(1310-12-22) Moved and Traveling
Summary: Gwenaelle, Lois and the two girls, are packed up and moved out of the city. Their days are somewhat hazy.
RL Date: 10-13/01/2019
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Somewhere in Marsilikos (?)

With the quietness of the men settling to cards, and the other girls merely talking softly between themselves, Gwenaelle does fall asleep. The healing that she did, is part of it. As the afternoon turns towards early evening, there comes once more to the door, that patterned knock that alerts the two men inside, that it is friend instead of foe outside. It isn't enough to even rouse Gwenaelle from her sleep, at least, not at first.

Coming inside is the man that left, and another, and between the two of them, a couple of rugs. The four men begin to speak together in low tones, but the accent eventually wakes the priestess enough that she listens. And then listens more. Aside, to Lois, she whispers, "We are being taken out of the city.. to meet up with a ship." Seems the priestess speaks Akkadian.

<FS3> Lois rolls Composure: Good Success. (1 7 1 4 7 4 4)
<FS3> Lois rolls Perception: Good Success. (3 3 8 3 6 6 8 6 8 5)

Apparently, the slumber of Lois nó Coquelicot was a light one. Eyelids flutter when the young adept wakes in the moment another knock to the door alerts them to the arrival of yet another of those foreigners. Lois keeps perfectly still though, not moving a fraction — apart from a light almost coincidental 'click-click' of pebbles shifting in her hand. When she hears Gwenaelle whisper to her, the adept's eyes widen in alarm. "Out? Of Marsilikos?", Lois whispers back. It is evident, even if she tries to handle this situation as matter-of-factly as possible, that she is scared. She must be. Turning her head just so that her gaze can reach the Priestess beside her, Lois mouths the question more than she speaks it. "What can we do?"

Gwenaelle frowns further as she hears their plan of wrapping the girls up in the rugs to sneak them out. "I… don't know. I do not think it will be possible for us to get away right now." Even numbers, but the men have nothing to lose while the girls have everything, including their lives. Before she might say more, the men turn towards the females.

The man with the dagger is quick to grin at them, "We're going to change scenery a little. But to do that, you are each going to be wrapped in a rug. If you fight or make a sound, it will be the last thing you do. Understood?"

Loïs sits up, when the man addresses them. With a soft clutter, she slips the two pebbles back into the pouch to the others, keeping her gaze downcast, as if avoiding their gaze might keep her from any harm. A hasty nod, to his final question, to assure them that she is playing along, because, what else can she do, really? "Where are you taking us…?", she asks after a moment, lifting her blue eyes to look from one man to the next, her face a mask she keeps devoid of any signs of panic.

The men proceed to lay out one rug, pointing to Anette to lay down so they might roll her up. They make quick work of it, and while it might be uncomfortable in some ways, they don't roll them so tight as to kill the girls either. They leave her to the side, and move on to doing Zoe, one man making sure her arm isn't hurt worse during this. He seems the sort to care for the girls more than the guy with the dagger.

When Lois raises the question, it is the mean one that answers, "Don't worry about that, little flower. Just do as you're told. Any of you give us trouble, I'll stab you through the rug." Intimidation at it's finest.

With Anette and Zoe rolled up, it's Lois' turn, then Gwenaelle's, and only then will they be subjected to being picked up and carried outside, and put into the back of a wagon. What they won't really see, is that two sit up front, the other two to walk along the side of the wagon, one to each side, after covering the rugs up with an oiled canvas tarp. With a click sound, the wagon lurches forwards, making it's way through the city towards one of the 'eastern' gates.

Loïs blinks at that rather harsh threat. But there is no objection nor refusal, nor any attempt at escaping her fate. Red hair frames her face, looking slightly tousled, but she lays dpwn on the rug, her arms wrapping about herself, the flat of her palm keeping that pouch pressed against her stomach, as she is rolled into the rug. "Elua help us." The plea comes out in a slightly high-pitched murmur, most of it muffled by the rug, when Lois feels herself being lifted and carried outside, and then placed onto a waggon. Silent prayers follow, when the wagon starts rolling on the street, headed towards one of the city gates, but Lois only feels the rocking, caused by the soft rumple of wheels on the cobble stone.

At the gate, the guards will check the wagon, but see nothing but the few rugs, laid on top of others. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Rumors are only really starting to hit about the missing Adept at this point, and not till hours later, anything about the missing priestess. After the stop at the gate, the wagon continues for another half hour or so before the feel of it changes as it pulls off the road. It has started raining, the pitter-patter of it on the oiled tarp perhaps picked up by the four girls in their rug wrappings. Perhaps it's good that they are wrapped, for they will keep drier and warmer as the night's temps begin to fall with the coming sunset.

After the break where the two walking catch up to the wagon to journey with them, they start again, though it is slow moving with a lantern guiding them along the road. A few hours later, and they once more leave the road, taking shelter under a corpse of trees for daybreak.

While the wagon is moving, Gwenaelle tries to whisper to them, to keep calm, though they may well not hear her through the rugs.

Loïs is caught in the small world within the rug, wrapped there as if she were a butterfly waiting to slip out of her cocoon for the very first time. It is that notion, that keeps the adept from despairing, as she seeks refuge in that image, of beautiful greens and forests passing them as the wagon rolls onwards, and of that comforting and uplifting imagination of something good and positive about to see the light of the world.

It will be hard to tell what time it is, or how long they have been on the road. Sometimes it's daylight, sometimes it's night, when they might be released from their rug cocoons to be given food, drink, and a chance to use the bathroom behind a small bush with one man, always on guard. The men seem to sleep in shifts in the back, though they continue to make extremely poor time on the road because of the winter rains and mud that they have gotten stuck in a few times.

After one where they even unload Gwenaelle and Lois to help push, the priestess whispers to her as they strain against the back of the wagon, "They know who I am.. what I can do. They only know of you as an Adept of a salon, someone highly trained to please a man. The other two are just girls from the street with no family they hope that you can teach on the ship to please the one we're being taken to." As they push the wagon free finally, the man calls out for them to be hidden in the wagon.

The next time they are released to be taken care of, Gwen will continue to talk to Lois, giving the other two girls only a little information as to not worry them too much. "A boat is supposed to be meeting them another few towns east. They'll be stopping in a town to get some supplies." She will draw Lois' attention to one of her robe's sleeves that has had a section torn off, "Been trying to kick pieces out sometimes.." An attempt to leave breadcrumbs.

One thing the adept has understood is to be attentive to her surroundings, as she outwardly obeys and helps where the men command her to. The fact that the priestess is with her, may be reassuring, and yet, the words Gwenaelle addresses to her make Lois shoot her a slightly bewildered glance. "I am an adept of a salon, Sister Gwenaelle. What else would there be to know?", she wonders, keeping her voice to a low volume. As unused as her hands are to see to hard work, Lois tries her best to help in freeing the cart's wheels from the muddy grasp of the road, and with a sigh of relief she lets herself be hidden away in the waggon once more. Her own dress, fine as it had been, is meanwhile torn and tattered, stained from the mud. But this leaves the adept strangely unaffected, that fine smile returning, whenever her fingers find the pebbles to play with. "I wish I could leave something as well…", she murmurs back to Gwenaelle. Thoughtful blue eyes glance towards the pebbles, and she shakes her head. But then she reaches down to her skirts to rip a thin strap of fabric free, all furtively, when no one is looking, and then to leave it at the back of a bush, hidden by leaves but obvious to those with attentive eyes.

"If you do, don't be too obvious about it." Gwenaelle says quietly, knowing she's already taking a risk herself. Still tired, when she lays down, she sleeps hard, passing out quietly and quickly and not waking till the men make her get up again.

It's been four days, maybe five, of this kind of travel. The rain has come and gone, but the last evening, it actually stayed clear enough that it wasn't too bad for the group who is tired of this already. The men's voices hold tones that suggest they argue about this or that, but seem united in getting their stolen cargo to the ship on time.

This evening, the wagon turns from the main room after stopping in another small village for food. Whatever road they travel on isn't as kept up as the main road. After another hour of travel, they stop. What might be muffled by the rugs will become obvious when they are removed from their cocoon - they are near the ocean, waves heard crashing nearby, though … downwards… as if they are above the beach, perhaps camped on a cliff. Tonight, they are given more food and drink, and when they are allowed to sleep, a rope is tied to each of them so they can't run off. The men will take shifts, two sleeping, two awake.

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Reaction-1: Failure. (5 6 3)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Reaction-1: Success. (5 8 4)
<OOC> Gwenaelle says, "Anette than Zoe."
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 3: Failure. (4 3 4)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 3: Success. (7 4 1)
<OOC> Lois says, "Don't forget to spend that luck point."
Gwenaelle spends 1 luck points on reroll to get away.
<FS3> Lois rolls Reaction-1: Success. (4 8 2)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Reaction: Failure. (2 4 1 2)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 6: Success. (5 3 5 4 3 8)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 6: Good Success. (6 4 8 7 5 5)
<FS3> Lois rolls Reaction+Body: Good Success. (8 5 8 3 1 5)
<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls 5: Success. (3 5 3 8 5)
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gwenaelle=reaction+reaction Vs Guards=6
< Gwenaelle: Success (7 6 3 3 3 4 1 2) Guards: Good Success (2 4 7 2 5 8 5 2)
< Net Result: Guards wins - Marginal Victory

At some point during the night, Gwenaelle would nudge Lois, whispering quietly to her, "Try and get your knots undone. Pass it to the others." Zoe is near Lois, with Anette down at the end. It's slow going, but eventually, the first three get undone. "You two run, I'm going to help Anette get lose. We passed a village, try and head towards it. Or a road. Try and find help."

Moving slowly once Lois and Zoe are out of the way, she reaches for Anette's to try and get her undone.

It's about then that the two awake who had walked to the cliff to peer out and see if they could see the signal lantern from the ship they are to meet up with, turns about and spies what's going on, "Stop!" One shouts out, running away from the cliff towards the camp, followed by the second guy. Gwenaelle throws herself forwards, trying to get in their way to allow the other two to disappear into the woods under the half full moon. The man that usually carries the dagger and likes to threaten tem is woken up, and yells at the two who had been awake, shouting in their native tongue for them to go find them… or else.. his tone suggests.

Loïs runs. She runs like she's never run before. With Gwenaëlle's words echoing in her mind, Loïs' hand holds onto that of Zoë, making sure they don't lose each other in the moonlit night, heading in the general direction from which they had arrived earlier. Nevermind the shouting they can hear from where the guards are obviously not pleased with their escape, the adept and the other girl try to follow the road that leads back to the village.

Gwenaelle might have missed tripping up the guards, but she's made them a little late in following after the two that has escaped. She might well smile at that if not for the glare given to her by the Daggern Man. "You.. you did this.." He growls at her, stalking his way over to her to smack her in the face with one hand, causing her to fall back, "We still have you, and one girl. Better than nothing. And the ship will be here later in the morning once the sun comes up." At least he's hoping. There was a window in which time the ship should be there.

As for the two men? They hurry off into the woods, trying to find tracks of the girls, but neither having any 'tracking' abilities. They're sailors, not really country boys. As long as Lois and Zoe stay relatively quiet in their running, the men will lag behind them.

The young adept is not exactly a country girl either. But Loïs and Zoe are lighter and perhaps more skilled in moving gracefully through the darkness. The men pursuing them are probably louder than the two girls, and once or twice, Lois pulls Zoe behind a bush to hide there, when they come too close. Eventually, it seems that their pursuers are giving up, but that doesn't mean that the girls will slow down. They need to reach that village. They need to get help. They need to be back in time to save Gwenaëlle and Annette…

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