(1310-11-20) Another Fine Sip
Summary: Assorted young people meet in a tavern.
RL Date: 11/20/18
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**Wine Cellar **

Stairs lead down to the heavy oak door, above which the sign of the place, the likeness of a Hellene amphora spilling over with wine painted upon wood, swings lazily in the occasional breeze. Beyond that door the entrance hall comes into view, where various kegs and casks of differing sizes are arranged in oenological allure before the roughly hewn walls of ancient stone. There is a chill down here on hot summer days, that will be efficiently battled in the colder months through the heating of a giant hearth to the back. The place has a decidedly cavernous character, alcoves to the left and right offering seating at small tables for two or three. Lamps are dangling by chains from the ceiling, shades of milky glass work from La Serenissima offering sufficient lighting. There are no visible windows, which means lamps will be in use even during the day.

Further to the back there is a small hallway branching off from the main area, leading to a medium sized chamber where the bigger barrels are stored. Here, a larger group of up to eight people can sit about a round table of heavy oak, while they are being served the rarer vintages or even the heavier spirits that are stored in a wooden cabinet to the back. Staff is mostly male, clad in black breeches and white shirts with dark red vests, knowledgeable sommeliers of superior training that will be glad to wait on guests in person and offer insight into the variety of wines, red and white, from Terre d'Ange and a variety of specialties from abroad, that are available here.

It is early evening in Marsilikos. The air is nice and cool and the sky is clear. There is a slight breeze in the crisp fall air. Ailene Trevalion walks with Thibault Charlot to the Wine Cellar. They arrive after only a few moments, since the establishment is only right down the lane from the noble residence section of the city. Her arm through his, she lets him guide her to a table, looking around to see if anyone she knows is there this evening, or if anyone she might not know but who seems interesting is around. She sits down with a slight wince, but smiles and bats her lashes at Thibault as he sits, then peruses the menu of different wines. "What shall we drink tonight?" she asks him, differing to him to make the decision and the order. Once more, she lets her blue-grey eyes👀 travel around the room, looking for familiar or new, interesting faces.

Symon sweeps in just behind this couple, only 'sweeping' because he is wearing a cloak (cream-colored with embroidered red leaves around the edges), and when one wears a cloak, one tends to sweep. He pauses just inside the door🚪 for a look round, and while he spots Ailene and Thibault arriving ahead of him, he doesn't seem to see anyone he knows. So he heads to a table of his own and orders a bottle of red wine from a passing steward. He stops the attendant to ask, "That w…woman👩 isn't here tonight, is she?" He's assured that she is not, whoever 'she' is, and he seems satisfied to hear so.

Black hair lurking underneath a deep blue silk cloak, yep that is Narcisse Trevalion, the most handsome bachelor in town, at least if one would ask him and that is the only thing that matters. Setting aside that his heart❤️ was just recently broken, he makes a quite impressive appearance as he enters the wine cellar, maybe seeking the company of a glass of wine and some lass to go with it, how his brother would call them. His own sea-blue eyes👀 scan the area briefly and as he spots his cousin they seem to lighten up a little and he immediately makes his way over to the couple "Aily! And… Lord Thibault, what a pleasure to meet you both here."

Thibault enters the Wine Cellar arm in arm with Ailene. He's clad in the usual sombre colors of his house🏠, Black and dark crimson, and the thin leather belt holding his rapier and a smaller dagger🗡️ is as always strapped around his waist. He glances around the establishment to look for any familiar faces and, failing to do so, looks for a free table where the two might sit. He guides Ailene to a table close to one of the corners and offers her his hand while she gets seated, before taking a seat💺 of his own next to her. "I think we'll go with a Namarrese Dry, tonight", he answers her with a smile and a wink after a short look at the menu, after which he waves for a servant to come over so he can order the bottle of red wine he has decided that they will start with tonight. Once the servant has come and left again to fetch their wine, he also takes another look around the bar to see if any familiar faces should have eluded his eyes👀 when they first entered. He doesn't immidiatelt spot anyone, but then a familiar face enters, and Thibault gives Ailene a little nudge of the shoulder if she hasn't spotted her cousin entering, before raising his hand in greeting to Lord Narcisse and gesturing to one of the empty seats at the table, Inviting the Trevalion lord to join them should he so wish. "Lord Narcisse, a pleasure as always."
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Ailene looks over to Symon as he takes a seat💺, headtilting in cusiosity, for it is a new face. However, Thibault replies to her question about the wine and so she turns back to him and smiles adoringly and nods, agreeing with his selection. At his nudge, she looks over to the entrance and spots Narcisse entering, followed by her cousin's greeting. "Sissy!" she calls out happily and motions for him to join them. "I am so happy to see you out and about!" She gives him a grin, then turns once again in the direction of Symon. "Do you know him?" she asks her companions. "I have not seen him before, but I really like his shoes!" She looks again at the young man's shoes, admiring the embroirdery, before she flashes him a friendly smile. "Would you like to join us?" she asks him, noticing that he is there alone.

Symon looks up to see who is being greeted with such enthusiasm, smiling himself in anticipation even though he hasn't met any of the others here. However, that smile blossoms into full bloom at an offer to join the other nobles. He lifts his glass in a toast to them. "Oh, delighted," he replies at the invitation, and gets up. He doesn't bother carrying the wine bottle along, knowing one of the attendants will bring it. He helps himself to a seat💺 at the table. "Symon de P…Perigeux. Such a p-pleasure to m…meet you all."

Étienne is freshly scrubbed in a formal, Northern cut tunic of black with forest green embroidery, wearing his best boots, dyed green to match. His shoulder length curly hair has been pomaded into a tail, that is likely to stay put, at least, instead of follow it's usual wayward tendency towards escape. The pomade has added a pleasant soft citrus tinge to the sea scent that clings to him and the natural musk of his skin. He has replaced the practical leather thong he usually uses to tie back his hair with a green ribbon🎀. He has freshly trimmed his goatee and shaved around it. He has carefully scraped his boat bottoms before entering and straightened his tunic. In short, he is determined to do his very best impression of a sound young gentleman.

Narcisse doesn't really need an invitation to seat himself next to the couple, but he waits for it nonetheless. Once it is given he slides onto one of the free chairs elegantly like a swordsman from Camlach, if he actually were one you know. "I can't keep myself locked up forever now, can I?" he offers in reply with a shrug of his shoulders. "But I haven't seen you both around for a while either. What have you been up to?" And then his eyes wander towards the seemingly stammering Lord and he gives him a short glance over before giving an appreciative incline of his head "Lord Narcisse /Trevalion/" he pronounces his family name still with the known pride of an Azzallese.

Étienne walks with a simple grace that wastes no movement. He is just now looking for a place to sit and spots a familiar face in Symon de Perigeux, and waves, all dimples and dazzling smile. He is in his formal black and green tunic and hose today, but several long black curls have escaped their ribbon, and he has the relaxed air of a man who has finished formal calls for the evening.

"It's been a while. It's good to see you here, nothing like a little wine and good company to soothe whatever ails you. I'm sure the good company will arrive, eventually." Thibault says to Narcisse, a hint of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He is aware of the recent troubles of the heart that the Trevalion lord has been dealing with, but chooses not to make any more direct comments about that whole affair. "Oh, you know, just what people do." He answers Narcisse and then looks shortly to Ailene with a smile. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure, no." He answers to Ailene's question, turning to look at the man she is referring to as he moves to join them. "Lord Symon, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He greets the man, before introducing himself and Aily. "Thibault Charlot, and this is Lady Ailene Trevalion. I don't recall seeing you around, did you arrive to Marsilikos recently?" He then inquires, before his attention is stolen for a moment by the servant bringing the bottle of wine they ordered and two glasses. He pours a glass for Ailene and then himself, and raises the glass to his mouth to take a sip as he looks to the two other men at the table.

Symon is just joining a table with other nobles and, without asking them what they think of it, he waves Étienne over in their direction, grinning. "Étienne, how killing! Come join us!" He looks to Narcisse and beams a smile at him, too. "My p…pleasure," he says, and a nod includes Thibault and Ailene as well. "You know," he says to Thibault, manner all friendliness, "In fact I did. A few w…weeks b-back, anyway. I can't remember /exactly/ w-when I came. B-but it still /feels/ new."

And here comes Fiorella, not a noble, to crash their wining and dining time! Surely, they won't mind the appearance of the lovely Adept of Lis d'Or? Wearing a gown that surely brings out the color of her eyes, she whisks a cloak off to be handed over to the hostess before she might seek a seat, "I am to meet Lord…" The name is given, though a shake of the host's head indicates the lord is not there yet. "Well, then.. I will wait for him to arrive." And yet, there is a small frown to appear upon her lips as she follows the hostess to a seat at a table.

Ailene smiles at Symon as Thibault introduces them then adds a compliment. "I absolutely adore your shoes, My Lord!" she tells him. "They are so finely made!" she says. Again, she looks down at them. "Who is your cobbler?" she asks him, still admiring them. "I need some new, pretty shoes for myself!" The wine arrives and she sips, nodding at Thib's comment to Sissy, as well, after she tears her attention away from Symon's shoes. When the newcomer arrives, she looks over to him in friendly curiosity, as well. She offers him a smile of welcome. "Please, feel free to join us well." she says to him, since he seems to already be a friend of Symon's. Fiorella is also given a smile and a nod of polite greeting.

Narcisse blinks a little as the table gets more and more crowded, but he doesn't seem to mind, it would mean more attention to him as well, right? A little smile is given to Thibault, as they blissfully let the topic of heartbreak slide, instead teasing a little "Oh, spare me the details please, she is my best friend after all." And there's a wink given towards Ailene anyway, before he inwardly rolls his eyes at the shoe topic, even though he can be quite about fashion himself. A nod is given towards Etienne as well and as he spots Fiorella a knowing smile is sent her way together with another incline of the head, before he waves over a waiter to order himself a bottle of red as well.

Étienne strides over. His accent is also very Azzallese, "Symon! Well met! Who are your friends?" He has a sword at his hip, but a parcel of books tied with string under his arm. He gives the others a polite bow, graceful as a crane's wing, "I'm Étienne d'Arguil. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He finds a seat by the Siovalese Lord, smoothing the Northern Cut brocaded tunic as he does and setting his books carefully out of the way, and looks about him with alert intensely blue eyes as he attempts to take in so many new faces.

Symon looks entirely delighted by the compliment. "W…why thank you, Lady Ailene," he replies. "In fact I had them m…made in Siovale. I can give you the name of the shop, b-but that might b…be a bit far afield for you." Etienne's question means a quiz for him. "W-well. This is Lady Ailene Trevalion. That there is Lord Narcisse Trevalion. And Thibault…Charlon? Did I get it?" he asks his new companions, but is not so concerned that he does not drink more wine. "W…we've only just said hello," he explains to Etienne.

As she begins to pass the table where so many are gathering, Fiorella spies Narcisse, her smile to warm a little upon seeing the lord. A dip of her head is given to him as she's seated at the nearby table. A quiet conversation has a glass of their finest wine to be brought out to her while she prepares to wait. To note, there is a guard that followed her inside, but whom took up waiting near the front. The usual for any adept who leaves the Salon.

Thibault gives an amused snort and a roll of eyes at Narcisses comment. Sparing him the details was what he was doing, he thought anyway. He offers a polite nod to Etienne when he arrives, and a smile is sent Fiorellas way when he spots her entering. He frowns at Symon when the man fails to pronounce the name of his house correctly, but he doesn't seem overly upset or anything. "Charlot." He corrects him in a calm tone, before turning to Etienne again, seemingly not very interested in the footwear of the Perigeux lord despite the praise given by Ailene. "A pleasure, please, join us." A curious glance is given to the sword at the mans side as he takes another sip of wine.

Ailene sighs dejectedly. "Yes, Siovale is quite too far to go for a pair of shoes, unfortunately." she laments and sips more of her wine. "Luckily, I can find a cobbler here who is just as talented." She smiles again at Symon. "Though, I doubt it." she says. "They really are quite exquisite." Her attention is then drawn to Étienne. "Oh, d'Arguil?" she says, perking up. "You are from Azzalle, too!" She beams happily at him. "I remember seeing some of your kin visit my father in Evreux." she says to him. "Though, I don't think I ever spoke to any, or if I did, it wasn't much." She looks to Narcisse. "Do you know any of his family, Sissy?" she asks her cousin. She also looks back over at Fiorella, then back to Sissy and her smile grows. "Oh, so you know her, huh?" she asks him with a happy giggle. She inclines her head to the other woman in a very friendly manner. "Would you like to join us, as well?" she asks her. "Since you seem a acquainted with my cousin." She grins. "Any friend of Sissy's is a friend of mine!" Another giggle and then she scoots a bit closer to Thibault as she waits to see if the other woman shall also join.

Narcisse quirks an eyebrow as the family name seems to strike something in his memory as well, but then he didn't listen to those lessons as much as his brother had to do. Still, when Ailene mentions his he ahs and nods, but then shakes his head "Well, of course I know the noble families of Azzalle, but I haven't met any Arguil yet.So it is a pleasure to meet you." he offers with a gentle smile adding to the sincerity of his words. Once the wine arrives at his table, he takes a sip of it and then half-chokes on the little hint in his cousin's voice. But after catching his breath, he just smirks ever so slightly again "She just found me here the other day… drowning my sorrow in some wine and well she cheered my mood up." And maybe one day he'll have an assignment with her, but he wouldn't say that in front of his cousin.

Symon looks mildly surprised by his own faux pas, and then attempts to smooth over with a smile. "Oh, yes, of course, Charlot, forgive m…my tongue," he says. Considering amends made, his attention is back on Ailene. "P-perhaps Lady Isabelle V…V…Valais w-would know," he proposes. "She seems to know how to get to the heart of fashion, after all." He glances over, smiling at the new face and at Etienne's apparent success in having connections to others at the table.

When the invitation is extended towards Fiorella, she smiles towards the lady, "I would, but.. I am to meet a patron, in truth." It wouldn't be good to be seated with others when that patron arrived, would it? And yet, the choice is soon remedied, for a courtier arrives, and after a look, heads towards her. With a bow, a sealed letter is extended to her after making sure she is the adept he is seeking. Breaking the seal, she reads the note, then turns to the waiting man, "Tell him that is fine, and we'll talk again later." With that, the courtier is off, and she's left with a glass of wine, alone.

Étienne flashes a sunny smile, "Ah! It is always good to make new friends." He catches Thibault's glance, "Habit, rather than an inclination towards trouble." he turns those dimples on Ailene, "Yes! It is good to here the familiar accents of home, though I have come in part to met as many people from other place as I can. This is a wonderfully polyglot place, is it not?" his tone is self deprecating, "Likely you met kin from the Étaples branch. I fear those of us from the cadet branch are less likely to travel in company as exalted as yours, My Lady." Inclines his head to both Azzalese. Then adds to Narcisse, "I hope it was nothing too dire to have dampened your day, though I am glad you have been cheered." Flashes Symon an encouraging smile, then follows his gaze to the new arrival. Not having much experience with the night court and what little he has had having been complicated, he smiles his welcome, but leaves the opening courtesies to others less likely to end up with a boot in their mouth.

Thibault's eyes flicker between Narcisse and Fiorella as it becomes clear that the two are acquainted and Narcisse explains hoe they became so. He gives Narcisse a subtle encouraging and approving nod. Not that his encouragement is needed, by the looks of it, and certainly not his approval. Then he turns to Symon with a smile, b ut there's a hint of something akin to disappointment marring the otherwise friendly gesture. "No apology needed, lord Perigeux, I guess I'd simply expect someone of as esteemed a family as your own to at least know the names other houses, even if not any detailed information." A small shrug and another sip of wine. Another glance at Fiorella as she receives the note and seems to have her wait extended, or worse, has been cancelled on. He'll leave it to one of the other to invite her to join them again, if she should wish. Then his attention turns to Etienne. "So you'd say you enjoy a book in your hand over a blade then, I assume?" His eyes flickers to the books the man placed on the table just moments before, after joining the table. "Either way, it's always a pleasure to meet more people from the families of Azzalle. You're the first Azzallese I have met here in Marsilikos that aren't a Trevalion, I believe." A short thoughtful glance and a nod to himself as he confirms his words in his own mind. Étienne might also notice the red leather belt and the rapier that the tall, young Charlot lord wears, perhaps explaining the interest in the blade worn by the Arguil lord himself.

Ailene nods to Symon. "I shall ask her." she says to him about Lady Isabelle. "She is the most knowledgeable person about fashion here in Marsilikos and I need to visit her soon anyway about having some garments made." She slides a shy look to Thibault and then flutters her lashes and giggles, a bit of a blush coloring her cheeks. "If My Lord still wishes to gift me with some clothing items, that is." she teases him. Her little hand finds his under the table and gives it a squeeze. The two are, quite clearly, a couple. She then looks to Etienne and, at first, blinks. Her face goes quite blank when he utters the word 'ployglot'. Her eyes take on a vacant, cloudy look of someone who has no idea what the word means. However, before she can ask, she instantly perks up again when he mentions her 'exalted company'. She knows what that means! She preens, the pride of her Trevalion blood running thick in her veins. She giggles. "You compliment our family very well, My Lord." she says, pleased. "I am not sure which branch it was that have been to our home, but I shall indeed speak highly of yours to my father when next I get the chance." Another soft giggle, and then she is poking Sissy with her elbow. She leans in to whisper to him, her eyes darting to Fiorella. "Invite her over, you clod!" she hisses to him. "She seems nice and very pretty!"

Narcisse takes a brief glance at his glass of wine and takes a deep sip of it, while the others exchange pleasantries. Though his gaze falls upon the messenger that arrives and delivers a message towards Fiorella, who doesn't seem to be too pleased by whatever he has to say, something about a patron being delayed or something. His attention is drawn then towards the table again and he murmurs in approval "I should perhaps visit that Lady Isabelle one of these days myself, considering I haven't updated my wardrobe in recent times and I don't wanna fall back on any trends." So yeah, weapon stuff is not for him, even as he gets elbowed by his cousin there's a little scowl escaping his lips at first, before he hears what she has to say. Then he clears his throat a little and turns his attention back towards the adept "As it seems your patron won't come for the time being, would you mind to join us in company?" his voice ever as gentle and those eyes sparkling with joy for once.

Symon hides the bobble in his confidence behind the rim of his glass, or attempts to. "Oh, yes," he says to Thibault with a slightly forced cheer. "If w…we were in Siovale, you'd have heard how m…my p-parents despaired of m…my education despite their b-best efforts. Four tutors quit in despair." He smiles, then gulps more wine, affecting a coolly amused air. Nacisse's conversation provides something to latch on to: "She's v…v…/very/ b-busy just now getting out everyone's Longest Night regalia, b-but I imagine she w…will have a slacking off just afterwards."

Etienne's eyes widen a little at the rebuke to Symon and he gives him a quick sympathetic glance. Then to Thibault he explains, "I fear I am no scholar. I had occasion to use my Cruithne the other day, and had discovered it a trifle rusty, so I wanted to brush up on my vocabulary. There was also this fine travelogue I had heard recommended, and… another book recommended by a lady of my acquaintance who I would not like to disappoint. Not exactly the stuff of great scholarship, just odds and ends to try to make sense of. I do well enough with my blade, but I fear I have not the dedication to it that makes for a truly great swordsman."

His quick eyes much have caught Ailene's expression and so he elaborates, "There are so many people here from many places, speaking many languages. I am fascinated by all the different types of food and spices and tales people have here of their homelands and the places they have seen in their travels." He inclines his head respectfully to the Trevalion Lady, "I am glad that you will think well of me, My Lady."

Étienne seconds Narcisse, "Certainly, come and be welcome." he sighs, "I fear I shall not be in fashion myself, as I doubt there is time for me to get things made."

Thibault's eyes find the ceiling with a faux-thoughtful expression, his head bopping slightly a few times before looking to Ailene with a hint of a playful smirk on his lips. "Well, I guess you have earned it." He gives her a wink and takes her hand, returning the squeeze. "And I could use an update to my own wardrobe since my say here in Marsilikos has been extended. Besides, we'll need her services soon enough I expect. We should see if we can get an appointment with her before we depart for Elua." He then adds with a knowing smile to the fiery haired Trevalion at his side. There's a bit of a blank stare, then, at her confusion at the 'big word' used by Etienne, and his lips move as if to speak, but it seems like he decides against it as the Arguil lord continues with praising the Trevalion family. He looks over to Symon. "Oh my. Simple disinterest, or just a bit slow?" He asks in a casual tone like he had asked if the man prefers red or white when it comes to wines. It doesn't seem like he means any offense, he's just a little blunt at times. He's Kusheline, after all, as his accent would have likely given away by now, if not the quiet but constant intensity present in his golden amber eyes. Then he looks to Etienne. "Ah well, to each their own. I have never had a tongue for foreign languages myself, and my parents didn't seem to give it much importance in my tutoring. Still, should you wish to brush up on your swordplay, I'd be more than happy to go a few rounds some day, if you should find yourself in a mind for such, and find that you have the time." A small sigh when the man then explains the meaning of the word polyglot, or well, kinda explains it Serves him from having to do it later. Again…"

Narcisse blinks slowly once again as the courtesan seems to be drawn away from his offer as she has to leave out of a sudden, but he doesn't take it personally, quietly sipping his wine. Though it doesn't take too long, before he himself is approached by a messenger and something is murmured to him in a hushed voice, which makes his facial expression grow a bit more serious and with a swift movement he lifts himself up to his feet "If you may excuse me, I have some… business matters to attend to. It was a pleasure talking and meeting the all of you." he leaves it at that cryptic message and quickly makes his way out of the Wine Cellar.

Symon blinks at Thibault's question. "Oh, how kind of you to ask, my lord Charlot," he replies in a cheerful, polite tone. It's impossible to tell if he's being friendly or sarcastic. "They w…were b-barely sure if I had any human intelligence w…w…whatsoever for quite some time." He smiles sharply and sips his wine. "For that reason, they thought it b-better to stop w…wasting time on m-me. They thought p-perhaps m…my younger b-brother could b…be heir. B-but that is no longer an option. And so the w…world is left w-with me. Really m…my lord, had you heard me try to speak ten years ago, you w…would consider a m-m-mistake of one letter to be a m…miraculously good p-performance." Smile. Hold smile. Sip wine. After a moment passes, she says, "Oh, I w…wonder w-what hour of night it is b-by now. I think I m…may be late for an appointment." Perhaps he's taking inspiration from Narcisse in making an exit.

Ailene giggles at Sissy as he is too late in his invitation to the pretty courtesan. She sighs and shrugs, as if to say, 'You snooze, you lose'. She then looks between Symon and Thibault and bites back a giggle. Eyes dancing, she offers Symon a bit of an explanation. "You'll have to forgive him." she says. "He is Kushielene, you see." she tells him. "His words sometimes have a bit of a bite but he means you no ill will, of that I can assure you." She takes another sip of her wine and then turns to Etienne, listening to explain what the word 'polyglot' means. She seems thankful, for though she is clever with many things, in so many others she is a trifle dim. "Oh yes!" she says, nodding. "I have met many foreigners since I have been here." she says. "I do not speak anything other than d'Angeline, myself, but it is so fascinating to hear others speak, even others from other provinces." She giggles softly again. "Having never traveled outside of Azzalle before, I only mostly heard our own regional accent."

Etienne raises his eyebrows at the Kusheline's rudeness to his friend, but the easy going Azzallese does not comment on it directly. To the Lady he gives a warm smile, "That is a thing I enjoy as well." He turns to Symon, "Shall I walk with you a way? I will not intrude on your appointment." He finishes his cup and rises to give a smooth bow to the Lord and Lady, "It was a pleasure to meet you. I suspect we shall meet again Marsilikos being that sort of place."

"Oh, p-perfect," Symon agrees to Etienne. "W…walking alone is too b-boring. Good evening," he bids the other nobles.

Thibault gives a small, low pitched chuckle at Symon's reply. He does appreciate it when people doesn't take themselves too seriously, even if he has a tendancy to do that himself at times. Then his expression turns slightly more serious for a moment. "I can relate, although my circumstances was quite inverse compared to yours, by the sound of it. I am sure the world will be well off with you as head of House Perigeux when that day should arrive." When Ailene apologizes on his behalf, he gives her a mildly confused look, 'What?' subtly written on his features, clearly not seeing how his words could in any way have been found offensive. It was just a simple question, after all, and one that seemed rather apt in the Chateugiron Heirs own mind. He shrugs it off and raises his glass in a cheer to Symon, before emptying the rest of the contents of the glass in one long sip. "Until next time." He offers to Narcisse when the Trevalion lord suddenly has to make his exit after receiving a note, the quick departure leaving time for little else. When the two other men also declares their intent to leave shortly after, he gives them both a polite nod and faint smile. "A pleasure to meet you both. Your company was a most pleasant surprise. Hopefully we'll get a chance to sit down over a glass of wine again soon."

Once the others have left the table, heading for the exit, Ailene and Thibault finishes their bottle of wine at a leisurely pace while chatting about who-knows-what for a while longer. When the rest of the wine is gone, the tall, young Charlot rises to his feet and straightens his posture before offering his hand to her and they exit the Wine Cellar as they arrived, arm in arm. "No I didn't…." Is the last words that can be heard from Thibault as they walk out the door and into the cool autumn night.

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