(1310-11-06) Airing the Closet
Summary: Gregoire checks in with his wife after his recent visit to the temple of Eisheth. They air a few matters between him while she cleans the closets.
RL Date: Sun Nov 11, 2018
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Monteaux Suite - Baphinol Residence

Through the heavy wooden door, one enters a spacious master bedroom, dark teak wood furniture contrasting to white walls, curtains of crimson with gold filigree accents framing the bay windows, adding natural light to the room. Center stage is a four poster canopy bed with crimson covers that match the curtains. The crest of Baphinol is carved into the headboard. A large tapestry hangs behind details the ancestral lineage of the Monteaux branch of the family, going back at least ten generations. A fireplace of dark teak and white marble that is perfect for keeping the room warm during the winter months is surrounded by gold cushioned easy chairs that are perfect for lounging. Crimson cushions with gold filigree provide an excellent contrast. Below the bay windows is a dark teak writing desk perfect for composing correspondence while enjoying the gardens of Baphinol. A bookshelf on the other side of the window carries popular titles of the inhabitants living there.

In the evenings, oil lamps on the side tables by the bed help the fireplace keep the room lit. A transparent gold curtain to the side leads into a private washroom with a large white tub with clawed feet that can be filled with hot water by the servants. There are two large dark teak wardrobes that carry the latest fashions for Marsilikos.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall morning. The weather is warm and fair.

Gregoire hasn't been at the manor while he was recovering from his poisoned stab wound. However, after a week of absence, he returns to his guest room to take a bath, wash off the scents of the temple and get dressed in the silks befitting a nobleman of his stature. Once he's presentable, he then makes his way to his wife's chambers to visit her and update her on his return.

Life hasn't changed in the household with his departure except that there's no need to make his bed at least. Louna is in her suite with her ladies maid, dresses being weeded out to be put into storage that were weighted for summer so that they can be swapped out for ones better suited to the winter now that cooler climes are making their way in. "The blues go, the green stays, I can get a few more weeks wear out of that. Make sure that the same is done for his clothing, swap out the lighter summer jackets with the heavier ones that I've ordered." She regards a white dress with horror. "Not that. Have that sent out to sell. Recoup some cost from it. I don't know what I was thinking."

Gregoire leans on the doorway, looking at his wife with a bit of amusement as he catches her in such a domestic task, "Yes, thank you for ordering the heavier doublets." He is trying to be polite to his wife, in front of the servants, "I'll make sure to leave them out to make it easier." Of course Gregoire hasn't had a chance to secure a valet yet since he's been so busy with other matter. He gives a polite nod to his wife, "Good day wife. I hope my visit isn't interrupting you. If so, I can come back."

"You've returned. I'll send a donation to the temple for their care of you." The dress is put down with a wrinkle of her nose and a gesture for the maid to take her leave. "One more scar added I see. Lets not do that again yes? Last I want is to hear from our mothers that I had the audacity to let you die."

Gregoire gives a soft murmur of thanks when she mentions that she'll send a donation to the temple, "Thank you for seeing to that." He opens his jacket and lifts his undershirt to show his wife the thin scar that has now formed, "It was a minor scratch, if the blade hadn't been soaked in hemlock, a stitch or two would have taken care of it." At the mention of his mother getting angry at his untimely death, "Yes, I imagine my family wouldn't be pleased if I got myself killed after surviving a lifetime on the borders of Skaldia as a scout." It's clear that her husband has survived a great many dangerous things, "I wasn't expecting to have to guard myself in a temple."

"Well, expensive lesson learned." Louna states, a glance to the 'scratch' and then back. "Just because there's no trees here doesn't mean there's wolves." Her hands settle on her hips as she survey's the dresses going out the door. "Your new doublets and jackets are green and blacks, and then house colors. Try not to get these ones split by a knife. I expect your lover will be arriving soon?"

Gregoire frowns at the subtle criticism given over his recent bout that landed him in the sick ward, "I didn't go seeking danger Louna." He makes a motion to himself, "I was visiting a sick 'friend' at the temple." He gives an absent nod as she describes the clothes she's ordering, as usual, the baron could care less at what she orders other than to tell her, "Just make sure they make the collars looser. The last batch were far too tight and I couldn't stand to keep them buttoned all the way." He makes another frown as she tells him not to ruin them, "I'll do my best to keep these new clothes intact."

At the question of his lover, Gregoire gives a pause, "No…not tonight. He's still recovering from his recent attack." In some ways confirming his 'friend' that he visited was Fenris, "I shall let him know you send your concerns and hopes for his recovery when I go to visit him."

"If you must. Be sure to have the cook send over something. A veneer of care." She murmurs. "Anything else? Other than coming here to prove that you still breath."

Gregoire gives a shake of his head, "No, I was just giving you the courtesy of knowing that I still walk among the living." He gives a pointed look at her, "And unless you're planning to light your candle, then I suppose our congress isn't needed." He gives her a dark look as if his recent visit to Eisheth bared some news that he wasn't expecting, "Which is a bit surprising considering the wishes of your family."

Now that gets him a look from Louna. "Did you sincerely think I had lit a candle the day of our wedding?"

Gregoire runs his fingers through his hair, "Of course…because why the hell else would you sleep with me if you can barely stand to be in the same room with me for more than a few minutes." It's clear he's a bit confused about that, "I thought you were seeking a child."

"Marital duty." Louna replies. "Companions forbid our mothers catch wind and come down and see why we are not tending to our obligations. They didn't need to know and you didn't need to know that I chose not to say a prayer and light a candle. Much like our marriage, I'm putting off a child as long as I can."

Hands settle on her hips and she looks at him. "And who told you anyways that I hadn't lit a candle?"

Gregoire gives a sigh, "It was all rather innocent, by one of the priestesses asking me if we'd like to make an appointment." It's clear he didn't go looking for his information, it sort of fell in his lap, "I told the woman that we were still getting settled and would consider it when we felt the need to proceed." After a bit of consideration, he does have to nod that her reasons for bedding him to make their mothers happy does make sense, "Ahh, my apologies, I didn't consider how it might look to them." Of course, any of the servants at the house would know they sleep in separate chambers, "If you're so concerned, what's to stop gossip that we have separate chambers."

"As if we are the only ones married for politics who don't live in separate chambers. It's not uncommon. Separate bedchambers do not preclude the act of getting child Gregoire. Use your mind. Are. Horses kept in the same stalls day in and day out to beget a foal?"

Gregoire gives a snort as she compares him to a stud, "No, I suppose they don't." He does give a pointed look, "But not lighting your candle, does preclude it. And I don't care if you want to wait, it's your body." He doesn't seem keen these days as starting a family either with her, "I respect your wishes to let things hold off until you're ready." But there's a pause and then he adds, "However, if you wish me, for appearances to make visits, I would like to know ahead of time so I can clear my schedule."

"Oh and here I thought you enjoyed the angry warnings" Louna says.

Gregoire gives a shake of his head, "Oh my mother doesn't give angry warnings. She steeps it with a helping of guilt and gentle reminders that she will not be on this earth forever." It's clear his mother's art of persuasion is less threats and more guilt, "And while I recently got a gentle inquiry on how our marriage is, she's not yet started pressuring me too hard on grandchildren."

"Oh dear, such. Shame, you know how these things are mother. Eisheth will grant when Eisheth grants. We must be patient." Emulating what he should say to his parents. "I'm sure that she will when the time is right." Hands are still on her hip. "That's all you need to say. No need to tell her that we have not, correction -I- have not lit a candle. And if you cannot bear telling your mother that bend of the truth, then go ahead. She'll only tell my mother and then I can handle it."

Gregoire gives a shake of his head, "I won't lie to my mother, but if she doesn't ask, then I won't feel the need to share such things." He gives a roll of the shoulders, "And my mother won't ask, not anytime soon. She's much more inclined to guilt me with letters than force a direct conversation." He does give her a pointed look, "I shall tell her that I don't 'concern' myself to such things if she does ask since it's 'woman's matters'."

"You do whatever it is that you want to do Gregoire." Hands drop from her hips and she turns back to the dresses. "Up to and including three times a week sitting in the sitting room with our doors closed and staring at one another and not making children or any facsimile thereof. Since you have your lover and I have the courtesans if need be."

Gregoire gives a bow to her, "As you wish." It's clear he's quite taken with his lover because at the mention of Fenris, there is a softening in his smile, "Thank you for being so accommodating and I shall do my best to keep up appearances so it keeps both our mothers happy."

"Just set the times with my secretary, try not to make them too inconvenient." She states, her back to him now, taking up one of the dresses and moving to put it back into the closet.

Gregoire gives a nod, "Of course." There's a moment where he looks closely to see if there is anything there, any spark of feeling other than annoyance. But when he sees his wife's dismissal, he gives a nod to himself and takes his leave. Her own efforts to clean the closets left in her capable hands.

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