(1310-12-16) Saddle Sores and Confidences
Summary: Symon and Etienne arrive in the City of Elua and discover food and familiar faces there.
RL Date: 12/16/18
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A fine restaurant in the city of Elua


Gemma and Fenris are at a restaurant/bar down the street. Gemma's cheeks flush lightly, "Honestly, I don't know. I wouldn't be going to either one if it wasn't for Thadd. I imagine we are going to the palace, I wouldn't have a clue how you got an invite to the Night Court."

Fenris leans back a little and nods his head. "So really… we party all week because it's a long night?" He scratches his head. "My relatives dragged me here and said this is important. I still don't get it."

Gemma shifts a little, trying to think of how to explain things, "Well, it could be for political reasons. A lot of the nobility do political plans at these sort of things."

Étienne d'Arguil is freshly scrubbed in a formal, Northern cut tunic of black with forest green embroidery, wearing his best boots, dyed green to match. His shoulder length curly hair has been pomaded into a tail, that is likely to stay put, at least, instead of follow it's usual wayward tendency towards escape. He has replaced the practical leather thong he usually uses to tie back his hair with a green ribbon. He has freshly trimmed his goatee and shaved around it. His cheeks are still a bit red from the bath. He turns to his more elevated companion, "I am ravenous!"

Thaddeus steps into the area, now to sit down ar the table with the others, with a nod of his head."Sorry, I had something to buy for my little princess here, it will be dropped off at the hotel tonight, I saw it and I had to do it." His voice is soft, as he leans forward to kiss Gemma's hand softly, as he looks at each of them with a wider smile, as he whistles softly."You need to love this, when you see it."

Symon looks elated to be finally making his way into Elua. He is in his finer red and cream ensemble, but those who know him can be sure that he has something new for the Longest Night festivities that is not yet revealed. He too looks freshly scrubbed and shaved. "Too right," he agrees. "We m…must find something immediately. Oh," he says, as he looks toward a place from which the smell of delicious food is issuing. "There? I smell something cooking…"

Fenris blinks a few times and tilts his head. "Political? Oh I'm useless at this event." He chuckles. "Best I can do is embarrass them." He grins happily as he leans back slightly and sips his ale. He turns his eyes to Thad and blinks. "When did you slip away?" He glances around and frowns a little. "Oh I think I might be going blind or you are great at slipping away."

Étienne flashes Symon a sunny grin, clearly excited just to be here, "Oh yes! Let's!" The enthusiastic bumpkin lord leads the way to a restaurant likely well above his purse, trusting his friend to make good. t the door he pauses, "Symon! Is that Thaddeus and Gemma and… what was his name? The big fellow from the Consortship ceremony?"

"Oh…indeed," Symon confirms. "Lord Fenris," he says. "W…we're a b-bit acquainted." He moves in the direction of that group. "W…what a w-wise thing to have p-pledged so soon b-before Longest Night, it m…must still feel like p-part of the celebration," is his means of greeting.

Gemma brushes a kiss to Thadd's cheek before grinning at Fenris, "I'm not overly good in political situations either." lowering her voice she whispers, "Just stay out of the crowd, listen and stay out of the middle and your fine." grinning then, "He tends to disappear quite well." reaching for his hand she hmmmms, "I think I'm worried about what you've bought me. Nothing too outrageous I hope?" looking towards the door she lifts her hand and waves to the newcomers, "Running into people all over the place." she smiles.

Fenris takes a sip of his ale and turns his eyes to the door. He kicks out two chairs. "Look at the lovely couple!" He cheers to Symon and Etienne. He glances back to Gemma. He frowns. "He slipped away again." He shakes his head. "Wait.. middle of what?" He grumbles. "What do I have to stay out of the middle of?" He looks a little taken back.

Étienne say, "Oh yes! Congratulations again! We've only just arrived a few hours ago, and I swear if I had to spend another minute on that horse, I'd have been tempted to eat it." He waves at the departing Thaddeus. He looks to Symon as to the invitation."

"Always b-busy," Symon comments as Thaddeus slips past. Then he smiles at Etienne. "W…well, shall we?" he suggests, moving toward the seats Fenris has made available. "I'm just grateful for a seat that stays still," he says, and flops into the chair. "B-but yes, felicitations again," he says to Gemma. "Is there w…wine?"

There is a faint flash of annoyance from Gemma at Thadd's sudden disappearance but then it's gone and she's smiling. To Fenris, "Any sort of political intrigue, just stay quiet, listen and no one can blame you." she chuckles at Etienne's comment, "I would much rather have been on a horse then a carriage. Or a mix of both but well, no I didn't have that option. Welcome to the city." she waves a waitress over, asking for more wine and glasses. "Wine, ale, cider, whatever you would like."

Fenris blinks a few times. "Really? You are complaining about horses? I am not a good rider but I loved it. It was less taxing then walking…which is what I normally do. Plus I got a really big horse. Her name is Roach and she's taller than I am. My uncle thought it would not be good for me to ride a regular horse as it would seem I'd be crushing a pony." He sighs a little. He points Symon to the wine in the middle. "If politics come up, I will pretend I do not understand their language and just talk Skaldic."

Étienne sits, careful not to wrinkle his breeches. He nods emphatically, "That was the longest I've ridden anywhere in my life. Give me a ship any day." He nods at Gemma's advise, "Sensible indeed." He sighs, "Oh, I like a nice afternoon ride well enough, but we've been days in the saddle only stopping to eat and catch a few hours sleep." He cocks his head, "who are you meeting with?"

"W…we had a late start and a hard ride," Symon explains. He looks Fenris up and down. "Of course you do," he says. "Otherwise you're uncle's right, it'd be p…pony soup."

Gemma says, "Flattened pony to be sure and that would be horrible." taking a sip of her cider she asks Etienne, "When are we meeting with who? Do you mean about the political comments?""

Fenris chuckles a little. "Yeah…I know I'm big." He flexes a little, which tightens his tunic around his biceps. "I would have had to run beside the horses which to be fair, I've done that before." He smiles. "We are not meeting anyone but I don't really understand this tradition of… this tradition. This would be my first Longest Night …" He waves his hand in the air. "Thing. So she was explaining it's parties and politics."

Étienne barks with laughter at 'pony soup.' He nods to Gemma, "Yes." He studies the big man, "I've never been to one near as big and fancy as this. Back home is more party and less politics."

A nobleman who looks to be in his mid thirties looks in on the place and seems to recognize one of the party. "Symon?" he calls. The noble in question turns round. "Oh, Alain!" Symon calls. Then to his party at the table, he says, "Excuse me a m…moment, must catch up." He gets up and steps out to the street with this acquaintance.

Fenris blinks a few times and grumbles loudly. "Everyone keeps leaving me with their significant others! I am going to take offense to it soon." He drinks a little more ale and grins a little. He sees the studying from Etienne and before he chuckles. "I thought you were talking about me for a minute. Big and fancy as this… then you said back home and I understood. I am not a smart man."

Gemma says farewell to Symon before turning back to the table, "I've never been to a Longest Night party let alone a fancy party." she plays with her glass a bit, on the edge of saying more but holding off. She grins at Fenris, "You need to take that as a compliment."

Étienne looks amused, "I don't believe Symon belongs to anyone." He shrugs, "I'm not considered a wit myself." He sighs, "I've not the right clothes for Court, nor anything near fancy enough. I suspect I shall look a fool, but I am looking forward to the performances." He perks up, "I am told Eglantine does something really amazing and I am looking forward to hearing the music and seeing the dancing."

Fenris frowns at Gemma. "Either I am a good protector which I am and that's why or they think I'm ugly enough not to be a threat. I think I'm beautiful. Like a … um…" He scratches his beard. "…elephant." He face palms. "I was trying to think of a big animal and I just sounded like an idiot." He shakes his head again and glances over to Etienne. "Aren't you two together?" He lifts a brow a little. "Wait you got invited?! I didn't get an invite. I fear because I'm a Lord of Valliers they will make me listen to politics. So…" «Not going to understand anyways so I can just speak to them like this!» He says in Skaldic.

Gemma teases Fenris, "Fen my friend, you might have gotten away with that a few months ago when no one knew you but your friends know you are quite able to speak in our tongue." shifting a bit Gemma admits, "Anything I would want to wear isn't appropriate and everything else is just not what I call comfortable. All these stays and corsets, one can hardly breath."

Étienne says, "I've not seen an elephant. I have heard they make good steeds and are gentle." He glances off in the direction Symon went, and then is all smiles as his food arrives, "Oh! We are friends and like in exactly the sort of ways that make the sharing of entertainments pleasant. I've no idea if I've a proper invite, but i suspect Symon will bring me along anyway to keep him amused." His expression shows he's no idea what was said in skaldic, but that he recognizes the sound of it, "What part are you from?""

Fenris finishes up his ale and grumbles, «I can play stupid» He speaks simply. "Crap. Why did I have to learn it so fast? Oh! Other people don't know. People I don't know." He points to his temple. He tilts his head to Etienne. "So you are friends but you…share entertainment? I am so confused." He rubs his forehead. "Oh! That was Skaldic. I was raised there."

Gemma looks between the two of you, leaning back a bit before finishing off her cider, "I'll leave you two to your evening. I'm going to go find that consort of mine."

Étienne gives Gemma a measuring look, "I thik you have given me an idea, or half of one…" Then he is giving her a sunny smile, "I do wish you all joy together." He turns back to Fenris, and when his mouth is empty again, "Yes, What part of Skaldia? I'm from the North east of Azzalle, up by the border."

Fenris waves to Gemma and glances over to Etienne. "Far North. So if you were to go to Norstock and follow the line of water North. The village I grew up in was just past the last port town. We were almost in Vralia. Another way… if you were to find yourself in Tarkov in Vralia go straight west and the village is 5 miles from the coast." He grins a little.

Étienne grins, "I have seen maps, but I would love to here what it was like there. It's not exactly a distance I'm like to travel, but that doesn't stop me wanting to hear.

Fenris tilts his head a little. "You would not want to be there as you are but I can tell you what it was like." He pours himself more ale and takes a big drink. "In spring and summer there was a lot of planting and trying to grow. In autumn we raided other villages to take storehouses. In winter, you prayed to Odhinn not to die from the cold. Hunting was done all year. If you were not training for war you were weak and put to work cleaning and cooking." He sighs quietly. "Yet, the beauty of land cannot be understated. Our village was on a hill, a cliff to the south and west. Made it easy to defend." He grins. "The trees… as far as your eye can see. On very clear days you might catch a glimpse of the water to the west. In the middle of winter, white everywhere. So much so that .. if an animal moved you would see it easily while on post."

Étienne laughs, "My accent alone would be reason enough not to go." His lp curls up, "In truth I asked where exactly where you from out of curiosity as to whether your folk had tried to raid us, though there would bhave been no hard feelings either way. Everyone needs must make a living one way or another. Our castle is on a cliff for the same reason, and we can see far out to sea for raider boats and have time to call the villagers in in case of land raiders. There is nothing like a high place for beauty or defense."

Fenris grins a little. "I don't remember while I was there raids going that far south. Our village was small but strong." He grins a little. "Azzalle is still… civilized. Where I was raised it is not." He shakes his head. "There were many times I dragged my friends home after a raid and they were bleeding from wounds. They were given one week to get to their feet and start working or my mast… " He clears his throat. "Or the Yarl would kill them because they were weak." He shakes his head. "It was fight or die up there. Would not recommend or go back. Though I do praise Freja and Odhinn for my children. Had the Yarl not paired strong fighters together for mating, I would not have them."

Étienne nods, "And yet, we are rough compared to folk here. We practice sword in earnest because it matters just that little bit more. Here, I feel rough and unmannerly by comparison. I suspect we all make you feel even more so. I can't even imagine what it must be like for you here….You have children?"

Fenris nods his head. He watches Étienne a moment and takes a deep breath. "Everyone here seems soft but there is strength. I practice my sword alone, keep myself sharp." He takes a long drink of the ale. "I … don't tend to trust many. I grew up believing all D'Angelines were cattle to the slaughter." He nods his head slowly. "The man who owned me for thirty years of my life found me in Marsilikos." He looks down to his ale. "Brought with me my mated woman who'd given birth to twins. My twins. She hated them. Not because of me but she couldn't explain it. Gregoire said some mothers get… sad." He lifts his eyes to Etienne. "She begged me to take them and I did on the caveat that I duel to the death my captor." He takes a deep breath. "I am still here." Something sad is in his voice but he smiles slowly. "I have two beautiful babies. The boys name is Roan. The girls is Octavia."
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Étienne says, "I would offer, but I doubt I'm at your level. I've never fought for my life and I expect that adds a sharpness to one's skill that I'll never have." His eyes go wide, "You are from here? How then… Forgive me. It's impertinent prying." His tone gentles, "It is good you are still here, and I am glad something good came of it for you.""

Fenris lifts a brow. "I thought all had heard of the giant scion of Camlach thought dead at four only to return from his slavery in Skaldia." He lifts a brow a little. "I fought for my life weekly… nightly for my sanity. I only spoke Skaldic when I got here and learned by taking lessons from the baker. She is lovely and very helpful. I speak as I do now after a few short months because of her." He smiles a little. "I might not have introduced myself." He extends his hand. "I am Lord Gaspard Valliers. Most of my life I've been Fenris. Call me that."

Étienne shakes his head, "I fear a great deal of gossip misses us up in Berck, and most of what does come arrives for my Mother and Grandmère and not so much for me." Heis brows knit and he does look sympathetic, "I am sorry it has all been so hard for you and I can only imagine the difficulties in pocking up our language with no one who spoke your own tongue." Then he is flashing him a dimpled grin and gripping his hand. "It is pleasure to meet you Lord Gaspard Valliers."

Fenris smiles at Etienne. "Surprisingly… being in Masilikos has been the easiest part of my life. I do not have to tend field, fight daily, share a bed with someone I dislike… immensely. That was not the shieldmaiden but another. Someone who wanted to possess body and mind. I just get to walk around and learn. It's the easiest thing ever." He speaks softly.

Étienne nods, sipping his cider, "And you've your… was it Gregoire? And many friends it looks like."

Fenris tilts his head a little and lifts a brow. "Gregoire? I met him after I came home. I love him." He speaks softly. "I would not be here if it were not for Lady Zephyrine Valliers and the house blade Helisson. We were raiding the border and both women attacked me but Zee said I looked more D'Angeline than Skaldic even though I was in a loin cloth with a beard and my tattoos and brands showing." He chuckles a little. "I want more friends. An army of friends."

Étienne smiles warmly, "I am glad that you are happy in this." He nods. "There is no such thing as too many friends. Shall we drink to that?" He raises his tankard.

Fenris lifts his hand up and smiles happily. He lifts the ale and nods. "To many friends and fallen enemies." He slams the tankard on the table before drinking back all of the ale. He smiles happily. "Well, I should attempt to find where the Valliers are." He pushes himself up, knees cracking loudly and back popping. He urgs quietly. "I'm getting old…"

Etienne smiles back, all dimples and delight. He touches the rims and drinks his down. "And I must sleep. It's been a long several days and I am clean and fed and looking forward to a better class of mattress. Fare you well and may you have a joyous festival." He rises stiffly, the muscles having had enough time to cramp again, and with a friendly wave hobbles off."

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