(1310-11-29) Consortship Ceremony
Summary: Gemma and Thadd's consort ceremony and reception.
RL Date: 29/11/2018
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Rose Garden — Trevalion Residence — Marsilikos

A wrought iron gate opens to lead one inside a small and intimate rose garden. A high stone wall shrouds the garden from the outside, providing a quiet, private escape from the bustle of the city's noble district. A sweet floral scent of roses perfume the air. Roses of every size and hue grow abundantly here, creating a serene and lush space for quiet exploring. A pathway of stepping stones leads around, branching off only once near the back to lead to a tall weeping willow tree. The foliage of the willow serves as a curtain, providing a discreet hiding place from the rest of the garden. Hidden amongst the shadows under the tree is a small stone bench, only big enough for one or two people. While kept neat and trimmed along the path, the roses are mostly left to grow wild among the various beds, making one feel as though they are inside a fairytale.

Directly in the middle of a garden is a small gazebo, painted white. It is covered in vines of roses. While small, it can fit one or two people comfortably and provide shelter from the elements.

The garden is decorated in blue and silver, the colors of the Trevalion family. As people arrive everyone is directed or escorted to the back garden, chairs have been set up around a white gazebo. The flowers give off a pleasant aroma and the colorful streamers about wave and fly in the breeze.

Thaddeus is there, his hands behind his back, as he watches the room, he is dressed in house colors, in a amazing suit, made by an amazing local clothing maker, it has rolling waves in the cuffs, in the frills, bright blue, as he looks up at the sky, he is wating, his lip is chewed on roughly, and then he sighs softly, as if he wants a drink or a smoke.

Symon always wears fine clothes, so he's not in any /particularly/ finer clothes today, but he's precisely coiffed and looking excited to be involved in a social event. He looks in, gathers Thaddeus's expression, but also his /clothing/. He turns to look back over his shoulder at Etienne.

Étienne is freshly scrubbed in a formal, Northern cut tunic of black with forest green embroidery, wearing his best boots, dyed green to match. His shoulder length curly hair has been pomaded into a tail, that is likely to stay put, at least, instead of follow it's usual wayward tendency towards escape. The pomade has added a pleasant soft citrus tinge to the sea scent that clings to him and the natural musk of his skin. He has replaced the practical leather thong he usually uses to tie back his hair with a green ribbon. He has freshly trimmed his goatee and shaved around it.

The Northerner lengthens his step to catch up to his friend.

And among the well wishers in this happy occasion, Isabelle Valais's lustrous, dark-haired head can be spotted somewhere at the back row in order to get a better view of the comings and goings of the gathering. Dressed in a confection of deep burgundy silks, Marsilikos' premier couturiere sits in an easy posture, long legs crossed at the knee and sunkissed fingers linked loosely on her lap. The cut of her dress bares her shoulders and back, modesty maintained by the high collar upon which triple strings of luminous pearls rest. Dark eyes shot with gold are expectantly turned towards the entryway of the gathering, waiting for the lady consort to appear.

Though it doesn't look like she is alone. Ever since her rescue in his hands, she seems to be spending a good amount of time as of late in the company of one Captain Alcibiades Rousse of the Myrmidon, who, situated by her side as he is, seems to have availed himself as her escort for the day. She turns her face towards the man's direction, her words pitched low, and meant for his ears only while they wait.

Alcibiades is rather elegantly-dressed for this occasion. His jacket is charcoal gray, well-fitted to accentuate his lean muscularity. It is stark, lacking embroidery of any sort — and lacking lace, as well. His shirt is high-collared, white, with onyx stud buttons. He wears a pair of remarkably tailored breeches, black, and black knee-high boots.

Standing beside Isabelle, the rangy sea captain seems quite at home, leaning down with a smile to listen to her quiet murmur. His gaze, however, is searching the area with an almost-anxious attentiveness. Whatever Isabelle says to him arouses a quick grin and he murmurs in response.

Symon nods over to a seat where he and Etienne might perch, though before he sits he leans over to Etienne and asks, "Do you think I ought to offer him a dram to drink? He looks p-positively desperate. …Also I w…want to get a closer look at that j…j…jacket."

Ailene walks into the Rose Garden, upon the arm of Lord Thibault Charlot, who is well known to be her lover and hopefully, soon to be betrothed. She looks excited and happy, her heart shaped face alight with a brilliant smile. Her cheeks are rosy and her eyes, usually devilish, are now more soft, though still retain that bit of impish sparkle. Behind them comes Lord Narcisse Trevalion, brother of Thaddeus. He is, of course, dressed impeccably. As they are escorted to their seats, near the front since they are family, she nods and smiles greetings to those she knows. Seeing Symon, her eyes light up and she waves at her new friend. She takes in his appearance and gives him a nod of approval. She, herself, is dressed in a stylish gown of sea green. She takes her seat as Etienne arrives. The nobleman gets a warm smile and a nod of greeting. As she sees Isabelle in the back row,, the redhead lights up again and waves excitedly at her. The man by her side is given a headtilt and an arched brow. Her smile wavers a bit and she looks a tad bit confused. However, the ceremony has her attention, so she smiles again and then scoots closer to Thibault, squeezing his arm happily. Narcisse, on the hand, sits down and remains quiet, on his best behavior for his brother's ceremony.

Etienne eyes Thaddeus and whispers back, in his Azzallese accent, "If you have anything good in your flask, it might be wise, but best to go fast. The jacket? Oh! It is good!"

Etienne spotting the Lady Ailene and her friends, he waves and ducks his head respectfully.

Symon pauses to wave at Ailene, looking positively delighted to see her and to be remembered. He beams at her. Then he slips up the aisle and reaches out to shake Thaddeus's hand. "Good luck, m…my m-man," he wishes. Then, more quietly, "W…would you like a quick sip of courage?"

Thaddeus nods slowly, towards the others, shaking hands, and then he beams at SYmon."Hello my friend, sit it is lovely to see you, no there will be much liquid after this, I wish to not staine my mind." His voice is soft, and then he watches it all, with a wicked little chuckle."You only do this twice, onces for love, and once for love, and political I hope."

The excited wave from the redhaired Trevalion lady earns from Isabelle her own head's cant towards her direction, and an open smile directed Ailene's way. Though at the faltering smile and the confused glance towards her present company, there's a lift of long elegant fingers to wave back towards her - whatever questions that may be forthcoming would have to wait, but the angle in which her head is positioned enables her to listen to Alcibiades' own reply, and something both exasperated and amused surface from the undercurrents of her languid and content expression. Her hand lowers, turning her attention towards the sharply-dressed captain by her side.

"I know you are," she murmurs, her voice pitched quietly. "But I believe I already mentioned that was going to require a specifically delicate touch. Unless…" And here, that sense of amusement grows. "…you would rather stay in the city."

Her eyes return to the entryway, her next few words relatively difficult to hear above the present hubbub.

Symon clasps Thaddeus's shoulder and nods at him. "V…v…very b-brave," he pronounces admiringly, then slips away to go and take his seat with Etienne. He offers the silver-and-leather flask to Etienne.

Up near the dias and Thaddeus, a priest steps out around the gazebo to join Thaddeus. Those that have met him the priest is Anse, dressed in his blue robes and bare feet. As the guests all seat themselves, a hidden harpist plays from somewhere in the garden before the garden door opens and a nervous Gemma steps out.

Gemma's dark auburn hair is drawn up atop her head in one of those 'oh so messy dos' that take hours to achieve but looks so artful and beautiful. A small hairpiece with a circle of tiny pearls and a cascade of tulle flowing down her back and across her shoulders. Pale with twin blossoms of color light up her cheeks, not quite hiding the freckles across her cheeks. Her green eyes are dark, sparkling with nerves and excitement. She stands about 5'6, slim build and fit, but that's difficult to tell in the silk layered dress she wears. Ivory, light and creamy, dark enough not to be called a wedding dress but still give off the effect. It is a lovely creation of light and layered silks. So simple but elegant in cut and fit. Just a hint of beading across the short sleeves, structured to frame her shoulders and bossom. A high empire waist with the skirt gathered just underneath her curves to spill down in a graceful pool towards her toes. The back is a little longer but nothing someone could call a train, just enough to be a dramatic fanning. Ivory gloves cover her hands with the ivory tulle hair piece, flowing down her arms to her elbows, only to flow down her back. She holds a delicate bouquet of silver and blue flowers.

She hesitates a moment, seeing the gathered nobles has Gemma's cheeks turning a darker pink before her gaze finds Thaddeus, latching onto him as she steps down between the benches and chairs to join him.

(Gemma's gown is based upon this design. https://www.dhresource.com/0x0s/f2-albu-g2-M00-19-D7-rBVaG1ZzePOABLx0AAS_S34tWyk628.jpg/vintage-modest-wedding-gowns-capped-sleeves.jpg)

Touching Isabelle's shoulder lightly with a hand, Alcibiades smiles affably in Ailene's direction, answering her somewhat-baffled look with a friendly one of his own. "I know, Izz," he answers her comments, equally soft. "I just meant that it'd be easier than…" He trails off, swallowing, and a trace of nervousness is evident.

He falls silent as Gemma emerges, smiling in the woman's direction encouragingly. Though, in this crowd, it is unlikely that she will pick out the sea officer's face.

Thibault arrives alongside Ailene, arm-in-arm with the young fiery haired Trevalion as he has on so many occasions during the last three months since the two met. He is, as most often, clad in a stylish attire of black and darkest crimson, black pants tucked into polished calf-high boots and an intricately embroidered and form fitted vest worn over a dark silk shirt. The thick black hair on his head is kept in the usual slightly-messy-but-always-stylish arrangement. There's a faint smile on his lips as he looks around the gardens, greeting those that has already arrived with a polite nod as they go to take a seat amongst the chairs that has been set out. His eyes linger for a moment longer on Thaddeus than anyone else, giving the man a wider smile and what is probably supposed to be a reassuring nod. When he notices Symon and Etienne there, he leans down to whisper something in the ear of Ailene and glances back to the two men before turning to see who else might arrive for the ceremony.

Thaddeus watches them all, nodding to each of the ones he knows, and then there she is coming, his eyes widen, and then he sighs softly, with a shake of his head, and biting his lip roughly."Now then, it seems….wow…."His words stumble, and he can't speak, and he is bright red, and his eyes trailing along the gown, and then he offers his arm to her, and he is happy, on cloud 18."Now….amazing looking."

Better late than never, right? Augustin steps in to the Rose Garden clearly having not even having taken the time to wash the dust of the road off of him. He is wearing plate armor with the crown and ships, and a white cloak with silver embroidery as a Knight of the White Swan. He is also armed, his Akkadian saber slung through a white leather belt. He pauses to at least take his gloves off, tucking them in to his belt, apparently coming out just in time to see Gemma and Thaddeus emerge. He smiles at them from where he stands, before he starts looking around the crowd.

Etienne raises his eyebrows at the overheard snatch of conversation, and tries not to look at Isabelle and Alcebiades with too open curiosity. Alas, the lad has an open sort of face that makes it hard to conceal much of anything. Then he is flashing symon a sunny grin and taking a quick sip of his flask. His eyes go a little wide as he spots Anse, and another sunny smile is aimed that direction. And then the bride emerges and he realises he does know the couple oathing today. A close observer might see thoughts flickering across his face as he puts it all together. He looks around rather quickly for Trouble, but not seeing him, settles back to watch with cheerful interest.

"It's embroidered with w…waves and all," Symon reports to Etienne. "You remember the girl, of course, from the W…Wine Cellar. Doesn't everyone look w…wonderful. I w-wasn't sure w…what sort of fashion to expect in M…Marsilikos b-but it's satisfactory, isn't it." He keeps his voice to a low murmur, though.

Ailene tilts her head closer to Thibault as he whispers in her ear. She smiles and offers a slight, delicate shrug. "I did not know they knew them." she says to him softly, but not in a whisper. "I am happy to see them here, though." She glances over at Symon and Etienne again, smiling, as though she were mentioning them. She then sees her brother arrive and her face breaks into a wide grin. She waves him over, but then stops, her arm half raised, glancing back at Isa and her escort with another unsure look. Oh, well. Another shrug and then she is smiling and waving Auggie over to join them again. "I haven't yet had the chance to tell him." she says to Thibault. "Perhaps after the ceremony." She squeezes his arm again, then turns her attention to Gemma and Thaddeus. Her eyes widen in appreciation at the dress she wears. "How pretty!" she gushes and giggles happily.

"Anything would be easier with the direct approach," Isabelle replies to Alcibiades, looking over at him once more at the touch on her shoulder, her mouth tugging upwards on one corner with the faintest of smiles. "Akin to sighting a target with an arrow, and you know how much I like to shoot things. But alas." With Augustin arriving, there's a smile and a dip of her head in his direction in greeting, before the rest of the crowd falls into a hush when Gemma finally arrives - the curve of her mouth becomes all the more satisfied when she inspects the look of the dress on the woman of the hour.

"She looks fantastic," she murmurs.

Etienne keeps his eyes on the ceremony and his voice very low, "Everyone looks really good. You should ask Thaddeus who does his needlework later. I do remember the ones from the wine Cellar and it seems I met the ones in the ceremony my first night here. Who is the gentleman just arrived, and the one looks like a seafarer with the beautiful woman at his side?"

Ammy quietly slips into the back of the ceremony. He slinks his way to a tree near the back, out of the way and hopefully keeping him from being too noticed. He leans his shoulder against the tree, folding his arms over his chest, and he watches quietly. There's no mingling amongst these nobles for this Tsingano.

"That is Alcibiades the p-p-pirate hunter," Symon answers quietly, "And the w…woman is Isabelle V…V…Valais, who for some curious reason is a couturier and apparently of great skill. I hired her to m…make my w-winter w…wardrobe. I approve of her greatly, you know. The two of them are great fun in the b-bargain."

"Of course she does," replies Alcibiades softly. "You designed the dress. And she is lovely." His tone is hushed, the better to keep from intruding on the ceremony, but he leans lightly into Isabelle as he speaks. Etienne's glance toward him is noted, a curious glance sent back in his direction.

He looks toward Augustin as the knight enters, his expression frankly curious. He studies the man's armor and sword for a few moments, attentively, before turning his attention back to Thaddeus and Gemma. "I like her," he murmurs aside to Isabelle. "She kept a level head during that little adventure. Lucky man."

Augustin is greeted by a couple of people. He waves back to his sister and nods to Isabelle, but the first order of business is to find a servant with something to drink. With that taken care of he moves over to his sister and her beau. "Ailene, Lord Thibault," he greets the both of them softly, not wanting to interrupt the proceedings with Gemma and Thaddeus.

Thibault simply nods at Ailene's responce to whatever he seemed to have asked her, glancing back towards the two men with a smile. Then Gemma emerges and steals his attention for a long moment. She does indeed look spectacularly beautiful, and it's obvious that he too thinks so from the the way that he looks to her. He offers her the warmest smile his Kusheline features can muster. Then his attention is back on Ailene as her oldest brother arrives. He looks to the man and his chin dips into a polite nod. "Oh, well we should most definitely do that, then. I hope he takes to the news as gladly and openly as Thaddeus and Gemma did." He answers to Ailene. When Augustin comes over to where they are seated, another dip of the chin and a slight smile is offered. "Lord Augustin." He says, keeping his words short on low pitched for now as to not interrupt the ceremony.

When Gemma reaches Thaddeus, she slips her hand within his, her voice a low mummer, "You look amazing." as she reaches Thadd the music in the background comes to a natural ending, for a moment it's just the soft mummer of guests voices and the sound of the garden within.

Anse holds his hands up for silence, and as the murmurs and whispered conversations Anse speaks up in a louder volume. A warm smile covers his face as he speaks of Elua, of the love Elua brought to the world and the love he wishes for everyone here to find for themselves in life. He crouches to touch the green grass of the ground as he speaks of Elua's arrival in Terre d'Ange and how our ancestors greeted him with open arms, and then his hands are raised to the sky when he speaks of the love that it is clear that Thaddeus and Gemma have for one another, true and deep love between their hearts. And he speaks of the blessing that Elua has for those with true love in their hearts before anointing the pairs brows in oil before offering the pair to speak their vows to one another.

Thaddeus stands there, holding her hand with a little smile over his face, and then he licks his lips slowly, as he listens. With a wide smile, nodding towards Gemma' squeezing her hand softly, with a look at her. His eyes locked on to hers, this is all about them, and he is basking in it, taking it like air or water, that the support was given.

Ailene 's eyes are on Gemma, dreamily admiring her image, so much like a bride, which she indeed is. Just known by a different title. She sighs, again dreamily, her lashes batting wistfully. She is only sucked out of her daydreaming by the approach of her brother. She smiles at him in greeting. "Auggie." she says warmly, her voice low. She, too, does not wish to interrupt the ceremony. "Here, sit with us." She motions to a seat, there in the front, just as Brother Anse begins to speak.

Etienne's mouth makes a little 'Oh.' He murmurs, "I do remember you mentioning a pirate hunter at Lady Oriane's. You must introduce me to both after, though I suspect her needlework is too dear for my purse." Then he falls silent for the ceremony. he does seem truly happy for the couple who made him welcome in this far away place.

"It's not cheap," Symon confirms. "B-but she p…plays at cards. M-maybe you can win something sometime." He probably doesn't mean it. "B-but yes, that's him. I never in all m…my life m-met so many sailors as in M…Marsilikos. Striking b-breed of man, the nobles /and/ the commoners. Though the nobles m-moreso, naturally."

The giant rushes in quickly having lost track of time. He slides to a stop holding a box and moves over to the darkness. He licks his lips and looks up to Thaddeus and Gemma. He steps back and stands there quietly with a small grin over his lips.

Augustin moves to sit with Ailene and Thibault, as invited, and crosses his legs. "I'm exhausted, I literally rode back from the capital to be here for this after my business out of the city. I only stopped to sleep and change horses," he murmurs as he takes a sip of wine. And then, you know, just the whole glass.

Ammy has been leaning against a tree in the back, trying to stay unnoticed, but when he sees Fenris slip in, he smirks, amused. He leans down and sits the small paper wrapped item he was carrying on the grass and picks up a little pebble. Leaning back against the tree, he tosses the pebble at Fenris' head and quietly snickers.

She tracks the line of those sea-blue eyes towards Augustin, and then to Symon Perigeux's companion, whom she doesn't recognize. Dark brows lift towards her hairline, open curiosity on her sunkissed mien, though talk about the little adventure has Isabelle turning her face to regard the pirate-hunter's profile once more, finding the approval apparent upon it. But whatever replies are tabled for now when the priest of Elua begins the ceremony in earnest, and she lifts a finger to signal that they'll continue conversing on the point later.

The latecomers also capture her attention - Fenris, given his size, is incredibly hard to miss, and so is the Tsingano. Save for a brief, contemplative sound, she says nothing else for now.

Gemma's gaze leaves Thaddeus for a fraction of a moment, sweeping over the guests, her lips turning up in a warm smile of welcome and honor before they sweep back to Thadd. Reaching to take his other hands, her hands clammy within her gloves she says softly, "I love you with all my heart." her voice grows stronger as she continues. "You swept me off my feet, with the ups and downs we have had, it has made us stronger and brought us to this moment. With the love I hold for you Elua blesses us. I pray it grows with every passing day and hour."

Fenris isn't paying attention so much so when the pebble hits him in the head, he looks up first. He scratches where the pebble hit and grumbles a little. He glances around and sees Ammy snickering. He strides over to him and sits in front of him blocking his view. He holds the box tightly as he hears Gemma's declaration and he smiles happily.

The man listens, and his hands holding hers as she speaks, and then Thaddeus takes a deep breath, as he exhales out, and then he speaks softly, with a nod of his head."I love you with all my heart, as well..you showed me, what could go on, to help me move on from the pain, loss, helped me pick up my life, to carry on." His voice is soft, as he bites his lip now, and then he looks around for a moment."You have made this city feel like a home, and Elua’s blessing on us ,and everyone here to truly find what they are looking for."

As the music slows to a still and Father Anse starts to speak of Elua and the love he wishes for everyone to have and find, Thibault's gaze falls on Ailene. He looks at her adoringly and reaches over to take her hand and give it a soft squeeze. He seems completely enamoured with her, as if he has forgot all that is going on around them for that moment, his features softening in a way that they only seems to do when he is with her, his amber eyes sparkling visibly. Only when the priests finishes his speech to anoint the couple that is the focus of the ceremony is his attention once again drawn back to reality and to Thaddeus and Gemma at the altar. He turns to Augustine when Ailene invites him to sit with them. "I am glad to see you made it, and just in time. It would have been a shame to take that long trip and miss the whole thing by a few hours. I am sure that the happy couple is thrilled to see you here." He looks back to Thad and Gemma. "They do look lovely. You can see the love they hold for one another so clearly." He says to no one on particular at those words.

Ammy furrows his brow when Fenris sits in front of him. "Seriously?" he mutters, and sighs, sliding to lean against the tree sitting a bit more to the side on the grass so he can see again.

Alcibiades' gaze settles on Symon and Etienne again, sea-blue eyes narrowing for a moment. He studies Etienne thoughtfully, and seems about to lean aside to Isabelle, turning toward her to speak, when she lifts her finger to her lips. The interplay between Fenris and Ammy is noted as well, and his brow rises slightly, but the ceremony once again reels in Alcibiades' attention. He reaches aside, briefly, pressing his hand atop Isabelle's before withdrawing. His eyes sparkle as he listens to Anse, Gemma, and Thaddeus, tucking his chin in like a boxer.

Anse is still smiling once the vows have been completed opening his hands to the audience he says "Elua bids us to Love as Thou Wilt, and today that means celebrating the love between Thaddeus and Gemma. I bid you all to join in celebrating love and life, and I bid Thaddeus and Gemma to kiss so that we might all join in in celebration." And with that the couple is bid to kiss most likely to the happy applause from the gathered well wishers.

For someone so allergic to the idea of any kind of arrangement that includes the inexorable and permanent entanglement of one's body, soul, and financial assets to another person, Isabelle miraculously does not break out into hives or spontaneously combusts. Neither does she dwindle to ash or boiling liquid, or transform into a pillar of salt the moment the vows are uttered between two people expressing their love for one another. The smile that lingers on her lips is even an approving one, eyes focused on the happy couple, before they lower at the brief press of rough fingers against her knuckles.

When called to kiss, she waits until they do, before joining the rest in hearty applause for the newly consorted pair.

The couple kiss, it's a lingering kiss but not a hot and steamy one, that will come later in private. Drawing back, cheeks blazing the couple turn to face the guests. Gemma smiles and calls out, "Refreshments and cake are inside. Thadd and I thank everyone for coming."

Inside is wine, casks of beer and warmed cider along with easily served food along with the mentioned cake.

Fenris slides back and gets out of Ammy's way. He sits beside him and grins a little. He doesn't seem to mind Ammy's annoyance. He listens to Anse and Thad and sighs happily. He puts his fist into his cheek and keeps that grin.

Alcibiades joins in the applause quickly, callused hands thumping together steadily. He leans aside to Isabelle. "Who's the…large gentleman in the back?" His tone is curiously soft, barely above a whisper, the words perhaps swallowed up by the sound of his own clapping. He's still smiling as he glances briefly in Fenris's direction, then back to the front of the gathering. "And, er… What happens now?" The disgraced Rousse has never actually been to a noble's Consortship ceremony. It has been a year of firsts.

<FS3> Isabelle rolls Politics: Good Success. (1 7 6 7 2 1 6)

Ammy sighs, "Dat's it?" He tilts his head a bit. "Huh." Then he pushes up to his feet. "Whelp, I guess dat's it den." He sniffs, and he picks up the package he brought. "See ya, Fenny." And he heads toward the gift table, dropping the present there.

Fenris turns to Ammy and stands up following him. He puts his present down on the table and he leans over to Ammy and whispers something in his ear quietly. He stands up and lightly pats his back. He moves away from him and glances over to Alcibiades. He bows his head to him.

"There," Symon says cheerfully to Etienne. "That's done w-with. Now you'll have to m…meet them. Alicibiades and Isabelle, I m-mean." He leads on right to the couple in question. "I w…wanted to thank the two of you for receiving m…me so kindly at the shop the other day," he opens, smiling. "And to p-present m…my friend Etienne, new to M-Marsilikos." He hears someone else across the room call his name. "Oh," he says, craning his neck to see who it is. "Do excuse me."

"Goodness!" Ailene exclaims softly at Auggie. A quiet giggle escapes her lips. "It's wonderful you made it, though!" she says to him. "I haven't seen you in a while and I have missed my heroic big brother." She flashes a grin at him, then turns her attention to the ceremony. She keeps a dreamy expression upon her face the whole time, stealing adoring glances at Thibault every now and then. As it comes to a close, she sighs happily. "That was perfect." she says, still smiling that dreamy smile. She flutters her lashes at Thibault, then looks back at her brother. "Don't you want to have a ceremony like this one day?" she teases Augustin.

Ammy laughs a little at Fenris, and as he sits the present down and then watches Fenris step away, he says to the man, "And you're still HUGE. What is your momma feeding you?" He smiles, and then shoves his hands in his pockets. He lingers awkwardly for a moment, looking at the crowd of people, and then he slowly slinks his way to the exit.

Fenris grins a little and frowns. "Yeah I am but I guess we are both stating facts." He points out simply. "You should come by a meet my children." He watches Ammy head towards the exit and he takes a deep breath and bows his head.

"Well sure," Augustin answers Ailene with a shrug, looking up to the ceremony as it finishes. "But Gemma is already a consort, so I doubt she'd go through it twice, and I doubt if I married Thaddeus his parents would be very happy."

Etienne applauds happily, trying to catch Anse's eyes, though not in a pressing sort of way. He seems eager enough to make the acquaintance of the Pirate hunter and the couturier. To him, "I've heard good things about you." To her, "I hear is is your skill that made those lovely clothes!" His accent is of the North East Coast, noble, but not nearly as elevated as the Trevalions here at the ceremony. He keeps an eye on the Trevalion party just in case.

The captain's query about the large figure looming behind the proceedings has Isabelle craning her neck to that direction. "I'm not certain," she replies. "But word has it that he's a relation of the Duc de Valliers. I've never spoken with him, but there were rumors. As for what happens now…" She nudges her elbow at his side. "You could pay your respects to the newly consorted couple, now that it seems inevitable that you and Lord Thaddeus will be doing some degree of business with one another, though I'm at the moment waiting my turn. I would never get in the way of family." Her hand reaches for the timepiece in her pocket, withdrawing it from its delicate chain to inspect the face, expression growing serious and inscrutable. "Though I won't be waiting for too long," she appends quietly.

She's in the process of slipping it back in her pockets when Etienne and Symon approach. "My lord de Perigeux, a pleasure to see you again. I had no idea you were acquainted with the happy couple, you'll have to regale me as to how." Those gold-flecked eyes fall on Etienne. "Well met, Lord Etienne. From where outside of Marsilikos do you hail, if you're so newly arrived to our fair city?"

Gemma steps out into the yard, her hand clasped in Thadd's hand. She heads first towards the group where Ailene, Augustin and Thibault linger. Smiling at the three, "Thank you for coming, Lord Augustin I'm so glad you made it. I didn't even know until I looked out over the crowd." her cheeks flush as she admits, "I was peeking out the window for the last few hours, watching everyone arrive."

Alcibiades responds to Fenris's bow with one of his own, polite and carefully-measured to be a hint deeper than the other man's. Isabelle's answer, and her commentary, have him listening with quiet attention. His gaze flits aside at her as she checks her timepiece, and he nods his head. "I'll go with you," he says softly, "When you make your congratulations." That sign of nerves again, an unwillingness not to be left unattended.

And when Symon and Etienne approach, he grins at the pair, offering a bow in Etienne's direction. "Alcibiades Rousse, captain of Myrmidon. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. And I'm pleased you've heard good things about me." He does not append a title, though there is a hint of a question in his voice.

Thibault notices when Fenris arrives, how could he not, and he gives the man a smile and a nod. He releases his hand from that of Ailene to join in with the applause for the newly appointed couple, his hands coming together enthusiastically and his eyes smiling. Once the applaus dies down, he turns again to Ailene and reaches over a hand to gently rest on her thigh just above the knee. "We should go and give the happy couple our best wishes in person." He says to Ailene, and then looks over to Augustin, the man's reply to Ailene's words causing a smile and a low-pitched chuckle to escape from behind closed lips. "Would you care to join us for a drink once we have seen to the formalities? I believe there is something that we would like to share with you." He asks the Knight of Swans, glancing back to Ailene and then back to Augustine once more. He stands up and offers Ailene his hand, and gets ready to move towards the gift table and then wherever the newly wed couple might be to make good on his words.

Fenris lifts his hands up and claps for the couple but he doesn't approach. He has an easy smile playing over his lips and it's rare to see. He takes a moment and bows his head to the couple before his eyes catch Thibault. He touches his heart and mouths 'You're safe.' He looks back over to Gem and Thad and keeps that smile.e

The mention of the large late commer draws Étienne's intensely blue eyes that way briefly, but them he is all dimples and smiles for his new acquaintances, "I am heir to Berk." He quickly reassures, with a hint of self mockery, "I doubt you've ever heard of it unless you are extremely fond of Camembert or pickled herring. We're the cadet branch of house Arguil." He grins at Alcibiades, "Oh, you have very much impressed symon, and I would love to sea your ship if you'd let me, and here of your adventures.."

Ailene claps merrily for her cousin and good friend. She grins happily at them both, bouncing in her seat, so unable she is to sit still and contain her joy. Augustin's reply to her has her rolling her eyes at him. "Smartarse." she quips and sticks out her tongue at him. She then stands with Thibault, so that they can congratulate the couple as they approach. As she stands, she twirls around once because she is so excited, and spies Fenris way in the back with Ammy. She smiles and waves to both, though her wave to Ammy is rather awkward. She watches him depart with a sigh then turns back to her family. "Congratulations Gemma! she tells her, now bouncing on her toes. "You too, Thad!" She winks at him. "I am so happy for you both!" She motions to the table of gifts. "Cyrille brought our gifts down earlier." she tells them. "I hope you like mine!" she says with a giggle. "I am sure Thaddeus shall!"

"Well, I have to have something smart or there's no hope," Augustin offers wryly, before glancing to Thibault. "Of course, I'd be happy to." He looks like he is about to say something else, before he looks over to see Thaddeus and Gemma coming. He rises and smiles warmly to the both of them. "I'm thrilled I didn't miss it, and congratulations; welcome to the family. I pray my gifts were delivered?"

Gemma turns her head to look over at the table of gifts, her expression a little lost, "Oh I will be sending out many thank you notes over the next few days." she gives AIlene an excited hug, "I so forgot, I need to introduce you to Milkyway. Thadd bought me the most beautiful mare. Riding her is what I imagine riding on air would be like." she nods her head quickly to Augustin, "Oh yes, we haven't gone to do any fittings yet. I've been so busy here. I wanted to wait till after the ceremony as well."

"Well as it happens, my lord, I'm an incorrigible hedonist whose many vices extend to food and drink," Isabelle tells Etienne with a laugh. "Including cheese. We're d'Angeline, you know, and a proper gathering isn't complete without a few wheels." She twists the chain of her timepiece around her fingers, gripping it loosely, spinning the extra length around before snapping up the small crystal at the very end with a dexterous clasp of her fingers. Talk of adventure has an amused look tilting Alcibiades' way. "He should tell you how he actually managed to acquire said ship. I believe when Lord Symon first heard the details, I thought he would faint straight away into his glass of Dragon's Blood. Luckily he had the promise of a good gamble to sustain him. Do you share the future marquis' fondness in that regard? It's in my experience that reckless risk takers tend to simply recognize themselves in another, and tend to cluster."

Thaddeus has a large crate, on it is a cake. The cake is has four layers, each visible. First comes a fudge brownie base, topped with three layers of light airy mousse - chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla, and then a glossy topping of chocolate and a tangle of raspberries and chocolate curls on top. The Trevalion crest in gold-leaf covered marzipan tops the cake. He wheels it slowly, to the middle of the garden, with a wicked chuckle."Made by one Audrialla."

Alcibiades chuckles softly as he listens to Etienne and Isabelle. "Well, my lord, I would be delighted at another time. I should be honored to show you Myrmidon and tell you the tale." He grins aside at Isabelle. "It is… well, Lady Valais is very kind to me when she tells it. But I was a member of a crew, after all." He nudges Isabelle lightly with a shoulder. "And I do know your land… more for the herring, I'm afraid. A good shipboard treat."

Also on the cart is the famous, raspberry tarts, with a bottles of wine and mead there with golden goblets.

Thibault returns the gesture when Fenris catches his gaze, lifting one hand to his heart and dipping his chin just a tad lower than usual and holding it there for just a tad longer in response, smiling at the man. Then he turns back to Ailene, unable to hold back a, for him, rather wide smile at her enthusiasm for the happiness of her cousin and friend. Ailene's response to Augustine has him chuckle once more in that deep timbre. He does notice Ammy there but merely blinks once and doesn't say anything or make any motion to gesture to him. When Thad and Gemma comes over, he gives them a bow at the waist. "Congratulations to both of you, I pray that the happiness of this day will stay with you always, and I am honoured to have been amongst those attending the ceremony. I hope you will like the gift."

Etienne's quick eyes catch the biplay between Thibault and Fenris and he really does look curious now, but is far too polite to say anything. He gives Isabelle a dazzling smile, "Ah, then I hope we shall be friends. Your beautiful city has so much good food and drink to try I will never find all the best places a native would know by myself." He raises his eyebrows at Alcibiades, "I do think it sounds like a story best told over drinks, and I accept the invitation…. I fear I do like gambling, but I haven't a purse nearly as deep." The appearance of the cake leaves him momentarily speechless. Then he whispers, "Is that food, or sculpture?"

Fenris grins warmly as he moves over to Thad. "Congrats on the cake. It's lovely." He teases. He shakes his head a little and looks over it. "She would… I knew she was up to something during our tutoring." He chuckles. He glance over to Gemma and smiles happily at her. "Congratulations on a Thaddeus." He chuckles.

Gemma turns a bit as the cake is delivered, her eyes blinking quickly before she covers her lips to suppress a laugh, "It's beautiful to be sure." she coughs slightly as she glances at Thaddeus, a twinkle in her eyes. As she turns back to Thibault, Ailene and Augustin, "If you will excuse us, I am dragging Thadd away to meet more guests." she grins, "Please enjoy the cake, Ailene you should particularly like it."

Thaddeus nods with a smile, so much going on, moving so quickly with Gemma."Thank you again for coming, it was a pleasure." Then he is gone, quickly with a shake of his head, his hand touching her arm wrapped around his forearm, and then they are moving to the next, with a little chuckle.

Ailene 's eyes widen at Gemma. "You got a horse?" she asks her. "That's wonderful!" She returns the hug with all the warmth of a true family member and dear friend. "We should go riding soon then!" she exclaims, and turns to head to the back of the garden, near the willow tree, where her own horse, Tirre is grazing. "Tirre needs a friend anyway!" She giggles then turns to see the cake and tarts being laid out. "Cake and tarts!" she exclaims, as the couple move on. She takes Thibault's hand. "Thibby, I look!" She points to the cake and then to the tarts. Seeing Fenris approach, she grins happily. "Cake and raspberry tarts!" she says excitedly. That is her greeting. That is obviously the only thing she can think about at this particular moment.

When Fenris catches her attention on the way over to Isabelle and Alcibiades she catches Fenris's arm and drags him along, "Thank you so much Fenris. I'm glad you came!" she looks over at Thadd suddenly, laughs and gives him a playful elbow. Her voice dropping as she teases, "Behave"

"We can play for love, sometime, my lord. Or perhaps for very small wagers." Alcibiades makes so bold as to clap Etienne on the shoulder, an affable gesture but perhaps too familiar for new acquaintances. "I look forward to you coming aboard. I've laid in some truly terrible brandy and wine — all that I can afford at the moment, after outfitting her — and I promise to ply you with both. Unless you bring your own alcohol."

"I'm kind because he has saved my life in the doing," Isabelle remarks in response to Alcibiades' comments. "With the very blatant hope that he doesn't lord the fact over me forever." She shoots the captain a look at that, paired with a dimpled grin, unabashedly jabbing Alcibiades with the pointed end of her wit. "As for your hopes regarding either of us being in any way an able cultural ambassador of all things Marsilikos, I'm afraid I would be just as eager as you to learn. I've spent most of my life outside of Terre d'Ange, and I have to say it's a novel enough an experience to be a stranger to one's own country and province. Were it not for my dear friend, Jehan-Pascal, I'd be an ignoramus about what to do or see in Marsilikos for certain, he has been so patient in introducing me to the city's highlights." Regarding the cake, she smiles. "Made by the Mademoiselle Audrialla, no doubt," she murmurs to Etienne. "Who's quite possibly the best patissiere in the city. Her bakery is in the Market Promenade close to my salon, if you're inclined to visit…and you should."

Up close Étienne d'Arguil has a faint bruise on his left cheek, very nearly healed. Though not a tall man he is strongly built and the clap does not seem to bother him. "Small wagers sounds wonderful and would enjoy playing, and I do enjoy being played. Saved your life? This is definitely a story I'd like to hear!" He looks, if anything, even more eager, "Oh! I'd love to hear about your travels! I have always loved the sea and wished to see strange lands! Wait, you know my cousin? I am Baphinol on my mother's side! For such a large city, it can be strangely easy to find people one is connected to in unexpected places. Certainly I would love to visit."

"Of course, congratuIations again, I hope you will enjoy the rest of this beautiful evening." A beat. "And, what comes after." Thibault says to Thad and Gemma with a small wink to end the sentence, before they move on to greet and talk to more of the guests. He grins and lovingly shakes his head a few times at as he looks back at Ailene, knowing her love of sweets, and raspberry tarts in particular. "Oh, you like cake?" He asks her teasingly with a faux-thoughtful expression on his face. "We should probably go and have a taste, then." He takes her hand and will lead her towards where cake and refreshments are served. He looks over at Fenris when he approaches but the large man is already being dragged away by Gemma, so any talks he might wish to have with him will have to wait.

Fenris turns his eyes to Gemma and smiles happily. He follows with her but then stops and turns his eyes to Etienne. He makes note of something and keeps going with her. He follows after her like a happy pup. He keeps quiet as she takes him around though he does look over to Thib and shoots up his brows before looking back to where he is being lead.

"I played a role in saving your life, Izz. Just a role." Alcibiades' modesty seems somewhat false — he blushes at the good-natured jab, his candid features ruddying beneath their tan. "But I do love to sing my own praises, My Lord, and I shall allow Isabelle to tell all the parts that are simply too self-aggrandizing for me to mention." Chuckling, he goes on "You are not wrong. Anytime Isabelle takes me out to civilize me, we run into a dozen of her friends." Alcibiades does not mention that the same does not occur to him. One is very unlikely to run into crass sailormen of the lower classes at a party like this.

That bruise does draw the eye now and then, but a public gathering isn't exactly the place to ask about the injury; Isabelle may very well inquire whether a disgruntled lady friend had slapped Etienne, but she doesn't. Instead, she quietly plucks a snifter of brandy from a server who stops near their trio, in the event that the other two gentlemen she is speaking with would like the same. Fingers delicately cup over the crystalline receptacle.

"He needs plenty of civilization," she tells Etienne. "There's not much of it to be found at sea, but in the open water, you can't be in safer hands." There is nothing inflated about her tone, her opinion a frank and deliberate thing. "But if it's tales of other lands you seek, I will certainly try to provide. I've been to quite a few places, though that isn't to say that Terre d'Ange doesn't have its own share of adventure."

Her eyes lift, catching Gemma's approach, as well as Fenris. He is, after all, impossible to miss.

"And speaking of grand adventures," she declares, taking a sip of her brandy before moving forward, her hand extending towards the newly-made consort once Gemma's close enough. "My dear, you look absolutely divine today. Has Augustin told you what he left for you in my salon, or has he left me to do the honors?"

Ailene happily lets Thibault lead her away to the sweets. She looks back once, at Fenris, giving him a big smile and a wave, then points to the cake, as though reminding him to go get some after he talks to everyone. She then turns back, her eyes on that cake and those tarts. "I am so famished!" she tells Thibault, skipping along. "Look at all of Mademoiselle Audrialla's tarts!" she is exclaiming as they head over to the refreshment table.

Fenris smiles at Isabelle and then over to Etienne. "Did … I hear correctly that you are Bapinol? I … " He grins slowly. "I have high respect for the Bapinol's." He turns his eyes to Ailene and makes a motion to get him a plate. He looks back to the group and runs his hands through his hair.

Gemma gives Fenris a hug and a soft laugh before letting him go, "Sorry for dragging you along, I missed you coming up to the group and didn't want to miss greeting you." turning towards Isabelle with Thadd she smiles, "Oh he told us, I can't wait to come in and do something a bit more elaborate. I would like to take it to the city when we go." she runs a hand down her skirt, "And I adore this gown. I so hope to use it as a masquerade gown as a snowflake." she looks over at Thadd to see his reaction. Turning a bit to give those around Isabelle a wide smile, "Thank you so much for coming. I hope you are all enjoying the refreshments. If everyone doesn't help us eat all the food I'm afraid we will be having leftovers for weeks." her voice sounding amused.

Etienne, not one to turn down good quality food or drink when it's on offer follows Isabelle's lead. He sips, closing his eyes to really savour it, an expression more suited to a religious paining on his face as he enjoys it. After a long pause he opens his eyes, "We make brandy at home, but nothing as good as one finds here. This is as smooth as honey and full of sting…. I fear I have been sent here from the Northern wilds for civilizing myself." He follows behind Isabelle, "I am so happy for you, Gemma. I had not realised you were so close to such a happy event the evening in which we all met, but the hospitality of both you and Lord Thaddeus was most kind and most welcome. May you both have all the joy you deserve. That is a stunning gown, I must add." He eyes Fenris more warily, "I am ?Étienne d'Arguil, of Berck. I'm Baphinol on my mother's side." He waits, staring back at the larger man as if waiting for an insult.

Alcibiades bows toward Gemma as she speaks to Isabelle, grinning at her affably. "Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this, My Lady. What a lovely celebration it was." Isabelle's words regarding his seamanship have him glancing aside at her, evidently pleased, and comments aside to Etienne, "One really must accept that one's gift is aquaceous in nature." His voice grows exaggeratedly posh, and he winks at the man to show that he's at least half-joking. But Etienne is distracted by Fenris, and Alcibiades seizes the opportunity to lean down and murmur in Isabelle's ear. When he straightens, smiling again to Gemma, he says "I'm afraid I must go before I can truly enjoy the refreshments. But I truly am delighted to have been here. You both deserve all the happiness in the world." Bowing deeply, the sea officer takes a few steps back and turns to depart.

Fenris smiles happily at Etienne. "That's wonderful." He is so happy that Etienne is even PART Baphinol. He turns his eyes to Alcibiades and nods his head a little. He waits there quietly while the man leaves. He glances over to Gemma. "I… really hope I don't need to wear a dress if I become a consort." He grins a little. "Though it's a really nice dress, I doubt it would fit me." He teases Gemma.

"I'm glad that I was able to design something that pleases you, and it is certainly not too late to come up with something more elaborate for the city when you and Lord Thaddeus decide to grace the royal capital with your presence," Isabelle tells Gemma with a pleased smile. "But to hear that my creation will not find the back of your closet for a while yet warms the heart, I'm truly touched." Her hand presses against her heart in a demonstrative fashion. "As for the food, I'll do what I can to sample some of the offerings before departing, I'm afraid I'm off again once more to Kusheth for some last minute appointments there before the Longest Night, but I am happy I was able to share in you and Lord Thaddeus' joy before work once again attempts to hold my head down the water until the bubbles stop." To Fenris, she dips her head. "Well met, my lord."

There's a cant of her head towards Alcibiades' murmur, before she replies quietly, watching his broad-shouldered form depart, before fixing her attention back to the conversation. She watches Etienne's interactions with the much bigger Valliers with interest, though his words do capture her attention quickly. "Are congratulations in order for you as well, my lord?" she wonders of Fenris. "Who is the lucky noble?"

Gemma grins at Fenris, taking a step back with her head tilted, "Well if you wanted a dress Lady Isabelle is the one to make it." she gives the impression of holding her dress close, "This one I'm afraid is taken, perhaps in many years to come I will have a daughter that will wish to wear it." she smiles at Isabelle, "It's too lovely to live in the back of a closet." Hmmmm, "Perhaps I shall model it every year around this time." she grins.

Etienne looks rather disappointed his new seafaring aquainentence is gone so soon, but there IS good brandy and prospect of cake. Fenris' reaction makes him a different flavour of wary, and he falls mostly silent, though to Isabelle he says, "I should like your advice about Longest Night some time when you are free," and to Gemma he says, "That is a fine idea."

"You should," Isabelle tells Gemma with a laugh. "Though hopefully not in the midst of one of your adventures or it'll never survive intact." She lowers her voice, murmuring towards her. "Cib told me what you did for those persons and how he admired your cool head through it all, you're an infinitely more courageous….and merciful…creature than I am, my dear." Etienne's remarks has her regard falling upon him again. "Before my departure, then. I

The giant grins a little and shakes his head. "No congratulations on Gemma's day." He points out. Though he does answer. "Well met to you too and… it's Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol." He purrs the name out. "I absolutely love that man." He nods his head and grins happily. He turns to Gemma and smiles at the dress. "It truly is ravishing."

Thibault leads Ailene over to where the cake (And tarts!!!) is being served. "It does look good", he agrees. "Mademoiselle Audrialla has really outdone herself this time it would seem." He secures a large piece of the cake for Ailene, adding however many of the tarts, and perhaps a few more, will fit on the plate as well, before getting a smaller piece of the cake for himself and one for Fenris, having noticed the gesture the large man had given Ailene for her to do so. He leans down to place a kiss on the cheek of Ailene. "Excuse me for a moment, my love. I will be right back." He tells her. She doesn't seem to mind at all, her focus fully on the plate of cake and raspberry tarts at this moment. He walks over to where Fenris is standing with Gemma, Isabelle and Etienne. "Lord Etienne, Lady Isabelle." He greets them with a small bow and a smile. "I hope you won't mind if I steal away Lord Gaspard here away for a short moment?" He smiles to Fenris and gestures to the Valliers lord to step aside with him so that they might speak in private, glancing back to where Ailene is still happily stuffing her mouth with cake and tarts. He take a handful of steps further towards the back of the garden and, if Fenris will join him there, will have a short talk with the man in lowered voices. Once their talk seems to be done, he walks back to Ailene and after the two has bid anyone else there they know a good night and once more offering their congratulations to Thad and Gemma, will take her arm and escort her inside and upstairs to her chambers, the pair seemingly content to retire for the evening.

"You should," Isabelle tells Gemma with a laugh. "Though hopefully not in the midst of one of your adventures or it'll never survive intact." She lowers her voice, murmuring towards her. "Cib told me what you did for those persons and how he admired your cool head through it all, you're an infinitely more courageous….and merciful…creature than I am, my dear." Etienne's remarks has her regard falling upon him again. "Before my departure, then. I would gladly take all of House Baphinol's relations as patrons. Your cousin is my closest friend in the city and he has been an ardent admirer of my work since I returned." The rare mote of affection touches her lips at the reference to Jehan-Pascal.

Fenris' identification of his consort-to-be has her nodding once. "Aha, another Baphinol. Well, then, I shall save my congratulations for when it becomes official, my lord de Valliers."

With another joining them, there's a smile. "Lord Thibault, of course! I don't mind in the least, I was about to take my leave, myself, to avail myself to the refreshments before departing."

Fenris does move over with Thibault for a moment but grumbles something and walks back. Apparently they will talk later when the time isn't about Gemma. He siddles up to her and grins. His eyes turn to Isabelle and he nods his head. "When it is announced which will be some time." He grins a little at the thought. He keeps himself calm and nods his head a little. "Gemma… Shouldn't you go after Thaddeus? I am sure he's ready for you." He gives her a big hug.

Etienne sips his brandy, "I fear I have not met your Gregoire, only my cousin Jehan-Pascal, but I wish you both joy." He gives Thibault a polite bow.

Gemma can't help but laugh at Fenris's comment. Giving him a hug she stage whispers in his ear, "Fenris dear, Thaddeus is almost always ready." with a wink she walks away. On her way into the house she nabs herself a large piece of cake. Dipping a finger in the icing to eat on the way inside.

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