(1310-12-20) Changes That Lead to Yes
Summary: Some changes in status lead to Rajiya saying yes to Drake. After Philomene makes the most lovely of entrances in the middle of said question being asked!
RL Date: 16-01-2019
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Family Estate, City of Elua

A fine estate, befitting the family.

The big ball is approaching. People are preparing. Measuring clothes, prettifying themselves. Drake Rousse is mostly getting nervous. He hasn't seen all that much of his sister since they arrived in Elua, but now he's joined her for lunch. The princess from Bhodistan is there as well. Presumably Lady Philomene is fashionably late. Drake waits until the servants have brought the first course, before he tackles Jelene. "So, um, how's Elua going for you? Met interesting people?", he tries to get a casual conversation going.

Having arrived shortly before, Rajiya is dressed in her usual native fashion, though thicker material helps her keep a little warmer. Leaving her cloak with servants, she smiles to Drake as she takes a chair, nodding to Jelene. With the question laid forth by Drake, she is quiet, no doubt filling her plate or preparing her tea as she likes it.

Jelene has been MIA for most of the time in Elua. She now makes an appearance, meeting Drake and Rajiya for luncheon. At Drake's questions, she fixes a small, half smile upon her face. "As a matter of fact," she replies to him. "I ran into an old 'friend' of mine." There is a definite sparkle in her eyes, which are blueish green today. She then looks over Rajiya. "I suppose he may be a relative of yours." she tells her, her smile almost…shy for once. "Prince Shahrukh." she says to her. She sips at her wine and chuckles secretively. "I haven't seen him since I was at Angeloume." she remarks.

The name means nothing to Drake, though he does pick up at his sister's rare good mood. "And who is this prince exactly?", he asks curiously, "You seem to be rather… fond of him?" He does look at Rajiya to see if she knows him. But then Bhodistan is a big place.

Rajiya is tucking her napkin across her lap as the siblings talk. It is the name that is spoken that has her lifting her head to peer at Jelene, "Prince Shahrukh is a cousin of mine, yes. I haven't seen him in some time though. He is slightly older than me, and I think has spent several years between Tiberium and Angeloume studying." A soft laugh escapes her, "A bit of a… oh what's the word that mama would calll him…" It escapes her, "Book snake?"

Jelene chuckles again at Drake. "I do believe I mentioned him to you once." she says to him. "Then again, maybe I didn't?" The laugh she gives is airy and almost girlish. It is Rajiya, though, that gets all her attention. "Yes, he is very intelligent!" she says to her, nodding. "He reads and recites poetry very well." Is that a blush coloring her cheeks? "I have been spending most of my time with him here."

Drake arches one very pointed brow at the news. "Dare I assume then, that… your quest for a foreign prince to marry up with has been successful?", he asks his older sister, "Or are you just falling under the spell of bad poetry?"

"Book worm!" Rajiya suddenly says as she remembers the right wording. But, she smiles as she listens to Jelene speak of her cousin, the way she smiles to draw an equal warm one to her lips as she glances aside to Drake. "You know this would actually work very well in uniting both Terre D'Ange and Bhodistan. This is beyond just political, but would unite us even further through family ties. You to my cousin, I to your brother."

Jelene laughs aloud, though the blush deepens upon her cheeks. "Perhaps, perhaps." she says allows, nodding to both. Then, she just shrugs as if to say the Hell with it. "Oh, what is the use with trying to be mysterious?" she laughs again. "The truth is, he has made his intentions known and I have been very welcoming of them." She takes another sip of her wine. "So, yes, marriage is being discussed." She then turns back to Rajiya, her smile warm. "It would be very beneficial politically, I agree." she says to her. "In truth, however, I have always held affection for him."

Drake blushes brightly when Rajiya speaks so bluntly of their potential unions, though he tries to hide it behind a grin. "Seems the dragons have always had a special affection for the land of Bhodistan.", he comments and fidgets a bit, before looking at Jelene: "So, um… welll, you said that if you married out, you'd make me Vicomte de Draguignan…?"

"I wish many blessings on you both." Then of course, Rajiya realizes something else, "He has been here in Elua all this time?" And the little stinker didn't let her know?!? Oh, she's going to find and fuss at him now! Still, she is happy as well, glancing towards Drake when he brings up the question about title.

Jelene chuckles at Rajiya. "You must forgive him." she tells her. "I have been stealing away all of his attention of late, I fear." The familiar smirk returns to her face at that comment, but the girlish blush still remains, as does the happy twinkle in her eyes. She now turns to Drake. "Did I say that?" she asks, tilting her head to the side and feigning ignorance. "Hmm…I do not recall…" The smirk twitches as she regards her little brother, teasing him. After a moment, she laughs again. "Yes, yes, I did say that, didn't I?" she says. "I suppose you must get ready, and rather quickly, to assume the title, little brother. Yes?"

Drake looks at Rajiya while Jelene speaks, his eyes lighting up. Then he turns to his sister. "I am ready.", he assures her and gulps a little, "Do you think, you could, like… make an official announcement or something? So it reaches the King's and Queen's ears? I'm due to, um, meet them at the ball and… officially ask for her hand. It would be infinitely helpful to do so as the new Vicomte de Draguignan…"

"I shall forgive him, only for that reason. He still should have let me know.." And now that she knows, one can be certain that she will seek out her cousin and get a few extra bits of information! Or something. Falling silent as Drake asks about the title, she reaches for her cup of tea to take a sip from it, gaze to linger mmentarily upon Drake.

Amusement shows openly upon Jelene's features as her brother speaks. "Impatient, aren't we?" she murmurs to him, her mood still very good, hence her continued teasing. She glances at Rajiya then back to Drake. "You have good reason to be, though." she says. She nods. "I shall make an announcement post haste." she says to them. "Even though the wedding shall not place right away, we have spoken about it and seem keen to actually say our vows in Bhodistan." she explains. "Therefore, it would only make sense to renounce my title now before we depart, in order for Drake to assume it and get on with your plans."

Drake nods to Jelene. "Yes, I shall have only one opportunity to… convince the king and queen that I'm worthy of… her…" He eyes Rajiya briefly, then gulps again as if the whole impact only just dawns of him. He looks at Rajiya again. "You know, I never even officially asked if you even… want me…"

Rajiya lowers her cup to the table, color to steal into her cheeks now as Drake mentions the last, "You have hinted, and asked if I might consider you, but…" He's never really formally asked her! Ahem. A brow is lifted, as if she might be waiting for him to do that now!

Jelene glances back and forth between her brother and the Princess. She then frowns and her foot comes out to give Drake a sharp kick under the table. "You mean all the time and you never even asked her?" She sighs dramatically and rolls her eyes Heavenward. "Drake, what am I to do with you?" She shakes her head and clucks her tongue. "Tsk, tsk." she says and then looks to Rajiya. "I apologize profusely." she tells her. "Please consider his lack of brains a failing on my part."

Ow. Drake doesn't appreciate being kicked. He dithers for a moment. Reaches for his wine cup to chug it all down in one go. Then he pulls a gold ring from his pinky finger and gets to his feet. Circles the table. Goes down on one knee beside Rajiya's chair. Holds out the ring in one hand. Clears his throat. Blushes. Clears his throat again. "Rajiya Jadeja, Princess of Bhodistan… would you make me the happiest man in all of Terre d'Ange and…. say yes?"

There's the beginning of a commotion at the door during all this, but it's not until the fateful moment that Drake actually hits his knees that the door is flung open and in limps the expected late attendee to breakfast. Ever one to assist in setting the right sort of ambience for this touching moment of love, affection and solemnity, Philomène's precise words in response to the young lord (well not precisely in response, but the timing might as well be) are "What a little cunt!", scowling for effect and tossing a bedraggled bunch of flowers over towards the table before she realises that her regular breakfast partner is not alone, nor is he currently seated. "Oh. Oh, shit," she adds, more subdued, as the scene becomes clear.

Rajiya might laugh as Jelene looks aback at her brother, missing the kick paid to him beneath the table. She's trying not to laugh when he rises to his feet and moves over to kneel before her. Yes, the blush is darkening, lips parting to answer before… Philomene enters and totally ruins the moment as only she can. Okay, it's not really ruined. It /does/ make her laugh. Quite a lot, a hand lifted to cover her mouth as she gives in to the giggles. Poor Drake, his intended is laughing at him! Not exactly the answer he wants, hmm?

Jelene looks on in approval as Drake finally takes out a ring, gets up and lowers to his knees to propose to Rajiya. She sips her wine as he stammers out the words, a little smile playing about her lips. Suddenly, a newcomer enters and totally ruins the perfect moment. Jelene immediately turns her face to Philomene as the woman enters, voicing obscenities. Instead of scowling and being angry or upset, however, she, too, laughs. Uproariously! "Oh, this is absolutely perfect!" she says, laughing as she looks over to her kid brother still on his knees in front of Rajiya. She raises her glass to Philomene. "Well met." she says to her. "I am this young man's sister, Jelene Rousse, the soon-to-be-ex Vicomtesse de Draguignan." she says, still extremely amused. "A pleasure to meet you, whomever you are."

Drake is too caught up in this super-special moment to immediately notice Philo's arrival or the muttered endearment. But then Rajiya giggles. And Jelene giggles. And he looks up and notices Philo and her bedraggled flowers and glares. GLARES. But he's still on his knee and he still holds the ring. So he waits until everyone has calmed down. He'll murder the intruder later.

Philomène gives her best apologetic look, but then it's not exactly very good right now, with everyone laughing around her, so she gives a helpless shrug, drawing herself up to her more usual, precise, straight backed height when in company, gives the entire gathered assembly a polite bow of her head as though she hadn't just come in and tossed both flowers and blue language with gay abandon. "Lady Jelene, I do apologise," because yes, she's happy to ignore Drake and his awkward still kneeling position. "No doubt I look somewhat different without my head over the side of the ship. Good morning."

Rajiya was attempting to bring her giggles under control, but when Jelene joins in, well… sorry, Drake, she's going to have the giggles a little longer! After a few moments, she takes deep breaths, attempting to compose herself again, and while Jelene and Philomene talk, she turns towards the still kneeling Drake, "With your King's blessing, yes."

Jelene blinks at Philomene, then squints. "Ah, yes, Lady Philomene!" she says and then laughs again. "You do look different when you aren't vomiting." She grins. "My apologies for not recognizing you." she says to her. "Then again, I have not been showing my face much, both on the trip here and upon our arrival." She gestures to the empty seat at the table. "Please join us." she says to her. "As you can see, Drake is in the midst of proposing to Her Highness, whom has accepted." She once more lifts her glass, this time to the happy couple.

Drake rolls his eyes at the giggling. But nothing can change the big daft smile of happiness spreading across his face when she says yes. "Well…. wow.", is all he can muster. And, ignoring the other women chattering nearby, he leans forward to first kiss the princess and then try to slip the ring on her finger.

Philomène inclines her head once again, studiously ignoring both youngsters as she takes up Drake's now empty seat, expression carefully schooled as she lowers herself into it. She absently reaches to clean up where the flowers have spread across the table, knocking over toast rack, salt cellar and depositing wilting petals in a spray across the cloth. "So I see, the poor thing. We shall have to see her consigned to bedlam immediately for such an appalling lack of judgement," she decides drily, waiting for Rajiya and Drake to stop chewing on each others' lips before she adds across to them a fond, "Congratulations, my dears."

Rajiya happily accepts the kiss, and the ring to her finger, beaming quite a bit once the kiss ends. Now to get the King and Queen's final approvaly at the party! Easy-breezy! Glancing to the ring, then back to Drake, she brushes his cheek lightly, "If they approve.." She turns to Jelene, "I would hope you and my cousin could wait to leave to attend? That way.. you could speak of it to my mama. And I might have at least one family member there?"

Jelene smirks as Philomene takes Drake's seat. It is plain to see that she likes the woman's style and attitude. "I am just happy that there is a woman out there who actually wants him." she replies. "I was beginning to fear him ever finding a mate." She then turns a sincere smile over to Drake and Rajiya. "In all seriousness, though." she says to the other woman. "I am overjoyed for you both." She then ponders a moment as Rajiya speaks about her staying. "I shall try." she says to her. "I wouldn't want to miss the ceremony, of course." She smiles again. "Plus, I do want to witness it, only to make sure that Drake does indeed tie the knot." She winks.

Drake smiles happily at Philo and Jelene, cheeks glowing. He doesn't mind that Philo has usurped his chair and presumably his soup. He pulls up another chair, so he can sit beside his princess. "Thank you. And yes, you should stay.", he tells Jelene, "I'd want you there, too. If only to reassure people that you will really leave the title to me.", he teases. He still holds Rajiya's hand, food forgotten, ignoring the chaos on the table. He's happy. Coo-ee.

Philomène seriously considers the soup, going as far as to poke a pinky finger into it and have a little taste to decide if she really wants to steal it after all. Apparently not, as she dumps the wilting flowers in the soup bowl instead. "The question, then, is what influence is needed to ensure this is all approved, now?" she queries, dusting off her hands before going instead for Drake's now empty wineglass, claiming that and the bottle to top it up and pour herself something for the constitution. "Where can we help?"

"I would certainly like having you and my cousin there." Rajiya says to Jelene then before Drake takes up the chair next to her, be-ringed finger held in his. She will speak up then to Philomene, "The biggest problem that stood before us was that Drake was untilted. But.. he will be gaining the title soon, so that is no longer a reason. The King and Queen already know that I would prefer Drake.."

Jelene nods to Rajiya's answer to Philomene. "Yes." she says. "In fact…" She stands and regards them all with a smile. "I should really retire now so that I may get the ball rolling on that end." She inclines her head respectfully to the other two women and then smirks at her brother. "I shall write a letter immediately to Her Grace and inform her of my intentions to renounce the title so that Drake may have it." She smoothes her dress, getting rid of any crumbs that may have desposted there, even though she didn't really eat anything. "With all luck, Drake will be able to assume the title before the Longest Night fete." She smiles. "Since Her Grace is currently also in Elua for the fete."

Drake looks as if all his christmasses and birthdays arrived at the same time. "Thank you.", he says to Jelene with deep sincerity, before it's his turn to giggle a bit and look at Rajiya. "The Vicomte de Draguignan. How do you like that? You'll be the Lady Dragon soon." HE finally looks at Philomene and narrows his eyes ever so slightly. "Perhaps you could help by taking a very long vacation back home in Agnace. Or at least time your entrances better."

Philomène waves him off, very briefly (when she feels nobody else is looking) pulling a face at Drake. "Oh, you know a lady with a sense of humour is far better than the alternative. I'm sure there will be plenty of laughter in your marriage, and not just in the bedroom with pointing."

"Thank you.. and truly.. I am just as happy for you as well, Jelene. I look forwards to meeting my cousin in your presence… so I can tease him now." Rajiya answers, laughing quietly. Yes, she's just as happy now, her cheeks still warm with her blush. It is to Drake she then speaks, head turning to look to her possible groom-to-be, "I do like that, even if the idea of visiting your home during the winter makes me shiver?" She's teasing him now. The tropical princess in a snowy home.

Jelene grins at the others. "Perhaps we can arrange it." she says to Rajiya. "There is the fete, after all." She then turns to Philomene. "It was a joy to see you again, my lady." she says to her, her eyes twinkling. "I am glad Drake has a friend to keep him on his toes." She then turns to her brother. "I shall let you know when I receive a reply." she says to him. "Now, I bid you all a good day. I have a letter to write and a prince to meet." She chuckles, picks up her wine glass to down the remains and then salutes, before departing.

Drake just shakes his head at Philo, too swamped with endorphins to think of a snappy reply. His sister's departure and Raijya's words make him stir though. "I should write to my mother.", he realizes, "She'll… need to know. And we shall visit her of course, when I take you to Draguignan. Perhaps in spring when the sun warms the mountains.", he adds with a little wink for his tropical princess. Then he gets to his feet to make his excuses as well.

Philomène waves him down, instead pulling herself upright. "No, no. I'm intruding. I shall go for another walk, and leave you two to your own devices. I'm not as cruel as all that. Many, many congratulations, Lord Drake, and your highness, you have my sincerest commisserations and my promise to do what I can to help you keep him in hand."

Rajiya waves to Jelene before she leaves, only to turn and find that both Drake and Philomene are making their excuses as well. "Then.. I shall get back to the tower.." She has letters and stuff to attend to as well, no doubt.

"Well, things can wait a little.", Drake decides when Philomene announces her departure and squeezes Rajiya's hand, "Surely now that we are sort of betrothed, you can come up to my room with me?" There'll be a big snogging session in it for her before he'll get to any letter writing!

"Well…" Rajiya draws it out in a teasing fashion before agreeing to join him upstairs for a little while!

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