(1310-11-25) Mud-Slinging
Summary: Louna and Fenris finally meet. Words are said and then mud is slung.
RL Date: 1310-11-25
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Baphinol Residence

Through the portal, one enters a spacious parlor, dark teak wood furniture contrasting to white walls, cushions of red and yellow adding to the comfort of seating. Chairs showing off the crest of House Baphinol carved into the comparatively low back have been arranged about a long table that easily offers space enough for eight people. A pair of more comfortable long-backed chairs can be found in front of the hearth of white marble, with a warm fire burning there especially in the colder months. The wall facing the hearth is covered by a large tapestry, depicting a heroic Baphinol ancestor engaged with fighting off a dark and evil foe.

At times the furniture may be re-arranged in such a manner as to provide more space, for the occasional fête and dancing. Heavy red curtains at the windows are usually pulled to the side and secured with thick cords of yellow color during the day, to admit the light from outside, whereas lighting becomes much more intimate in character during evenings and night, from the warm flicker of oil lamps at the walls and candles burning upon the twining chandelier that hangs from the ceiling by a gilded chain.

A stairway leads up to the gallery, from which several doors lead to the private chambers of the residents.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

It's late afternoon, it's been drizzling out and it's cool out. The giant man moves through the city having found baby sitters for his infants. He is wearing dark brown leather pants with an off-white tunic with a thick leather cloak. His head's been shaved and he has stitches on his head, on his skull over his left eye. He has been growing out his beard as well. He knocks on the door heavily and with confidence. His bright eyes waiting for someone to answer him.

It's a servant who opens the door to the estate that houses all the Baphinol's here in Marsilikos. Since Fenris is a frequent enough face, he's admitted easily enough. Though there's no gregoire in the close vicinity and instead a well put together brunette descending stairs in grass green silks and talking with a servant as well in quiet tones.

Fenris smiles warmly at the servant. "Thank you." He walks into the house and he glances around a little and hrms a little at not seeing Gregoire right out of the gate. He watches the brunette and servant walk down the stairs. He doesn't want to rush up the stairs and knock them both over so he waits quietly for them. He puts his hands in front of himself and grins a little to himself.

"Can I help you?" This from said Brunette who pauses on the last step to look over Fenris, expecting an answer.

Fenris blinks a few times and grins warmly at her. "Good day. I am looking for Gregoire." He doesn't ask her if he's here but he does keep his posture right and his hands together. He is a really BIG guy.

"He's out at the moment. Something about the weather is just perfect for… whatever it is the man does out in the weather." Disdain drips on her voice. "What is your name, so I can say that you came looking for him?"

Fenris glances back to the door and smiles. "Enjoying the rain somewhere. Most likely." He sounds utterly in love. He glances over to her and smiles. "Lord Gaspard Fenris Valliers." He bows to her and stands up with a happy expression on his face.

And there, it's gone from polite if perhaps dry to the a flat face. "Ahh I see, His lover." There's a pause, a very long pause. "Baroness -Louna-" Another pause. "His wife. Finally we meet."

The giant of a man keeps that grin over his lips. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Baroness Louna." He bows deeper to her. "His description of your beauty is but a shadow to the truth." He sounds very sincere.

"I really truly don't know where he is. I just know that he's out as usual running about in the rain. I had presumed that he would be with you." Louna doesn't come down off that step, though she's eyeballing the stitches. "You were the one he was protecting in the temple?"

He grins and nods. "He probably is." He nods his head. "Yes I was." He speaks softly. "How he was hurt… I deeply regret that. I wish I could have protected him in turn. I have … eliminated the threat." He gestures to his head. "I used my head." He smiles at her.

"Delightful" It doesn't sound like it is. "Is there anything further I can help you with? You might strike out to the beaches, see if you can find him there. Sometimes down by the docks. There' sa tavern that smells like fish that he likes to frequent."

Fenris watches her a moment, tilting his head. "You know he really does love you?" He speaks softly. He keeps his eyes on her and shakes his head. "So what if he smells like fish or if he's wet or if he is bloody or dirty. Being proper and being perfect is boring. It's… Not how we were meant to be. He will never be perfect but he will love you and if you could… perhaps… not be so… " He tries to find the right word. "…angry at him for everything perhaps you would be happier."

"Those are lovely ideas, that he could or would even love me. He broke my nose when we were younger and we put this off, this political alignment as long as we could. The same as I will put off having a child as long as I can with him. There is no love, that is a fallacy that you speak of that does not exist between he and I. It would seem however, it is most certainly between you and he. I would appreciate it if you remained out of the business of my marriage and stuck to the matter of your dalliances with him. I have taken no umbrage in it. I have encouraged him to enjoy himself where he finds it. But marriage with him is none of your business Lord Fenris. Not in the least."

Fenris grins a little. "No it's not. What is my business though, is his happiness and honestly…happiness of everyone I meet." He looks at her carefully. "Perhaps he was an oaff when he was young but are you the girl you were when he broke your nose - exact same person? Most likely not because as people we grow." He keeps his hands in front of him. "I have spoken to him at length and…" He takes a deep breath. "It hurts me to know that, yes, he does love you. Very much but he's hurt because he doesn't feel love back. Perhaps that is the choice you made however, he is a good man. Look past his dirt and grumbles and look at the man there. A man who does love you and he would fight for you." His eyes soften. "I want happiness for you both. It's awful the history but I believe happiness is still possible." He lifts his finger. "It's not a dalliance. It's not some coquetry… I love him. I plan to stay by his side for as long as he still wants me. I plan to protect BOTH of you because he loves you and I love him." He grins warmly.

"Lord Valliers." Louna's moving forward now, opting to get up in personal space, up on toes even if she must, jaw set. "-I- am not your business. -You- are not welcome in my business. Love him all you want, make him your consort for all I care, stand by his side and give him all the happiness that you so badly wish it seems, to give him. But I do not want you. I do not need you. This is my first time meeting you and hopefully it will be my last time meeting you. I have guards to protect me, and I don't have plans to run into any poisoned blades or fists anytime soon and should he run into them again, and you're not around, you'll not find me weeping. I'll leave that to you."

Fenris keeps that grin playing over his lips and he looks right into her eyes. He even hunches forward a little. "I don't cry." He speaks simply. "Nice jab though." He smiles now. "I will love him. I will be his consort. I will stand by his side and give him happiness. I will protect him because I want him to live a long life." He says that almost like a threat to her. "Perhaps I am going about being kind wrong. Perhaps what you really want is to be miserable. It's an interesting way of life but it is your way. I hear spinsters live by the same creed. Perhaps you could take up knitting and join their grumble circles." He winks at her as he turns for the door and straightens his back. "It was lovely meeting you, Baroness. I hope to see you again and irritate you all the same."

"Funny, you seem to think I'm miserable when quite the opposite. Good day Lord Valliers, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." Chin lifted just a little, she's moving away toward some other room in the house that was presumably her destination. "Tell him to bathe before he comes home, so he doesn't smell up the house"

Fenris chuckles a little. "It probably will. I'm rather large and lumbering." When he's told to tell him to bathe, he chuckles a little. "Nope. He's coming home to you smelling all of me and then you get to smell us both." He smiles brightly. "He is after all a grown, gorgeous man who should smell of great sex. Much better than he gets here." He waves to her. "Enjoy your unremarkable day."

No answer, just that brunette disappearing into other parts of the house.

Fenris comes back into the house holding something. He slowly glances around until he fines Louna with her beautiful dress. He smiles brightly. "One more thing, Baroness…" He walks over to her and tosses a giant ball of mud at her dress, which was held in his cloak.

Louna turns, a roll of her eyes already that the man has come back in. "Lord Valliers. Really? Can't you just lea-" There's the splat though, of the mud hitting those green silks, sliding down and then to the floor as eyes widen. "Lord Valliers!" A bellow, followed by a shriek of outrage.

The giant looks at the mess he made. He smiles brightly. "You should get that dress cleaned. It's a disgrace how you present yourself to guests." He chuckles a little and turns to leave. "Now you can be mad at me instead of him…" He winks at her before heading for the door. "Love you dearest!" He waves over his shoulder as he leaves.

She can't throw a punch worth a damn. Not in the least. Louna wasn't raised for these sorts of things. To tend a wound, to open a person up, fix this or that, to eventually run a barony. But not for men twice her size throwing mud at her. Something unfortunately snaps in Louna and as Fenris reaches the door, there's a fist thrown to the lower back, right around where the kidney's are. Then another "GET OUT OF HERE YOU BEAST! YOU BOTH DESERVE EACH OTHER! LET HIM SLEEP IN YOUR HOUSE TONIGHT!"

Fenris laughs happily when he feels the fist hit him and he turns. His hands are all muddy and then suddenly those giant hands are running through her hair as he smiles happily. Then they run all over her face. "Beautiful." He chuckles again and shakes his cloak which puts mud more all over her silks. He is so very happily right now. He chuckles. "Come on… It's funny." He nods his head. "I am also a beast thank you."

There won't be too much time to run mud all over her, not for her to keep pelting him with her fists, an attempt at a well placed kick if possible to the groin. "GET OUT!" Scowling and pulling her head back as mud finds her face. But house guards are coming out from various places as Louna bellows and points to the Valliers lord. "Out! Get him OUT! I never want to see him in here again!"

Fenris lifts his hands up and laughs a little. "As you wish, mud princess." He turns and moves outside happily. He starts whistling as he walks off the property and he waves to her with a giant smile on his face.

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