(1310-12-21) Evening Plans and Stinky Cheese
Summary: Rajiya visits Drake and Philomene to discuss the upcoming celebrations that night, and has a most interesting of conversations with the other woman about Mont Nuit, pleasure… and stinky cheese?
RL Date: 17-01-2019
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Family Esates, City of Elua

Sometime before the events of Longest Night, when still people are freaking out about costumes and such, Rajiya shows up with her own issues. While not yet dressed in the lovely and slightly revealing ballgown of flames that she will wear, she is carrying a mask in hand. "Is Lord Drake about?" She wonders of the servant whom opened the door to her, "If so, might you send someone to fetch him so I might speak to him, please?" She'll take herself off towards the parlor.

Drake had been up all night, though for once not because he was carousing on Mont Nuit. He simply couldn't sleep. Now he's at breakfast table, staring into his coffee cup as if the answer to all the world's problems lie within. He's very far away and the freshly scrambled eggs go cold.

Philomène is once again absent from breakfast until late, but when she does go to join Drake, she settles down with just a cup of tea and a fond smile. When the servant calls for Drake, she interrupts, "Is it the Princess Rajiya? Would you be so good as to just show her in? And some more tea… she does drink tea, doesn't she?"

Whent he servant returns to invite her into the dining room, Rajiya will turn away from the parlor to take her self in that direction instead. "Good morning to the both of you." She offers, pausing near Drake's chair, her hand laid upon his shoulder lightly, and should he not mind, a kiss offered to his cheek. If he hasn't pulled from his thoughts with Philo's entrance, then she just might surprise him with that kiss!

He totally doesn't mind! In fact the kiss wakes him from his stupor and he turns his head to give her a proper kiss, right on the smacker. "Good morning.", he greets, including Philomene in the greeting as well. He doesn't have anything else to say appparently. He just looks at Rajiya with the hopeful eyes of a puppy thinking he may be in for a treat.

Philomène rolls her eyes and looks away, taking a long breath. "Oh my stars, should I leave?" she queries, amused. "Good morning, your highness. A cold morning, hm?"

There is a soft laugh from Rajiya as it seems she woke the poor lord up with her kiss, "I was wondering if you were sitting there sleeping at the table." She half teases him, lifting a hand to brush fingers playfully into his hair as if giving the puppy a little petting on the head. Aww. Taking a seat, she shakes her head, "No, I do not mind your company at all, Lady Philomene. Actually.." She lifts the mask up to show it off, "I found this mask today, but I was hoping to get it decorated before the ball, but wanted to make sure it was.. proper?" It's made of stiffened paper, painted. It is of a dragon's face.
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"Wow…" Drake admires the mask, getting a bit livelier as he does so, "If that's the mask, I don't want to know what the costume is like." He's still a bit awkward and fidgety. "Not long now, is it.", he tries to make small talk. Very small talk.

"May I?" Philomène queries, holding a hand out for the mask. "I can't see any reason it shouldn't be proper, certainly, although I'm hardly an expert when it comes to a formal ball. Not really my thing, you understand."

Handing the mask over to Drake if he wishes to look at it closer, otherwise it is handed to Philomene, "I lucked up finding it in the market, honestly. The masks that the Queen provided where very simple, though one did capture my attention, and this one.. it will pair well with." A glance to Drake, ehr hand to slip atop one of his for a quick squeeze, "The ball or the meeting with them?"

Drake takes the mask first but hands it over to Philomene after admiring it for a bit. "Spoilsport here doesn't want to join us for the ball.", he tells Rajiya with a nod towards Philomene, before he takes her hand to squeeze it. Rajiya's, not Philomene's. THat wouldn't go down well.

Philomène's hand is kept well clear of any squeezing, yes. "Look, I'm just saying that going to a ball is a waste of my, and everyone else's time," she insists, taking up her cup of tea for a sip. "I don't want to sit around like a piece of spare furniture. I have better things to do with my time."

"Oh?" Rajiya does ask, then wonders, a hint of color upon her cheeks, "Are you going to attend the celebration upon the Mont Nuit instead/ Or simply, not at all?" Thre is a bit of a wrinkle of her nose as she says simply, "I do not think that you are a waste of anyone's time. No doubt, there are many there that would likely enjoy your company, should you decide to go?"

"One could do both.", Drake mutters and smiles warmly at Rajiya, "I cannot wait to see you in your full costume. Of course I will be woefully underdressed compared to you. But as long as the king and queen…" He lets the half-sentence dangle there.

"I might ask a friend if I might attend Mont Nuit with them," Philomène muses, "or at least the house. But I wouldn't like to presume. We shall see. More importantly I do need to know how your evening went when we get back."

"Both?" Oh my, how the princess might well blush at that! Ducking her gaze to the cup of tea that's been poured for herself, she soon looks to Drake, "I am sure that you will look amazing in whatever new wardrobe you have prepared for the evening." This she seems fairly certain of. Looking to Philo, she smiles, "Of course, though.." She seems to laugh a little, "I think you might learn how it went by just looking for Drake?" Surely he might be in a good mood if the news is good, and bad if it is not?

He'll probably be leglessly drunk either way. In celebration or in drowning his sorrows. "Have you had some breakfast yet?", he asks the princess, "I'd be happy to share with you." He pauses briefly, then grins. "Practise for all the shared breakfasts in our future." He gives the plate of cold scrambled eggs a little nudge as if to indicate they're hers if she wants them.

"Either way it'll be enough to make me sick," Philomène decides drily, leaning over to get the teapot and pour herself some more. She'd offer more to the others, but they look occupied. "Either in commisseration or because joy is filthy to behold."

Rajiya looks to the eggs on the plate, likely about to agree, only to see that they ahve gotten cold, so politely declines. "I'm too nervous to eat.." Either over the dress she is going to wear, or the night ahead and all that hinges on it. "The parties back home are all very different." As if she didn't say.

"Yea, I don't feel like eating either.", Drake admits and looks over at Philomene. A little awkward. Then he lets go of Rajiya's hand and gets to his feet. "I should actually have a word with the tailor. He's upstairs working on things. I will be back in a while." And the young dragon slinks off to his lair.

Philomène arches a brow. "My dears, if you'd rather I left you and went for my walk, you need only say. I shan't take offence."

Rajiya is surprised, but nods as she draws back a touch from Drake when he announces needing to go upstairs. Philo's own comment draws the princess' attention, but she shakes her head as if to say, she is fine herself. "I shall see you later then, Drake."

Philomène waits for the man to leave, then raises a brow. "The dragon, then?" she queries, nodding to the mask. "Are you certain it's not presumptuous? I can see where you're going with it, but there's a risk you'll be seen as having already decided on their behalf."

Rajiya watches him leave, turning back to to face the older woman. Her words draw a thoughtful expression, "They know I favor him already and the only reason they gave to me then when I spoke to them the other day, was the fact that he held no title. With his sister speaking to them of her bethrothal to my cousin…" Surely it is a done deal? But, the young woman sighs, "Do you think it is too much?" Perhaps it was a worry she might have had.

"It's bold," Philomène decides frankly, watching the younger woman and running her tongue over her teeth. "Potentially that's exactly the impression you want to give, but that's really down to you. It's a statement. Just be aware that you're making it, and it could be taken in two ways."

Rajiya brushes a finger along part of the mask that lies upon the table before her, "I want them to have no doubt just who I want, and what my answer would be should they agree to consider him now that he holds his sister's title." That said, her gaze lifts to meet those of the older woman's. "One might wonder then.. if the Queen did not think of this, when she sent me a gone of red and orange flames amongst the two others…"

Philomène settles back with her tea, idly running her thumb along the rim of the cup. "I'd assume that's a good sign, and your meaning will be made quite clear." She nods firmly. "My worries are duly assuaged. Tea?"

Such a breath of relief given then as it seems that Philo would agree with her own thoughts on matters, "Thank you, and yes.. I can stay a little longer, but then should return to start getting ready." Sliding her cup forwards to make it easier to be filled, she wonders then after a glance to the door, as if making sure that Drake is still gone. "Forgive me if this may be too forwards, but.. do ladies go often to the Mont Nuit Houses? For their own.. wishes?" Surely the men visit them, but what of the women?

Philomène arches a brow, pausing for a few moments of silence as she pours the tea. It's not until she's nudged the cup over that she actually answers, voice low, but quite steady. "Why would they not?" she queries simply. "I should imagine that without the good nature and willing service of the ladies and gentlemen of the night court, there should be an excess of anxiety and loneliness in the world. You've never visited? Well, perhaps I should insist I introduce you to some of our culture. I had assumed Lord Rousse would have done so already. Have you a preference?"

"I know my mama spoke of doing so for her sixteenth natality, and a few times afterwards.." Rajiya states quietly, blushing surely beneath that dusky skin of hers. "I have.." She admits, then explains. "At one point, seven years ago while we were in Chi'in, my mother discovered that there was a Courtsan there, learning some techniques. I was having nightmares, and he helped me with them." It is a fond memory for her, "I discovered by accident, that he is in Marsilikos, and I have spoken to him a few times since, but.." She cuhckles, "There was one Courtesan who suggested when I first arrived to Marsilikos, that I should allow him to paint my portrait.. nude." Oh yeah, that likely made her blush. Shaking her head as she takes back her cup of tea, "We have talked of it, but no, I have not gone with him." She looks to Philomene, "I hear of your trips to various places with him, however." To note, she is not jealous or upset over this. Amused, no doubt. As for her own preference, she slowly shakes her head, "I do not know, in truth. "

"Somebody ought to keep him out of trouble," Philomène insists with an easy smile, shaking her head, "but a young fellow should be allowed his head, like a young horse. By all means, if you want to take him off my hands when we're seeing the sights, though, I would quite understand." She takes a sip of her tea, enjoying the flavour. "Each house has something to offer, and each courtesan within that house is different, so don't think because you've met one you need not get to know another. I'm assuming by your fondness for young Drake that you've an eye for the gentlemen, but you might also enjoy the ladies." She shrugs. "There are fine examples of both to be seen here, certainly. It would be a shame to visit Elua and never indulge."

"I was not sure if he wished to have me along in some ways… before we might be truly betrothed." Rajiya begins, then shakes her head, "IT is something odd to be discussing, for it is something that is only whispered around the unmarried within the harem back home." When mention of indulging in a female vs male, she tilts her head, considering, "I would not truly know on that.."

"Then I should insist," Philomène decides firmly, giving a little nod. "It is the d'Angeline birthright. Might I recommend taking a wander around the various houses and seeing for yourself? If you'd be so good as to have them send the charges to me, then I might offer you a taste of our culture as a gift to celebrate your engagement. For my own preference, I find Balm to be soothing, but I enjoy the refreshing honesty and good nature of the Orchis. Perhaps you might begin there and make up your own mind."

At the offer that includes paying for this time spent in one of the Houses, Rajiya begins to aruge, but soon realizes that is likely a 'fight' she would loose. "Then, I thank you.." She says quietly, only to consider the suggestions, "I could see how Balm would be much like having Amit give me a massage and such.." Not that the man can do anything other than that! "Orchis.. they are.. which ones again?" She knows them, but is temporarily forgetting.

"The ones who take nothing seriously," Philomène answers with a smile. "They claim to spread joy, some more effectively than others. They rather espouse my own rhetoric, that one must seize the joy of the day, rather than waiting for a tomorrow that might never come."

Rajiya ahs,"I remember now, yes. They do sound like fun." She is considering this a little more, soon to wonder, "And you can go into them, to visit and talk, without.." She motions a hand, as if indicating going upstairs to a bedroom.

Philomène nods, arching a brow as though this was the oddest question in the world. "Of course, my dear. Although I would certainly recommend, while you are here in the home of the finest practitioners in the world, indulging yourself and learning a few new tricks for the bedroom. It rather seems a waste not to, but by all means if you find you're not in the mood, or there are none there who pique your fancy in quite the right way."

Rajiya is blushing, and yet seems rather intrigued by it all as well. The straight forwardness shown by Philomene surely helps her figure it out, "I think I would like to go some night. After Longest Night…" A decision has been made. Poor Drake.

Philomène misunderstands the blushing, perhaps, as she leans in to pat her arm and offer reassuringly, "If you're concerned, why not take Drake along with you? It can be rather nice to have a friend."

At that suggestion, Rajiya actually peers at Philomene, "But.. would that not be.. if we are to be betrothed.." Okay, so while she might be far more 'modern' than most girls from Bhodistan with a D'Angeline mother, there's still some ways of thinking that she cannot put aside, "Should we not wait till we're married?" Yes, a snog fest happened, but nothing else!

"My goodness, why?" Philomène asks, taken aback. She thinks, then lowers her voice to ask worriedly, "Is there some sort of defect that might imperil the marriage, so you'd rather he not know until it's too late? I shouldn't be worried, he's absolutely besotted. And I'm certain it's a barely noticeable blemish. If Louis-Claude was prepared to accept /me/, I'm sure Drake will accept you."

Rajiya frowns then, only to shake her head, cheeks warming further, soon clasped by her hands, "No.. no.. I would never hide something like that!" As if anyone would. "Sometimes, I fear that I do not know the proper rules, even though mama spoke to me before I left. I kow the women of this country are free to visit the Courtesand whenever they wish, but at home… " She lowers her hands, clasping them together, "They are to remain chaste, untouched. To be anything less than that, could mean your death. Or disownment from your family, which is death."

Philomène nods, frowning a little as she considers. "And were a D'Angeline to visit Bhodistan, she would out of courtesy follow those rules. Here, the command is to love as thou wilt. To hold yourself back is not only considered foolish, but an affront to Naamah. As thou wilt, though. If you'd rather not, that is to be equally respected. If you choose to remain chaste, well, that is as thou wilt. Although children are somewhat expected of a marriage, so you might choose to at least indulge a few times to squeeze out one or two for the family tree."

Rajiya scrubs her face with her hands, only to shake her head once again, "It is not that I would prefer to remain chaste. And certain…" Oh, that smile when she thinks of Drake. He's not the only one besotted there. "… once we are married, I would never turn him away." she reaches for her tea, sipping it before trying to explain herself, perhaps in better words. "Part of me wishes to know better what to expect, to better please him. And part of me wishes to know only him?" Hopefully that might make more sense to the other.

Philomène wrinkles her nose at that. "My dear, while I'm sure he's a marvellous person, he's hardly trained. Enthusiasm counts for a lot, but experience and training far more. Would you sample only one cheese and decide you never ought to try another? That had better be some cheese, but how would you know without a comparison?"

Rajiya worries her bottom lip for a moment, "But what if.. you find another you prefer than the first? Would it not be best that you had stuck, unknowing, with the first, that you were happy with?" Cheese. Wow.

Philomène lifts a hand to stall her. "But, unlike a cheese, a lover can learn. And a courtesan can teach. And then you get not only the lover you prefer, but the skill as well. Really, it's perfectly logical."

Rajiya pauses at the lift of a hand, listening at her words. Of course, there comes the curious question out of the blue, "So what kind of cheese would Drake be?" She can't help but think before shaking her head and finally making some decision, "Perhaps then, I will make the most of my time here." To find someone to learn from, perhaps.

Philomène laughs. "Something young and immature with rough edges, but with the potential to be smooth… an unripe cambozola, perhaps?"

"Maybe.." Rajiya would agree. Falling quiet, she draws her thoughts back to the preset and finaly reaches for the mask, "Thank you, Lady Philomene. For the conversation. And the offer. I may take you up on it yet.." That said, she smiles, "I should be going. I know Amit will be readying my bath and want time to do my hair properly." Rising, she dips her head, "If you do not come to the ball at the palace, then I hope you find fun tonight somewhere, with someone." With that, she heads out.

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