(1310-12-12) Chilly Evening at Temple
Summary: Fiorella makes the rounds of the temples before the fete to give thanks to Elua and his Companions. While at Elua's temple, she runs into Brother Tavi and converses with him for a short time.
RL Date: December 12, 2018
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Temple of Elua - Marsilikos

Outdoor temple open to the elements with a large statue of Elua.

It is the early evening, and with people moving toward the Capital for the winter season it is somewhat quiet in the Temple of Elua. Although not entirely, as some are still here. A lone figure in a blue robe, with red hair tied in a pony-tail, mops snow and dampness out of the main area in bare feet—likely only made bearable by the many braziers keeping the open space warm.

Arriving now is one that is cloaked against the chill in the air, her footsteps heard as she crosses the cobbled street outside. A hand lifts to push back her hood as she steps into the warmth offered by the entry, a smile given to the nearby priest, "A good eve to you, brother." Her voice may be heard, accented slightly as her shoes are left behind.

Tavi looks over when he hears footsteps, and smiles to the woman in the cloak who comes in. "Hello, my lady," he greets politely, offering a nod of his head. "Be welcome in the Temple of Elua, and thank you for remebering to take off your shoes. I'm Brother Tavi Delaunay."

Thankful is she for those thick stockings on her feet, that will provide a little warmth once her shoes are removed. Moving closer while pulling her cloak a little more about her shoulders, she smiles further, "A pleasure to meet you, Brother Tavi. I am Fiorella nó Lis d'Or." If he keeps up with the Salons, then he might know that she has recently finished her marque, a fete to be had in the next day. Her gaze travels across the garden to the foot of the large statue, likely pondering how cold her feet will get in crossing it to kneel and say her prayers.

Tavi seems to recognize the name, and takes a moment to consider it, before he beams a smile. "Ah, congratulations from what I hear; although I'll admit that I don't hear much gossip, so I could be completely off base." But he grins at the gaze across the temple. "I promise if you want to say your prayers you can come warm your feet by the braziers, my lady."

Fiorella smiles, "Thank you." Seems he got the gossip right! Or maybe she's got something to be congratulated on, and it's not even what he's thinking! Laughing softly, she sighs, "I know, I always pause here, wondering, during the winter… even after so many years here, winter gets to me." Cold is not a good thing to her! With a dip of her head to him, she will cross the garden, to kneel at the feet of the stone Elua. She is there for some time, before she might make her way back once done with her prayers. Not as long as many, but neither did she cut it short either. But, she is cold when she comes back!

Tavi grins. "I would say you get used to it, but you never completely do. I'll admit to occasionally indulging in sneaking to your neck of the woods for a massage during the winter after my shift, sometimes," he says with a little bit of a blush. When she comes back he has put a cushion out in front of one of the braziers, and restocked so it is putting out a nice little heat. "Please make yourself comfortable."

Understanding is likely shown in Fiorella's face at his words, something to be considered in the future! When she returns to find the pillow and brazier readied for her, she thanks him quietly, moving to sit instead of kneeling so that feet and hands can be held before the warmth fo the brazier. "Ah… this is good." She's careful of her dress and cloak, both tucked out of the way.

"You mentioned having been here for a long time, my lady," Tavi asks, as he moves to hold out a hand and help you down on to the pillow so you don't get anything wet. "May I ask where you were before?" He asks in a tone that implies no judgment, just curiosity.

Circling her updrawn legs, Fiorella relaxes before the warmth of the brazier. "I am from Cardicci Unitas." This may be a shock upon hearing, knowing she is one of Naamah's Servants. "I was old enough that I do remember it.." And the warmth.

If there is any judgment it doesn't show on Tavi's face, instead he looks interested and delighted. "Oh how wonderful; do you still speak the language?" He asks curiously. "I learned Old Tiberian to study ancient texts, but Caerdicci for the poetry."

Fiorella nods, and when she next speaks, she's switched to her native tongue, the fluidity showing through, "I do, yes. I have always spoken it. My mother did make sure I knew my father's language though." Terre d'Ange, it would seem. "I do enjoy the poetry from Caerdicci. It speaks… differently.. than those from here."

Tavi switches over to Caerdicci as well. He is fluent, although it is clear that he is not as fluid as someone who learned the language as their milk tongue. "It does. It speaks of very different experiences, and that's part of what I enjoy about it; learning about the soul of a people."

It is something that will smooth out the more he speaks it, right? Fiorella smiles even more as he makes the switch so easily, leaning towards him a little to continue their discussion. "Have you read…" She names a book and author, perhaps not one that he's read before, "I enjoy his writing quite a bit.." She answers honestly.

Tavi leans in as well, smiling warmly. "I've read a little bit, but I'm always interested in reading more. Do you have a favorite?" He asks curiously. He leans down to rub his own toes for a moment, putting his feet closer to hers and the fire.

"I have several of his books.." Fiorella admits, and from the sound of her voice, are likely favored treasures. Wanna win brownie points with this Courtesan? Give her books instead of jewels! "I like…" She names one of the lesser known poems by the author, going on to quote it, verse for verse, with ease.

If one chaste love, if one divine compassion,
If one destiny is equal for two lovers,
If one hard fate of the one is felt by the other,
If one spirit, if one will guides two hearts;
If one soul in two bodies makes itself eternal,
Lifting both to heaven with a single wing,
If Love in one blow and one golden arrow
The hearts in two chests can burn and tear;
If the one loves the other and neither loves himself,
With one pleasure and one delight, to such a measure
That one and the other desire to reach a single end:
Thousands and thousands would not make a hundredth
Of such a knot of love, or of such a faith:
And only anger could break and untie it.

Tavi oohs a little bit as she lists that one; he is about to say that he hasn't heard that on, when she begins to quote it verse by verse. He grins happily as he listens to it, and then gives a little bit of a clap at the end. "That was wonderful!" He says appreciatively.

Fiorella actually does blush a touch, ducking her head as she smiles, "I am glad you liked it. I will be sure to write it down and send it to you so that you have it." It's a quiet promise made. He'll get a letter later delivered to the temple after her return to her Salon.

Tavi beams at her promise. "Thank you; I'll look forward to that." He smiles at her. "Can I ask you a question? I'm sorry if it is forward, I'm just curious. What is it that you enjoy the most about being a courtesan?" He asks.

Fiorella gives a gentle shake of her head, a tiny motion of her head to indicate he might ask her whatever he wishes. As for the question, she gives it some thought before answering, "It is in the worshipof Naamah that I find myself…. that in pleasing a patron, that I feel her the most at times." She answers, then glances to see if he might understand.

Tavi listens intently, and then smiles when she answers. When he speaks again, however, it appears to be a non-sequitur at first. "My parents died when I was 11," he offers. "I…blacked out. I have no memory of what happened for the rest of that day, I was so overcome with grief. When I woke up, however, I was in the Temple of Elua in the capital. I was at the feet of His statue, and it was like my place had been revealed. I knew that it was the first time I had felt at peace in hours, and that it was for a reason."

Fiorella listens to his story, nodding, reaching out to offer a squeeze of his hand, "My mother was a victim to the plague that swept through La Serenissima when I was ten. My father arrived not long after she passed, and brought me here to Marsilikos.." A pause, and she ponders, before continuing, "My mother was a Courtesan. A Cortigiana onesta." An extremely high class courtesan, much like Naamah's Servants. "She was training me before she died. She said I would be greater than she.. that there was something different…m ore.." Her hand returns to her knee, petting the fur of her cloak, "My father gave me to the Salon here, and I dare say that my training is more than my mother could have imagined." It was her destiny to be what she is today.

Tavi reaches out to squeeze the hand that she offers in return, holding it as long as she is comfortable letting him. "It was an illness for my parents as well, on their way to Aragonia," he offers with a sigh. He nods at her final words as well. "We are the people we were meant to be, put in the place we were meant to be in. I find it comforting to know that the things we have gone through are for a good, and I am glad you have found your place. Although," he offers with a wry smile, "I normally don't go in to family tragedy the first time I meet beautiful women. I've been told I'm not very good at flirting."

Ah, how Fiorella will nod her head as he speaks of destiny, and how people often end up where they are needed, or supposed to be. "I believe that as truth as well." She is quick to answer, though she glances back to him, laughing huskily at his latter words, "It is not something I often go into detail with either." That he might be flirting with her, puts the smile back on her lips, "Perhaps someone should teach you how?"

Tavi blushes a little bit at the smile on her lips, and the question that she asks. He leans back a little bit on his elbows, looking to the fire for a moment. "Is that an offer?" He asks wryly. "I'm certainly willing to be taught. Education is important, after all."

Fiorella looks him over, then tilts her head, the fire within the brazier to catch upon her hair, "Perhaps.." She answers him as to whether or not it might be an offer, "Education is certainly important. Especially if you seek to further your life beyond the temple later."

Tavi grins a little bit at that. "I'll take a perhaps." He grins. "Beyond poetry, what is it that you like to study?" He asks curiously. "I'm a healer. In another life I would have been with Sister Gwenaelle in the Temple of Eisheth, as my family are known to be blessed by him. But I also study painting and history, in addition to poetry."

"Singing. And piano. " Things that many would guess being a Courtesan in her Salon. But there are always the murmurs of the Topaz of Marsilikos as many call her, known for her singing voice. "I speak Aragonian as well, though I have been curious as of late, of other languages."

Tavi nods. "I sing a little bit, although I'll defer to you for the expertise. What languages are you interested in? I'd be happy to teach you if it is one I know, although most of the ones I know are the less commonly heard ones in the city. Hellene, Tiberian, Habiru, Menekheti, beyond Caerdicci which you need no help in."

There is that smile of hers, Fiorella to dip her head to him. When offered to teach her, she considers, "Any of those. I think learning any that might be popular here in Marsilikos would be a good thing to know. So many come to the Salons…"

"Well then maaybe Hellene or Menekheti?" Tavi says, lauging a bit. "Tiberium is spoken by the very long dead and very old books, and Yeshuites are not known for their attendance at the Night Court. But the offer is open; any language you wish to learn that I know." He smiles. "Who is the most interesting person who has come to your salon?"

"How about.. Hellene?" Fiorella begins, though before she might answer the question put forth to her, ther eis a guard dressed in her Salon colors, "Madamselle Fiorella? You are requested back at the Salon." With a nod of her head, she begins to push herself to her feet, "Perhaps another time, Brother Tavi? I will remember to send you a copy of that poem though.." She's moving over to where she left her shoes, slipping them on quick enough before lifting a hand to wave goodbye to the priest, soon heading off with guard in tow.

Tavi nods at that. He is about to say something else, and then her guard comes. He stands when she does, and offers a nod. "Of course. Let me know when you would like to get together, and we can get started. May the Companions walk with you, my lady."

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