(1310-11-26) Unrequited Love
Summary: Gregoire goes to Fenris to express his pain over his wife's rejection and tell him the conditions from his wife of making Fenris his consort.
RL Date: Mon Nov 26,2018
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Fenris' Room - Valliers Residence

The door to the room is dark oak and as one enters the room they get a persistent scent of wood, metal and leather. The walls are painted light grey. There are plants all through the room, starting from a small tree right when one enters to plants on every surface. Agave, Cactus, Mint, Basil… all types of herbs and greens.

This room has clearly been modified to fit a very large individual. The bedroom both due to the wood planks on the ceiling and the decor, has a very 'Skaldic Hall' feel to it. The decorations are very ancient Skaldic from the wall sconces, to the engravings on the walls, yet there is a very Camlach feel to it as well with the greens. A very large bed sits in one corner. It could fit quite a few people on it. The main blankets are furs, and likely wolf or something similar. Very cozy. The bedroom has a large fireplace in the wall opposite the bed with the mantle covered in long vines and candles. There is a box at the end of the bed which is red and white in color with brass studs all over it.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is cool and raining.

Gregoire walks out of the Baphinol residence, not caring where he goes as long as it's not in the vicinity of his wife. He walks without a conscious purpose but of course he finds himself in front of the Valliers residence, his own grief at the state of his marriage taking him to the one person that honestly cares about him. He comes to the residence, doing his best to hide the devastation that he's feeling inside. After a few minutes a servant brings him upstairs to Fenris' room.

<FS3> Fenris rolls Perception: Good Success. (2 7 4 3 1 7 8 2 1 1)

Those babies are being cared for their wet nurse. Fenris has been in his room reading a book because he's still learning to read. When he's told Gregoire is here, he pushes himself up off the floor and moves over to the door opening it quickly. He knows Gregoire well and when he sees his face, he pulls him into the room, thanks the servant and kicks the door closed before wrapping his arms around the man.

Gregoire sinks into his lover arms, not caring at this moment to hold on a shred of dignity. He lets out a low rattle in his chest that just speaks to the immense pain that this man is in. His eyes tear up as he hugs his lover tightly, as if he will never let him go. And his body shudders from the powerful emotions that are just racing through him.

Fenris keeps Gregoire to his chest tightly letting him cry if he needs to, scream if he needs to. It's clear Fen is there for the man. He turns a little and opens the door. "Can you please bring chamomile tea, thank you." He leaves the door open a squig and leads the man over to the massive bed. He sits down on it and reaches over to grab a handkerchief and hands it to Gregoire.

Gregoire is led over to the bed, sits down as if in a daze. He looks at Fenris with shell shock eyes, "She's banned you Fen…banned you from the Baphinol house for you…" He gives a bark of a laugh, "Slinging mud at her until you apologize and send her coin for a new dress." He takes the handkerchief and tries to stem the tears that are falling down his cheek, "And she asked me…she asked me why you would think to protect her. She took your gift and threw it on the ground with that note of derision in her voice." There is anger mixed with is grief as this story pours out of him, "And when I told her it's because you love me. That you wanted to include her, she acted like the idea that I cared for her, loved her since I was a child was such a fallacy. A joke." He turns to Fenris, unable to hold the pain back as more tears fall, "And that she /loves/ my brother. The man that has the same face as mine. She loves him but not /me/." He gives a deep growl in his chest as the rest of the story unfolds, "And then after crushing whatever hopes I had to us having more than a cold bed between us, she tells me that if I want to make you my consort, I have to give /her/ an heir. I have to fuck a child into her if I want to claim /you/."

Fenris grins slowly. "It wasn't slinging… I just…brought it to show her and it slipped out of my hands and all over her dress then I wiped my hands on her … face. Oh I can't spin it. I brought mud over and dropped it on her dress. She punched me in the kidney's though…not with a lot of force. She's really tiny." He chuckles. "I've never seen a flailing, punching and kicking woman in a mud dress before. It was lovely." He shakes his head. "Then this house is ours." He takes Gregoire's chin. "This room can be yours and mine." He frowns at the loving brother part. "I … should have brought more mud." He kisses the man's forehead. "Then you do not need to make her happy. You do not need to wear these silly silks. You do not need to be who you think she wants you to be. If she truly crushed that dream… be you." He shakes his head. "Give yourself an heir. Use her body to give you children and I am already yours. You've already claimed me. So what if we have not had a ceremony. I am yours, Gregoire. The two most important people know that. You and I."

<FS3> Gregoire rolls Composure: Failure. (1 2 1)

Gregoire starts laughing even as the tears continue to fall at the image of his wife going full harpy as Fenris spreads mud on her face. He grabs his lovers' face between his hands and tells him softly, "I love you." He leans in and kisses him passionately, pulling him into his embrace. Then he gently removes his lips and murmurs softly, "And no, I need to play her game a little longer, give her the child that /I/ will help raise." It's clear he's not going to ignore any child of his own, "And then after I claim you as my consort, a title that you deserve, only then will I tell that harpy to go to hell." It's clear that Gregoire is furious with his cold wife and her cruel intentions, "And it will kill me…inch by inch to touch her now that she's admitted that she wants my brother instead of me." Whatever kernel of care for Louna has been extinguished by her mockery, "But I want this…you are my consort."

Fenris smiles a little. "I love you too." He purrs quietly and kisses him back, wrapping his arms around the man tightly. He grins slowly. "I will help raise your child as well. No one should treat them any less than perfectly." He points out quietly. "Can I throw mud on her when you tell her to go to hell?" He smiles happily at the thought. "You can still have sex with someone you hate. Just don't let them take pleasure in it. It's why she's with you so… take that away." He chuckles and nods his head. "I am your consort and I will forever be at your side ready to sling mud at the harpies."

Gregoire gives a shake of his head, a little drained after letting out that storm that was inside of him, "No…I don't want to hurt her. I just want…" He searches for the words, "I just want her to stop trying to make me something I am not. I want her to appreciate my efforts. And to give me a child that I can raise. A son to teach hunting. A daughter that's as fierce as your Hel." He gives Fen a gentle kiss, "And these little ones of yours, I will cherish along side my own because hey are a part of you."

Fenris nods his head. "I can understand that, love." He lifts his hands and brushes them through Gregoire's hair slowly. "I know you are upset because a part of you still cares for her. I am so sorry she hurt you. I will be beside you no matter what you choose." He kisses his forehead. "Hel is fierce and loyal and … really horny. All the time… so let's just make her fierce and loyal." He chuckles. "Your son should be like you. In that he'll be amazing." He nods his head. "Little Roan and Octavia will love you as a father." He stands up and leans forward putting his shoulder into Gregoire's stomach before standing and bringing Gregoire with him. He's carrying him over his shoulder. He walks over to his bath and then places him on the edge of it. He reaches a cloth in the tub and brings the warmth to Gregoire's eyes. He wipes them carefully. "Come on. Get naked. I am going to pamper you. Let's go." He brings his lips to Gregoire's and lightly bites his bottom lip. "Get naked…"

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