(1310-12-24) Searching the City
Summary: Marco and City Watch search the City of Marsilikos, seeking out information about the missing adept and priestess.
RL Date: 16-01-2019
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City of Marsilikos

Due to times not matching up well, Gwenaelle did a very quick and dirty session of rolls and short answers of what was found by Marco over the course of 5 days of searching in the city. Gal joined in as well to cover what was going on before the return of Gwen, Lois, Eneas and Helene on the 29th.

<FS3> Marco rolls Investigation: Great Success. (4 7 2 8 2 4 3 6 2 8 8 6)

Marco manages to find the place that Helene told him where the girls had been held. No one has been back that he can immediately tell. There's a few old pallettes of hay covered by horse blankets left behind. When he talks to people in the area, he'll come across the same woman that Helene spoke to that described hearing some yelling one night, and how the night before or so, she'd seen the guys loading up rolled rugs into the wagon. He also runs across another person who can describe at least two men that were seen there a time or two - dark haired, dark skin, foreigners. Not Tsingano. One has a scar on his face, down his left cheek."

<FS3> Marco rolls Investigation: Good Success. (3 5 8 4 5 1 4 8 6 8 5 1)

Marco has his description of two men and so taking that he goes. Moving through the various groups of the city. The key who might talk. He starts with guards, from there he goes to a few inns catering to foreigners. He asks discrete questions carefully watching for people who might be listening and sending out feelers to different communities in the city.

The next day, December 25th, Marco rides out into the city once more to chase information. The day is long, but he manages to pick up a few more clues. In talking to a barkeep, the description that is passed along of the man with the cut on his cheek, has the man nodding his head, "I think I seen him in here with at least four or five others. They all foreign. Think perhaps from Khebbel-im-Akkad? I only saw him in here recently though. Not the others." Beyond that bit of information, he doesn't find much more on that day, the sun setting soon enough.

<FS3> Marco rolls Investigation: Good Success. (6 7 3 6 4 2 8 6 3 4 3 3)

Marco continues to work the streets making his inquiries. He's careful not spending too much time in any one place and moving around the city at seeming in random. He seems to be trying to track down the scarred man. He seems to be focusing on hearing if anyone has seen the two since the wagon left.

With the harbor under lock, only barely starting to open, people are getting antsy. Angry. Especially with foreigners. So the next day, the 26th, he's going to start picking up on many things. But he's able to weed through the various bits to find the grain of truth: there's possibly another of those abandoned rooms that some foreigners have been squatting in. It's in a worse part of town than the one that Helene discovered.

<FS3> Marco rolls Investigation+5: Great Success. (1 2 7 4 1 3 1 1 6 5 1 7 2 5 3 7 8)

Marco has leads and he picks into them. Marco doesn't go entirely on his own taking a few Mereliot guards into the seedier area. It's more containment than it is busting down doors. Marco is looking for information but prepared for trouble as they go in to investigate the additional room trying to find the remaining compatriots. Marco is dressed down to blend but look like some sort of mercenary & agent.

On this day, the 27th, Marco will hit on some better success. The tip he found out the day before, leads him to that place where the foreigners have been squatting. When he arrives, no one is there, and looks like they haven't been for at least several days. Once some ducats pass palms of a few people in the area, he'll learn that there are some foreigners staying there from time to time, but they hadn't been there in at least five days. But, it is not uncommon for them to be gone at times like that. When asked about the man with the scar on his cheek, it is said that he is one that stays there, yeah.

Marco spends some time carefully inspecting and checking out the place. Eventually he takes the time to consult with his guards. He has them send for some additional people to rotate through. Another room overlooking the squat is selected so they can monitor the different ways to approach the room. Marco is a patient type and he's content to set a trap lacking additional leads he steps up a rotation and shift for his guards to monitor the area for the next few days.

His careful inspection of the room will reveal a small piece of parchment, torn, with a bit of wax on it that has the impression of a seal of some sort. Doesn't look D'Angeline at all, as there seems to be a design that could be a word in another language. Maybe. Other than that, the place is a tad cleaner than the other.

A sailor and his family will agree to allowing Marco into their house for a bit of extra coin, as it is the perfect view point across the street to the empty room. It will be cramped, as they but have a single room as well, with three kids. But the coin will help them out, and likely give them a little extra to afford some good foods from the market.

<FS3> Marco rolls Investigation: Great Success. (4 7 1 7 2 4 3 5 4 8 8 4)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 8: Good Success. (3 2 3 7 3 1 4 7)

Marco takes his time to study the seal. He draws it down so he can reference it and look it up later. He also copies down the words as well he can mimic. He contently pays for the needed room and begins his stakeout waiting to try and catch the man in question.

It's sometime after noon on the next day, the 28th, that Marco will see a man approach the empty room across the street. With a brief look around, he will push the door open, and step inside, closing the door firmly behind him. He was dark of hair, slight build, with a bag slung over his shoulder. He dressed like many who like in that area of Marsilikos - a commoner, nothing special.

Marco waits for the man to be in he leaves one guard outside to monitor and takes the other two guards with him to enter the room and attempt to capture the man. They moves quickly and quietly. Marco has a blade but he moves after the guards clearly trusting them to leave the work. He doesn't seem worried about damaging the place since… well he can afford it.

<FS3> Marco rolls Stealth: Good Success. (7 6 5 7)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 4: Success. (6 7 4 1)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 7: Good Success. (2 6 7 4 8 7 4)
FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 4: Failure. (6 6 4 2)

As they approach the door, one guard getsin front. He counts down, and when ready, he quickly opens the door, allowing the other guard to rush into the room. It is a complete surprise to the man inside. Before he can get to his weapon, the guard hits him over the head, knocking him out.

Marco follows with his blade out but clearly trusting the guards to do their work. He stays back looking intent, "Secure and search him. Weapons first and any " He focuses on searching the rest of the room and the bag the man was carrying. He grunts as he considers the face, "We'll have to question him about where the other one is." He mutters. The group have just captured a man in some divey area.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 2: Good Success. (8 7)

Gal gets in a knee at the man's back, angling him to grab at his arm and pull it back behind him to join the other on the floor— from whish position it's just a few whipped twists and a draw of a loop through the makeshift hempen cuffs, and Gal has a nice handle by which he can manipulate the man back onto his back to search him.

<FS3> Gal rolls Perception: Success. (3 7 2 5 4 5 2)

Searching the man himself, is easy, now that he's been trussed up. There's a few ducats in a small pouch on his belt, along with some foreign coins, as might be expected by a sailor. It is in the man's pack, that the true treasure is found: a letter that bares a piece of wax seal on it. The letter itself, is nothing but strange writing.

Marco watches Gal set to the work. He nods quietly and he watches. He waits for the document. He considers the parch. He smiles, "Interesitng well this should be something to find a translator first. Make sure you don't mar the seal."

<FS3> Marco rolls Perception: Good Success. (2 7 8 1 6 2 2 4 5 2 8)

Gal is very careful to set the man's coin aside in full sight of… well, everyone present. It might be stolen, after all, or need to go to reparations for those harmed, and, little though it might be, Gal knows well enough not to even leave a question that he might pocket it. The letter— that he'll bring to Marco, not being totally ginger-fingered with it, but not manhandling it, either. "Oh— OK," he take the warning seriously, turning it around and making sure he's not touching it by the seal. "We can get a translator summoned to the citadel."

When Gal turns it about before handing it over, Marco might notice something… that bit of a seal he found earlier? When placed against the letter…. matches it… and completes the seal pressed into the wax. Still, foreign appearing.

Marco takes some additional paper to protect the seal, "Will need a translator and I'll reach out ot the chief of protocol to see whose seal it might be." He says studying it to memorize it. He doesn't seem concerned about the coins. Rather it's the rest of it. He glances to Gal, "Get him up then, you up for questioning him?" He asks of the other man grimly, "He's not the one I'm hoping to catch." He says with clear irritation.

Gal returns to the downed fellow and crouches down next to him, sliding his forearm through the loop he'd made in the rope and using it and the leverage of his thighs and back to heave the guy up into a seated position again. Then, taking a knee behind him, he gives him a few light slaps at the cheek to see if he'll wake up.

Gal says, "Hey— you with us? Wake up."

It will take a few minutes, a slap or five, before the guy starts to rouse. When his mind regains consciousness, he stiffens, barking out several words as he starts to struggle against the restraints. Eventually, he switches to accented D'Angeline, "What do you want? Why do you attack??"

"You're a person of interest in a series of kidnappings," Gal informs the man he holds in front of him— firmly but not roughly holding him from a position of power behind, with the rope leveraged agaisnt his arms to stop him from being able to struggle too much— or to weaken his efforts to be easily contained. "We need to ask you some questions." Which, those questions would be…? MArco, your cue.

Marco stays back letting the others be forefront. When it's time for questions he offers grimly, "Who are you, where are you from, and who sent you." He doesn't rely on intimidating the man so much as expecting to catch him in a lie. "You can answer my questions and it will reflect well upon you. If you do not there will be others." He holds the paper looking expectantly and dispassionately.

<FS3> Marco rolls Persuasion: Success. (4 8 6 4)

The man will struggle against Gal, frowning at him as he holds him down. When Marco begins to speak up, he looks at him, "What is this kidnapping?" He stumbles over that word, looking between the two men, "I work on big boat. I stay here sometimes when here. No waste money at inn?" He tries to pass it off, though he turns back to Marco, then looks at the paper in his hand. "Letter for friend. I hold. Not mine."

Marco doesn't answer the question, "Name the boat. Who is your friend?" He asks and then he asks, "What do you know of the Scarred man? When are you supposed to see him next." He asks.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 6: Success. (4 5 3 7 5 4)

The man continues to shake his head, to say he does not understand what they are discussing. He seems fairly believeable. Fairly. He won't be talking, at least not yet.

"We can take him to the citadel and wait for the translator," Gal suggests, "It might be easier for him to talk to someone who speaks his own language." The recommendation is spoken with a remarkabe gentleness of spirit, for someone who is holding the guy's arms by a rope behind him.

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