(1310-11-16) A Vicomte's Return
Summary: Jean returns and catches up with Aurelie.
RL Date: 05/12/2018
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Palais des Trois Freres — Tonnerre — Namarre

It's a rainy night when Jean returns with his entourage. There aren't many dead; one guard died in the scuffle, two wounded. And that's not counting the wounded Vicomte de Tonnere himself, carrying the severed head of a brigand. He hands it to a guard who seems healthy with the following instructions, "Mount it on a pike and leave it by the square. It's a warning to those that seek to harm my vassalage." As he rides to his Palais, he's attended to by healers, before he's released by those attendants as he goes to his quarters, allegedly to spend time with the mother of his child.

The fact is, he's looking for a report, right now. "Aurelie," he calls out, his skin a little more pale than usual thanks to the blood loss that he's sustained in the course of his injuries.

Aurélie had of course been alerted to his arrival, greeting Jean as he rode into the courtyard. His injuries had elicited a frown, and the courtesan had left the Vicomte then to the care of his healers, withdrawing to their quarters, knowing he would come and seek her out once he was properly fixed up. When Jean enters, he will find Aurélie sitting at a table, and she will move to stand and approach him. Her features, a bit pale as well. Gone is the blush, she usually adopts to delight him. Hesitating she comes to stand before him, green eyes taking in his frame. "My lord. How bad have you been hurt?", she asks softly. Aware as she is, of the report he may expect.

"I would say I've been badly hurt. The healers told me to spend the next couple of days in as much of bedrest as possible." Jean is an impressive specimen in both endurance and strength, however; he's not likely to obey those orders. He reaches up to brush his thumb to her cheek. "So have you found anything out about our problem? The leader of the brigands seems to have been at this for quite awhile; he was clad in a full suit of plate armor."

Aurélie's cheek shifts into a smile beneath the brush of Jean's thumb, even if her eyes stay a bit veiled with concern. "The leader of the brigands? Can it be that his name was Gerard? As I trust it was his head you put up on a spear.", the courtesan asks, before she replies to his question. "Yes, I have found out something. Some things have occurred. People were killed. The Seigneur de," she says his name, "spilled some gossip in the chamber of intrigue, about the Baron de Vouzon being in league with the brigands. The very same baron de Vouzon that is the husband of a certain Courcel lady. Someone overheard him, and also me questioning the seigneur, but the seigneur did not dare share more. He said however, that the baron has been involved in smuggling in the past." She pauses, looking up at Jean. "The seigneur was found dead on the following day, and so… I had the guards search the inns for any sort of evidence. They found a burnt letter in an inn, and the innkeep said he overheard talk of the man that had rented the room, and another. Speaking of a meeting at the Pont du Feu…" Another deep inhale flares her nostrils, before Aurélie continues in her brief account. "I went there, with guards. He was there, and another, they were speaking in a room at the back. I heard them speak that they killed the seigneur and that you would be probably dead already, killed by a certain Gerard… And that I would be next. They spotted me, but the guards intervened, killed one and captured the other. He is kept in the dungeons and he will be interrogated."

"Vouzon." Jean would probably say that name with a tad more anger were it not for the fact he's far too tired and wounded to express rage at present. "So, he wants to create unrest and war. I suppose I will ask father for permission to lead troops there and remand him for treason among other crimes." He brushes his thumb against her cheek again, kissing her forehead. "You have done well, Aurelie. I will see to this man's interrogation once I've recovered, and then we'll commence our journey back to Marsilikos. I should caution you, however, that I will likely be some time in a campaign against that man. I doubt those are the only brigands he has enlisted, and I suspect there's plenty more to go around. If you like, you can come with. Naturally, I could just offer the man in the dungeons to the priests of Kushiel to do with him as they see fit."

Aurélie inclines her head in a nod, and the smile that shows in her features grows a tad thoughtful. "The baron most probably holds a grudge against you, for what happened in the past," she muses, eyelashes moving in a slow blink as she feels his lips brush against her forehead. "I would only be a burden for you during your campaign. So I suppose… I will stay in Marsilikos, away from all those perils. And wait." There is a pause as she considers. "Are you asking me whether I would like to attend the interrogation?" Aurélie's voice sounds a touch breathless. "He wanted to kill me, Jean."

"He'll be killed. The question is whether it's slowly or quickly." Jean comments, leaning down to kiss Aurelie's mouth, deepening the kiss for a moment as he picks her up effortlessly; even with the cuts on his arms, on his chest. He leads her over to the bed, then, laying her down gently. "And once I've dealt with him, I hope it sets your heart at ease. Nobody gets away with harming those that happen to be close to me. If you need anything else," he goes on to say, to her, "if you /want/ anything else, then you know I'll give it. You've helped me today, as you always do. I'm happy."

"Please…" The word comes belatedly, along with concern for Jean as he lifts her into his arms, Aurélie's arms wrapping about his shoulders, her breath warm from the kiss shared. She smiles, looking up into his face as he lays her down onto the bed. "For now, I am happy, you've come back. More or less in one piece." A hand lifts, before a finger is tracing lightly the lapels of his attire. "That shall suffice for me. For now."

That for now has implications that prompt Jean to grin a little bit, so he kisses her again. "Sleep tight. I have some things to arrange, and then I'll wake you up to inconvenience you a little. Do make yourself comfortable, Aurélie." And having said this, he straightens, stepping away to reach for the door.

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