(1310-12-15) To Dresses, Matches and Trade Arrangements!
Summary: Rajiya meets with the King and Queen of Terre d'Ange
RL Date: 20/12/2018
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Featuring NPCs King Léopold de la Courcel and Queen Penelope

Audience Chamber — Royal Palace — City of Elua

The capital of Terre d'Ange is buzzing with activity, and the impending festivities for Longest Night are the topic in the various inns, public places and private quarters of the city. This general air of unrest seems to subside once one enters the Palace grounds, a place that emanates royal splendour and a general calm. This building has been the center of all d'Angeline politics, it will scarcely be prone to be shaken by the ever returning diversions of the Palace Ball.

Rajiya will have received an invitation for an audience with the King, and it is on this afternoon, that she is bidden to come to the palace, a courtesy that is to be expected, especially towards an ambassador of a foreign land. Rajiya will be guided to a smaller audience chamber, a room that despite its elaborate wall paintings emanates an almost casual air that should make it easier to engage in conversation. The king and his wife are already there, seated at the table where there are two varieties of wine to choose from, flagons sitting beside finest goblets of gold. King Leopold de la Courcel is a man in his late forties, handsome in his d'Angeline way. The Queen is a foreigner, beautiful but more in that Hellene sort, as she hails from Hellas. Both royals are clad in finest clothes as is to be expected, and both are wearing crowns that are signs of their station.

Reaching Elua, Rajiya has been truly taken in by the city. Her mama's stories over the years, pale in comparison of the real thing. Having arrived with the group that contained boy the Vicomtesse de Draguignan (Jelene) and her brother, Drake, and the Vicomtesse de Gueret (Philomene), she would have likely separated to take rooms wherever one of her station would have been given.

The invitation received, Rajiya makes herself ready, dressing nicely in a sari of greens with hints of silver that might call to mind the colors of House Sommerville from which her mother and a great removed grandfather both hale from. There are several trunks of gifts, from bolts of fabric, to pelts of exotic furs, and jewels that will be given to the royals. Upon entering the room, she will step forwards, soon to lower herself in a curtsey of respect to the King and Queen both, a gesture that comes gracefully to the foreigner.

There would have been quarters offered to Rajiya, at the Ambassador's Tower on the palace grounds, a fine suite in an interior styled in the manner of Bhodistan. So much different from this audience chamber. The gifts were apparently received in the best manner, which the King is quick to address in well-phrased words. "Your Excellency," Léopold de la Courcel addresses Rajiya, and in a friendly gesture beckons her to step closer and sit down with them. "Allow me to thank you for the presents brought, and the letters too. Looking at you, it may be easy to overlook that you are part d'Angeline, but yes, as it is, you are not that foreign to us and our customs, I presume? House Somerville holds the Provincial Duchy of l'Agnace." His wife looks quite enchanted as she inclines her head towards Rajiya, and a smile curves her lips, when she adds, "I was impressed, my lady, especially with the pelts, and the colorful bolts of fabric you brought along. I already sent for a tailor, to work on ideas for new gowns… What is it you are wearing currently? Is this what they wear in Bhodistan?" Her voice sounds kind, but her speech is colored by an accent, that gives away her Hellene origin. Dark eyes regard Rajiya with open curiosity.

Rising from the curtsey, Rajiya smiles to both the royals, "Your royal highnesses. It is a pleasure to finally have the chance to not only see you, but speak with you." Her own voice holds that soft accent of home, different from the queen's. "I am glad that you enjoyed the gifts." The smile warms further as she looks between both before taking a seat where indicated, "No, my father was more than happy to have my mother teach us of her own home and culture, and it's customs." When questioned, she nods once, "It is the traditional dress of Bhodistan, yes." She goes through the various pieces, and what they are for the Queen, "If you have need, I could supply you with a pattern, should you wish to create something similar?"

"Perhaps.", Queen Penelope allows with a smile. "But I would like to try one of these gowns on at first. And be instructed on how to do so." She looks towards the King, and her eyes glint lightly, perhaps with a bit of mischief. "It looks so artful, it must be a challenge to put this attire on. And to discard it, as well." It is a jest, and it succeeds in making the King's countenance lapse for a second. He gives her a look, but then the King's attention shifts back to Rajiya. "You are the consequence of my father's political endeavours of building and strengthening bonds with other countries," he addresses her, and in doing so, nods to a servant to pour them some wine. "A child of two cultures, as it were. And now, it seems, it is you that has been sent to us as Ambassador of your country? Where do you think are areas where we can work on improving our relations to the Raja of Bhodistan?"

Rajiya's smile warms further, "That I can arrange as you wish, your royal majesty." That said, as the husband and wife share such side comments and looks, she drops her gaze to her beringed and henna-ed hands that lie clasped lightly in her lap, as if giving them that moment of privacy. Might there even be a hint of amusement in her gaze when she turns attention back to the conversation? "I am, yes." She says before considering the question carefully, "Besides the trade agreements that already exist between our people, along with a readiness to lend aid whenever needed?" A breath is taken before she says quietly, "There has been hope that I might find a home here in Terre d'Ange through marriage. Those that have gone before, lived in Bhodistan."

Queen Penelope seems pleased with Rajiya's offer, and she nods, affirming this with a smile, "I would very much appreciate this, my lady." Leaving the topic of attire at that, the queen falls silent then and looks towards her husband, as Rajiya mentions that certain hope. The king smiles and lifts his hands from his lap, "Ah, marriage. It is a tool often used, in our trade of politics, is it not? And yes, I believe there can be no stronger bond between nations, than uniting them in such a manner, that next generations will be bound to these treaties by bonds of blood. To find a fitting match, can be a lengthy process, though. Unless… you have already an idea in mind, Your Excellency?"

There is a nod of Rajiya's head passed to the queen, a certain happiness that says plainly she looks forwards to showing the queen more. As the talk turns towards the business of uniting two kingdoms, she considers her words carefully, "I do, and yet I understand as well that both my parents and uncle… " The Raja of Bhodistan. ".. would like it to be a strong alliance, fair to both sides." Makes sense. "There is a young lord that I have become friends with, but.." Might she show a hint of uncertainty? "He is unlanded, though his half sister holds the title of Vicomtesse de Draguignan, and has said that her half brother is her heir, that she plans on handing him the title." A wry smile is given, "She hopes to marry someone of higher station, and would then take on that title, as would her children then inherit." But surely the royals can see where this might not work. It is a game of waiting, and only succeeds should if and when, the Vicomtesse marries.

"Hmmm." King Léopold de la Courcel gives Rajiya a thoughtful look. "It may be an option to consider, perhaps. But I could see your family wishing for a more convincing statement of a match. A title. A high title. But…" He lifts his shoulders in a light shrug, "I believe there will be time enough to explore and consider other options. However. Should a match be established, it is to be as strong and lasting as the majestic mountains of Bhodistan. You have come here to Elua for these negotiations? Just in time, it seems, for Longest Night. You will, I hope, attend the Midwinter Ball that is now less than a week away?"

Rajiya dips her head, the motion to cause her earrings to sway, catching the light. "As you say, your royal majesty." The search for a match, will be interesting, to say the least. With the invitation to the royal ball, there is another of her smiles, "I would be honored to attend, thank you. Lord Rousse had asked if he might escort me. "There comes a bit of a chuckle, "Somehow, I think he's gotten the duty of escorting three of us to the ball, as he has over the trip here." The poor young lord.

"I have," the Queen takes over from her husband, "taken the liberty of sending you a dress or two, that you might find to your liking for the ball. It is a masque, so, I have had masks for both options sent along. Please…" She smiles, "do me the honor of introducing this Lord Rousse to me at the ball. He must indeed be a lucky man." Hellene humor is glimmering in her dark eyes, as Penelope de la Courcel adds this latter comment, to the duty of escorting three ladies at one time. Another look to Léopold, and she adds, "The dresses are suggestions, of course, but you may have arrived with your own. I was just… thinking, that it would be otherwise at too short a notice, for you to prepare adequately for the ball."

Rajiya ohs softly, "I thank you for the consideration, and will look at them both when I return to my rooms." A pause given, "Mama had made sure I had a few varying outfits to wear made before I left Bhodistan.." But the woman's sense of fashion might be a tad out-dated, maybe. But who would know? Asof the introduction, she is quick to answer, laughing a little more, "I will be sure to do that at the ball. " It's perhaps obvious that she does like the young lord, perhaps even fallen for him, against her better judgement, knowing what might be decided in the future.

"I am certain, your outfits are fine…!", Queen Penelope assures with a soft smile. "It was not my intention to infer it were otherwise. It is a Masque, and in that, differs from the usual requirements of attire." As for meeting the lord, she chuckles lightly and inclines her head. "I would be delighted." And here, King Léopold de la Courcel chimes in, "As would I. So… if you like to go through some of those trade agreements, I would be at leisure. Or we can do so, after the festivities have concluded."

Rajiya considers for a moment, then smiles a little, "But, being truly masked, may prove to be even more fun, yes?" Surely people would know who she is, if she showed up in a sari, even wearing a mask! "I think I will have fun seeing the outfits that you have sent, and choosing one of them." The poor lord may be in trouble! A nod is given to the king, a quiet agreement to introduce him to Drake as well. As for the trade agreements, she leans in, "I can do them now, or afterwards, if such would work better for you?" The choice is left up to the King.

"I will be curious to see which one of the outfits you will choose," the queen tells Rajiya, unfolding her hands in her lap to accept one of the goblets of wine from her attendant. Another such goblet will be offered to the Bhodistani Ambassador, and a third has found its way into the king's hand. "To dresses, matches and trade agreements," Léopold intones. "We should take advantage of the spirit of the hour, and work through them right away. As I fear, on the morning after Longest Night, our heads may be too heavy from indulging in the festivities."

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