(1310-11-11) Future Attachments
Summary: Thaddeus speaks with his father about his plans of taking a consort and a wife in the near future.
RL Date: 11/11/2018
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and Archard Trevalion (NPC)

Thaddeus's Room — Trevalion Residence

This is a well lighted room with a few lamps and such in here to make it the way the owners like it. The soft glow, highlights the bright colors of the wall, and the paintings hanging there, and it seems there is a room to the side for painting.

The fortunate thing about this room is everything is solid wood and hand-made crafted with love. The bed itself is huge with silken sheets shining in light the color is black of course. It is one of those four-post beds, with a large silk canopy hanging down dark black, tied back with little ropes. There is a solid oak desk, covered in ink, and paper, and books line the walls some of them poetry, some of them history, but most of them about sailing.

There is a balcony, leading out to overlook the city, on it is a single chair, and a table, with a pitcher for wine or mead resting on it, and this chair that is well used, and the marble well leaned on.

The table was laid out on the balcony, with a little firing burning there for heat, and Thaddeus is dressed proper for once, with the new outfit in the house colors by himself and his brother, and Gemma. He is wearing it well, as it has been tailored, his hand is resting on the back of the chair, and then he looks down at all the meat, and the wine, and the mead, everything is down for a lunch, as he waits with bated breath.

The Comte d'Amiens had arrived in Marsilikos, perhaps with another purpose in mind, but that purpose had meanwhile dissipated in disappointed hopes and a betrothal that had been called off. Nevermind. Archard Trevalion is here and he intends to stay in the city at least for a while. Of course, there had been matters that had been detaining him, but when he enters the prepared balcony he has a kind smile for his eldest son an heir. "Thaddeus! There you are.", Archard greets his son with a low rumble of a chuckle. "You look good."

Gemma is standing at the balcony, looking out over the garden, a shawl across her shoulders, the fire not quite enough to keep her from feeling the chill. Nervous, she plays with the tassled edge of the shawl. For about the upteeth time she loks over the tale, making sure both warm and cool drinks are set on the table. As the Comte arrives, she waits until he's greeted Thaddeus to dip into a curtsey.

"Hello my dearest father." Thaddeus smiles at the man, the eldest son stepping forward quickly, with a wide smile."So then, I have two points of news for you my father, first I would like you to meet Gemma Emmeline Renault, this is my father Lord Archard Trevalion, the comte d'Amiens." His voice is soft, and then he looks over at Gemma, taking her hand to lead her to his father."I wish her to be my consort, and she has helped me greatly get over the loss of my wife."

"Ah. So I heard…" Archard pulls his son into a hug, the sort a father would give his son, and especially his eldest. The Comte lifts his gaze and looks towards Gemma then, his expression curious and also not unkind. "Mademoiselle Gemma," he greets her, and in taking her hand he lifts it to his lips in old fashioned gallantry. "It warms my heart that you should warm that of my son. I am happy for you both. These are at least some good news, after some surprising revelations I had to make upon my arrival."

Gemma smiles at the greeting between father and son, stepping forward at Thaddeus urging she blushes lightly, "He makes me very happy and I'm glad to do the same for him. It is a pleasure to meet you, I've looked forward to it." True, even if it made her nervous to do so.

Thaddeus hugs his father back warmly, and then he waves his hand towards the table."Sit with me, and supe with us, and then we shall discuss the second, bit of news." His voice is soft, as he pours three glasses of wine, with a nod of his head, and then he smiles at Gemma."If you wish the news to be out of the way, which I know you will. I wish to take Rosalie Claire de Somerville, as my wife. She and me do get along well, and I wish to have you make the first move, on making that official, if you would honor me so."

Archard nods his head to Thaddeus' invitation to sit down with them and have supper. "Rosalie Claire de Somerville?", he echoes lifting his brows as he regards Thaddeus. "What can you tell me of her? And why would this match be of benefit for us, son?" He makes sure Gemma has her glass of wine before he lifts his own to her. "And what about you, Mademoiselle? Would it trouble you, to have Thaddeus arranged in a match before your consortship is even official?" Not that it would change the flow of things.

Gemma sits on the edge of her seat, taking up her glass of wine, more to give her hand something to do then to actually drink, "I would welcome the match, before, just after it matters not. It's actually a welcome to have it settled before. I worried that our consortship might have been a obstacle." looking over at Thaddeus with a smile, "Thadd deserves to be settled and starting a family." serves him right, give him lotsa little children to take up his time.

"The wine in the glass is from her family's vineyard, so had given it to me as a gift." Thaddeus sips his own wine slowly, it is a high quality, and then he looks over at Gemma, with a little smile."She would help us, with more items to trade with the world, we would work out a trade, using our ships, and her families wine. They have also have ties to the farms, and the cattle, we should be able to make trade arguments for that as well. Thus making both of our families able to prosper more rich together." His voice a little more business now, and then he sips his wine again, with a nod of his head."Herself she is warm caring, and rises animals, and I enjoy them very much."

As Gemma speaks, and he is quiet now, and then he smiles at her squeezing her hand softly."Also they both get along, fairly well which is bodes good for my future father, not trying to kill me but maybe if I do wrong as a single evil unit." His voice is teasing, and then he starts to pile a little the food on a plate serving his father first, and then Gemma, and then himself with a wide smile.

"This sounds fine, but those details will be worked out in a contract of betrothal, should this match be decided to happen," Archard replies to Thaddeus. "But my question is… who are her parents, and what title does her father hold? What rank would she come from to marry into our family?" He takes a sip of the wine, and he smiles, at ease obviously. To Gemma, he says, "Aren't you planning to have children with my Thaddeus, Mademoiselle?" He looks curious.

Gemma doesn't know the details of Rosalie's parenage, squeezing Thaddeus's hand reassuringly she nods her head to the Comte's question, "I do yes, we have talked about it. I however wish Thaddeus married and to have a true heir before we have children. I believe it would be better for whoever will become his wife and our children, both his heir and our children."

"Godard de Somerville, Heir to the Comté de Brive is her father, and her mother is Arabelle Ferraut de Somerville." Thaddeus nods slowly, with a little smile on his lips, as he sips his wine slowly."She is well versed in the ways of the court."

Then he looks over at Gemma, with a little smile as he waits now, picking up the glass to sip his wine."Now then, do you have anymore questions for me father, the reason for this is mostly due to Gemma's wants as well. To have everything properly taken care of, and to have our lives on the right track. She wanted me to do this, to the point of even trying to help me meet woman." With a soft little chuckle.

"Ah…" The sound that leaves Archard's Trevalion's chest sounds now all the more content. "So… the daughter of the future Comte de Brive. Now that sounds like a good catch. Have you already contacted to the Somerville's, or is that something you would expect from me to do?" Gemma's reply is met with a long look, and a smile. "Mademoiselle, I can already see why Thaddeus must be so fond of you. So understanding and well… considerate of his future and the future of Amiens! You must promise me that you will have children with him, Mademoiselle Gemma. I insist!" At which he chuckles again, pleased and not at all in a mocking manner.

Gemma blushes under the praise, "It would be my pleasure and when I am with child I will make sure Thaddeus sends you a message right away." glancing over at Thadd with a smile, "I hope to give him more then one, this home needs the sound of running feet."

Thaddeus nods slowly, with a little chuckle."Now then, I have not reached out, I was hoping for you to do so, and if you need me I shall, but I wanted to run it past you first father." His voice is soft, and then he sips his wine, with a wide smile, as he is praising his pick."Yes Gemma, is an amazing catch as well, and she wishes to have children with me, and I can't wait to be honest, it is a good, that you honor us as such." His voice is soft, and then he kisses her hand softly.

"Well then, I wish to have 4, two with each of you at least." He nods slowly, and then he watches his father with a wide smile, and then he takes a bite of his food, slowly with a little chuckle.

"What about lady Rosalie?", Archard asks Thaddeus, "has she perhaps written to her father at least to inform that negotiations might be considered? If not, I shall write to him instantly. Brive is a bit of a distance to Marsilikos. I would like to speak with the House of Somerville. And of course, I would like to inform our Duc of Azzalle." He seems hungry and thirsty, but that doesn't keep Archard to catch the interplay between Gemma and Thaddeus. "Four sounds like a good number of children, Thaddeus. You never know.", he says to his son with a wink. "Well… I am glad. These are good news, for once."

Gemma sets her wine glass down to take up her fork, "We've only touched briefly on a number. I personally would like three but of course it is what the Gods deem appropriate, they may have another number in mind."

"Now then, I'm glad to have brought you good news." Thaddeus nods slowly, as he watches his father, and then he sips his own wine with a wicked smile."Now then, four is grand, and as much as I enjoy my late nights maybe a few more." His voice is soft, for a moment and then he looks at Gemma, and then back at his father with a wink back."Now then, I think she did write home, I would assume so we came to an this arrangement, and wanted to have it go through quickly, and I would love to have you meet her as well father." His voice is still soft, as he sips his wine now, and then he nods slowly."It is quiet the distance, and I'm pleased to have you in town, will you be coming next sunday to our service?"

"Then, all the better," Archard smiles. "If she did write to her father, he will certainly seek to come here, and maybe, we can negotiate this all in person, here, instead of a slow passing back and forth of letters. I would like to meet her." This he adds with a smile. "As for your service at the temple, I would be happy to attend. And I don't think there are any pressing matters that would require my immediate return to Amiens."

Gemma says, "We would be honored to have you, I don't know about Thaddeus but I am getting nervous about the upcoming services." she flashes a smile, "It's in my nature to worry about things out of my control."

"I would be honored to have you there father, it would be bless this even more." Thaddeus nods slowly, with a little smile, and then he sips his wine slowly."Now then, I will find a time for Rosalie and you to meet as well, and then we can try and get her father her shortly." His voice is soft, and then he laughs softly, with a little chuckle, and then he rises to his feet."Sadly, I have business to attend, if you would do me this honor, would you sup with Gemma."

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