(1310-11-13) The Wagon Plan
Summary: The Trevalion house seeks help from a brave pirate hunter.
RL Date: Tue Nov 13, 1310
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Thaddeus's Room

This is a well lighted room with a few lamps and such in here to make it the way the owners like it. The soft glow, highlights the bright colors of the wall, and the paintings hanging there, and it seems there is a room to the side for painting.%r%rThe fortunate thing about this room is everything is solid wood and hand-made crafted with love. The bed itself is huge with silken sheets shining in light the color is black of course. It is one of those four-post beds, with a large silk canopy hanging down dark black, tied back with little ropes. There is a solid oak desk, covered in ink, and paper, and books line the walls some of them poetry, some of them history, but most of them about sailing.%r%rThere is a balcony, leading out to over look the city, on it is a single chair, and a table, with a pitcher for wine or mead resting on it, and this chair that is well used, and the marble well leaned on.

It is a around 2 hours later, and Thaddeus has just returned, dressed in all black, with a worried look on his face, as he makes his ways to his chambers. He moves with the slow pace of a man, that is defated, and that has troubles on his mind, and then he walks to the balcony, to open his chest to take out a glass bottle of rum, opening it with his teeth spiting it over the edge, and then taking a large gulp of it.

Gemma is sitting on the balcony just off Thaddeus's room. What other way to see him almost as soon as he gets home but to stake out his room? She steps into the room, "When are we going off to see Rousse?"

Alcibiades Rousse has been summoned.

To his credit, he arrives promptly, and not alone. A man — bigger even than the tall Rousse — follows him into the chambers. Both are wearing armor, and both carry heavy cutlasses at their hip. The bigger fellow is older, nearing fifty, but with a face so seamed with scar tissue that it's hard to tell where the wrinkles begin and the scars end.

Alcibiades offers a deep bow. The other man does the same, but more clumsily. "Ladies. My Lord. May I present Jaime Daur, former Sergeant in the Royal Marines."

Rosalie arrives late and with three out of her gives pets in tow and the staff looks less than pleased. One of the shouting about rabbit droppings and there is Rosalie sterning quipping to said upset staff, "If you had not scared Master Fluffkins he wouldn't had made droppings for you to clean up, that is your fault, not his or mine." And once into the gardens, she is setting down her fox and rabbit, her squirrel easily scurrying off to the trees as her others begin to make there way to explore the gardens together. She offers a soft smile as she says, "Oh… hello…" Her fingers wiggling in hello before she moves to sit near where Thad and Gemma are.

"Speak of the monster, it shall arrive, there you are Gemma, Captian ROusse, is here." Tahddeus nods, with a wicked little chuckle, and then he sips his rum out of the bottle, again standing under a tree, with a shake of his head."Now then, sir welcome to my home, and it is an honor to have you, there is rum if you wish it, this one is mine due to my bad day. But it seems my consort, and love Gemma, wished to speak with you,I will allow her to go first."

Thaddeus nods towards Rosie, as she enters moving over to take her hand in his right, and then he grabs Gemma with his left hand, squeezing both softly, with a soft content sigh, that open bottle now resting on the table."Good to be home Rosalie, I'm glad you are here, this is Captain Alcibiades Rousse, and a new friend, and a brave sea captian, a man after my own heart."

Gemma dips her head to Alcibiades and his companion, she's dressed rather differently then the evening before. A rough spun cloth skirt that falls to her calves with tall black boots and a loose fitting blouse, "It seems like the local pirates may have started up a land based bandit group and Thaddeus and Rosalie may have stumbled across them after they attacked a load of goods from my father's most recent trading. We are collecting a group to go after the camp before they can move on. Are you interested in joining us?"

Alcibiades bows politely to Rosalie as she enters, then considers both Thaddeus and Gemma. His features are grave. "Before I agree, My Lady, I do have certain concerns." He looks over at Thaddeus, making his way to the rum and pouring himself and Jaime both a glass. Jaime, meanwhile, merely looms — he does that quite well.

"Laying aside the matter of whether these are bandits or pirates moved ashore — do we have an inkling of their numbers?" After that question, Alcibiades, looks from one individual in the room to the next. "And — forgive me, My Lord, My Ladies… What group do you have in mind?"

Rosalie offers a soft bow of her head to Alcibiades as she says, "Pleasure to make your acquaintance Captain Rousse. Your voice sounds familiar. Were you speaking with Thaddeus while Gemma was trying on her gown?" Her eyes glancing to watch her pets meander off into their little spots.

Thaddeus listens now, there is a dark look in his eyes, and then he exhales slowly."Gemma, I trust you to sort this for your father, I have things going on with the fleet, I need to address, I trust you totally to do it." His voice is soft, as he starts to bite his lip, as he shakes his head.

Gemma turns slowly towards Thaddeus, her eyes on him narrowed, "You have a contract with my father, that which was stolen isn't just his but yours as well as a shared voyage. He would jump to help you, you wouldn't do the same for him?" not waiting for him to answer her she says, "Thaddeus, Rosalie how many of these bandates did you observe? Did any of the guards survive to give a report?" answering Alicibiades, "As we just spoke last evening, you are the first we've contacted. I was going to ask Thaddeus to contact his cousin Augustin de Trevalion, he is a knight of the realm."

"My Lord, give me a day — two days — and I can have fifty men under arms. And the City Guard could be notified, readied…" Alcibiades gazes at Thaddeus's torn expression, chewing the inside of his cheek for a moment. "I don't like fair odds," he explains softly. This is a man who has fought against overwhelming odds and won, but he knows better than anyone how rare that outcome might be.

"If it's urgent, m'lady" — And here speaks Jaime Daur for the first time, in his common accent, "I can have ten men 'ere quickly." Alcibiades glances over at him, then nods curtly. "Yes, Jaime. If Lord Thaddeus can provide a messenger, send word to Myrmidon to collect your best killers."

Alcibiades looks back to Thaddeus, his expression softening somewhat. "My Lord, if you've come to me to ask me to assist your ladies… I am honored. Please know that my men and I are professionals." He looks to Gemma, bowing his head for a moment. "And, My Lady, we are at your service."

Rosalie responds "We saw at least 6 but I am sure there are more at there camp. I marked it upon the map with a pushpin. It is somewhat near the Cascades but it is deeper in the forest from it. Four were on foot with huge curved knives and the other two were on the carriage. Something about having one of the guards on the payroll. So it is one of the guards are your father's company. Hence… why I suggested we recruit friends. We need not one of us possibly maimed due to trusting the wrong guard. Or him sending warning after all." Her eyes go a bit wide at Alcibiades and how easily he can have that amount of men at the ready. Her eyes then looking back to Thad and Gemma for a moment.

"I can't I will explain later Gemma, but I will send my men with you as well and reach out to who you need and want to go." Thad nods slwoly, with a shake ofh is head, and then he looks at her grim."I will honor your father, but this issue effects him more, then the current one on land." His voice is harsh, and then he smiles at her warmly."But you speak the truth, your father is good man, and I will aid. With 20 of my best fighters, and I shall reach out to Audustin as well."

"I will send a messenger, now to my ship, and to run it back." He nods slowly, with a little chuckle, and then he starts to write it quickly, and then he stops for a moment."Would it better from your lips, I feel sorry much in my mind, use my ink and my paper. I will fetch someone when you finish." He places a small silver bell down next to the paper, with a sigh."That will summon them, and yes it is good." There is something off about his tone, as he looks over the city again, to sip his rum. After that sip he once again, walks to the two woman to hold both hands togther, and there is that odd distant look in his eyes.

"yes the guard was named Billy, was the name, he used for one of your fathers guards do you know him?"

"With six men, My Lord, I suggest sparing your own men the task. They may have more — probably do — but my ten Marines and Jaime are more than an answer for a small force. Here is what I suggest." Alcibiades downs his rum, turning to look squarely at Rosalie. "You can guide us to the location." It is not a question, but an assertion of fact.

Turning to Thaddeus, he continues. "Send word to Augustin and the City Watch. Have reinforcements readied. If these are pirates, they do reside within my legal remit. My men and I — with the ladies — can lead the initial assault. If we fail or any escape, I suggest having your men and the City Watch mop up."

Turning to Jaime, he says briefly, "Let fly, brother." There is a tenderness in the words that is matched in the older man's gaze, and Jaime steps out of the room momentarily.

Alcibiades turns to Gemma. "There is cargo here that belongs to your father. I assume, therefore, that you or a representative wish to be a part of its retrieval. And that you believe time is of the essence?"

Reasured that Thaddeus is going to help even if he himself isn't going to be present she nods her head, "I know we can't go rushing off right away but can we send someone to watch the campsight, to make sure they don't move or go running off?" she looks between the men, "I know I won't be of much help but I wish to go along. I will stay out…" her lips turn up briefly, "Yes, I wish to go as well." she glances over at Thadd, making sur ehe's not about to object.

"Well it sounds like the plan is ready, I shall do as you ask, use my horses, if you need." Thaddeus speaks softly, and then he sits down to start to write, to make sure the back up will be there, with a little sigh."Stay safe, all of you and come home safe, and if they get hurt it is on you Captain, I will not be pleased, with you. Got i?"

"Excuse me, My Lord, but you came to me. I am agreeing to help without any mention of recompense for my men — some of whom will certainly be hurt and may well die. If you wish your women to be excused the expedition, then forbid them to go — but do not ask me to accompany them and guarantee their safety on a battlefield. I cannot do both."

Alcibiades is not best pleased, but he doesn't comment further, instead turning to Rosalie. "If you cannot provide fifteen horses, I'd prefer we proceed on foot. I won't ride while my men walk, and I recommend you do not as well. If you can, however… well, we may fall off four or five times, but we'd be grateful." He breaks whatever tension there may be with a rather endearing grin, taking some of the severity out of his angular features. "Assuming we can dismount before battle is joined."

Finally, he turns to Gemma. "My Lady. You admit that you may not be of much use on this expedition." His tone is strangely gentle. "Please… do not take this amiss. At sea, as I expect you know, we refer to dead weight as ballast. Ballast is useful — essential — but it must be placed in the right spot. Will you follow instruction?"

Rosalie offers a nod and says, "I can easily guide yes. More use to tracking animals but people leave more distant prints due to their footwork and with it getting colder, we need to strike soon. Else it will be harder to make marks on the ground. And on foot would be wiser given horses make much noise."

Gemma steps over to give Thadd's hand a squeeze, "He's right, have the household prepair to doctor to any of the injuries." turning back to Alcibiades she smiles, "I would want the same if on ship, yes, any order and I will follow it. It's not my place at such a time to question but to follow orders."

"That is fair, now I trust you to lead Captain, I wanted to make sure as, a leader I wanted to hear those words." Thaddeus tone is warm, now ,and then he walks to the man to clap him on the back, and then he nods towards the girls."Stay safe, don't be dumb, he will not save you, which is fair, and I will be mad at both of you if you get hurt, and stay safe, protect each other. Our fleet was attacked last night, I have to go look into it ,we lost many ships, not sure how many yet….I hope they are not connected. I will tell them to ready the infirmary, but with this I need to." With that he dashes out of the room, and telling them to ready, it seems like something is wrong in the house, and there might need to be much to be to resolve it.

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