(1310-12-13) Journey to City of Elua Pt 2
Summary: The journey towards the City of Elua continues with a break for conversation and to await their other traveling companion.
RL Date: December 16, 2018
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On the banks of the river outside Avignon

A clearing near the banks of the river, a boat at dock.

The first day of traveling comes to an end near Avignon, where they will move on to a River Boat the next morning - and meet up with the Lady Philomene. The servants have set up a tent and prepare dinner for the noble travelers - the Ladies Jelene and Rajiya and Lord Drake. Who's rather nervous at the prospect of the ladies coming face to face at last. He's washed after a long day in the saddle, put fresh clothes on and is now standing inside the tent, waiting for them.

Rajiya retreated into her tent to rest and clean up as well. She managed most of the trip in the saddle, but at one of the last stops finally climbed into her own carriage. Not used to riding horseback at all is the princess. Her guards remain close to her tent, the one in charge following her when she steps out, dressed in a warm sari covered by her cloak. Speaking aside to the guard for a moment, her head nods once before she turns and spies Drake waiting. "Ah, dinner is ready?" She wonders as she crosses over towards him.

Jelene has washed and dressed impeccably as usual. Well, as impeccably as one can while camping upon the roadside. She departs her tent and looks around, noticing Drake and Rajiya. A small smile plays at the corner of her lips and she heads in their direction. "Good evening." she greets them. "I am absolutely famished." She looks rather happy that food is at the ready and takes a seat. She allows herself a bit of a pause as her brother and the Princess greet each other and settle in for the meal, before she turns her gaze to Rajiya. "I am so happy to finally meet you." she says to the princess. Her voice, while distantly polite, does have warmth. "Drake has said so many wonderful things about you."

"Indeed, it is.", Drake confirms when Rajiya enters the tent and takes her hand to bring it to his lips for a light kiss. "Looking splendid as ever." And then there's Jelene and he holds his breath, but things seem to be going well. As they all sit down to eat, he remains silent for the moment, letting the ladies get acquainted.

"I look forwards to it.." Rajiya murmurs in return to Drake as his lips brush the top of her hand. Stepping inside the tent, she will find a place to sit, turning to Jelene, "As am I. Drake speaks often of you." Her voice is warm as well, only a hint of an accent to her D'Angeline. "The ride was lovely…" Turning to Drake, she offers a wry smile, "I am sorry that I left you alone earlier, but I am still getting used to riding." Not her normal mode of transportation! "I do look forwards to the boat, seeing the land as it floats by."

Jelene waits until the princess has been served, and then nods for herself to be served. Drake, of course, will be served last, after the ladies. She slides a glance to him to see if he tries to serve himself before that, ever the watchful big sister. "I usually prefer riding, myself." she says to Rajiya. "I was a bit under the weather earlier, however, and decided to nap in the carriage." She chuckles and then takes a sip of her wine. "I, too, am looking forward to the boat ride." she comments. Then, as she daintily cuts her meat, she murmurs, "So, how did the two of you meet?" She seems genuinely interested, but the way she asks is very nonchalant, not at all putting either one of them on the spot.

"In the bakery.", Drake recalls with a soft smile, "She told me she had never seen anything beyond the city, so I offered to take her out on a ride to our vineyards in the countryside and she offered to teach me Chi'inese for my planned business venture and exploration trip. And this way…" He doesn'T exactly look at Rajiya, just gives her a strange half-look, "We have become good friends. And I'm honoured she has chosen to join us for the journey to Elua. And it's fine.", he finally does look at the princess, "I know it takes a while to get used to the saddle. And the boat will be fun for all of us, I'm sure."

Rajiya doesn't speak up as Drake explains to his sister just how she and the lord met. Smiling, she bobs her head, earrings to catch the glint of light as she does so, "That we have. And your Chi'in has certainly improved over the lessons." To Jelene, she ahs, understanding, "I am glad then that you are feeling better now. " Henna-ed hands fold in her lap while waiting for the food to be served.

Jelene takes a bite of her food, though her lips curve into another small smile as she chews. She swallows and sips more wine. "I am very happy Drake has taken an interest in other cultures." she motes, sending a pleased look to her brother. "Especially that he has decided to learn another language." She gives him a nod of approval, before a very faint spark of mischief alights in her eyes, which are now, a Kusheline blue. "It is good for the future Vicomte of Draguignan to be able to converse in a second language, after all." She inclines her head to Drake and very subtly gives him a wink. "He is my heir, after all." she notes to Rajiya.

"Thanks.", Drake smiles at Rajiya at her compliment, still unusually quiet, while he leaves the conversation to them. That is until Jelene drops that last hint, subtle as a brick through the window, and he goes red in the face. "That is so.", he confirms with a murmur, not looking at Rajiya, lest she would see the spark that has appeared in his eyes.

Wine is to be sipped before Rajiya begins to eat, cutting food into small bites to sample and savor. The conversation flows, and as the sister announces that little bit, she watches Drake's own reaction to it, though she does look over back to the sister, "But.. that is only until you yourself marry and have a child of your own, yes?" That does seem to be the way of things, at least she's found.

Jelene shrugs a dainty shoulder. "I plan to marry above my station." she explains to Rajiya. "THerefore, I plan to vacate the Vicomte when that occurs." She gives the other woman another small smile. "Drake has shown me that he will make a good Vicomte to our ancestral lands, so I have no worries there." She sips more wine. "So, any children I may have in the future would not be Dragon heirs." she adds, throwing that bit of reassurance out, as well.

"And my sister hopes to find a dashing prince at court in Elua.", Drake tell Rajiya with a little smile, his cheeks still redder than usual. "But yes… if all goes well, you might well be talking to the future Vicomte the Draguignan right now." Now he does give her a look…. well, for as long as he's able to hold her gaze before looking down to focus on his meal.

Rajiya takes it in quietly, considering it all as she looks from sister to brother, "Then, I wish you much luck in your search for that prince?" Meeting the gaze of Drake leaves a hint of color to rise in her cheeks before it might drop to her plate.

Jelene chuckles. "It need not be a prince." she teases them. "It need only be a Comte or higher, though of course a prince would be best." She winks and then sips more wine and takes another bite of her food. Once more, she lets pauses a few moments before she begins her inquiries again. "So…" she murmurs finally, after finishing most of her plate. She leans back in her seat and sips her wine as she looks between the two of them thoughtfully. "Do the two of you have any future plans, or are you merely enjoying each others' company for now?" She smiles, but she is, of course, trying to gauge the relationship status of them. Looking at Rajiya, her features are gentle. "Please forgive me for asking so outright, but I am simply wondering if this is a serious relationship or just a close friendship." Once more, she smiles. "I am in approval of either, of course." she tells them. "Love as thy wilt." she says. "It is a matter between the two of you, after all."

Oh good, Jelene with her subtlety again. Drake looks like he's about to choke on the piece of meat he had stuffed into his mouth. At least it gives him a chance to chew and think. Think and chew. "I trust the Princess Rajiya has better options than me.", he finally murmurs into his food, "Although it would of course be a great honor, would she consider me as… uh… someone special."

Rajiya peers across the table as Jelene cuts right to the chase about the relationship between she and her brother. With a quick glance to Drake, she hmms, "Friendship, yes.." A pause, and she smiles to Drake before continuing, "While in Elua's city, I will speak with the royals, and hear their suggestions. My family is leaving the final choice to me, but.. I must honor their and the royal's suggestions?" That she likes Drake is easy to see, but she must play the game as her parents and the King and Queen of Terre D'Ange may wish it to be.

Jelene looks rather amused at Drake's reaction. Her eyes twinkle. She turns back to Rajiya and nods, showing that she is in agreement with her plans. "Yes." she says. "One must remain honorable and respectful when it comes to such things." She sips her wine again and smiles at both of them. "Again, though." she says to them. "I am in approval of either form of relationship you both may decide to pursue." she tells them honestly. "Whether it be an innocent friendship or a romantic one." She looks between both gain. "If, in the future, the two of you wish to become something more official, I shall give my approval for that, as well." she tells them. "I tell you now so you both need not worry if that should develop later." she adds. "I realize that others would have to agree and give approval, as well, but on my end, you both need not worry, whatever you decide."

"Thank you.", Drake smirks at Jelene, "I know you would like to see me delivered into a safe pair of hands." He doesn't really look at Rajiya again, although he's nodded to her words. "Perhaps… when I will meet the royals… I shall try to prove myself worthy." He says somewhat vaguely, then leaps to his feet suddenly. "I forgot to check something on my horse. I will be back in a bit.", he assures the two ladies and… flees the tent. Way too warm.

Rajiya considers the comments, and with a graceful dip of her head, she offers quietly, "Your approval is noted, milady." Whatever the future might bring, the princess will handle it. Of course, before she might say more, Drake is jumping up from the table and hurrying out. My, oh my, that was quick! She just stares after him then glances to Jelene, "Is he… always like this?"

Jelene chuckles again as her brother feels and nods to Rajiya in amusement. "All the time." she tells her. "He may act all manly and confident most of the time, but he still gets shy sometimes." She chuckles again and sips her drink.

Rajiya smiles a little, shaking her head, "I have noticed that he is shy.." There's obviously been a efw times when Drake has suddenly left for whatever reason. Picking up her fork again, she takes up a bit of meat to nibble, and will soon speak again, "Your approval of our friendship is good to have, but I hope you understand that I have to follow whatever path my parents and the royals may have for me? I know that Drake questioned me before, and we discussed that because I am a princess, that a husband with title.." She may be rambling a little, but does not wish to hurt Drake in the future.

Jelene shakes her head to reassure the princess. "I understand completely." she says to her. "I merely was letting you both know that I shall not be a roadblock, if it ever progresses that far." She takes another sip of wine. "I hope I did not come across as too blunt in explaining." she says to her. "I just felt that it would be better to say up front, especially since Drake tends to worry needlessly about my approval on things." She then sets down her wineglass. "The plans for Drake becoming vicomte have been in effect for quite a while now, so it is not something that just happened, I assure you."

Rajiya sets the fork down, picking up her glass to take a sip of the wine within. "I understand. Itwould come down to whether or not the fact that you still hold the title, till this someday your marriage might happen? If such makes sense?" She's laying it out there as well, "Not to curse you with bad luck, but what if you never marry? Or even do not marry very soon?" Surely the other woman understands the image of the princess marrying lower than her station to just a possible 'heir' to a viscomte instead of seeking something on level with her own title?

Jelene again shrugs, but keeps her smile in place. "Unfortunately, there is that." she says to her. "I can only hope that such a match will end up taking place soon." she adds dryly. However, she regards the princess with a fair bit of appreciation. "You have a head for politics, I see." she says to her. "You are not at all just a pretty face clothed in silks." She once more picks up her wine glass and holds it up in a gesture of respectful acknowledgement. "Drake would do well with a woman such as you by his side and so would Draguignan." It is meant as a compliment and nothing more, as there seems to be no pressure coming from the red dragoness. After a moment, though, she confides something to the other young woman. "He was supposed to be married before." she murmurs. "Unfortunately, it did not work out, but it left him a little heartbroken."

Such understanding might the princess show, though she sighs softly, "At least your opportunities are more than most might have?" At least in Terre D'Ange. With the compliment given, she flashes a smile towards Jelene, her own glass lifted and toasted back to her, "My father, and mother, taught me well." The scent of apples does grow stronger, perhaps picked up now more than earlier. Hearing of Drake's unfortunate past, she hmms, "He mentioned it briefly, once. I did not pry." Though, if Jelene provides more information, she would listen!

Jelene did indeed notice the apple scent and she mentions it now. "You have strong d'Angeline blood, as well." she murmurs. "The Sommerville's are a very respected family." Her smile is warm and she ponders a moment before she goes on about Drake's past. "It was with a Kusheline girl." she tells her. "The daughter of a Marquis." She sighs and shakes her head. "The family seems to have more self pride issues than any Azzallese family I have known, however." She rolls her eyes and shrugs. "Her father deemed Drake less than what he wanted for his daughter, despite she, herself, being unlanded." Another shrug but a smile. "In any event, it didn't work out." she says. "He was saddened about it, but since he has met you, he has become cheerful again."

"My mother was a Sommerville, as well as a few greats grandfather." Rajiya supplies a bit of information about her family, "He was the duc de Sommerville who abdicated his title and moved to Bhodistan with his princess bride to hold the position as Ambassador there for Terre D'Ange." When the information is supplied, she ahs softly, "Matters of the heart are never an easy thing to deal with, I have found. " A finger brushes the stem of the glass of wine held still, "If I was in Bhodistan, the marriage would be arranged, and I would likely meet my husband-to-be a day or two before the wedding. I would be lucky to even know who he was."

Jelene listens quietly as Rajiya speaks, nodding at the end. "Such is the way in many non d'Angeline cultures." she murmurs. "I suppose I am exremely grateful for my birth and position, in that I am free to choose for myself, when so many others are not." She smiles again, but then sighs, setting her empty wineglass back down. "I fear I have bored you enough with my marriage talk." she teases her with a chuckle. "Though I am extremely pleased to finally meet you." She pushes her chair back and stands, offering Rajiya a respectful curtsy. "I shall let you get some rest now." she says to her. "So that you may enjoy the boat ride tomorrow."

To be Continued, again..

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