(1310-11-26) Cruel Intentions
Summary: Gregoire drops by to discuss the incident with Fenris, and Louna uses the opportunity to crush his hopes for anything more than a political marriage.
RL Date: Mon Nov 26, 2018
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Monteaux Suite - Baphinol Residence

Through the heavy wooden door, one enters a spacious master bedroom, dark teak wood furniture contrasting to white walls, curtains of crimson with gold filigree accents framing the bay windows, adding natural light to the room. Center stage is a four poster canopy bed with crimson covers that match the curtains. The crest of Baphinol is carved into the headboard. A large tapestry hangs behind details the ancestral lineage of the Monteaux branch of the family, going back at least ten generations. A fireplace of dark teak and white marble that is perfect for keeping the room warm during the winter months is surrounded by gold cushioned easy chairs that are perfect for lounging. Crimson cushions with gold filigree provide an excellent contrast. Below the bay windows is a dark teak writing desk perfect for composing correspondence while enjoying the gardens of Baphinol. A bookshelf on the other side of the window carries popular titles of the inhabitants living there.

In the evenings, oil lamps on the side tables by the bed help the fireplace keep the room lit. A transparent gold curtain to the side leads into a private washroom with a large white tub with clawed feet that can be filled with hot water by the servants. There are two large dark teak wardrobes that carry the latest fashions for Marsilikos.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is cool and clear.

Likely by now Gregoire has been made intimate from gossip of the staff. Fenris came looking for him and came across Louna instead. There was mud. Literal mud. It wasn't pretty. Somewhere there is ruined silk and Fenris has been barred from the Baphinol manse. Or at least she's demanded it be done. How much control she has is questionable. Needless to say, doors were locked and either she was out or hiding in her rooms. Maybe plotting a way to remove a spleen from someone. She could do it. Oh she could do it. But today the doors are unlocked at least.

Gregoire arrives at her suite, dressed in his silks like she prefers and wearing a sympathetic look on his face as the servant admits him. He lets his piercing blue eyes scan the room, seeking out his wife as he girds himself for her ire.

This is an expected dance and so he arrives but there's no scowl. They've done this too many times thus far. Letters have to go out as well and it's easier to write. "He's banished. He's not allowed in this house until he apologizes and remembers that he's a guest in it. Even when he comes looking for you." A quill dipped into ink, she carries on writing, penmanship neat and precise. "There will be a bill for my dress as well. To replace it stitch for stitch."

Gregoire quietly listens to her words, giving a nod as if what she is asking for is perfectly reasonable, "Of course, I'll advise him that he's not allowed on the premise until he apologizes and takes care of the cost of the dress." He does let his wife know, "So for the time being, I shall notify you when I'm stepping away for evening." 'To visit him' is left unsaid but of course, it's implied by his respectful tone.

"I don't need to be notified. I am not your keeper. Just leave word with the servants, that's all. No different than I do. In case you are needed because something has happened." She looks over at him, no trace of mud, wouldn't know that she'd had a falling out. "Had is ridiculous. That you love me. Therefor he must protect me to protect you."

"I do love you Louna," Gregoire tells her gently, without any censure in his voice because he's long realized his feelings are not returned, "But I respect that your feelings are not returned." And on the matter of Fenris, he does tell her with a clear voice, "Just as I love him. You are both dear to me." He does broach carefully with his wife, "I think in his own way his original intention was to try to include you. But…I suppose that wasn't wise."

"Now why would you go and do something stupid like that?" The quill hovers a splotch of ink falling and looking like he just grew two heads. "What fool notion got in your head to do something stupid like… love me."

Gregoire winces a little at her reaction to his declaration, and then takes a deep breath before carefully explaining himself, "Because from the day I first learned you were to be my wife, you became the measure before all others. You were so poised, so graceful like a beautiful angel that would grace my presence when your family would visit. I tried so hard when I was younger to catch your attention." He does flush a little as he admits, "Perhaps I wasn't as skilled as my brother in my approach but Louna, since the day I met you, no woman has compared." There is a geniune honesty, even though he recognizes that such an admission leaves him completely open to humiliation.

"You broke my nose. In what world is that -love-" says Louna.

Gregoire looks up to the ceiling and then murmurs under his breath so it's not audible. He looks back down and then tells her simply, "You were not my intended target, Richard was. It was an accident. And I was completely horrified that I struck you."

"Well you missed and my nose forever bends." The ink blotched paper is scowled at and she puts the quill down, scrapping the paper and throwing it into a waste bin so she can grab a fresh sheet. "I don't love you. I love your brother. The sooner you accept that, the sooner we can carry on with our marriage. Or I should say the sooner that the man who wants to be your consort accepts that we are politically aligned in marriage and not hopelessly falling over weeping in love, the better." She scowls at that. "Week time, I will be lighting my candle. You need not be there."

Gregoire had always suspected that his wife preferred his brother but to hear it said by her own lips, the confirmation that his wife doesn't love him. Can never love him like she loves his brother brings a deep rattle of pain in his chest. He turns away from her, giving a nod as he fights for his composure, "So you wish…for us to do our duty. To come together to create an heir?" At this point the thought of touching her after her admission brings almost a scowl to the man.

'Do you want to take him as consort?" says Louna.

Gregoire turns so he can look his wife directly, putting aside the pain at her rejection to tell her in simple words, "Yes. I want him as my consort."

"Then an heir first. At least get me with child and then I give my complete blessings to take him as consort." says Louna.

Gregoire struggles for a minute to stifle the words left unspoken on his lips, the harsh words that would tell her his revulsion of touching her after her cruel rejection. But whatever war that is going on his face doesn't match the bow as he turns away from his wife and quietly tells her, "Of course. That is the sensible course." He clears his throat that's getting tight on him, "Excuse me. I have an appointment." The lie doesn't sit well on his tongue. But he barely waits for her to even react before the man strides out of the room before his temper can get the better of him.

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