(1310-12-21) A New Duty
Summary: Before the Midwinter Ball, decisions are made.
RL Date: 21/01/2019
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Featuring NPCs King Léopold de la Courcel and Duc Oreste de Roussillion

Audience Chamber — Royal Palace — City of Elua

It is late morning. Drake will note bustling activity on his way into the Palace, where a courtier is already waiting to lead him towards the audience chamber. A request had gone out, for Drake Rousse to present himself before the King, a rare thing to occur on the day that will end in the yearly highlight of the Midwinter Ball. As soon as the young Rousse enters, King Léopold de la Courcel will look up from his place at the table and acknowledge the arrival with a nod of his head. The King is a man in his mid-forties, the crown that shows his status sits on his head, and he is clad in finest clothes of blue and white, the colors of House Courcel. The King is not alone. Other visitors are present, as Drake will soon realize. Oreste Rousse, the Duc de Roussillion is as well present as Armandine Mereliot, the Lady of Marsilikos and Duchesse of Eisande.

"Lord Drake Rousse," King Léopold greets in his pleasant baritone and gestures to a vacant seat at the table. "How good that you were available at such short notice. There are things we need to discuss."

Drake Rousse is not yet in costume for the ball (luckily!) but dressed in his finest garb of smooth dark-red velvet, laced with golden threat, tight-fitting leather pants and knee-high black booths. When he is ushered into the presence of the king, he bows deeply to the man first, then to those others present. Including, he notices, the mightiest of Rousses, whom he met before on a few occasions.

"It's a honour, Your Majesty", he says politely and takes the seat, trying not to appear nervous. Of course he has a hunch why he‘s being summoned and is on his guard, as well as his his best manners.

The king waits until Drake has settled himself in the chair, gesturing for a servant to offer the nobleman wine or water, which ever he prefers. "Lady Armandine," he then addresses the Duchesse of Eisande. "You have enlightened Us and Lord Oreste here about the letter you have received, from the Vicomtesse de Draguignan, Jelene Rousse?"

The Lady of Marsilikos who had smiled towards Drake upon his arrival, turns her attention towards the king, and with a downwards flick of her gaze she nods. "Yes. She informed me of a certain development. A match to a Prince of Bhodistan, which requires her to travel there and resign from her duties as Vicomtesse."

Oreste Rousse nods to Armandine's quick summary of the matter at hand but otherwise remains silent. There is a moment though, of him assessing Drake with sharp curiosity.

Drake has nothing to say! He inclines his head to indicate that he is aware of his sister’s developments, but otherwise remains silent as well.

As Drake remains silent, Armandine continues in her brief account of the letter. "Lady Jelene expressed the wish to abdicate, in order to pass her title onto her half-brother, Lord Drake here."

"You see," King Léopold addresses Drake with a faint smile, "why I wish to meet you in person, my lord. Are you agreeable to having the burden of title placed upon your shoulders? Are you willing to accept the Vicomté of Draguignan, and do you think you will be up to the task of leading it?"

"Absolutely!", Drake bursts out spontaneously, then clears his throat and backpedals. "Yes, Your Majesty. I received a good education at the University of Tiberium and have spent all my life before that in Draguignan. I know our vineyards and estates like the back of my hand and I have a good rapport with the people of Draguignan. My sister informed me of her thoughts to abdicate a few months ago and I have since made sure to learn all there is to know about taking her place. I am agreeable, willing and ready to accept the title of Vicomte de Draguignan and be a leader to my people.", he states earnestly and formally, back straight, chin up.

A fine smile appears on the features of Oreste Rousse, and he gives his assent with a quick glance in the direction of King Léopold, and a nod.

"Very well then…", the king of Terre d'Ange states with a lift of his brows. "Consider yourself the new Vicomte de Draguignan, Lord Drake. This might facilitate a certain… other matter, that has come to Our attention. But for now, it should suffice that We know that Draguignan will be looked after."

A quill scratches over parchment, as a scribe sets up the document, while the king once more gestures for the servant to pour four glasses of a white sparkling wine. "To our new Vicomte, that he will lead Draguignan wisely." Léopold de la Courcel moves to stand, lifting his glass in a toast. "To the future. And that Longest Night will be as memorable, as it has been in the years before."

Drake can’t help a massive sigh of relief when the words are spoken and the document is written. “I shan’t disappoint you, Your Majesty”, he promises and lifts his glass of sparkling wine. “Your health, Your Majesty, and Elua.”, he toasts, before knocking it back. Then, sensing that he is about to be dismissed, he takes his leave.

"Congratulations," Armandine moves to stand to offer her hand to Drake Rousse, once she has added her signature to the parchment, as witness and also in her function as Duchesse of Eisande. "I believe, we can expect great things from you, my lord." Said with a beaming smile. The Duc de Roussillion is next and he gives Drake quite the handshake. "You shall do well." Statement as well as subtle threat, offered with a keen look in his eyes.

With that, Drake is indeed dismissed, but not without the king seeing to add his own signature as well to the declaration. "We shall see you tonight," Léopold de la Courcel states and then leans back to enjoy another glass of the white sparkling wine.

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