(1310-11-13) Dual Revelations
Summary: Fenris and Gregoire go out to see Olek only to be shocked at what he has to reveal to them.
RL Date: Tues Nov 13, 1310
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Tournament Field

The wind sweeps long and low over a generally flat stretch of terrain, here. There are some signs that areas of the plain might have been built up to help flatten it— one corner in particular overlooks a steep downward hill. The plain has been trodden bare of grass in huge, haphazard patterns, giving it a patchy, threadbare look, but the patches of dusty ground are practical, useful for hemming in a spar or using as the start and end points of a footrace, and on any given day you might find some house or hired blade out here honing his or her skills. Sometimes larger war games are held out here, as well, where the Eisandean army or Marsilikos city guard can be put through its paces.

For structure, well. It's sparse. Perhaps a wooden plank has been set up on two stakes to serve as a bench where soldiers and blades may sit and rest. Perhaps a few haybales have been toted out to serve for archery practie. Perhaps someone has even staked up a flapping canopy to help keep the sun or the rain off of their heads, or their gear. But all in all the place is given to the dust and the clover and the odd sound of steel against steel.

<FS3> Fenris rolls Perception: Good Success. (3 8 2 7 6 6 2 5 5 4)

<FS3> Gregoire rolls Perception: Good Success. (8 1 8 2 2 8 2 2)

Fen and Gregoire make their way towards the tourny field but Fen veers off towards the woods. His eyes moving all around. "Remember… this is more recon. Check for traps, check troops. As long as he keeps his side of the parlay we will not be harmed. If it goes sideways, run and come back with an army." They move through the trees silently and they get deeper and deeper into the woods. It's freezing out and the sun has already started to go down so seeing in the cover of the trees is hard. However, Fen stops them and slowly gets down to a knee and points out a string traps and a loose log.

Gregoire gives a soft nod, "Yes, I'll make sure to keep my temper in check and follow your lead. I don't want to be the one that breaks parlay and gets us killed." He follows Fenris' lead through the forest, stepping into the trees, moving like a ghost as he barely makes a sound through the autumn leaves on the ground. He does pull his heavy black cloak faster, giving a nod to Fenris as he points out the trap left by their hosts. He makes a mental note of where these traps are laid so he can bypass them.

Fen moves them away from the traps and checks for more. He points out a few traps, some pit traps and other spike traps. He steps around one of the pit traps and starts to move towards the camp. He tilts his head and looks up. He stares up into a tree and pulls Gregoire closer. He whispers for Gregoire to not look up right away but there is a scout holding the bow and looking at them. He moves closer to the camp and makes a bird sound. Six other birds sound in. He moves towards the light behind the trees.

Gregoire quietly follows him to the camp, keeping an eye out of his surroundings. He moves closer to his lover as Fenris pulls him close. He doesn't look at the scout holding the bow, but the hair on the back of his neck is definitely rising. He listens to the bird cry, memorizing the way Fenris cups his hand and gives the call. As the others birds sound, the quiet D'Angeline just stands there making no aggressive movements.

Fenris turns and whispers. "Seven. He didn't call out. So eight total." He moves towards the camp and stands in front of Gregoire. "Parlay!" He lifts his hands up as he moves forward towards the fire. Olek emerges from the one tent and looks Fen over with hunger. «Yes, my love. Parlay.» He moves quickly towards Fen and wraps him up in his giant arms and kisses him. When he lets him go, he growls. «Mine.» Fen just keeps his arms up and doesn't move when he's kissed. He is breathing heavier. «Where is the ring?» Fenris grumbles. Olek though looks over to Gregoire and smiles. «You brought me a present?» Fen shakes his head. «No. He's mine. Where is the ring?» Olek growls, «Slaves cannot own.» Fen lifts his hand. «Where is the ring? We parlay or we leave!» Olek nods his head and moves over towards a ring of rocks before taking a seat on one side. Fen moves right in front of him and takes a seat.

Gregoire gives a silent nod as Fenris warns him how many men there are. He quietly stands at Fenris back as he moves in to call parlay. When Olek emerges from the tent, no expression leaves his face as he observes the man that was once Fenris' tormentor. He quietly observes the man's hunger, his desire for his lover. When he takes Fenris in his arms and kisses him, there is nothing, no reaction from Gregoire. He clinically watches the exchange, watches the men around them as they observe the kiss. When Fenris takes a seat, Gregoire moves to his side, standing at the man's back unless bade by Gregoire to sit.

The other men turn away when Olek shows up. They go back to watching the camp. Olek lifts his eyes to Gregoire and stares. "If you do not enter the circle, you are fair game to be hunted." He warns in D'Angeline. Fenris growls. «Mine.» He leans forward. «What do you want?» His eyes lock on his old master. «I bet you he is beautiful when he bleeds…» Olek sighs happily while looking over Gregoire like a piece of meat. «It's also nice to see you are healing very well.» Fenris growls again. «Mine. He is my mate. You make another comment about him this parlay is broken and I will murder you.» Olek looks surprised. «When did my pet get teeth? You asked what I wanted… I want you back in my bed.» Fenris shakes his head. «No. I was taken from you and given back to my real family. You keep coming after them and I will bring a whole Camlach army down on you. You lost. You should go home while you still have some dignity.» Olek leans forward slowly, lips parting in an evil grin. «So you don't want to see your twins? A little boy and a little girl.»

Gregoire gives a polite nod to Olek as he tells him the rules, that he needs to sit in the circle. Gregoire takes a seat next to him, placing his hands in his lap as he sits close to Fenris. There is no expression given as the two men talk in Skaldia, it as if they are just making noise with as little reaction the man gives during the conversation. Gregoire has no interest in letting Olek know that he speaks their tongue. He just gives the impression of a D'Angeline lord, ignorant of the Skaldia ways.

Fen stares at Olek with wide eyes. «Are they here? I will know if they are my ch…» A shield maiden comes out of Olek's tent holding two babies. He reaches his hand over and grabs Gregoire's tightly. «Let me see them.» Olek shakes his head. «You come home with me and your children will be yours.» He takes a breath and shakes his head. «I don't trust you. I need to see them.» He growls at Olek. The mountain of a man gestures to the woman and she moves into the circle and hands one to Fen. «Is he treating you well?» He whispers to the woman. «Yes.» She speaks softly back. «Are they mine?» He speaks softly as she hands the other to Gregoire. «Yes. They both have your birthmark.» Fen moves his hands into the swaddled baby and checks his side. A sword birthmark. He winces and holds the child tightly. «Can you both leave the cirle? I need to confer with my mate.» Olek nods and the woman leaves the cirle, bringing Olek into the tent with her.

Gregoire doesn't have to pretend surprise as the shield maiden brings two children into the circle and takes Fenris' hand, letting him squeeze his hand tightly as him and Olek discuss the children. When the woman brings the child to Fenris, there is a soft look as he watches him take the child. And when the twin is brought to him, he takes the bundle as if it's the most precious cargo in the world. He smiles down at the child, checking for the birth mark that he sees Fenris uncover to show his lover that the child has a similar mark. He doesn't say a word though as Fenris sends Olek away so they can talk.

Fenris holds the boy to his chest and Gregoire has the girl. "What do I do?" He whispers to the man. "I can't take care of children but I can't leave them, can I?" He is so confused as he turns his back to the tent sitting in front of Gregoire and looking at the man. There is slight panic rising on his face and his breathing quickens.

Gregoire gives a soft look to his lover and quietly murmurs to him, "No, you can not leave them to his care. They are yours. And he would punish them for the 'deeds' of their father." He gives a considering glance at the tent and then back to Fenris, "Calm down…breath." He gentle breaths in and out for his lover and murmurs in his ear, "Babies can sense your anxiety, they will start to cry and make Olek angry if you panic." He gives another glance at the tent and then back to Fenris, "Trade me…for them. Give me to Olek and take these babes back to Marsilikos." He softens his voice, "I can endure a forenight at his hands if it places them in a safer place. Then you gather your men…you raid." For raiding is permitted if he understands anything about their culture, "Let him and his men be distracted."

Fenris shakes his head slowly and takes a few deep breaths. "I… will never trade you for anything… even… these." He slowly puts the child into Gregoire's other arm. He leans forward and kisses his lips softly. "What about their mother? Are we going to take her children away?" He frowns a little and closes his eyes. "I have a way to get you out of here with them but… what about her?"

Gregoire looks at him frankly, "I think that is a decision you should ask her, what does she want for herself and her children." And it's clear in Gregoire's eyes that he doesn't like the way this conversation is going, "And no…you are not going to trade /yourself/ to him. I won't permit it just as you won't permit me to give myself." He leans in and softly brushes his lips with his own, "You are far too valuable to me." He holds both babes carefully, with a gentle hand that shows perhaps he's practiced before on distant cousins.

Fenris shakes his head. "No…" He pushes himself up and makes a call, standing. Olek comes out. «No. Not you. Her.» He points to the woman. She nods her head and comes forward. She steps into the circle and he takes her chin. «Tell me what you want.» His voice calm. «Peace.» He shakes his head. «With them. I won't be with you. I love him. Will you stay with your children or part with them.» She tears up. «They do not feel like mine. I look at them and … hate them.» He frowns and wraps his arms around her tightly. «I will raise them but you will always be welcome to see your children.» She hugs Fen tightly and he lifts his eyes to Olek. «I am taking them with me.» Olek roars and moves towards the circle. She grips Fen's shirt tightly. «I want to stay with you.» She says to Olek. «The children are mine and I will have them. So here is my offer. A fight. You verses me.» His eyes narrow. «To blood, to unconscious, to death? And the terms?» Fen leans forward. «You choose but the terms are this: These children are mine either way so I am taking them today. He will hold them. The fight … is fists. No blades. If I lose, you choose. If I win, I will kill you.» He states simply. Olek slowly smiles. «So my side is to death. Well your side is to the pain. If I win, you will be mine with no complaining! Those children can stay here with that beautiful creature but you will be mine. No running away. No ending yourself. Mine.» Fen tenses before nodding. «We will choose a time and … I will return. We leave on parlay terms.» He turns to Gregoire. "Let's go."

Gregoire watches the exchange with no expression, keeping an eye on the twins in his arms. He doesn't say anything as the exchanges happen, as him and Olek talk. He does give a look to Fenris and the children in his arms, "Are they coming with us?" He gives a searching look to his lover. Then back at the mother. If Fenris nods, he will stand with the babes in his arms, holding them close as if he would protect them.

Fenris nods his head and helps Gregoire stand. "She…doesn't want them…" He seems sad as he looks over his shoulder at her. She smiles and nods. "They… better with father." She says to Gregoire. He watches Olek gesture for them to go and he bows his head to the man. «Leave my friends alone. We have come to arrangement. I will contact you for more details.» He turns and leads Gregoire away from the camp. He keeps his eyes looking around and making sure they are not being followed. They aren't followed. He releases a shuddering breath.

Gregoire gives a nod to Fenris and then the mother as it's confirmed the mother wants them to take the children. He holds both of them close, leaving both his arms full as they start to make their way from the camp. Gregoire doesn't say a word of the bargain struck for now. He's assuming that the trees have ears or at least the enemy keeping an eye on them. He focuses on the babes while Fenris moves to get them out of there.

The giant man leads them out of the forest and into the tourny field. He keeps walking, not even looking back at his children. He keeps his head down and his fists clenched. "I'm sorry…" He speaks softly to the man as they move towards the city.

Gregoire walks silently behind him, deep in thought as they move swiftly through the forest. When Fenris apologies, there is a pause, "For what? For wanting your children not to live as you did? For taking a harder road?" There is no judgement there, but his lover is definitely worried about the bargain that Fenris has struck.

The giant nods his head and leaves the children in Gregoire's arms as he walks a head of him. "We are going to my home." He speaks softly to his lover as he moves away from the forest and brings the man to the Valliers home, in a little bit of a rush. He doesn't want to be out in the open should their deal be broken.

Gregoire keeps the children snug in his strong arms, cradling them and covering their small bodies with his heavy leather cloak so they're protected from the elements. He doesn't look back or try to bade his lover to stop. He follows his paces, his long strides staying right behind his lover. At the mention that they're going to his home, Gregoire nods in agreement, "That's for the best."

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