(1310-11-12) Intentions
Summary: Archard Trevalion is introduced to Rosalie de Somerville.
RL Date: 12/11/2018
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featuring NPC Archard Trevalion

Rose Garden —Trevalion Residence

A wrought iron gate opens to lead one inside a small and intimate rose garden. A high stone wall shrouds the garden from the outside, providing a quiet, private escape from the bustle of the city'ss noble district. A sweet floral scent of roses perfume the air. Roses of every size and hue grow abundantly here, creating a serene and lush space for quiet exploring. A pathway of stepping stones leads around, branching off only once near the back to lead to a tall weeping willow tree. The foliage of the willow serves as a curtain, providing a discreet hiding place from the rest of the garden. Hidden amongst the shadows under the tree is a small stone bench, only big enough for one or two people. While kept neat and trimmed along the path, the roses are mostly left to grow wild among the various beds, making one feel as though they are inside a fairytale.

Directly in the middle of a garden is a small gazebo, painted white. It is covered in vines of roses. While small, it can fit one or two people comfortably and provide shelter from the elements.

The food today is a mixture of veggies, meat, with spiced rum. There is a fire burning softly to heat up the table, Thaddeus is standing right now dressed in his best again. He is standing there with his hands behind his back, and a soft smile. He had for the second time in a few days paced a summons to his father.

Rosalie was nervous, so nervous in fact due to the fact she forgot to regather her pet squirrel Bushy and we was having a blast running rampant throughout the trees in the gardens. She was in a much more befitting dress to meet her possible future father in law. She felt odd wearing it but she was doing her best to hide that as the gown flattered her features and form with its array of blues and a pair of slippers that matched. Her steps drawing her in as she asks, "Am I late?"

Archard Trevalion is currently staying in Marsilikos, as the Comte has extricated himself from the duties at Amiens to pay a visit to his sons that are currently staying there in the provincial capital of Eisande. The man has been seen visiting the palace and also has been occupied with other sorts of negotiations… perhaps of trade and other matters. Right now, he is in the gardens, in fact he just arrived, and now gives his son a smile, and Rosalie a curious look. "I believe you are just in time, my lady," he rumbles in response to Rosalie's question that was probably aimed at Thaddeus anyway. He looks towards his son, expecting some sort of introduction perhaps.

"Right on time Rosalie, my two favorite people in one spot, Father this is Rosalie de Somerville, and this is my Father, Archard Treavalion comete, and it is a pleasure and honor to spend this meal with you." He then he walks towards his father to give him a warm hug and then one to her as well, leading them to the table. Thaddeus is in good spirits for now.

Rosalie deeps a slightly clumsy curtsey to Archard as she says, "I am glad I was not late my Lord. I not wish to keep you waiting." Her hands behind her hand and nervously fidgetting as Bushy, the squirrel, begins to slowly make his way back towards his owner, Rosalie. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Comte Archard Trevalion. I am Lady Rosalie de Somerville." And the more nervous she grew, the more she smelled of apples and slowly begins to move towards the table.

"Ah. Somerville." Archard replies, and he smiles towards Rosalie. Even if that slightly clumsy curtsey and the odd detail of a squirrel running around in the gardens manages to distract him somewhat for a moment. "Yes. I can tell." He probably noticed the significant scent of apples, and with a light shrug of his shoulders he moves to take a seat at the table. "I am pleased to meet you, my lady. How interesting, Thaddeus, that you always arrange for a meal when you invite me to join you, ever since I've arrived in Marsilikos," the father jests, before his gaze sweeps back to Rosalie, and he asks, "Can it be that you are a little nervous, my lady? Thaddeus here told me that you are well versed in the ways of the court."

Rosalie looks a bit surprised and glances to Thaddeus before she looks back to Archard as she explains, "I generally spend most of my time in the woods and handling my hobbies. I know enough of the courts to get by but I would not call myself well versed in them by any means." She pauses and inquires, "Did he make mention of how we met? It was in the woods while I was looking for materials. And during out conversing, I made mention to him that my parents desire for me to find a political match. He mentioned the want of a wife and he has been wooing me to agree to marry him. Even gifted me a new pet. Much like the squirrel you see in the guards. That one is Bushy, the pet he got my however is a parrot named Peter."

Thaddeus watches with a wide smile as he pushes in her chair, and then he walks to his own to sit down and with a little chuckle."I never said she put it into practice father, just she was well versed. Now I feed you mainly for my own pleasure. Now then that is indeed how we meet, and I also enjoy her company greatly, and feel it would be good match given they are already seeking." He pours three glasses of honey rum and then starts to sip his slowly, with a nod of his head.

Archard arches a brow at Rosalie as she begins to explain. "Oh, I see," he tells her, his expression friendly and curious. "So… you know a bit of archery, my lady, if you like to spend time outside…?", he inquires, doing his part in keeping the conversation going. A glance he shoots towards Thaddeus however, the sort of 'we-need-to-talk' glance that infers he may wish to receive some explanation later. "And you are fond of animals, which is common among those of Anael's blood. Well. Lady Rosalie, I must ask you this. In what way do you think you could assist Thaddeus in his future duties as Comte d'Amiens?"

Rosalie nods her head once yes as she responds, "I do yes, as well as how to handle a sword for self defense. And I have my animal friends too. I have a certain kinship with them given I am a scion of Anael." She blinks a bit at the question, taking a moment to think before she responds, "I am willing to learn what may be needed given I know I could grow to love your son. And I believe it would be a good alliance that would benefit both families. I know he is mostly at sea and that is his wheelhouse, but mine /is/ on the grounds and I study lands often. It could aid with learning how to better prepare and see possible weakness in the borders and what would be needed to strengthen against all. I can handle being all courtly and proper when it is needed. But I do prefer my time in the woods over anything else just as your son feels the same about the sea. And I know about Gemma and have met her and get along with her. I realize I may not be the /best/ choice or the best alliance possibly since he is seeking a political marriage since he has his love, but I not care about that. I am not the type to grow jealous and do something possibly scandalous that would soil either name. I am just an odd lady with my odd hobbies, but I know when I need to be proper."

Thaddeus listens now and his smile soft on his face, looking at his father with a nod of his head, his hands resting on the table.

Archard Trevalion hears Rosalie out as she speaks her part, and that faint crinkling at the corners of his eyes betray a smile forming before it even shows in the curve of his lips. "So you are the grounded sort. Willing to learn. You are aware of the consortship that will be made official in a few days. These are points that speak in your favour, my lady. But let us not forget, that part of a future Comtesse's life will happen at court. The Royal Court in Elua. Look at me… I am the current Comte of our lands, and I know how trying it can be, the tiring fĂȘtes and receptions. I do very much prefer the political side of things to the social aspects of my position." He pauses, giving Rosalie a considering look that is not unkind. "You are still young, my lady. And there is much to learn. But… please forgive me… you are already in danger of committing your first mistake." His smile deepens, even as he seems to relish the pause that follows. "You see, it is not the way to advertise your qualities to me by claiming you are not the best alliance in a political sense. What makes me say that? What title does your grandfather hold, which will be inherited in time by your father?"

Rosalie sits up a little straighter as she says, "My grandfather is the Comte de Brive. I am the second born of my father who is the heir. And with my oddities I feel I am not the best is why. Thad.. Thaddeus assures me that my hobbies not bother him but I know they bother most. And I know not what alliances you hold most in your favor. Or what other house could offer you to marry him."

Thaddeus nods slowly, and then speaks up softly."She is being modest, we need to give her more confidence, and that is something I will work with her. I see great potential in her, I was impressed by her nature, and think she will help our house grow." His voice a little louder now with a look at his father."I may have used my words, in flowery manner to bring what I wish to pass, and that is my skill trained by you and mother, telling me to always find a way to what I want, and what I want is her to sire my children, to help build up our house and make it stronger!"

Archard smiles as he explains to Rosalie, "House Somerville is a fine House, they hold the provincial duchy in l'Agnace. Station is often of import, Lady Rosalie, and so it is good to know, that your father, and your older sibling who will one day take over the title of Comte will be closely related to you. Alliances, even when they are made in times of peace, they will become vital should the tides turn. I gather, Brive has much to offer in regards to trade. But I suppose, the details will be worked out with your father. Thaddeus mentioned you had written to him?"

To Thaddeus, he says, "You will continue to spend time with my advisors, and for Lady Rosalie, I believe, much could be achieved if she'd receive tutelage in the finer ways of court. But that… will have to wait, till we have discussed further details and settled a date." See? He is not opposed to the idea of the match.

Rosalie nods softly and says, "I have yes, just not yet sent it out to him. I wanted to make sure of this before I wrote him. But I will send the letter tonight. And he would be the one to discuss with or my Grandfather yes. They both did desire for me to find a political match when they sent me here to Marsilikos. And I can start upon my studies, I do doubt my parents or grandfather would object to the match."

Thaddeus nods softly turning a tad red and then he smiles at his father."Of course seems I still have to learn, much and will sit with them. Thank you for your strong head and decisiveness my dearest father."

"You better send that letter off as swiftly as possible, Lady Rosalie," Archard tells her with that smile still present on his features. "I believe, I would like to get this matter settled while I am still in Marsilikos. Or… I would have to put in a brief stop in Brive, on my way back to Amiens. Which would delay my return, which I would have to explain then to your mother, Thaddeus…"

Rosalie nods as she says, "I will, let me head home to handle that. Again it was a pleasure to meet you Comte." She get up and quickly makes her way to the door, shooting Thad a look that says he better protect Bushy who just so happen to now be moving up Thad's chair and perching upon his shoulder while chittering.

Thaddeus leans down to pick up bushy with a smile, and looking at his father."No we don't need mother to be mad, that would be both of our hides." His voice back to soft with a little chuckle, as he sips his mead now with his left hand.

"The pleasure has been all mine…" Archard looks towards 'bushy' and the way his son bends to pick up the squirrel. It is a view that makes him shake his head ever so slightly. "Look at you," he jests. "I can see you already bending to the l'Agnacite influence. But. Yes. You are right…" He chuckles and then rolls his eyes, "We must not anger your mother. So… I suppose I will stay until Lady Rosalie's father makes it here to Marsilikos."

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