators? Not to mention the danger of the descent down that trail if they think they are followed. If they /know/ they are followed. No, it would make good sense to end it here, now.
Of course, all that deliberation would be for naught, even if it had came to another conclusion when that man draws back to strike the redheaded priestress. That calm, that tactically sound mind is just flooded with the sound of the flap of oversized wings and the rush of heat from the blood that courses in his veins.
Eneas does not even issue any command, just jams the heels of his boots in Poly's sides to launch the horse rapidly into a walk, canter and gallop for that edge.
It is too dangerous to try to run the dagger-wielder down. Too dangerous to swing a sword with the two women so close, so unpredictable what they will do when a horse comes barreling down on them too. No, he just seeks to overtake them, to place himself and the horse between them and that start of the trail, trusting the Mercs and the poor Lone Mereliot guard will get the hint and take care of the other man eventually. Only then would Eneas dismount on the far side of the horse, and then step around to approach the trio, naked steel in hand.

When Helene sees Eneas dismount, her heart skips, but she can see well enough to know there is only one man and two women. Her hand rises again to stop Jean Marc's complaining, she aims her horse around the side close as she can, and she gets down from her house as quietly as she can, not reaching for her bow, but a knife instead. Eneas is going around one way, she will take the other, not to try and help him in the fray, but to try and pull the women to safety. She is used to seaside cliffs, indeed grew up among them, and the kinds of shrubbery that grow around there and so, low to the ground, the small woman creeps her way, listening more than seeing the coming fray.

Eneas and his horse manage to get to the trail before Dagger Man and his treasures being followed by the second sailor. It causes the four to come to a stop, curising muttered by the first man who but smiles at Eneas when the noble slides off his horse and faces him. Jerking on the rope, he pulls the first of his captives forwards, Gwenaelle, who stumbles. Her face is a mask of bruises and bloodied nose and lip, one eye swelling. "You will let us leave…" He calls out in accented D'Angeline.
The second sailor grabs hold of Anette, who squeaks out in surprise, the other redhead staring at the mercs and guard who approach them. She starts to cry then, sniffling.
Helene will find it hard for the moment, to get anywhere's close safely, to the females. And for now, neither sailor notice her over the armed men that face them both.

Eneas does not even bother to answer. He is fuming, yes, and the gaze he has for the Daggerman is nothing short of promising pain and violence. In fact, he might surprise the man, for the sword of his? It goes back into the scabbard, before the whole sword-belt is loosened to be tossed away. Compliance from Eneas? Perhaps. He does not stop walking towards the two, eyes to turn towards Gwenaelle for a moment, and yet that only seems to rile Eneas up more, and when his eyes turn back to her captor his lips curve back into a snarl almost. "Two choices, you get of a goat-faced whore…", he starts, taking another step towards them. "You let them go and hope you run faster than I do. Or I will tear you limb from limb when I get to you.", he threatens.

<FS3> Eneas rolls Intimidation: Good Success. (2 3 7 3 1 5 7 2)

For her part, Helene is staying back, keeping her eyes on the two women as Eneas begins to make his show. If attention is garnered though, she is ready to slip forward and gently take a hand to try and lead the women away while Eneas does his very terrifying best to give her a heart attack.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 6: Success. (3 5 7 5 3 4)

Daggerman may pull back a little in face of Eneas' approach, watching as the sword is dropped before he continues forwards. Dark eyes narrow, and he jerks Gwenaelle closer, a shield, "No, you will let us pass or.." The dagger is lifted to the neck of the priestess, the point to poke her pale skin just enough to let a droplet of blood to well up and begin to roll down her throat, "Or she dies." One might say it's a stalemate.

The second sailor has enough sense to cut the length of rope that hung between the two women, allowing them to each control one without pulling on the other. He tries to mimic the same fearlessness, but he /is/ just a sailor and well.. he's got three against him! Gulp. Still, his own knife is shoved near Anette's side to be held there.

It is a credible threat, is it not? And it does slow the next step of Eneas, just a touch. Oh, that is already a stab to his heart, have no doubt, but Eneas has gone through this a million times in his head the last few days. And nights. And he shakes his head, stepping yet another step towards them. "No. I let her go, she dies anyway. You kill her, there is nothing left to pretect you. And I will make sure you will suffer before you finally die."

Another step. "Of course we need one to interrogate. So whoever gives up first gets to live…". Another step, still unarmed, just going directly for the dagger wielder. Yes, Gwen is in the way, but surely they will run out of space between them soon. And what will Mr. Dagger do then?

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Composure: Good Success. (2 7 3 2 8 1 5 1 5 1 6 3 8)

<FS3> Eneas rolls Perception: Success. (2 3 4 6 8 1)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Dodge: Success. (5 5 8 3)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 5: Good Success. (8 8 6 5 8)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 5: Success. (5 2 2 7 6)

Daggerman watches Eneas, still holding the knife to the priestess. Surely the distance between Eneas and he shrinks with each step the other makes. Perhaps it might surprise then, when it takes a step to one side, dragging Gwenaelle along with him. That step takes him closer to the cliff's edge, a silent smile to appear on his lips, "You let me around to the trail.. or it won't matter. I'll take us both over the edge."
Gwenaelle's eyes likely widen a little at hearing that. Okay, one eye widens, the other doesn't. Ahem. Teeth are find her bottom lip, and while the whole situation scares the ever living crap out of her, there's a composed and quiet expression on her other wise beaten face. A glance is given to her left is made, a subtle indication of what she will attempt to do that Eneas will surely catch along with the countdown of fingers starting at 3… 2… 1.
Gwenaelle tries to pull away from Daggerman, and it works. To a point. Though it means she ends up with a cut against her throat that bleeds as she throws herself to the ground in a flurry of her robes.

The other sailor clutches at Anette when things start to go crazy. Distracted by the priestess throwing herself away from Daggerman, by the time he turns forwards, two mercs are right there with the guard not far behind. He throws down his blade, hands rising, Anette to scramble past them all.

<FS3> Eneas rolls Composure: Great Success. (8 8 7 5 7)

It is Helen's turn, the careful patience paying off at last. With he two mercy on the accomplice, and Eneas engaged with the Daggerman, she darts forward to where Gwen has fallen, grabbing the woman under her arms to help her up enough t pull her aside, "Please Gwen," she whispers in the red haired woman's ear, "You can do it." With that, she heaves Gwen away as best she can, trying to lead her, and hopefully if Annette has seen, the other woman as well into the bushes, away from the ongoing fight. "Please, you do not need to see this," she murmurs again, though spoken as it is, under her breath it may not be heard. Was it spoken for the Priestess, or for herself? It could be either.

<FS3> Helene rolls Composure: Good Success. (8 6 5 4 1 2 6 8 3 6 7)

Does Eneas spot the subtle hint? The counting down of fingers? Not a a single muscle does twitch. His eyes do not even flitter down to see what she is doing. All taken in in the periphery of his vision. The sidestep of the captor and Eneas takes a step slighty to the outside, just as if giving him just enough space that he might indeed slip by, either with Gwen or by dashing past without her after pushing her towards him.
Does he notice the cut that she suffers when she throws herself? Perhaps. But plans are already in motion. His body already have launched itself forward to rush the man, one hand to grasp the handle of the dagger on his left forearm to pull it free. Oh, there will not be any lunge for the priestress, or for Helene as she is noticed to scramble to get to Gwen as well. No renewal of the threat, no. Not unless he wants to be pushed right off that cliff with a dagger right through his belly, for Eneas holds nothing back, makes sure he is the one and only thing he can think about then and there, the biggest threat.

As Helene rushes forwards, Gwenaelle's hand is seen at her throat, the blood making a mess. She's tugged out of the way, Anette coming to lend a hand once the mercs and guard have the other sailor in.. custody. None of them are going to get in the way of Eneas as he jumps the daggerman. Gwen does fight, her gaze upon Eneas, attempting to see what is going on, even while holding her hand at her neck.

Helene lets go, but only because both women are now watching the fight with rapt interest. Helene manages to tear a scrap of wool from her sleeve to offer Gwen for the mess at her throat. Her hands tense, and shoulder rise as Eneas pursues the man, the blade flashing between them. Her lips move quietly, a prayer sent up to the Companions, "Camael give him strength. Cassie's protect him. Elua bring him back…". She reaches a hand to Gwen, offering to take the one not holding pressure against wound.

<COMBAT> Gwenaelle has started the combat! Pose and pick your first action.
<COMBAT> Daggerman will attack Eneas this turn. (Gwenaelle)
<COMBAT> Everyone has entered their actions.
<COMBAT> Eneas will attack Daggerman this turn. Options: called=abdomen
<COMBAT> Everyone has entered their actions.
<COMBAT> Eneas attacks Daggerman with Dagger but Daggerman DODGES!
<COMBAT> Daggerman attacks Eneas with Dagger but Eneas DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gwenaelle has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Eneas will attack Daggerman this turn.
<COMBAT> Everyone has entered their actions.
<COMBAT> Eneas has changed stance to normal.

As Eneas makes the jump on him, Daggerman is ready for him. With the lack of his priestess shield, he's a little quicker on his feet. Not happy by any means is he when she manages to get away. Dodging to the side, he moves to avoid the merc's dagger coming for his stomach, his own swing also missing Eneas.

<COMBAT> Daggerman will attack Eneas this turn. (Gwenaelle)
<COMBAT> Everyone has entered their actions.
<COMBAT> You set daggerman's action.
<COMBAT> Everyone has posed.

Lounging he does, but the sailor is on his feet, though the Mercenary had not taken much heed in protecting himself from counterattack, apparently years of experience DO count for something, as Eneas sucks under the slash that comes form him. Drawing back, Eneas does bring his hands forwards then, in a more defensive posture, ready to threaten or parry with the long dagger of his, now that Daggerman is engaged and can't get to anyone else without exposing himself to his attack. A step to the side. Two steps the other way, he looks for an opening…

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Daggerman attacks Eneas with Dagger - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Eneas attacks Daggerman with Dagger but Daggerman DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gwenaelle has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Daggerman may not have the experience that Eneas has, but he's holding his one. Quickly does he move, dagger to score across the chest, though it would seem, no blood is drawn. Darnit! Again, he manages to dance away, steps taking him to the other side, away from the cliff for the moment.

<COMBAT> Everyone has posed.

Okay, so perhaps Eneas is still riled up and not giving as much thought to his own safety as he should. A stab at the man, the counter stap to connect, though thankfully just gets caught in his coat and the leather vest beneath. At least one can hope, as there does not seem to be any blood that colors the cloth although Eneas does huff at the impact of the knife to his body, staggering back a little. "That how you fight where you are from, pigsnout? You have to try a bit harder for us d'Angelines…", he taunts.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Daggerman attacks Eneas with Dagger - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Eneas attacks Daggerman with Dagger - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gwenaelle has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Eneas has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Eneas spends a luck point to keep fighting!
<COMBAT> Merc1 has joined the combat as a Soldier on team 2. (Gwenaelle)
<COMBAT> Merc1 will attack Daggerman this turn. (Gwenaelle)
<COMBAT> You set merc1's action.
<COMBAT> Merc1 has changed stance to outofsight. (Gwenaelle)
<COMBAT> You change merc1's stance.

<COMBAT> Everyone has posed.

They say there is nothing more dangerous than an amateur. A novice, you can quickly overcome and overwhelm. A master, while dangerous, will follow certain patterns. An amateur? Well, they will try crazy, suicidal moves on you that you do not expect. That would be Eneas' excuse anyway when his third slash goes wide, and yet the sailor's blade connects, slashing at his throat. There is blood this time. Oh, there is plenty of blood, and Eneas does stagger back, his free hand to cover the puncture bound at the base of his neck. And yet, the Mercenary does not relent. No. If anything, he presses further, incensed even more by the wound, the pain. And perhaps a touch by the embarassment of it all.

<COMBAT> Eneas has changed stance to banzai.

Oh, how Daggerman will smile then when his wide swing of his blade connects well enough to draw blood. Laughing aloud now, he doesn't seem to even notice the fact that Eneas' blade connected, but by the grace of whatever he's wearing, doesn't get hurt. He dances back towards the trail, though the angle he's taken, his focus upon Eneas, means he's stopped caring about the others.

It's for that reason that one of the mercs that has worked the longest for Eneas, grabs his sword, and starts /carefully/ making his way forwards behind Daggerman.

Gwenaelle accepts Helene's hand, though attention is upon Eneas. When the blade finds home and blood is seen, one can sense that she's already starting to pray to her Companion, nevermind her own injury.

<COMBAT> Eneas will attack Daggerman this turn.

There is a quiet gasp from Helene, whose prayers appear unanswered. Green eyes narrow as she watches the blood spurt from Eneas, her gaze following the line of scarlet that seeps out and down. Her hand tightens on Gwen's, but rather than resuming her own prayers, she seems unable anymore. Her breath is held instead, her skin paling visibly as the melee continues.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Merc1 attacks Daggerman with Broadsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Daggerman tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Eneas attacks Daggerman with Dagger - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gwenaelle has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Merc1 has changed stance to normal. (Gwenaelle)
<COMBAT> You change merc1's stance.
<COMBAT> Everyone has posed.

Well, at least Eneas served as a distraction, right? With the Merc stepping up behind him, Daggerman's attention shifts just that little, and Eneas slices, right at the face of the man, drawing blood in turn, only for him getting slashed across the back by the other Mercenary in turn. Sandwiched is the man now, between a very irrate Eneas who keeps coming at him, and a not quite as irrate mercenary who tries to make sure the man who pays him stays alive long enough to do so. And he has the reach and a sword. It is Eneas turn to grin, grimly as he goes for another swipe at the man.

<COMBAT> Daggerman will attack Merc1 this turn. (Gwenaelle)
<COMBAT> You set daggerman's action.

Daggerman's smile will fade when that hit comes from behind, staggering him forwards, and right into the path of Eneas' blade. Turning, his gaze takes in the other fighter that's decided to join the fray. With his back now more towards the cliff, he stands there, blade in hand, likely waiting this time to try and dodge whomever comes after him first, be it Eneas or the merc.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Merc1 attacks Daggerman with Broadsword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Daggerman attacks Merc1 with Dagger but Merc1 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Eneas attacks Daggerman with Dagger - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gwenaelle has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Daggerman has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Everyone has posed.

Not fair to attack him from two sides? Perhaps not, but anyone who asked Eneas would have him tell them that you don't try hard enough if you play fair in war. Or when hunting down scum like those four sailors. This is not a matter of honour, though later Eneas might lament that the man died too quickly. (yes, too quickly, despite almost slitting his throat open. Sush).
With the broadword slashing his hand open, the Daggerman spins away too late to avoid it, and right in the upward thrust of Eneas' blade, that slips right under his chin and upwards to the hilt. It is not a wound one recovers from and in fact the man just falls into Eneas arms. Well. Arm, since one is covering the wound on his neck. The whole body weight of him on one arm, suddenly, that is not something Eneas accounted for and so one step is taken to the right. Another backwards and before long first Daggerman tips over the edge of the cliff, before Eneas falls over as well, hitting just the edge before he slips that little bit and out of view as well…

The merc goes after the daggerman once more, trying his best to keep his employer alive. Another cut, and the sailor goes down. Or forwards. Or… "FUCK!" Throwing down his sword to the side, he makes a leap forwards, sliding a little as his hands reach down off the edge of the cliff.
The other merc leaps forwards as well, figuring that the Merliot guard will keep that other cowardly sailor in line well enough. He's crossing the distance to throw himself down on the ground as well, hoping against hope that he's not too late to help.

Gwenaelle cries out, or she would, her voice a little strange, as she watches Eneas go off the side of the cliff. No doubt, she's crushing Helene's hand held by hers.

Helene lets go of Gwen's hand the moment she sees the arc of Eneas' fall. She runs, flat out, as fast as she can to the edge where he has disappeared, crying out as loudly as she can, "Eneas!". Of course, the scream carries, possibly even as far as Jean Marc who would start forward at his mistress' cry. She tumbles to the ground, sliding towards the edge, the tears already threatening her eyes from his injuries in the fight, now starting to come slowly, one, then two trickles down her panic stricken face. As she reaches th edge, her voice rises in temper, "By Elua, I did not come all this way to bloody lose you now, you… Naamah's saggy tits!". Panic gives way to frustration, and one of Eneas' own favourite expletives.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Empathy: Good Success. (2 2 2 8 2 2 8 5 5 2)

Danging, is Eneas. That little bump and bounce of his behind on the edge of the cliff giving him enough time to reach out with his good hand, the right side hand to grab one of the bushes that grows there, holds on, hopes against hope and now is threatend to be dragged down by the d'Aiglemort man.
Eneas is a bit wide-eyed, no doubt, but holding on for dear life, and when first mercenary reaches him, he has been peering down at the beach below, the broken body of Daggerman smashed on the ground below. "Bastard took my best knife with him…", he croaks. The the puncture apparently likewise not having left his voice unaffected.
Peering up, he does call out when he hears Helene and Gwen's voices, but his voice is not able to shout. "I am fine. I am fine.". Of course by then the Merc should start laughing, reaching out to try to grab his wrist.

The two mercenaries are there in time, the first to grab his hand, the other to reach out and help as well. Between the two of them, they'll get Eneas back up on the ground. The topside, not way down below where Daggerman fell to his death. Hearing his grumble, one asks with a grunt, "Want one of us to go down there and fetch it for you?" There is a trail that leads down to that small beach!

For those that might be curious, there is no ship waiting below, no one on the beach. If careful, they might spy what could be a ship in the far far distance.

Helene is waiting on ground when they help him up, and immediately her arms go around Eneas for a moment if he will allow it, before letting go, if only to look at the place the blood flows from. A very short kiss is given if she is able, before she takes his hand and pulls him back, saying, "She is right over here.". With that she stops, letting Eneas step forward alone if he wishes, turning her own head aside to the Mercenary standing by instead.

Gwenaelle is left behind, trying to push herself up to stand as Helene goes running off to the edge of the cliff. Green eyes watch quietly as she holds the cloth to her neck, taking in the reunion between lady and merc. She isn't going to throw herself forwards, instead, turning to look to Anette, checking in with the other hostage, "You are okay?" The quiet whisper comes to the girl who's nodding her head, "You? Are you okay?" Worried about the blood is the young girl.

Dragged up, there might be another flow of blood from the wound, as muscles strain, and surely by now that shirt he wears is soaked crimson and wet. Once securely on the ground, Eneas grunts in pain and in thanks to the Mercs, just nodding at the question if he should go fetch it for him. "And search the bastard. I want to know who they were waiting for.". It is over in some way, yes, but that anger is still in those eyes. No, someone put them up for this and if he can he'll make them pay for all of this too, in due course.
As Helene looks at the wound, she will see it is far from superficial, but Eneas lifts his hand only for a moment. "I am fine", he croaks again. "…see. No spurting.". Just a trickle of blood now and then, apparently having missed his artery probably by a hair's breadth. The kiss, brief as it may be is accepted, before he is pulled to his feet, and Gwen is pointed out and he turns, nodding, starting to walk that way.
What a sight they make, with matching scars almost, him holding that wound closed, she with the bloody woolen dress piece, though having been maltreated worse in the hours that they were on the last leg. And yet, his steps slow a little when he comes up to her, swallowing, "Promise me on Eiseth name you won't try to heal me if I kiss you…?". He knows her too well perhaps, and yet the stare he gives her is not one of anger anymore. "Please…?".

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Composure: Great Success. (4 6 6 7 6 5 4 7 8 7 5 2 2)

Checking over Anette, even when the other girl asks about her own health, Gwenaelle turns back when she hears the footsteps getting closer. Lifting the gaze of one unswollen eye to look to him, she frowns, worry spied easily as she steps forwards towards Eneas. "No not make me make that promise." Husky, a near whisper is her voice, the cut she got, while not deep, has perhaps screwed with it. At least the temporary bandage is serving her well. "Let me see your injury, Eneas. I need to make sure you are alright first." Before even getting a kiss - it could reopen, and he would bleed to death!
Composed is the priestess, even standing there, beaten and bloodied, her gown filthy and torn. There is no way she will backdown on this, in any way.

Hearing the words Helene turns back and steps slowly over, her green eyes looking to Gwen's for a moment offering nothing but simple gratitude at the service she offers Eneas. She reaches out a hand to take Eneas' on the opposite side to the Priestess and says, "Please let her love. There will be time…". Her voice trails off softly, the adrenaline slowly seeping from her veins and the coming crash rising up to take its place. "It is your fault for choosing stubborn women," she adds, voice choking in her throat, as she tries to make light of the situation. It fails though, and in stead her shoulders start to shake, and the tears finally come, an angry flow down reddening cheeks.

The irony is perhaps lost on Eneas in that moment as he comes to a stop before her. That they are not repeating, in a way, the stalemate of just a few terrfiying moments before. Only now they are taking themselves hostage to stare down the other. "I will not let you touch me before you promise.", he declares, his chin lifting a little. Nevermind the wince, the scrunching of his nose as he does so. Yep, he is apparently adamant about that, no matter how much he wants to embrace her, how much his hand not applying pressure seems to shake and he balls it into a fist to make it stop. Even when Helene does step up to try to convince him, he shakes his head. "She will need her strength.". Yes, he is stubborn, and he turns back to Gwen. "A bandage I will accept, but none of your gifts.". Okay, so perhaps it is bargaining now. With Helene's shoulder shaking, her tears to fall? Eneas seems at his own limit, however, for he shakes his head again, and draws away a little, that half step backwards from both of them.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Composure: Success. (6 4 5 1 1 5 3 5 7 3 6 3 1)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Empathy: Failure. (5 1 5 6 3 5 6 5 4 1)
<FS3> Helene rolls Composure: Good Success. (8 5 5 8 5 8 2 5 4 3 5)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Empathy: Good Success. (8 6 5 2 5 7 5 5 1 1)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Persuasion: Success. (3 6 5 3 7)

Gwenaelle has had a long… several days.. that has ended in a rather climatic way this morning. Stubborn is she, one-eyed stare meeting his as he dares to counter her words. She is barely holding it together, and when Helene steps up to add her own plea, the priestess looks to the noble woman, something sparked in her gaze when the crying begins. But attention is drawn back to Eneas as he makes the step away from her, chin to lift slightly in turn. "Fine. But you /will/ allow me to tend you. Now." Likely no one has /ever/ heard the priestess be so firm in her own comman, though her voice continues in it's whispery softness. "Eneas, your injury from looks alone, is not one I would wait on allowing me to tend. So unless you intend on dying right here, right now, anyway…"

<FS3> Eneas rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (4 7 4 6 3 7 5 3 6 4)

Helene takes a deep breath, her head tilting back as she seeks to regain herself. Oh her eyes are red, and her cheeks pink, but when her gaze returns to them it has strength, even calm behind it once more. Her hands go to her hips and she looks to Eneas, saying simply, "I agree that, as you said, the gift comes with a cost, but the wound still needs tending, even if less celestial.". She takes another breath and turns to Gwen, trying to keep her shoulders back and voice steady, "Do you need anything? How can I help? Or not.".

Oh, the three of them are on the same abyss, but likely not able to see it. Days of stress, of projecting strength for others. Of pushing when the danger to falter was there and now some part of that intense pressure, that threat has evaporated. Or, at least, rolled off a cliff. Ahem.

The tone Gwen takes with him? Surely it would normally spark his temper, only make him more likely to resist. Especialyl when Helene jumps in on it, ganging up on him, or so it seems. Jaws clench, which ironically makes just a little more blood seep from between his fingers. Eyes close and his speaks through gritted teeth almost. "Only…enough to mend the worst. You mended the girls bones, Gwen, i know. I cannot have you…", he shakes his head again, eyes opening. "Promise me that much, at least, please?". If she overextends herself, now, how would he live with that?

When asked, Gwenaelle will say simply to Helene, "Medical kit?" Surely they have one with them. Still, she turns back to Eneas, trembling where she stands, "Mine are not as bad as yours, by far." Sure, she might look worse, but with his still oozing blood and all? There's a real worry that he might tear something, and really start bleeding. "Let me tend you, Eneas." The words are said again, quietly, firmly. And then she cracks just a little, "Do it or by Elua and his Companions, I'll have your men hold you down!" Oh, sure, she's going to drag them into it! Surely anyone who's had to deal with a healer from the temple, tend to jump while asking how high when one of them shouts like that! Or maybe they would, if she actually got the volume up to a shout.

Helene simply nods, and goes to where Jean Marc is making his way down with Lois. Words are exchanged softly, and a few nods. There is no doubt the older man scowls as he looks to where Aeneas and Gwen stand as Helene rummages the packs. She returns within minutes though, a small healing kit in hand. "Here," she says softly as she offers the small pack to Gwen. "Eneas cut his packs off miles ago, but I still had mine.". She sighs as she watches the work being done, not shying from the sight of the wound, but holding herself together, albeit barely.
There is an expression though that she reserves for Eneas, one he is likely too familiar with from Helene at least, if not both of them. She is resolved, and her eyebrows rise slightly threateningly should he try and back away from the mending.

There is the flare of anger. Is his request unreasonable, that she takes care of herself after all this? Hardly. Is he deserving such abuse, by both of them, for trying to protect them? Certainly not. He is in the right, and they are not. Or perhaps that's the bloodloss talking.
Licking dry lips, Eneas shakes his head at them both. "Sometimes…I hate you both, you know that…?". Perhaps it was meant as an attempt to make light, but it does sound tired and just a touch defeated this time. No, it is not the way he was expecting, hoping, for that first reunion with the priestress to go. He just bends a knee then, to lower himself onto the ground, to plop himself into the mud or grass or whatever it is they are standing on on the cliff-top. "Fine!". Experrated is he. Tired and Hurting.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Medicine: Great Success. (4 3 5 3 7 3 7 6 7 6 7 2 2 4 8)

You sense: Helene looks at Gwen with an expression of exasperation. Out of all the men, they had to choose this one? She rolls her eyes slightly at Eneas.

Gwenaelle has reached the point where there are some things she just doesn't care about. Or rather, she cares quite a bit, and won't be stopped in doing what needs to be done. When the kit is handed to her, she nods her head only slightly, opening it to see what's inside. Water is requested as well, and whenever a cantine is handed over, she takes a moment to wash her hands as best she can. With Eneas already laying down on the ground, she kneels down at his side, movements slow and lacking in her usual grace. "Let me see it." The words are given quietly to Eneas after she preps the items from the kit, laying out what she figures she will need. While her face may not look so hot, her hands do not tremble now.
When he removes his hand, she will go about working on the wound, from examining and cleaning it to putting in some stitches, and then bandaging it with the stuff from the kit. "If you feel heat in the wound at any time, you let me know. Immediately, Eneas." She's done as he asked, did not make a prayer to Eisheth, but used her knowledge of medicine to tend his wound.

Helene kneels down beside Eneas, glance given to Gwenaelle one of mutual exasperation. Perhaps she is still just concerned, or perhaps she is staying there to ensure he does not try to make a run for it before being treated. Nonetheless, the amused frustration is enough to settle her own turning emotions. She is no longer crying, quite the opposite, she is laughing softly at the absurdity of it all. A gentle smile is given Eneas, and a brush of her hand to his. All is forgiven, even that which never needed to be, at least on her part. As Gwen works, Helene tells her, "With four more in our party we do not have enough horses. We can either take the long road on foot, which is likely five days or more depending on weather, or if we can make it to the next port by tonight, I should have a ship waiting. I know you suffer seasickness, but then it would only be one day home. It is your choice Sister." She does not state her own preferences, or Eneas', though from the long ride to find the women, she knows them.

Oh, not lying down! He is not stupid enough to lie in the mud with an open wound. Ahem. But he is sitting and when she requests, he does lift that hand. Yes, it was a close call. A bit higher, and there would have been a spurting wound that would likely ended him long before any fall from the cliff could have. A bit more to the center, and he would have his lungs fill with his own blood. So it was serious, but just enough to not kill him outright. Yet.

When she starts working, Eneas does turn to look at her, at the swollen shut eye, and he does lift a hand, not to touch it, but any skin that is not bruised or battered. Only briefly, perhaps just to make sure she is there, and not the delusions of a mind that is bleeding out somewhere on that cliff-top. It must feel surreal to him, especially when Helene starts to laugh beside him, blue eyes to study her as well. or perhaps that is just shock setting in finally. Ahem.
When she finally finishes, gives instructions, he nods his head, mutely. It is not that he has asked for anything else, but the promise of exactly that. She could have had that with a simple nod of her head. Ahem.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Composure-1: Good Success. (3 6 2 8 7 6 5 2 6 1 4 1)

There might be a slight wince given when fingers brush her face, her expression to say plainly - let me do my work, already! Focused is she on doing just that. By the time she draws back, she's turning to wash up her hands after speaking of heat in the wound. More water is poured over her hands to clean them up before she dries them off on.. the front of her robe's skirts. It'll do for now.
When the options of how to get home are made, Gwenaelle motions towards the horses hobbled near the trees, and the wagon that sits nearby, "Horses and wagon.." Oddly, however, she weighs the choices again, "Ship then." That said as she glances back to Eneas, likely /his/ wound making her choose the way that will have her hanging off the rails.

Helene nods, "I will see that you and the girls have the captain's and first officers quarters. The rest of us can bunk down with the crew. At least you will have some privacy there." Her tone is matter of fact. She looks between Gwen and Eneas, and her expression softens before she says gently, "I am intruding. I am… I am sorry. I will go and see to the arrangements. We sent Zoe back to an in. an hour's ride behind, but she can catch us up easily enough. I'll…". She lets go at last and rises, one last look of concern muddled in with something deeper and stronger still upon her face. She falters, her hands moving to her hip, and lips parting to speak once more before she stops, and turns to return to Jean Marc and the others.

That's when Eneas finally breaks his silence, and he shakes his head, turning away from both women, to the cliff face, to the bay that lies beyond. "We're staying until nightfall.", he declares, quietly, tiredly, but it is his turn to seem to brook no discussion about that. "You can ride back to the Inn, but…I want to know what ship that is.". As for intruding? Eneas cannot help but to snort a little. "Intruding what? Apparently yelling at me was more imortant than anything else…",he comments to HElene. Yes, he is childish, and he is perhaps even pouty, but he does not seem to care.

Gwenaelle pushes up to her feet, rising slowly. Obviously, it wasn't just her face that got a few hits in. "And do what, Eneas? You killed the one who knew how to contact the ship when it got close. Without the signal from up here, it won't even get close. And.." She gestures to the one man still held by the Merliot guard, "That won't won't be able to tell you much else. They didn't know I understood them when they were speaking." She starts to bend over to pick up the kit, and she winces, hand moving to her right side and a deep breath taken before being released. It's then that Anette steps forwards, moving to pick up the items left on the ground by the priestess to pack them away, "I got it."
With a glance between the pouty merc and the lady trying to get away, there comes a hint of a smile to her lips, "It is I who intrudes.. I think I would like to go to the inn, thank you." Turning on her foot, she heads towards the hobbled horses. She might not be able to take a ship, but she can at least ride a horse!

"I agree with Gwen, but I was thinking to send the guard back, not myself," "Helene answers, his voice stopping her dead in her tracks. When he turns pouty? She simply looks to the sky and says, plain for everyone to hear, "Of all the bloody men in Terre d'Ange, Elua had to send me /you/!". She takes a steadying breath and turns back, "No Gwen you are hardly intruding. I tried to give you space. It was meant kindly." The expression given Gwen is much gentler than the one for Eneas, nothing but kindness for the Priestess offered.
"Yes, trying to get you treated sufficiently to not bleed out was more important, and I was not the only one who thought so. Now, if you are done, we should all go to the inn to eat, and then set out for the ship. We can be home tomorrow.". With that she turns her steps again, to join Gwen this time, likely the only other one as accustomed to this side of Eneas as she is.

Eneas just peers from one to the other. Then blinks at Helene as she apparently thought it was /she/ yelling at him that he was complaining about, instead of Gwen's. For a moment he just stares at them both, before he shrugs his shoulder. Which of course he instantly regrets for that moves that bandage and the part that has still very much been stabbed and draws a hiss from him.
A deeper breath. Two. Perhaps to control the pain, perhaps to keep the temper in check that is threatening to rise in response to it, both the phsical and the emotional. "Please make sure /she/ gets someone to look at her and her wounds, then?". If they return to the Inn, that is. Apparently he has heard their concern and doesn't give a damn. Slowly moving to his own feet, he instead turns back to the cliff face for a moement. "Perhaps they will stay away. Perhaps we will light a fire so they know someone is there. The four bastards were too greedy for their own good, perhaps the ship captain has the same flaw.", he states. "Might need a spyglass.".
Only then does he turn to peer back at them, since he cannot easily turn his head without it causing pain to merely look over his shoulder. "You two go ahead.". And with that he seeks to step off towards the edge he almost tumbled over, to see how well the mercs are doing down there with the man that tumbled over the edge.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Composure: Failure. (3 6 6 4 4 2 5 2 1 5 3 4 1)

Gwenaelle continues for one of the horses that was used for the wagon that brought her to this cliff wrapped in a rug. For four days almost, she lived in a freaking rug. Upside? It kept her somewhat dry and warm! That would be the only upside. She has done all she could to see that Zoe, Anette and Lois could get away and survive. When she really didn't have hope of getting away and being saved, Eneas and company arrived. Of course, she had to watch him get hurt, and fall over a cliff, things that nearly made her heart stop.
This fighting? This fussing back and forth? She can't do it any longer. Hearing Helene follow her, she turns to the woman, "Keep him from hurting himself, will you? Stay here, since he won't listen to me." And with that, Gwenaelle will reach for the reins of the horse she untied, and surprisingly, pulls herself up on the back and with a click of her tongue, sets off upon the road, taking /herself/ back to the inn.

<FS3> Helene rolls Composure: Good Success. (8 4 1 4 3 6 3 2 3 7 2)

"Please, take Jean Marc and Lois with you," Helene tells Gwen simply, her head nodding. "I will… I will see what I can do and try to meet you at the port. If we are not there by morning, show them this, and the sailors will take you home.". Helene passes Gwen her signet ring. She goes to her own horse to remove a spy glass and returns to Eneas, passing it to him. "A spyglass, Commander.". With that she starts to work her way towards the mercenaries herself, leaving Eneas behind.

Blessed silence, or close to it. The cold wind from the sear blowing over the cliff face, the figures of the two mercenaries looting and searching the body down below. Just a moment or two, surely, is all what Eneas would need to find his equilibrium again. To deal with the precieved rejection after all this, but it is not what he gets. No, what he gets is a priestress riding off on her own. A snarky delivery of a spyglass and the urge to kill something, anything, again.
He does accept the spyglass however, before he watches Helene goe ahead to brave the treacherous path down.
Frustrations upon frustrations, and it does end up bubbling up eventually into a frustrated string of curses before he turns, stomps off towards Polynieces. "Catch…!", he growls, tossing him that spyglass with his good hand. Why? because he will need it to pull himself into the saddle without risking to tear that stitch more than he already does by straining. And then he does spur the poor tired warhorse after the trotting Gwenaelle. It might not be quite a dead-set gallopping, but he seeks to reach her before she just rides off. "Four days I am chasing after you now, you stubborn, innsufferable…", he trails off into a growl.

The signet is taken by the priestess, the words given by Helene nodded towards. Directions will be followed. Gwenaelle isn't galloping, nope. She's only just reached JM and Lois, the adept getting a nod from the rather tired priestess. Only the pair of them likely will see the silent tears that are running down her face at that point as she leads the horse pass the two still on their horse. Anette stands by, likely a little confused by what all is going on, waiting for someone to give her a ride since she doesn't know how to ride one by herself. Maybe she'll get lucky and they'll bring the wagon back and she'll get to enjoy the ride in the back?
When Gwenaelle hears Eneas behind her, she tries to straighten her seat upon the horse from where shoulders had slumped, a hand lifts to dash at her face, no doubt wincing as she does so. Still, there are no words given to him, the priestess to continue on her way, not looking back at him.

Down below, they won't find much upon the man besides his knife, Eneas', and a signet ring he wears on one little finger.

Helene sighs as she inspects the body, and tells the others, even as she pockets the knife and ring, "If there is no one up there, we should make for the inn. That ship isn't coming to land, and this ring should tell us as much as it would.". She turns and starts climbing once more.

And can one of you carry me? we are a horse short still, and I told Jean Marc to put one of the women on mine if needbe."

If she does not stop, Eneas will just cut her off, or try to at least, to bring Poly up beside the other horse, slowing as he does so, to try to veer them both to the side and into a stop, reaching — with a wince — with is left hand to try to grasp the reigns as they hang near the other horse's head. He is upset, yes, and he never was good at hiding it. Unlike the priestress or the Verreuil. Another breath taken. "What is it you want me to do, Gwen?", he wonders, before glancing back at the cliff. "Whoever they are, they might try again. Perhaps not for you, but I don't even know that. This I can deal with. Try to not lose a trail we barely could pick up and thank Elua and all the companions that we found you, but…", he trails off again, jaws to clench, eyes to close a moment. "…but I cannot do anything about you, now. I cannot treat your wonds. I cannot even touch you, apparently and…", he stops himself, wincing once more as he tried to shake his head again.

Gwenaelle is stopped, for she makes no attempt to run away or turn her poor horse from being caught. Riding astride the beast with no saddle, she is clinging to the horse's back with her knees. Listening to him speak, hearing his words, she but shakes her head, her answer too soft to be picked up by anyone else but he. Not even JM or Lois could hear it upon their horse behind her.

Gwenaelle whispers, "But you could touch her. Your relationship with her has become far more than just friendship.. you not only brought her on a dangerous mission, but… " She shakes her head then laughing a little then." to Eneas.

Eneas takes a deep breath at those whispered words, eyes to close once more, before he lets go of the reigns, so he can steer Poly around, to come up in the opposite direction, so eh can lean in, just enough to offer soft words back at her, try to catch that one unswollen eye of her. There is frustration in his gaze, his expression, but perhaps just a touch of anguish.
Eneas whispers: Yes, I took her along because I needed her ships, in case. And if not for her and Jean Marc, we would never have picked up on your trail. Not in time anyway. Yes, love, I grew fond of her and she of me. But…but I came after /you/.

Remaining where she sits on the back of the horse, Gwenaelle doesn't move even as he circles his horse into position so that words can continue between them. If anyone had anything to say about the priestess, that from the back, she looks tired.

Gwenaelle whispers, "What do you want me to say, Eneas? Thank you for coming after me. I hoped you would, it's why I tried leaving clues for you. I tried to keep the other girls safe so they could get away if given a chance. But what am I to say when faced with just how close you have gotten to her? That your first words to me is to take me to task about trying to heal you if you touched me. " The tears are falling quicker now, "Not quite the same reunion.. so what am I to do or say? Tell me, Eneas… what do you want of me?"" to Eneas.

One of the mercs would likely drag the body to the rocks, where at some point, the tide would catch it and pull it out to sea.

Helene returns, calling out, "I have a signet ring!". She sighs as she sees them further away.

<FS3> Eneas rolls Perception: Success. (5 7 4 4 5 4)

Eneas does reach out then, for her hand, if she lets him, or rather settles that hand of his next to hers, palm up, resting against the back of the saddle, pommel. So what if he grimaces again, the leaning not doing wonders for that neck-wound. Yep, this will be a pain for Eneas in more than one way. "Because I knew you already used your gift on the girl…", he defends himself, though perhaps only know realizing, in retrospective how that might have looked for the priestress. A sigh from the mercenary, before he lowers his voice again.

Eneas whispers: I want you to say that we will talk this through. When you had your wounds taken a look at. When the Lois and Zoe and Annabelle are safe. I would like it if you said you believed me if I said that things have not changed between me and you, but…I know that is asking much right now. I was worried. I am tired. I thought a hundred times I lost you the last few days. And a hundred times had hope, only to have it dashed again. I. Can you not close your heart to me, until we can figure things out?

When he winces, Gwenaelle shakes her head to him, "Don't do that or you'll tear the stitches." Her voice rings out, at least to JM and Lois. It's still soft and scratchy otherwise. Frowning, she tilts her head slightly, "Do you think I do not know my limits? I healed a simple break. Four days or so ago." With that pointed out to him, she listens to him when he leans in to speak to her, eventually giving a single nod.

Helene approaches the, from below, herself on foot now as the horses are taken. "I am sorry to interrupt, but we should make for the inn, and then I want a word with you Eneas," she tells them, the stress on the latter not anger, but importance. "that ship will not come to port here. Believe me. If no signal is given it will turn back to sea. I have the man's ring though. It will lead us to those responsible.". She then pulls the knife from her coat, her voice growing tender as she passes it to Eneas, "This is yours. I will ride with one of your mercenaries Eneas."

Gwenaelle whispers, "I could never close my heart to you, Eneas. But from where I sit, you found someone else to ease your worries and pain with. I saw it in the way she ran to you, heard it in her voice. " There is a sigh from she, one good eye closing as she whispers, "I prayed to Eisheth and every Companion that you would come. That someone would rescue us… so many promises whispered to them.. promises that I would see them released and still do what they wanted of me, go wherever they wished.. " Words quiet as Helene approaches, tugging on the reins so she might turn away from the other woman and not let her see the hurt and tears on her face." to Eneas.

Eneas whispers: I do not know their will. Or what the future holds, Gwen. Just. Let's us get through this and we'll figure it out.

Eneas seems to relax a little at the nod, though it only last for a moment, worry to creep into his features. Though when Helene approaches, she might hear the last words of the quiet conversation shares betwen him and the priestress, "…figure it out.". Glancing at Helene then, he does accept the dagger, sliding it back into the sheath at his wrist, before he lifts a hand to press against his temple. "Right. Right. Fine. Then let me get some order in this mess and we can ride to the Inn, all together…?".

Gwenaelle but nods, and once Helene approaches, turns her horse away from her, nudging it to start walking once time to do so. It's an hour back to the inn where their arrival will likely cause some excitement, especially when news of what happened circulates. Gwenaelle will take a room with one of the girls, or alone, whichever she can get, calling for a bath and something to change into if able. Likely do the same for all the girls.

Helene for her part gives them space, though when at the inn she does seek Eneas out for quiet conversation apart.

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