(1310-12-13) Lis d'Or Fete for Fiorella
Summary: To celebrate Fiorella's completed marque, Salon Lis d'Or throws a fete in her honor.
RL Date: December 13, 2018
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Ballroom - Le Lis d'Or

The Lis d'Or Ballroom shows off elegant grandeur through golden ornaments on the walls, and it has a ceiling painted with an elaborate fresco of Cereus canon, a frail looking version of Naamah ensnaring the interest of King Persis with her charms of transient beauty. There are three crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, and together with additional oil lamps set at the walls at regular intervals they will offer sufficient lighting. Heavy brocade drapes at the windows in deep lapis lazuli blue offer contrast to the polished inlay work of the parquet wood floor, combining light maple wood with dark patterns of mahogany.

About the dancefloor, a number of tables have been arranged to offer seating accomodation, and the opportunity to enjoy refreshments. The chairs and tables are of dark mahogany wood, upholstery and cushions of finest deep blue satin with gold lining. Each table presents one aspect of Lis d'Or canon, as there are four of them, one each for Cereus, Dahlia, Camellia and Eglantine.

Fete Decorations:
Tonight, the ballroom has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Some candles and lamps are left unlit, lowering the light within the room, while ornaments hang from the ceiling, sparkling like stars in the night sky. Small potted trees have been set up around the room, decorated as well in white and gold. Tables are set, many with fingerfoods or various offerings of drinks. Upon the small stage, musicians play music for dancing, sometimes accompanied by vocals.

The belle of the ball is Fiorella, and the newly marqued Courtesan stands just within the ballroom so she might greet those guests that have come to offer their congratulations. With smiles and polite words, she greets all that enter, pointing them towards refreshments and seats, or even an adept or Courtesan who might be looking for a dance partner.

Narcisse would hardly miss a festivity, even if he might join the entourage heading for Elua soon enough. Elegantly dressed in his family colours, he steps into the ballroom. Once he spots Fiorella, which isn't really kind of hard as she's standing at the entrance he offers a gentle smile "Congratulations on your finished marque." he offers to her.

When Narcisse steps into the ballroom, Fiorella lights up, offering him a warm smile. Her hands may seek his, offering them a quick squeeze as she leans in to kiss his cheeks, "Thank you, milord. I am glad that you made it tonight. May I count on a dance with you later?" A favorite is he, one she is happy to see tonight.

A little smile crosses Narcisse's face as he is given that special attention, yes she certainly knows how to push his buttons most of the time. And, of course, he inclines his head in regards to her question "Of course, I'd be honoured to dance with you, my dear." Though for now he settles to grab himself some wine from a nearby table. Looking at the decorated ballroom, he can't help but comment "Lovely."

Standing at the entrance of the ballroom is the belle of the evening, Fiorella. Dressed to show off hre newly completed marque as well! Smiling at Narcisse's answer, she dips her head towards the lord, "Soon then." First, she must greet those coming in for a short time. Allowing her gaze to linger on the man, she soon turns back to greet another noble, a couple who greet her warmly, "A good eve to you, my Lord and Lady. May you enjoy your evening.."

Laurentin's arrival might be perhaps a touch unusual. Less because he is not a noble and from a different Salon, but because he is unaccompied. And for once, not barefoot. But that only would shock those who know him. Instead he is dressed in warmer winter silks, colored a deep navy blue with hints of silver thread in strategic locations that, when hit by the light just right, might appear like stylized stars that twinkle from a night sky. Dark boots, and somewhat of a frock-coat finish the attire, formal, as befitting for a function at Lis d'Or and his own marque completely covered, for it is the night of another that is to be celebrated after all. Waiting his turn to be introduced to the one in whose name the fete is celebrated today.

Idly balancing the glass of wine between his fingers, Narcisse takes a look here and there, trying to find a known face amongst the crowd besides the host of todays fete of course. And yet he doesn't fit any, but doesn't seem to be too displeased about it for now, as he starts mingling with the crowd nonetheless, stopping here and there to maybe make a few acquaintances among local nobility that is around. Still, his sea-grey eyes flicker over towards Fiorella every now and then, sending her a warm smile.

Members of the Salon are gathered within the ballroom, many offering refreshments to those arriving, while others are playing music and entertaining guests already within. Standing at the entrance, Fiorella greets the arriving guests, speaking briefly with each one before moving to the next. That gaze of Narcisse's is caught when her own might momentarily move from the doorway to those within the room already. Turning back, Laurentin is greeted as well, "Blessings to Cocquelicot." The courtesan is at least known to her in passing, though she may not know his name, "Be welcome and enjoy your evening with Lis d'Or."

Laurentin smiles as he is greeted, and he does offer the Lis d'Or the kisses of greeting, though more stylized, brushing her cheek with his first to her right, then her left cheek, kissing the air. "And Blessings to Lis d'Or, Courtesan.", he stresses her full title with a smile. "And congratulations.", he offers. With that, he does not linger too long, does not take too much time from her, merely stepping aside for the next to be greeted, offering their well-wishes. After all, he knows the rigors of having to play hostess.
Moving further into the room, he soon nods his head to the few of the local nobility he does know. And who offer said recognition to him first, more importantly. After all, seeking out a Ghentian still sometimes is thought of as admitting a flaw or weakness by many.

Narcisse keeps himself in the background for now, being assured that he will get his moment of attention anyway, as it was promised to him already and it gives him that smug expression on his face that he is known for. Taking a sip of wine, he watches the other courtesan being greeted and he gives the man a curious glance, but his attention doesn't last that long and it changes to the music being played instead.

"Thank you." Fiorella replies to Laurentin after the exchange of those kisses to either cheek. The acknowledgement from another Courtesan is greatly appreciated by the newly marqued one. As he slips off to join the others, she turns to greet one other guest before a novice comes up to whisper in her ear. It is then that she turns, for many, the first glimpse of that bared marque to be seen, revealed by the low cut of her gown. The sweep of the lace at ehr feet is made with a show of grace, her steps to lead her towards the stage where the music winds down. Once upon it, she turns to those gathered, and with a smile, speaks, "I thank you all for gathering tonight. May you enjoy both the refreshments and the entertainment."
With that said, she nods to the young adept upon the piano who begins to play, soon joined by violin. After a moment, her voice joins in, singing lightly and with feeling. For those who haven't heard her, there is something remarkable to be said about her voice. It's beyond the training that she's had within the Salon.
"The valley green was so serene
In the middle ran a stream so blue
A maiden fair in despair
Once had met her true love there and she told him

She would say:
"Promise me, when you see
A white rose you'll think of me
I love you so, never let go
I will be your ghost of a rose"

OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP6DRZJ12fU

<FS3> Fiorella rolls Singing: Great Success. (2 5 2 7 7 6 4 1 2 8 7 3)

With the eyes of Narcissus finding him, Laurentin turns brown eyes briefly back to the man in turn. The Courtesan is — as he is often — offering a faint, if pleasant smile, but other than that leaves his expression in a carefully maintained neutral of certain serenity, perhaps further enchanting the rumours of otherworldlyness that tend to surround his house in Elua. Still, the man is given a nod, as well, before the attention is drawn away from Narcisse by the lovely courtesan offering her more overt greetings to those gathered, and a glimpse of her talents more than just of her fully completed marque! There is a moment of surprise at her unique voice that flitters over Tin's features, before he does make his way towards Sissy, offering a quiet, "That is a remarkable gift, she has, is it not?".

Narcisse takes another deep sip of the wine in his hands and then he falls silent, when the singing performance starts and it seems to refresh his memories of the courtesan's skill, sending a shiver down his spine for a moment there. Though then his attention is drawn towards Laurentin, when the man speaks to him, offering him a bare nod of the head "Well, I had the opportunity to hear her voice already before, but she indeed has a very special gift." he agrees with a smirk on his face, not mentioning what else he might have experienced.

The song continues, her voice to rise and fall as the story unfolds between the two lovers. Fiorella's gaze to linger on one then another out in the audience. Full of emotion is her voice, the music fading off to leave her singing the last alone. There is a reason they dubbed her the Topaz of Marsilikos, one of few jewels of the city.

"Promise me, when you see
A white rose you'll think of me
I love you so, never let go
I will be your ghost of a rose
Ghost of a rose…."

As the last fades off, she bows her head to the applause that comes. A song only, and she will step down, to make her rounds of guests. Surely another song will come, eventually.

Surely Laurentin would not be too shocked about what else might have been experienced by the man from a night flower. "Ah.", he offers instead, though as the song continues, he does fall quiet, letting her have the full effect — and attention of all the audience for the finale.
"Well, might I suggest you invest in white roses, then….", he offers to Narcisse, with a hint of humour in his voice then. "…surely with such a voice alone, her requests for assignation will multiply in the following weeks. Might be difficult to secure an assignation with her.", he speculates.

Narcisse remains quiet for as long as the song continues on, closing his eyes briefly once again, as he truly enjoys the gift of the fresh courtesan's voice. And once it ends, his eyes flutter open once again and he joins into the applause politely with another smile sent her way, before focusing his attention on the closeby Laurentin "Oh, I know her prices will rise anyway now that she is fully marqued. But then I already had an assignation with her before and was quite… satisfied with it." Yes, he is quite blunt about it and why should he not.

Having just sung for the firs time tonight, Fiorella has left the stage to those playing music, to go out into the audience, greeting and speaking with those that have come tonight. Slowly may she make her way, but eventually, she will come near to where Narcisse and Laurentin stand, discussing her. Not that she hears their comments! "Milord, Courtesan." It is to Narcisse that she poses her question to, "Did you still wish that dance?" The first of the evening, lucky him!

Laurentin is standing near Narcisee, while Fiorella just finished performing her first song for the night, now starting to return to the party guests. As for the bluntness, Laurentin does not react much to it, apart of nodding to the man. "You are a lucky man, that she would consider you, then.", he offers, once his own applause has dwindled, and conversations spring up again.

Emory makes his way down in time to catch the tail end of the performance, and finds himself a place to observe Fiorella's singing until she is finished. Only then, does he step away from the wall and make his way over to acquire a drink for himself, to hold in one hand as much as a prop as to actually sample the contents, and takes in those gathered to celebrate.

Fiorella stands near Laurentin and Narcisse after finishing her first song of the evening. With her gaze on the lord, it would seem she is waiting an answer from him. With music starting by those upon the small stage, and other novices circling with refreshments, it would see the fete is a success so far tonight. A send off for those that might be leaving in the next day or two for the City of Elua.

Narcisse is standing close to Laurentin, while Fiorella approaches them after having finished her first song of the night and so his attention is drawn to her once again soon enough, especially as she addresses him for the first dance. A little smug expression crosses the young Trevalion's face, as he nods his head in response, offering "Of course I'd be honored to be the first to dance with you on your special evening." A quick glance is offered to Laurentin, making sure that there is no objection, not that he would expect any, before those sea-greyish eyes fall upon Fiorella once again.

No objection at all from Laurentin. In fact, he might be a tad confused when Narcisse looks to him. "Enjoy your dance…", he wishes them both, instead, soon to step back so they might start twirling right away, if they wish to do so! Instead, he does move to take a glass from one of the passing novices.
The visiting courtesan himself is dressed in some silken finery of navy blue and silver, that his typist was too lazy to put into his +desc, but his own marque is carefully covered, so the new arrivals know.%r%rEmory lingers on the periphery with his drink. His own marque is not on display this evening, present to support a fellow courtesan of the House and celebrate her marque, instead. He smiles a little as Fiorella entreats her first dance of the evening, hanging back, to offer congratulations at a more opportune time.

A quick smile is given to Laurentin, "If you will forgive me stealing away your conversation partner?" A dip of her head is given before turning to the lord. With the acceptance, Fiorella's hand will seek that of Narcisse's, to allow the lord to escort her to the floor proper. Then, with a brief hesitation to get the beat of the song, she glides easily into the steps. Others soon join, leaving many a couple twirling and swaying in the steps of the dance with conversation heard on the edges as people gather with friends.

On the sidelines, Sarielle is doing her best to mingle, flowing through the ballroom. A curtsey here, a bantering conversation there, a whispered direction to a novice when she notes a guest ill-attended; the bouquet of Golden Lilies is here as support staff for Fiorella.

Narcisse nods his head slightly towards Fiorella and gently takes her hand as he leads her to the dancefloor, offering a nod to a few people, as he passes them. As the song starts to play, he starts to move along with his partner and while he might be a bit inexperienced of a dancer, his movements don't seem to be that awkward.

"How could I be cross with a charming thief as you?", Laurentin wonders, lips curving in a light smile as Fiorella does just that: Steal Narcisse away from the conversation they had. Not truely upset, seems Laurentin, with the glass of wine in hand, he soon moves once more, enjoying the festivities in the 'rival' salon, but truely more paying his respects to a fellow flower of a night about her achievement.

Emory watches Sarielle for a moment or two as she moves through the room, and is distracted for a moment by a pair of gentleman with whom he must be acquainted, as he allows himself to be pulled away to speak with them for a while, and likely discussing the lady of the hour, as there are glances cast in her direction as she makes her way onto the dancefloor with Narcisse.

As Fiorella dances with Narcisse, she speaks with him, quietly as they exchange embraces, moving from one step to another. A touch of hands, a swirl about his arm, the lace of her dress to brush his legs before they part to different partners briefly, to be rejoined again. Laughing, there is a quick flash of a smile on her lips, amber eyes to meet those of the lord's, lips moving in conversation before they might be parted again.

Nothing has been shorted, food and wine found plenty tonight. No doubt, the Head Courtesan would be found to answer any other questions had, making a list of those names who might be interested in more with the new Courtesan.

Laurentin fades more into the background, then, the wine sipped at a measured, slow pace, while he stops briefly with someone who does recognize and aknowledges the fact, pleasantries exchanged, before he moves on, soon to find a place near the wall to stand out of the way and not interfere with the fete, though he does seem to take in the efforts of the Lis d'Ors, the training of their novices and yes, the Head Courtesan, if he does spot her working her magic.

Emory eventually makes his way over to Laurentin and takes up a place against the wall nearby. He gives the man a little smile and a dip of his head before asking, "Are you enjoying yourself?" He seems comfortable enough to remain on the periphery, himself, now that he's drifted free of those he had been talking to briefly.

A little smile appears on Narcisse's face at whatever is whispered to him by Fiorella and he murmurs something in response, which has his cheeks flustered a bit for a moment, though nonetheless seems to enjoy the close embraces in between the partner switches, his own movements still a bit clumsy, but also graceful on the other side. His sea-greyish eyes meet the contact of hers still, not flickering a bit.

Composed. Regal and elegant. The trademarks of those trained within the Salon. Shine and Inspire as is their motto. Fiorella smiles further, though there is a look of mischief in those amber eyes as she makes a comment in turn before they once more, dance apart. A swing with another partner, and she is back with Narcisse, the song soon to end. There is a curtsey given to him, cheeks warm with color, "Until later, milord?" Before she might be claimed for another dance, she turns to head for the stage. Time for another song? Maybe.

With Emory stepping beside him, Laurentin does tilt his head, lips to curve into a smile, if faint for a moment. "It is quite the lavish affair.", he offers, without surprise in his voice. "Yes, I am enjoying the hospitality and the glimpse into the other Salon's work.", he offers easily enough. A nod of his head to the walls, the fresqo that is painted there. "A copy of Cereus house's?", he wonders. He might have seen it during his time in Elua, but it has been years ago now. There is always the fine line between copy and inspired by, right? Regardless, he soon offers his hand, after shifting the wineglass out of the way. "Laurentin no Coquelicot. Formerly no Ghentian.", he does offer in form of introduction.

Emory inclines his head to Laurentin and takes the offered hand, giving it a firm but friendly and brief shake in greeting, glancing toward the mural and says, "Inspiration, I believe, though I've honestly never been to Elua, so I couldn't say for certain with my own eyes." He then offers his name as well, "Emory nó Lis d'Or, and I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying. It seems my own congratulations are going to have to wait. The lady is very busy this evening, as one might expect." Then he pauses and says, "I have always found the arts of the Gentian to be fascinating."

Narcisse now has a more smug look on his face, as he watches Fiorella move close once again and her answer seems to please him in a most certain kind of way. A short reply is whispered to her, before he offers in a soft tune "I'm sure we'll have another dance." As he watches her leave, he then grabs his glass of wine once again and melts into the background for the time being, not desiring any further dance for the time being with another adept or courtesan, it seems.

Once more does Fiorella take to the stage, her dress smoothed as she looks out over the audience. This time, there is no accompaniment of instruments, only her clear voice given to the song. Standing with hands clasped before her, she gives all to the song, giving words emotion, feelings. While sung in D'Angeline, there are noticeable rhythms from Eire in it.
"Where Lagan stream sings lullaby
There blows a lily fair
The twilight gleam is in her eye
The night is on her hair
And like a love-sick leannan-sidhe
She has my heart in thrall
Nor life I owe nor liberty
For love is lord of all…"

OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=598Om7WvAsI%r

<FS3> Fiorella rolls Singing: Good Success. (3 2 8 3 7 6 3 6 4 1 6 7 6)

Laurentin ahs softly at the explanation of the mural. "It is lovely, no matter the origins.", he comments, nodding simply to the fact that Emory was never to Elua, though the hand is gladly shaken, the smile to grow a bit more full, pleasure to be let to show a bit more on his features than perhaps usual for the normally reserved courtesan. "The Topaz of Marsilikos. I seen her before, briefly, I believe, but the moniker is not mistplaced. Sadly I have not yet met even a fraction of the courtesans in the City, I am only in it for a few weeks, really.", he explains. As for the work of his canon, he nods. "Thank you for your kind words. It is not something many think about until the time comes that they might need it. But I found it to be rewarding. Difficult, sometimes, but rewarding.", he admits. Of course then the second song comes around, and Tin falls quiet again, for now, listening, enjoying the unique quality of the centerpiece of todays fete.

Emory inclines his head to Laurentin, but when the second song starts, his attention focuses once more on the performer, taking in every note, every gesture, and the way that she breathes as she sings. There's a dip to his head, a slight nod to the song. It's only once it is over though, that he says quietly to Laurentin, "It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for coming out to show your support." He then once more drifts away, as quietly as he'd arrived.

Narcisse falls silent once again from the chatter with whoever he might have been conversing at the second song, which even has an exotic touch to it and he is again quite touched by the performance, giving it another polite clap towards the singer, before he makes his way towards one of the tables in search for some finger food, as he somehow grew hungry a bit or might just be looking for some distraction.

Like before, the song ends, and Fiorella steps forwards, to make the rounds of the ballroom. This time, it is an elder man who claims her for the dance, a certain happiness in finding him there to be found on her face. While the older man's steps are slower, there's still a quiet grace to his movents, seemingly timed well with the Topaz as if they'd dance before a few dozen times.

With the song ended, Laurentin does offer his own applause as well, only to have Emory make his exit. "And a pleasure to meet you, Courtesan.", he offers to te man, in parting. Leaning back against the wall, he once more turns to observing the room rather than talking, sip by sip emptying his own glass of wine, before it finally is emptied. Declining a refill by a novice, he thanks the younger servant, before letting them take the empty glass.

In the embrace of an older man, Fiorella twirls about to the music played on the stage. Laughing at whatever the man might have said, she smiles at him, leaning in to whisper in his ear. About the room they move, and when the song comes to an end, she is escorted off by the man who takes a seat and a glass of wine passed to him by Fio. A bit of lemonade is sought for herself for now, saving her voice for another song later in the evening.

With the evening progressing nicely, Laurentin finally does step off the wall, weaving his way through the party goers, skiriting the edges of the 'dance floor', before he makes his way back to near the entrance, which, to him, will surely serve as an exit shortly. Stopping with a novice, he does lean in to whisper a few words to the younger servant, before he waits to make sure he was understood, then offers quiet thanks and a kiss to the cheek, before he indeed slips back out into the damp autumn weather outside.
Surely, soon after, said novice will deliver his whispered words to Fiorella, as she was instructed.

Narcisse chews on some find and then swallows it down with some of the wine still left in the glass, before emptying it completely as a novice approaches to refill his glass. The offer is greatly appreciated and he inclines his head towards said adept. Meanwhile he seems to prefer to linger in the background for the time being, simply observing.

As the current song finishes filling the room the musicians prepare another. As they get ready to play the pale beauty that is Lisette steps onto the stage calmly and with regal poise. The platinum haired novice has that pale hair adorned and braided elegantly with sparkling silver ribbons. Her dress is a deep sea blue modest yet enticing and fashionable. The gown flows down her form like water and a silver sash to match the ribbons in her hair encircles her waist. She steps onto the stage and curtseies to the crowds as she is announced by one of the other musicians. "And now will will have one of our novices, Lisette no Lis d'Or sing for you. Please enjoy." Lisette steps forward then her skirt fluttering softly as she seems to glide across the stage, her lips parting to unleash the beginnings of melody sung in a sweet soprano voice. The notes start low and steady, a slow hum that rises to something higher and brighter, like the rising of the morning sun.

<FS3> Lisette rolls Singing: Great Success. (8 1 7 3 5 6 2 2 7 8)

As the novice approaches to whisper the message to her, Fiorella looks to the exit, giving Laurentin a dip of her head in acknowledgement, and a quiet thanks for his presence away from his own Salon. Turning back to the elder lord, a Comte that many might recognize, she speaks with him for a moment, soon teased when the stage is graced by the novice to sing. Quiet is she, listening, no doubt taking note of little things that she might later offer to Lisette in critigue, but overall, finds the performance lovely. With a kiss to the Comte's cheek, she moves away to continue greeting other guests.

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