(1310-11-14) The Plan in Action
Summary: The wagon is saved.
RL Date: Wed Nov 14, 1310
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gemma alcibiades 

<FS3> Alcibiades rolls Stealth: Success. (8 2 3)

<FS3> Alcibiades rolls Perception: Good Success. (8 5 5 4 7 2 3)

<FS3> Gemma rolls Stealth: Failure. (1 2 5 2 4 2 3)

<FS3> Gemma rolls Perception: Good Success. (7 4 8 4 6 8 5)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls 2+2: Good Success. (8 7 7 1)

Rosalie Claire de Somerville's map and her skills lead them to the camp, and they are down low in the woods, the sound of children can be heard, and there is a the sound of music, there is a man standing right next to the camp, with a crossbow in her hand, her hair is long blond, in tight leather clothing, and there is large tent of multi colors, and the sound of people running around inside. The guard is looking right at them, with a frown, and she is about to scream for help, she looks scared, not ready for battle at all.

Alcibiades Rousse and his party of veteran Marines move through the night with all the grace of a pack of rampaging bears, stumbling into bushes and cursing as they strike low-hanging branches. More than once, one can be heard muttering about going back to Myrmidon and never setting foot in these cursed woods again. As they approach the campsite, and hear the sound of children, Alcibiades stops alongside Jaime. "Er… Mate, does this look like a bandit camp to you?" The big bruiser looks back at Alcibiades and frowns, shaking his head. And then they see the woman with her crossbow. "You! Drop the bow. You won't be hurt." Alcibiades steps forward boldly, his Marines following — but it is a steady advance, not a battle charge. Something seems off here to the mariner.

<FS3> Alcibiades rolls Intimidation: Success. (5 5 6 7 6)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls 2+1: Success. (1 8 1)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls 2+1: Failure. (4 3 4)

<FS3> Gemma rolls Leadership: Success. (2 6 6 7)

Gemma slips in through the woods, she's no better then the men in avoiding making noise it would seem Sure she dressed more approriatly but a skirt, no matter what it's style isn't fit for the woods, it keeps getting pulled and she keeps a tugging. When the sound of the camp is heard her lips turn down into a frown, children? She edges forward, looking over at Alicibiades and his men before moving to a position where the woman with the bow can see she's a woman, maybe it will reasure her.

The crossbow is lowered, and she glares at Alcibiades, with a worried look, but is lookign right at Gemma."Hello there, what are you doing here?" The voice is not from around here it is very odd, sounding there is something about it. The sound of the children is loud and a few of them run past, and it is a camp of some sort, and there is a clown, and a few other people with instruments, it looks like that circus that Gemma had seen a few months back, but they left right?

"Easy now, Madame. Easy. I… think there has been some sort of misunderstanding."

Alcibiades keeps his cutlass-point tipped downward, though he doesn't sheath his weapon. He gestures for his men to stay put and moves closer, peering at the tent. "You are circus performers? We received reports of bandits in these woods, at this location."

Looking over to Gemma, he says "You saw them, did you not, My Lady?" There is an edge of bewilderment in the man's voice. He looks downright uncomfortable at the children running about. His men — Jaime in particular — seem even more ill-at-ease. They look like overgrown children caught doing something naughty.

<FS3> Alcibiades rolls Perception: Success. (4 7 3 6 5 6 3)

<FS3> Gemma rolls Perception: Success. (7 4 4 5 1 3 4)

Gemma moves a few steps forward, moving in a different direction the Alcibiades to peer at another tent, "No, Lady Rosa and Thadd did. I did see a circus like this perform in the city a few months ago, a bunch of cut purses showed up during the performance." her voice changes and she nods her head towards something, "Thats my father's wagon." striding forward to lift a flap and look inside.

Four men rush forward with rapiers, holding them at odd directions, and looking paniked, as Gemma moves towards the wagon. All of the boxes still loaded, and filled with the gems, they have not unloaded it yet. Inside of the camp is a children, and perfromers everything a cirucs would need to perform, and there is a man in a large top hat talking to the children telling stories, but now it is all quiet as they are entering into the camp.

Alcibiades grows suddenly tense. "Weapons on the ground!" The terse orders are fired out of the corner of his mouth as he catches sight of a group of armed men at the back of the camp. And when Gemma moves forward, the quasi-Rousse moves hastily forward with her, trying to keep himself between her and the armed men.

Jaime, and the ten marines — and these men look as though they know how to handle their cutlasses, step forward threateningly. "We're here to retrieve the wagon," continues Alcibiades. "You, sir." He points his cutlass toward the tophat-wearing man. "What in the blazes are you people doing? Explain yourselves. Where did you find this wagon?"

<FS3> Alcibiades rolls Intimidation: Success. (6 7 1 1 3)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls 2+2: Failure. (6 2 5 3)

When Gemma sees Alcibiades moving quickly forward to stay between her and the armed men she slows down, making it easier for him to keep her seperated. Frowning she asks, "Could the bandats have hidden this here and plan to retrieve it later?"

The blades are droped with a little sigh, and then the man is standing up for a moment, with a little smile."Hello there, and we took it to be honest." The voice is studders, with a little frown, as he looks at them with a shake of his head, at the men and everything is quiet as a pin, before it hits the floor."We are a group of travelers, doing what it takes to get from town to town, and we did not make enough here at our shows, due to pick pockets, and we need to move on, so we bribed a few guards to try and steal something to sell…..it did not work we can't find a buyer." His voice is soft, and then old man in the top hat watching them now.

Alcibiades stares at the old man, his expression suddenly weary. He glances around at the children, at the women, at the gaily-striped tent. "My Lady Gemma," he says softly. "Was anyone hurt when this wagon went missing?" He offers a subtle hand-signal to Jaime, who sheathes his cutlass — and begins ambling toward the old man, his scarred features as bland as they are capable of being.

More loudly, Alcibiades gestures around the camp. "I want everyone here, now. Seated on the ground." He steps aside to Gemma and whispers in her ear, the words hushed. "By rights, these folk are thieves. But it is your family's property — What would you have me do?" There is reluctance, even pain, on his face when he looks down at one of the children.

Gemma shakes her head, "No, no one hurt." she presses her lips tightly together, "I have no problem letting them go on there way but I don't want to have this problem a year from now. They have to find another way, start doing odd work around cities rather then reverting to thieving."

Thaddeus has partially disconnected.

The order is obeyed, and the people going to the ground, and they are scared, and they are placing hands at their sides, or behidn their head, and they refuse to look at them, and his eyes locked on to the floor, with a bite to the lips, and the children are clutching their mothers, and then the man speaks softly."We have never had this issue, before the pick pockets, made people think it was us, and all we wanted was enough to fix our wagons, to get to next town. We will never do this again, we have learn our lessons."

"You lucky, lucky, idiots." Alcibiades' voice is mingled disgust and relief. The idea of slaughtering a campful of women and children does not seem to appeal to him. He glances at Gemma for a moment before, almost sheepishly, unlaces his coin-purse and tosses it at the old man's feet. "I want the names of the guards you bribed. That coin there ought to be enough to fix your wagons."

His men encircle the group, their blades still drawn, but not one of them makes a threatening gesture. Jaime — standing right next to the old man — glances down at the coin-purse and tries unsuccessfully to hide a smile. Raising his voice, Alcibiades speaks to the entire group. "You ought to know the name of the woman who saved your life. This is Lady Gemma Renault. You robbed her father. She has given you your lives tonight."

Gemma addresses the leader of the group, "If I find you using these same tactics, including the cut purses next summer I will make sure he guard hears about it right away. You won't get away with it again." she gestures to the tents and the famlies, "You will lose this all. No matter what the problems, is it worth it?" pointing out the wagon she says, "Hook the horses back up, the same ones that you took, no switches."

The horse are brought out, the name of the guards given to the man, and then they are starting to talk quietly, and they come back over with a sigh, as they look at them."Strike the guards after we leave, we will never come back here, my friend here is booking us on a ship, and we are going to sail, and it was good of you not to murder." The old man's voice is soft, and then the camp is being packed up, and they are moving quickly, there own carts being used, and they will be gone by the dawn.

In the darkness now, with the wagon hitched, Alcibiades turns to look toward Gemma. He offers a sweeping bow, spreading his hands wide. When he speaks, there is sincere respect in his voice. "Thank you." The words are soft, vehement, and heartfelt. "Thank you for not making me do that."

Looking at his men, Alcibiades raises his voice. "Alright, Myrmidons. We have a wagonful of goods and a Lady to get home safely. We aren't done yet."

Gaze on the camp, Gemma looks at Alcibiades with a half smile, "I would never order a camp like this attacked. I'm not sure without your men it wouldn't have meant bloodshed, I'm just glad it wasn't." tieing down the flap on the wagon she asks, "THank you for your help, I'm sure my father will pay you for the night's work. You and your men deserve it."

"My men certainly do, My Lady, but I am well-rewarded already." Alcibiades smiles back toward Gemma as one of his men gets the cart moving. The marines form a loose column around it, guarding it back through the woods. "And I shall make certain your father gets the names of those guards."

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