(1310-12-20) Trevalion Time
Summary: After meeting Thibault's parents, Ailene's parents are next.
RL Date: 05-07/01/2019
Related: Anything relating to the relation/marriage plans of Ailene and Thibault. This scene happens a day after this.
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Featuring NPCs Martin Trevalion and Elisabet Mereliot de Trevalion

Azzalle Ducal Estate — City of Elua

The Trevalion family has quarters at the Azzalle Ducal Estate in the d'Angeline capital. After all, the Azzallese sovereign duc is from this particular House. The chambers of Ailene's father, the Marquis d'Évreux, and his wife show off a bit of that luxury that is as much adornment as well as sign of status. Blue and silver are the predominant colors in these chambers, and the same goes for the parlor, in which Martin Trevalion and Elisabet Mereliot de Trevalion expect their visitors today. Letters had been sent, in the weeks that had preceded their voyage to Elua, and now the time has come to reunite with one of their twins, and a certain someone she obviously wishes them to meet. The marquis is at leisure, sitting in a chair that has him half-turned towards one of the windows, perhaps admiring the snow covered landscape outside. Elisabet has taken a seat not too far from him, and it seems they are engaged in a conversation, words exchanged in the low murmurs of confidentiality.

Ailene and Thibault are ushered into the chambers where her parents are currently residing, while they visit Elua. She is dressed very demurely and properly, in a dress of blue and silver. She is holding Thibault's hand as they enter, and at the sight of her parents, absolute joy makes her face light up. "Mama, papa!" she greets them happily. "I have missed you both so much!" Her eyes are sparkling with emotion and it looks like she wants to run over to them in her girlish excitement, but she contains herself by, once again, taking a breath and counting mentally to ten. Instead, she greets dips into a proper ladylike curtsy, though when she rises, there is a bit of a gleam in her eye showing that familiar mischief they would certainly be used to by now. They are her parents, after all. "May I introduce you to Lord Thibault Charlot." she says, stepping back slightly to allow Thibault to come forward for full scrutiny. "He is the heir to Chateaugiron in Kusheth." She takes another deep breath before continuing. "As you are aware, he wishes to marry me." she says. "Isn't that wonderful?"

Thibault enters the chambers of the Marquis and Marquise d'Evreux hand in hand with Ailene. He is well dressed and styled as always with his rapier at his side and a red cloak subtly billowing behind him with every step. Only the thick, black hair on his head lends a bit of stylish chaos to his appearance. He looks around the room shortly before meeting the gaze of Ailene's parents. He smiles, but otherwise stays quiet for now, waiting for Ailene to introduce him. His smile becomes a little wider at her excitement to see her parents again. When she does introduce him, and informs them of his intentions, he looks to her and gives her hand a squeeze, before he takes a step forward to greet the couple and let them have a better look at him. "Your Excellencies." He greets them with a clearly practiced bow at the waist, in a perfect example of courtly etiquette. He keeps his gaze lowered just a bit longer than necessary, perhaps because he, of course, knows about the legendary pride of the Trevalions and want to make sure he pays them the respect they are due, or perhaps just to steel himself, before rising once more to meet their, undoubtedly scrutinizing gaze. "It is a pleasure and an honor to meet you both." He then adds with a polite but clearly excited smile, his posture straight and proud. If he's nervous, you wouldn't be able to tell it, but there is obvious emotions of some sort burning behind the golden amber of his Kusheline eyes.

Elisabet knows her daughter very well, and so, when she sees that inclination in Ailene to run to her parents, the mother cannot help but oblige. Even if Ailene seems to eventually settle for a curtsey, she will find herself wrapped in the hug of the marquise, and then gathered in the arms of the marquis. Ailene may not be the youngest, but close to the youngest, only marginally older than her twin Arianne. "You are here," the mother murmurs into Ailene's ear, "and you look so beautiful." Eyes settle kindly on the daughter as Elisabet Trevalion admires her from the side, chuckling softly at her husband's heartfelt greeting. Martin Trevalion sets Ailene gently down to the floor again, giving her a warm smile, before his expression sobers a little, as he turns to regard the young man at his daughter's side. "I am very much intrigued to make your acquaintance, Lord Thibault," the marquis greets the Kusheline evenly, while his eyes scan the young man most attentively. To Ailene, he says with a faint smile, "It seems to be your own wish as well. Matches of our House to someone of Kusheline blood are rare though…" And in glancing once again at Thibault, Martin's eyes narrow just a fraction. The courteous greeting is acknowledged however, and Ailene's father looks towards Thibault, meeting and holding his gaze. "So, you wish to marry our Ailene… Might I ask for what reasons?", Martin Trevalion asks of the young Charlot lord.

Seeing that her mother is also happy to see her, Ailene finally rushes over, hugging her mother quite fiercely. "Mama, I did miss you!" she says emotionally. "I truly did!" When her father hugs her and lifts her, she chuckles through a few tears of joy. "You too, papa!" she says. Once she is settled back down again and Thibault comes forward, she watches silently as he greets her parents. A look of pure pride shows upon her features. In her gaze as she regards him, in her smile, and in that jut of her stubborn little chin. After he speaks, she looks to her father. "I was not exactly /looking/ for a husband, much less from Kusheth." she murmurs in explanation. She blushes a little, but then lowers her voice to an almost whisper. "He is not a Shahrizai, at least." she adds. "He is kin to the Morbhans through his mother." She then falls silent again and lets Thibault answer her father.

When Ailene runs to embrace her parents, Thibault's eyes flicker to the ground for a moment, almost as if he's embarrassed to witness the display of affection between daughter and parents reunited, but the slight softening of the polite smile on his lips makes it more than clear that he doesn't actually find it uncomfortable or anything of the likes, perhaps merely offering them what little privacy he feels is appropriate. He looks again to Martin when the man addresses him, dipping his chin respectfully at the mans words of them becoming better acquainted. He easily meets Martins gaze with his own and lets it be held there by the Trevalion Marquis. Not a flinch in his features can be spotted. "I do, your excellency." He confirms. "It's quite simple." He then adds, looking to Ailene shortly. There's a slight softening of his sharp Kusheline features as he does so, and the smile on his lips turns from polite to adoring for that moment. Then his eyes meet those of Martin once more. "I love her, and I wish for her to be at my side always." His eyes turn back to the man in front of him, the calm and confident look back upon his face. "While I believe that there are many advantages to be had for both sides with a match between our houses, and that Ailene will be a strong partner in my future responsibilities of governing Chateaugiron, my own personal interests in this arrangement is merely that. Love." He answers the Marquis, smiling and keeping his gaze locked with Martins.

"Morhban." Martin Trevalion repeats that name of one of the most ancient Kusheline Houses, the one that holds power and sovereignty in the province of Kusheth. "Are you sure, this would be the right fit, for one of your temperament, Ailene?", the father asks his daughter with a bit of concern. "Nothing against you, my lord," this quickly clarified towards Thibault, "your position as heir to a vicomté sound like a good marriage prospect for Ailene. You seem…", his eyes narrow again, "sensible. And smitten with her, which is far better than us confronting her with a mainly political match. The political side of it is not what gives me concern. But the question, whether you'll make her happy, and… help her to cope with this new challenge. She's to live in Kusheth, away from her family, when you are to become her new family." These musings leave Martin Trevalion's lips in a low voice, words distinct even so, his demeanor a little thoughtful, but also not impervious to the glee Ailene emanates when she looks towards the Charlot lord.

"Elua have mercy, Martin!" The marquise gives her husband a look, a faint glare. "Can't you see the obvious? These two are in love. This is a blessing! It is more than most couples can say when they start into married life. I think, Lord Thibault is very charming. And perhaps…" Her eyes crinkle a little at the corners, from the smile that spreads on her features, "Perhaps our Ailene has found what she needs, an occasionally firm hand." It is a light jest perhaps, that comes with a smirk, she gives that wild daughter of hers. "Maybe he can manage what we have failed to achieve. To turn you into a proper lady. Worthy to hold a title of… Vicomtesse!" She chuckles, and shakes her head amused but perhaps also a little incredulous at this turn of events that have lead to this particular moment. Looking up, Elisabet looks towards Thibault, and it seems, his statement has managed to impress.

Ailene's cheeks pinken at Thibault's declaration. She giggles girlishly. "See how he adores me?" she asks her parents, smiling widely and fluttering her lashes at them. "I love him very much, as well." Once more, she lifts that Trevalion chin of hers, giving them both both a very assured smile. Yes, she is loved. When her mother speaks, her eyes widen and she nods her head vigorously. "Yes, yes!" she exclaims, agreeing wholeheartedly. "I am already becoming more ladylike since I have known him." she tells them. "People have remarked how better I have been behaving since I have started spending time with him." She grins. "He is a very good influence on me, I assure you both!"

Thibault listens to the concerns of Ailene's father, nodding and smiling as appropriate. When the man stops, the Chateaugiron heir's lips move as if to answer, but he stays silent for the moment as the Marquise addresses her husbands thoughts. "Thank you, my lady." Thibault tells Elisabet, dipping his chin faintly and regarding her with those amber eyes that always seems to hold an intensity to them even when calm. "Ailene has a wild and mischievous spirit, but she is a fast learner. All she needs is a little….incentive." He adds, flashing the Marquise a short, roguish smile.

Then he turns his eyes back to the Marquis. "I can not predict the future, my lord. But I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to keep your daughter happy and safe, and that I will always be there to support and guide her as best I can through these new challenges, just as I expect her to be there to guide and support me." He walks calmly back to Ailene, standing next to her and reaching one arm around her shoulders, pulling her into him and giving her a little squeeze. "Her smile is far too precious to me to ever let falter," he tells the man in response to his concerns for his daughter's happiness, his tone sober and serious.

"Look, Martin," Elisabet nudges her husband lightly. "Look at your daughter, how she beams and sparkles. She looks so happy. She is willing to become more ladylike…!"

"Yes. I see it," the marquis confirms, and with his concerns voiced and still evident in his dimmed enthusiasm, he turns then to hear out Thibault. It is an intense look Martin Trevalion gives the Charlot, his features unmoving once that faint smile has vanished completely. "I hear you, my lord," Ailene's father finally states, "and your words sound convincing.", he admits, after a moment of silence. The smile finally returns, especially, when he looks towards Ailene and notes once again her evident adoration for this Kusheline. "Maybe, it can be of advantage, to meet here, at this time of year.", Martin Trevalion states. "If you are so inclined, Ailene, and this lord seems so very intent on this match… The Vicomte de Chateaugiron and I should use the opportunity and have a talk. He is in Elua, is he not?"

Ailene smiles happily as Thibault speaks and then walks to put his arms around her shoulders. She flashes that beaming smile to first her mother, then to her father. Once more, she flutters her eyes beguilingly at him. "I am even taking /etiquette lessons/!" she cajoles. "I know I often skipped out on them before and even hid from my governesses, but I am going now and am very excited and happy learning good mannerisms." She then casts her eyes downwards, a display of a ladylike lesson she has learned, that of giving respect to one's elders. She then peeks up at Martin. "See?" she asks him. "Wasn't that well done of me, papa?" She does show a bit of devilish sparkle in her gaze, but it is not quite as bright and alarming as before. She then clears her throat and her demeanor turns serious and shows more maturity. "I have already had the pleasure of meeting the Vicomte and Vicomtesse yesterday." she tells her parents. "They were very nice and very noble." She looks up at Thibault again and smiles before facing her parents again. "They seemed very interested in meeting you both and discussing things." Once more, she casts her eyes downwards, but this time, she seems to be sincere in the action, rather than teasing them.

Thibault smiles at Elisabet's words and turns his own eyes to Ailene for a moment when the Marquise implores her husband to do so, eyes shimmering and his arm around her tightening just a bit, before meeting the gaze of Martin once more. "I am glad that you find it so, my lord." Thibault replies to the Trevalion lord with a polite smile. He again looks down to Ailene, with a mix of pride and amusement, when she tells her parents about her etiquette lessons so excitedly, and then chooses to display one of her newly learned etiquette 'skills' to them. Then he looks back to the older pair, the slightly amused look still lingering on his sharp Kusheline features for a moment as he regards them, before it quickly fades and turns more serious and composed as he speaks again.

"And yes, my parents are currently in Elua. I had the pleasure of introducing Ailene to them yesterday. They seemed very interested in meeting you both to discuss this matter." He then says, confirming what Ailene has just told them. "They are also going to speak to the Comte de Charlot regarding this. Most likely, they already have." he then adds.

"You will have to tell me more about these etiquette lessons," Ailene's mother murmurs towards her daughter. "And who you have found to conduct them." The marquis meanwhile cannot help but chuckle softly at Ailene's pointed demonstration of demureness. "Well done indeed." Martin Trevalion falls silent then, and his demeanor a bit more thoughtful, when his daughter speaks of the potential in-laws-to-be. His gaze flicks to Thibault, as the Charlot adds to Ailene's statements, and the Marquis d'Évreux inclines his head with a faint and slightly pensive smile. "I shall speak with them, then. And afterwards, if that first talk goes agreeably, I shall approach His Grace, Duc Louis, about this."

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