(1310-11-13) The Stolen Wagon
Summary: Bandits are after Edward Renault, they were found out by Thaddeus and Rosalie, on a date. But now it is up to Gemma and Rosalie to take care of this.
RL Date: Tue Nov 13, 1310
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The woods, in the late afternoon, the plan was to go out, to explorer togther, so Thaddeus has a freshly packed stachel, his sword, and his eyes watching it all, they have gone deep out into the woods, and trying to find a waterfall, he was told about, his hand is holding Rosie's tightly, and then he smiles at her."I have never been so far out." The woods are quiet a little too quiet, but he does not seem to notice.

Rosalie managed to bring Kit with them, her hand holding his as the soft blush remains on her cheeks. "I have but… this is all starting to look a bit.. off." She begins to hmms softly and goes silent as she listens around them and softly whispers, "Something… doesn't feel right Thad. Not at all, I don't hear the birds or anything. Maybe we should… leave?"

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Perception: Good Success. (8 8 3 8 3 4 3)

Thaddeus sighs softly, with a nod of his head looking at rosie, with a nod of his head."That sounds like plan, and I was hoping to find this falls, and to swim with you, but it is odd…you say. You know the woods better then me, I we shall head back quickly." He then wraps his arm around her waist, and then he looks around as if he is trying to find the path,

Rosalie's eyes are searching about and go wide as she sees the four men in black who had been following them in the woods. Her eyes flitting to the blades before she tries to yank him towards a hiding spot as she whispers, "It isn't safe to go back. Wait." She carefully moves to hide behind a bush but keep an eye on them the best she can.

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls STealth: Good Success. (7 7 5 6 3 5)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls 4+4: Good Success. (7 5 1 4 5 2 5 7)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls 3+2: Failure. (3 5 6 4 1)

Thaddeus nods slowly, sinking into the bush with her, with a frown noticing the men as she points them out, and his sword slowly removed, and he looking at her with a frown."I wonder who they are, and why so far into the woods." His voice is softly, whispered to her and then he watches it all.

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Stealth: Good Success. (6 3 7 8 5 1 7)

The men are walking towards them speaking softly, and then they pass right by without noticing."So then, that carvan was too easy, Billy info like always was spot on, and I can't wait for the next shipment. Having a guard on the payroll, was a genius plan for the boss, indeed."

Rosalie softly whispers, "I do not know but hopefully they will just pass along without worry." She begins to slowly draw her bow and pulls an arrow to be ready in her hands as she murmurs, "Worse case scenario, I have to shoot them. And then we run for it." As they draw closer, she barely even moves or breathes, quietly listening to the words they speak. Her eyes go wide as she listens and glances to Thad for a moment before looking back to watch them closely.

Thaddeus is looking panciked, and his hand is resting on his sword, and then he watches them, and then them, back forth his eyes move, and then he grabs her hand softly, to squeeze it. He is scared to fight, but he wants to protect her, and he does not yet have the best plan.

But lucky for both of them, the men move towards the southwest, leaving them alone, and the air is thick with smoke in that direction, there is a camp of some sort there, and it seems the men are heading towards it. As they walk towards the camp, there is the sound of a wagon, in the distance, and then there it is wiping by them, it is a local merchant, the name Renault is printed on the side with large letters, and the picture of a smiling old man, good nature on it, and then it is gone heading towards the camp. Four cheap broken down horses, are pulling it and there is a large man sitting on top, with his arms crossed, and another man at the helm of the wagon.

Rosalie gasps softly as she watches all that goes on. She offers a re-assuring smile to Thad before she watches all that is going on. Her eyes committing that logo to memory. She then whispers softly to Thaddeus, "What should we even do? There is no way we could handle them all on our own."

"Let's go back, that is Gemma's family wagon." Thaddeus soft sighs, and with a shake of his head."I hope her father is okay, and well I was gonna enjoy you out here, so sorry my love. I wanted to make love to you by the water." His voice is soft, as he leans in slowly, to hug her.

Rosalie's cheeks flush deeply at his words and she softly utters, "Mayhaps a…another time… I… I have never… really done that… in the… the woods." She doesn't put her bow and arrow away just yet but does quietly move back towards the city, her eyes staying alert to make sure there are no stragglers of the robbing crew.

Gemma arrives from the TP Hub.

Gemma has arrived.

The letter had reached Gemma, that her father had been robbed, the guards were taking a long break, in the normally safe spot, used each journey, each time, between loading, taking the items to the warehouse, that is outside of town. He was renting it for cheap, but her father had long since, started to pay less and less, there had been no trouble it seems in years, on the land. Thaddeus's ships protected on the sea, but this time the cargo was taken, jewels for a designer, making dress and masks, for the upcoming longest night, this may run his buisness, she is pacing back and forth in the rose garden.

As Thaddeus and Rosalie, arrivec back at the manor, much to his own rage, a sailor comes to the home, to get Thaddeus for urgent business with the fleet, and he has to away off into the afternoon, leaving Rosalie alone in the manor, with nothing to do but head to the garden, where she can allow her pet to play without trouble, for sometimes she still gets rude looks from the staff, not use it her ways yet.

Rosalie places Kit down on the grounds of the gardens once she has entered and begins to make her way over to Gemma. No words spoken yet but she does take Gemma's hand and gently squeezes on it as she says, "We will figure out who all is doing this. I promise. I saw some of them with my own eyes, as did Thaddeus but thankfully I am use to having to hide sometimes in the woods. But… we.. they didn't see us which is the important thing. But we will get them." If allowed she will tug Gemma into a hug and wrap her arms around her tightly.

Hearing the door to the garden open, Gemma turns to rush towards the door, wanting to catch Thadd before he leaves. Letting Rosalie hold her she fumes, "Damit, he's gone already?" her hands clench as she trembles, "Where did he go?" Rosa's words penetrate and she blinks, "You saw them?"

Rosalie nods softly as she says, "Some of them yes, they were following behind us where Thad was… well we was wishing to be intimate in the woods but they quartet of men with the blades dashed such things. We even saw the carriage… but he had some urgent thing at the docks. I assume it has to do with his ship? He didn't mention really and… I… I wanted to make sure you were ok."

Gemma gives a reasuring smile, "Thank you, I'm just worried about my father. I hope now he will finally dump that warehouse, he needed to store things in the city. Why use a location outside the city when the goods are for the city. Do you know where this carriage went?"

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Tracking: Success. (5 5 2 4 6 6 8)

Rosalie hmms softly and says, "I can try to trace the steps back to find it. But it is always deep in the woods. I am pretty sure at a camp." She begins to slip from Gemma and digs through her satchel to pull out a map of the forest. Her eyes searching before she points to where she believes the camp is and says, "It is right about here. I remember it was somewhat near the Cascades but still a ways off."

Gemma looks over the maps quietly, she's not used to land maps but she's used simular while sailing, "I dont' know how to use a bow and no clue how many guards are here at the house, Thadd probley took msot with him."

Rosalie looks to Gemma as she says, "I do. I use a bow and arrow often. For self defense or when needed. And some of the guards are still here. He only took one of the personal ones. Why?" A hint of worry beginning to echo in her voice and soon her scent of apples begins to softly echo about her.

Gemma doesn't answer yet, "How many men did you and Thaddeus see?" her lips turn up into a faint smile, "Because I want to go after them of course."

Rosalie shakes her head as she says, "At least 6 of them that we saw and I am sure there are many more at the camp. We can't just go in blind. You'll end up dead before your consortship ceremony and I /will not/ wear your dress for you for it." The latter a bit of teasing, an attempt to lighten the mood.

Gemma spins around and starts pacing again, "Then why the hell did he leave us here alone? He must know I would go after the bastards!"

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Leadership: Failure. (6 5 6)

Rosalie sighs softly and just lets Gemma pace as she says, "It was an emergency on his ship. If you are really wanting to yell at him, we could just… go down to the docks. It isn't far."

Gemma shakes her head, "I'm going upstairs to change. If they didn't get to the warehouse but took the load before then the warehouse has guards we can use to go after the camp. We need to take them out before they sell the goods."

Rosalie whoos softly and tells Gemma, "We should yes, however, we need more than like… just us and some guards. Who do you know that we could have come and help us? I mean.. I am decent with a bow but… i'll just need a lotta rum after this… "

Gemma starts rattling off names, her hand on the door, "But I need Thadd to ask them, he's got the name. No matter what story I tell them I'm just a commoner with a problem." she runs her fingers through her hair, "Might be able to talk with one person who would be willing to help, I'll be right back." when she returns, she's in a calf length skirt and a blouse and high boots, rough spun cloth, traditional sailing clothes for when she's on board ship. They should work for the woods and riding too, if not she will make them work.

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