(1310-12-19) Meet the Charlots
Summary: In the City of Elua, Thibault introduces Ailene to his parents.
RL Date: 21+27/12/2018
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Featuring NPCs Felicienne and Cyrano Charlot.

Kusheth Ducal Estate — City of Elua

Kushelines of rank are expected to stay at the Kusheth Estate when visiting Elua, and so Thibault will know that his father will be found there, in the Chateaugiron Suite. There had been an exchange of letters prior to them arriving at the Capital, and so it is likely that Vicomte Cyrano Charlot is expecting the visit of his son and heir — and the lady who currently holds his son's interest. The interior of the suite is of the darker, heavier style and fashion that is state of the art in Kusheth, and yet, there is light that filters in through the windows on this wonderful winter afternoon. Seated in a comfortable chair by the hearth is Cyrano, and in another chair, there is his wife, Felicienne, a Morhban by birth. Both will move to stand, when Thibault and Ailene enter, as would be expected.

Thibault and Ailene arrived in Elua earlier this winters day, and now, after having rested for a while and cleaned up after the travels at the Azzalle Estate, have made their way to the Ducal Estate of Kusheth. Thibault is scrubbed and clean and dressed in his finest attire, every little detail meticulously arranged to be 'just perfect'. He's wearing a black shirt under a red and black vest, dark pants tucked into perfectly polished leather boots, and as always his rapier is hanging at his side in the thin, red leather belt that is secured around his waist. He looks relatively calm and confident and seems to be in high spirit. On his arm is Lady Ailene, and the two are talking to each other in lowered voices as they near the entrance to the Chateaugiron Suite. "Don't worry, it's all gonna be fine." He tells her, giving her hand a squeeze and offering her a reassuring smile. "Just….don't mention my brother, unless the subject is brought up….." A thoughtful glance towards the ceiling. "…And don't mention the whole thing with my cousin Cyriel…". They move to the door, and after having knocked a couple of times, enter into where Thibault's mother and father are awaiting them. "Mother. Father." He greets them with a dip of the chin and a faint smile. "It is good to see you again, it has been so long. I hope everything is well back home?" Formalities aside, he quickly moves on to the reason why there are gathered here today. "This is Lady Ailene Lili-Ange Trevalion, daughter of the Marquis d'Evreux and the woman I mentioned to you in the letter I sent you a while back." A short pause as he looks to the fiery haired young woman at his side with no small amount of pride in his eyes. "The woman that I would like to become my wife."

Ailene arrives on Thibault's arm. She is dressed very well and fashionably in a gown of sea green. Her hair is pulled back and up. She looks quite proper and very noble. Her eyes are shining excitedly, but she she takes a deep breath and holds it for a few seconds to calm herself. She lets Thibault lead her over to his parents and introduce her to them. Once he has, she lowers herself into a very proper and respectful curtsy for both older Charlots. "My Lord." she greets. "My Lady. It is an honor to meet you both." Once more, she holds her breath for a few seconds, willing her nerves to calm, before she rises and offers them a shy small. Her blue, Trevalion eyes widen slightly as it finally dawns on her, a couple of moments later, that Thibault has, quite bluntly, introduced her as the woman he would like to become his wife. Lashes flutter and she glances at Thibault in open adoration before stifling a quiet giggle and affixing a look of calm seriousness to her face. She turns back to Cyrano and Felicienne, her cheeks stained a bright pink, but she stays quiet and demure for the time being.

Perhaps it is the Kusheline way, to not be too overwhelming in exchanging greetings with their own kin. Cyrano inclines his head towards Thibault, and Ailene may be able to see, how the father's eyes linger with a certain pride on the young man that will one day inherit the holding of Chateaugiron. Like Thibault, the father has dark hair and dark eyes. And it seems, his attention then shifts to Ailene when Thibault makes mention of her, long after his wife has already looked the young fiery-haired woman's way. Felicienne Charlot de Morhban regards Ailene with that slightly intense curiosity of a potential mother-in-law. It is to be expected. It is very likely, that the blush on Ailene's cheeks is noted. It may also be the cause for her murmured aside to Cyrano. "She wears her emotions on her sleeve, one could think she were Namarrese…" But there, it happens. That Thibault's mother steps forward, before her son and pulls him into a hug, brief but still a hug. And then, with that manoeuvre brining her already that close, Felicienne turns to take Ailene by the hands to steal her away from Thibault's side. "Let me have a look at you, dear. Trevalion, hmmm? A family of renown. Do you have siblings?", she asks of her in a low, conversational tone.

"The honor is all mine," Cyrano counters meanwhile to Ailene's greeting. "It is not that I am very versed in the structure of the Trevalion family. But your father is a Marquis, so in that, a match sounds quite commendable." His eyes are keen, but the tone of his voice is not unkind. "Tell me, son," this to Thibault, "why you wish to wed Lady Ailene, when you are so taken with her? Is it, that you want to take another to have as a consort beside her?" It is a tease of course, and one that makes reference to the d'Angeline custom of marrying for politics, and taking a consort for love.

Thibault returns the brief hug when his mother approaches and then embraces him, the short look into her eyes before their bodies meet likely displaying more emotion than the physical gesture, to one who would know how to read the alight changes of the ever-present intensity held within the amber orbs of the young Chateaugiron heir, at least. Then, he let's her steal away Ailene from his side, giving the pair a short glance with a faint smile and a reassuring nod to Ailene, before turning his attention to his father and moving a step closer to the man. "No." He tells his father shortly, in answer to his question about him considering taking another woman as his consort. "I wish for her to become my wife exactly because I am so taken with her. Consorts are a valuable, and needed, tradition in our society, but it is for those that do not happen to find love in the marriage they end up in. Which, granted, is not a rare thing." A beat. "If they could, I think most people would choose to marry the person they love, but most are not so lucky to fall in love with someone who also happens to be a very good match politicly." A beat. "I did." His tone is calm and very matter-of-factly. Another glance, then, towards where his mother and Ailene is conversing.

Ailene's blush can't help but pinken when Felicienne comments about Namarrese, but her smile warms considerably as she watches the mother embrace the son. Then, she is being led away a few feet by her so that the older women may size her up. There is a very quiet, nervous giggle, but her warm smile brightens even more. "Yes, I have a number of siblings." she replies. "My eldest sibling is Lady Margaret Trevalion." she tells her. "She shall inherit Evreux." Then, her chin raises in pride a bit as she mentions her next eldest sibling. "Then there is Augustin." she says. "He is the Vicomte de Rouen and Knight Of the Swan." It is plain to see that she is very proud of her big brother. "Then my brother Vespasien, who is a renowned astronomer and artist." She then pauses for breath, holding it once more to calm her excitement. "Finally, there is me and my twin sister, Arianne." she tells her. "We are the babies of the family." She then looks to Cyrano, her eyes twinkling. "I am happy to hear you think so, My Lord." she tells him. "I had always thought that I would end up marrying solely for politics, but oh, how wonderful it would be to be able to honor my family while also honoring Elua and the Companions both with just one match." Again, a blush stains her cheeks and she looks back to Thibault with that same adoring gaze as he speaks, proclaiming that he shall take no consort. Yes, the girl is in love with the Charlot heir. That much is certainly plain to see. "I feel very lucky and blessed." she murmurs shyly.

"Shall I be honest with you?", Cyrano responds to his son. "Some have found that a relationship can grow from respect to mutual affection, and that such quality can be of longer duration and stability, than…" And here he smiles faintly. "A rush of the heart, that most often makes considerations of a more sensible kind sheer impossible. A match is to serve the family and the land. Your personal happiness is not the main purpose. But don't fret." Here, Cyrano gives Thibault a light wink. "In this case, your lady comes with connections, so let us assume, that all will be for the best."

Felicienne nods to the information about the number of siblings, and then her gaze brightens for a moment, at the mention of Ailene's older brother, the knight of the Swan. "Your feelings for my son are strong indeed," the mother observes lightly. "But you must be aware, that in marriage, it will not be about the love you and he share alone. Of course, this will help, in providing the heirs, Chateaugiron needs. But you will also be the woman that is to be at his side, to support Thibault, in his future role as Vicomte…" A glance towards Cyrano, and the father takes the opportunity to address them both. "I believe, the match is a proposition to be considered. I shall speak to the Head of our House, the Comte de Charlot. And I will also seek to address the matter with the Marquis d'Evreux. It is good fortune, that finds all of us currently in Elua. This can make the process of discussing such a match between our Houses all the swifter."

"I have never known you not to be. No reason to change that now." Thibault remarks shortly with a humored smirk, before hearing out the rest of his fathers words. "And less fortunately endowed men have found that size doesn't matter at all…" He murmurs under his breath with a faint roll of eyes and an amused snort, before his features turn more serious again. He reaches out one arm to rest a hand on the shoulder of the Vicomte, his lips curled up into a smile. "Don't worry father, I have not forgotten my duties to the family. If I thought this match to be anything less than perfect for our house, and lady Ailene anything less than the perfect woman to be by my side and carry me heir, I would have gone to far greater lengths to convince you of such. But, as it stands, I don't need to." He says then with a self-assured smile and a small shrug of shoulders. "I am glad to see that you seem to approve…" his eyes again fall upon the fiery-haired young Trevalion that has captured his heart. "I must admit that, after knowing her, I could never settle for anything less." The way he looks at her makes it quite obvious that any other woman would be considered 'less' by the young Chateaugiron heir.

Ailene casts her eyes downward as she listens to both elders speak and offer their opinions on the match, and most of all, love. She stays quiet as Thibault speaks, though a small, proud smile curves the corners of her lips forwards. Finally, she clears her throat a little before venturing to speak. "While love may not be not the main reason for a noble marriage, I can only believe that the Companions would be pleased nonetheless that such a match that does follow the precept is being pursued." Once again, she blushes. "Again, it can only be a bonus, but a very important one, yes?" she asks them, giving them both a smile. "As for being by his side, it would of course be a duty that I shall be proud to fulfill, as well as all obligations that come along with such a match." She then slowly walks back to Thibault and takes his hand, giving it a squeeze. "I am happy that you both seem to approve and that further negotiations can move forward." she tells them softly. "I look forward to introducing my parents to you, as well." she adds.

"Size, hmm?", his father counters with an amused snort. "It is not so much size than… a display of strength and integrity. How long have you known her? Three months… compared to the decades that lie ahead of you, it is such a brief span of time." Cyrano's eyes crinkle subtly at the corners, in light amusement at Thibault's counter. "And as it is, I will hardly object to the match because of the fact that love is involved. As long as the both of you are fully aware that there will be more to your married life than keeping the other happy." His lips twitch into a faint smile. "There are the people of Châteaugiron that will depend on your skill and the support of your wife, one day, Thibault. I trust that you will continue your studies to prepare for your future duties. It won't be me you'll have to convince, but them." This is added with a reassuring pat to the shoulder. And Cyrano glances towards his son, relishing perhaps in a bit of unrest he may have managed to unsettle in his son. The Vicomte de Chateaugiron is too much of a Kusheline as not to try, after all.

"The Blessing of the Companions…", Felicienne says this with a soft sigh to Ailene. "Truth be told, child. I am happy for my son to find a pleasant companion in marriage, but it would be naive to think that love alone will help you through all hardships and challenges. The challenge of securing the interests of our family within the political landscape of Kushiel's province. You may be more used to the comparatively soft dabblings in Azzalle. But. After all," Her gaze softens, into the closest moment of a smile she has displayed thus far, and she nods. "You are young. Both of you. Young and willing to learn. I would love to meet your parents, Lady Ailene, and talk with your mother, as she will know you best, much as I know my Thibault…"

Thibault takes Ailene's hand and returns the small squeeze when she moves to re-take her place at his side, giving her a small wink. He places a soft kiss on the top of her head before turning his gaze to his father once more, that pride still lingering in his eyes. "You know what I mean," he counters to his father reply with a subtly amused smile. "..those who have less often tries to convince themselves, and others, that less is more, even when it obviously isn't." A beat. "But you needn't worry. Like I said, I have not forgotten my duties to House Charlot or to the people of Chateaugiron, and Lady Ailene and I have already talked about the matter between ourselves. We might be young and in love, but we aren't blind to the realities of the world. I am sure that they will love her just as much as I do, and that she will prove a valuable and most helpful support in carrying out my responsibilities." He answers his father with the same self-assured tone.

Ailene, noticing the bit of subtle sense of humor in Thibault's father Cyrano, flashes him a dazzling smile. "Oh, but the younger we are, the more heirs we can hopefully produce." she teases, her eyes twinkling merrily. Still, at Felicienne's words, she grows serious again and nods solemnly, even blushing again, a tiny bit. "I understand, My Lady." she tells her. "It is my goal to assist my husband in whatever capacity I am required to, as a wife." She lifts her chin a tad, showing a bit of her Trevalion pride and determination. "I am a very quick learner." she tells them both. "I also have a great interest in horses, which would be beneficial to your family, though I am still learning there." She squeezes Thibault's hand again. "I also am very interested and know quite a bit about politics, though I am also still learning." She looks at both, her face open and honest. "I am very good at geography, as well." She then looks at Thibault, nodding to what he says.

"Heirs… well…", Cyrano muses, looking between the two of them. "I would hardly worry about it. Were it for heirs alone, you wouldn't even need to marry, but could become consorts, over the years. But marriage…" He rolls his eyes just so, aware as he is of the realities that are politics in Terre d'Ange. "It means so much more. As it will link House Trevalion to us. And Azzalle to Kusheth. Any mishap there…" And here he glances towards his wife Felicienne, who has returned to his side as well, "could very well affect us, on a far greater scale than you two young lovebirds may be able to imagine."

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