(1310-12-06) Marque Acknowledgement
Summary: Fiorella nó Lis d'Or's Marque is acknowledged by the leader of her salon.
RL Date: 06/12/2018
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Dowayne's Office — Le Lis d'Or — Marsilikos

It is on this afternoon that Philomène nó Lis d'Or has sent for one of her adepts. Fiorella is told to come to the Dowayne's office — and there can be little uncertainty about the purpose of this visit. Once Fiorella enters into the chamber that emanates the certain elegance and beauty that is to be found at this salon, she will find Philomene standing by the window. The leader of the salon is a woman in her forties, blonde hair is arranged in courtly fashion, impeccably so, and she wears a dress that woud easily qualify for being showed off at the ducal palace. Noting the adepts arrival, Philomène turns and greets the other woman with a smile. "Fiorella. How lovely that you could follow my summons so swiftly…"

When one is summoned by the Head Courtesan, one makes all haste to see what she wishes. Just in the dorms reading through one of the many teaching texts, Fiorella arrives in short order, a hand to smooth down the skirts of her lovely gown of deep blue. After the quiet knock at the door, the adept steps inside, offering Philomene a polite dip of her head and curtsey, "Madame Phiomene."

Philomene motions for Fiorella to step closer. The expression in her eyes is kind, and it shows also a bit of pride. "You look lovely today.", the salon leader smiles. "Things are going well for you. I heard that you went to the marquist a few days ago, for that last visit?" Her hand reaches out, adjusting some frills at Fiorella's sleeve. "Can it be? If so… Let me have a look at your marque, Fiorella dear."

Stepping closer to the other woman, Fiorella smiles at the comment turned question, "I did attend the marquist." There's a certain amount of pride to show upon her face, and when asked to reveal her marque, she turns about, her hair pulled over her shoulder. It's an easy task to reveal her back, the dress a halter type that needs only to be undone at her neck to lower it. Holding it below her breasts, the back slides down to reveal the completed marque that lines her back from the nape of neck, to just above her backside. Soft olive skin that shows off the black lines well.

"Hmmm…" Philomène's voice gives away her approval as the adept turns around and lowers the dress far enough as to show the full completed marque of Lis d'Or. Her fingers touch lightly the inked skin of the back, tracing the lines of the golden lily in reverence of the completed work of art that adorns Fiorella. "Magnificent. I believe, Claude has outdone herself. It looks so lovely on your skin.", the Dowayne finally states with the smile showing in the softness of her voice. "You have earned it well, it seems." At which she stands back, and the hand is withdrawn. "You may refasten your gown, dear. Consider your marque acknowledged, you are as of today, a full courtesan in service of Naamah."

As Philomene's fingers touch her skin, Fiorella's head slightly bows forwards, her eyes closed as if to mentally envision the golden lily that is traced upon her back. A faint shiver might well come as well to the young Servant. "Thank you, Madame." She murmurs quietly when the compliment is given, not moving till she's told to redress. Drawing the dress back up, it's refastened at the nape of her neck with nimble fingers. Turning back to face the Head Courtesan, there is a warm smile of true excitement upon her face as she's declared a full Courtesan, "Thank you, Madame.. I.. thank you!" She reaches for Philomene's hands, and if allowed, gives them a squeeze, the only way that her excitement is allowed to really show - no jumping for joy, no shouting, no toothy grins here. Proper decorum still shown.

Philomene observes Fiorella as the courtesan refastens her dress, and the warm gleam in her eyes shifts into an expression of light amusement, when Fiorella begins to than her. "Don't thank me. It is I who must thank you, for being such a good example to our younger adepts and novices," the Lis d'Or dowayne replies. "I appreciate how you have added to the reputation and fame of our salon. So… with your marque completed and acknowledged as it is… Are there any immediate plans you have? Or even long term plans? Do you intend to stay with Lis d'Or, Fiorella? Or do your goals lie elsewhere?" The question is brought forth casually almost, if going by the lightness in tone. But Philomene's gaze lingers attentively on Fiorella now, as the dowayne is obviously curious for the answer to her question.

"Still, my thanks is to you and the Salon, for what I am, is due to the training that I have had here." Fiorella points out quietly. It's her opinion, at least. When asked, she takes a breath and allows it to flow out, the smile to linger upon her lips, "My plans for now, are to remain here with the Salon, to continue serving Naamah. "The Comte may request my services for a longer time, but…" She has no immediate thoughts of leaving the Salon any time soon.

It can no doubt about it, that Fiorella's reply is more than satisfying to Philomène. "I am glad you wish to stay with us, Fiorella. You may choose one of the vacant rooms upstairs for yourself. As a full courtesan you are entitled to have your own chamber. Also…" And here her smile deepens. "If you like, we can arrange a fête in honor of your finished Marque. Maybe in the next days to come. Just name the day, and we shall make the arrangements."

Getting her own room? Surely that is something the adept-now-Courtesan has been waiting for! Fiorella nods, speaking up without hesitation, "I already know which one I want.." She's had her eye on it for a while now! As for the fete, she ohs, then says quietly, "Whatever day might work the best? I know we are readying for the Longest Night. Perhaps in a few days?" She'll name the date that might work best, knowing that it might be a slump just before Longest Night starts ramping up for the Salon.

"Certainly. That should work," Philomene responds with a fine smile. "It is rather quiet usually at this time of the year. Some of your patrons may already be preparing for their departure to Elua. But then again… such fêtes are also usually frequented by other members of our Night Court, that wish to congratulate you on your achievement."

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