(1310-11-11) A Tempting Proposition
Summary: Amoux visits the inn and gives Bethane a tempting proposition to consider.
RL Date: Sun Nov 11, 2018
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Leaping Fish Inn - Market Promenade

The Main Room of the Leaping Fish is tidy and well-kept - and warmed by a fire in the hearth to one side on colder days and evenings. An old tapestry depicting a pair of two leaping fish is adorning the opposite wall - a reference to both the ruling House of Mereliot and the name of the inn. The common room has five tables of sturdy oak with chairs and benches, between which two serving maids move to take orders or bring food and beverages. The air is filled with tasty smells of freshly cooked meals, and murmurs of conversation - and occasionally even melodies rippling through the room, when a lute player is around to provide entertainment. The fare is of good quality that even would not disappoint noble tastes.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall night. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Bethane is standing behind the bar, overseeing the floor of servers and assisting the bartender with serving drinks. Her fiery red hair is tied back to a modest bun. Her cotton peasant blouse with black leather corset hugs her rather large assets in a teasing fashion that's guaranteed to get her higher tips. Her layers skirts are actually panels that give a flash of skin here and there for anyone looking over the bar.

For any natives to Marsilikos, Bethane is a staple at the Leaping Fish Inn. Her mother was a server and now as second generation she works there. Of course some might say that Bethane runs the place more than the owner's son who's content to collect his profits and let this winsome wench deal with the customers.

<FS3> Amoux rolls Flute: Good Success. (1 5 2 8 5 5 6 8 2 5 4)

The door is pushed open, and into the inn pours the sound of a flute, as it starts to pick up pace, and into it swings a man dressed in bright colors, and he is moving back and forth, dancing as he moves into the inn, and then he starts to look around seeking, an empty table, with a little chuckle, and then he sees that red haired lass, moving towards her now, and he is picking up speed, and moving towards her, and then he starts to dance around her, as he looks into her eyes, the song is picking up pace, and then the flute is removed."Hello Hello, you have stopped me, and inspired me, and you would make an amazing muse." His voice is soft teasing, as he looks at her for a moment."I'm Amoux Audibert no Lis d'Or."

Bethane raises a brow at the colorful man that comes into her inn and starts dancing around her. She folds her arms in front of her and surveys him up and down. When she hears he's of the Night Court, there's a look of surprise, "Oh love, I'm far too simple for someone of your stature. Just a simple barmaid with aspirations of owning my own place some day." She motions to some of the noble patrons present in the bustling inn, "I'm sure there's much better examples than I to act as your muse." She gives a polite courtesy since this man clearly is a bit higher up the social chain than she is.

"Oh no courtesy for me, just a little Courtesan." Amoux smiles at her, with a little chuckle, and then he leans against the counter."Now then, my I have a drink, and someday owning your place, that is a good dream to have." His voice is soft for a moment, with a little chuckle again watching her now, and then he looks at her for a moment, his smile going wider."Now, then I do have a painting I need to do, and they wanted a pretty redhead girl in it, if I were to ask you to pose, and the pay was right would you for me?"

Bethane gives a nod and motions to the options of mead and wine that they have, as well as the hard liquor on the shelf, "We're pretty well stocked here good sir." She then introduces herself, "Bethané Arvyn." She gives a pause when he mentions that he's looking for a model for his painting, "And it depends on what kind of painting you are doing." She gives a saucy smile, "Cause I'm a good girl…" At the snort of the barkeep behind the bar with her, she lightly slaps her co-worker on the chest, "Okay, most days I'm a good girl."

"It is up to you, and we are going to discuss it together, he wanted a sexy girl in a pose." Amoux watches her for a moment, with a little chuckle, as he looks at her."Bethane, it is a pleasure to meet you, and if you would like to step somewhere more quiet, we can talk about it, and see if it fits your good girl rep, today." His voice is soft teasing, and then thinks for a moment."I would love a bottle of your finest mead, and somewhere private it to drink with you, I will cover any missed tips."

Bethane glances at the floor, just to make sure it's not too busy, and then murmurs something to her co-worker softly before grabbing a bottle of mead that's been properly aged and one of their better brands. She steps out from behind the counter and motions to one of the more private tables, "Come then, let's talk and see what you have to offer." She starts to walk in that direction, using that stretch of floor to show just how her body moves. A bold creature, she grins as a few eyes turn to her as makes her way to the more private table.

Amoux nods slowly, and then he starts to move towards the table, and his eyes on her for a moment, with a little smile crossing his lips, as he holds her chair out, and then he pushes it in slowly, and sitting down on the other side from her."Yes, what I have to offer is much, but in this case, he wanted a nude woman, swimming, and her hair flowing behind her, and her body on display for him, he is a big fan of erotic art, I have done several for him in the past. He pays well, and I would give you a cut of my pay, there is no-one that matches what he wanted. Till I stepped into this room.":

Bethane opens the bottle of mead and then pours them each a glass, placing the bottle between them in case he wants more later. She takes the glass and listens to his works, getting a bit of a smirk when he mentions that the man would want her nude. She does admit to the courtesan, "Well, I do know how to swim. And I'm not opposed to being painted. The nude…" She looks at him with a bit of consideration, "Depends on whether or not this is a private collection or public one. And if it would create problems for me in the future." She holds up her hands and rubs her fingers, "The more trouble, the more I expect to be compensated." There's a mercenary gleam to her eyes as she takes in finery before her, "And do I have to meet this gent or can we keep my identity secret?"

"It would be a secret, it would be painted in my chamber, not underwater, I can make it under water. I just need you for the pose." Amoux nods slowly, with a little chuckle, and then he sips his own glass slowly, with a nod of his head."I will make sure one can't tell it is you, going to have your hair in front of your face, flowing that way and then behind you, and it will be quiet the picture." His voice is soft, and then he sips again slowly, with a little chuckle.

"Your chambers? In the Salon?" Bethane seems rather intrigued since the young wench could never hope to have enough coin to gain entrance to the Night Court on her own, "I don't suppose you'd throw in a brief tour?" She gives a teasing glance, "And would you be willing to have a thin white gauze over my body, wet of course to provide me with a bit of modesty? Or does he insist it's completely nude?" There's a bit of tension that leads her shoulders when he mentions he could obscure her own identity?" She then takes another sip and has to admit to the man, "And would he require me to wax so that I have no hair below?" She motions discreetly to her mons, "Because I trim at the moment."

"I would prefer to have you waxed, I will have a novice do it for you, and also I can show you a tour of course." Amoux nods slowly, for a moment with a little smile on his face, as he watches her."Now then, you would be fully nude, that is part of it, and I need to get the details right my pretty little muse. If you do good I may be able to find other work for you in such a fashion, my last muse has left the city." His voice is soft now, and then he looks at her for a moment, and then he looks at her for a moment."Now then, do you wish to take the contract, I will pay you." He leans forward a whispers a price it is fairly high, for a simple panting.

Bethane gives a laugh as he mentions that a novice would tend to you, "Will he be as pleasing to the eye as you?" She takes a sip and then quietly nods as she agrees to go nude for the painting, after he mentions it's a requirement. She gives him a quiet look, "More modeling then? It could be a series of paintings?" She motions back to the bar where her co-workers is still working, "As long as you don't mind working around my schedule. The money is fantastic but still…this is my bread and butter. I can't be making the owner mad at me." She gives a wink, "At least not till I earn enough for my own place."

"That is very fair, that is very fair. Now then do you wish me to do it for you?" Amoux voice is teasing, and then he leans forward to whisper."I may want to play a little bit." He then looks at her for a moment, with a little chuckle."But yes, your current, master needs to be pleased, and not mad at you. We will work around your schedule, and this is not due till it is done, and he is a good man for that." His voice is soft for a moment, and then he sips his drink."Now then, when do you get off tonight?"

Bethane gives a deep laugh that just rolls out from her chest, "Oh now that is just tempting." She gives him another sassy look and murmurs softly, "But if you do such things, will a painting ever happen?" She motions to him and continues her quiet conversation at the table, "You're far too good looking for one such as me. I thought only those of great name and coin could pull your attentions." She has no illusions over her own allure to one of the Night Court, "I don't want you breaking that fragile heart of mine." Underneath the teasing there is a hint of truth there as if she once tried to reach beyond what she was before and had her hand burned by the sun that she flew up into the sky towards.

Bethane gives a long pause and admits to him, "I get off in a few hours. Not long at all."

"Okay then, I will have a novice fetch you in that time." Amoux stands slowly, to look at her with a little chuckle."Oh I don't break hearts, I nature them, and heal them, and make them honored." His voice is soft, and then he looks at her one more time, before he looks at the door."I will see you shortly, I hope. Now then my little muse, my little Bethane, it is wonderful mead, but better company, I need to get everything ready for you, the wax, the bath, and then the room for the painting."

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