(1310-11-08) Coming Clean
Summary: Oliver comes clean to Sebastien about his addiction and gets upset about the consequences.
RL Date: Thu Nov 08, 1310
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Oliver's Chambers — Basilisque Residence

Through a door of dark mahogany wood one enters into a chamber that has few candles that look barely used. There is a fireplace on wall which doesn't have a door or the small balcony. The tall doors are beautifully built raised stainglass. The bed is more to the center of the room with the head of it against the opposite wall the fire place is one. The bed is covered in dark blankets and pillows. With the large four posters being of painted black wood.

There is a white armchair that has it's back to the balcony and it's facing the fireplace. It has a matching footstool and chaise. There is a painted black wood trunk in the corner which matches the two end tables beside the bed which do not have a light on them but they do have a cane each. The walls are painted white. There is nothing really visual in the room. There are no portraits, no art pieces, no books…nothing. Just a tidy room.

The room is nice a bright and cool. The window is open and letting all the weather in. Oliver had arrived late at night with Henri dragging him and he was put to bed and wrapped up tightly. Henri is off in the kitchen making something while Oli is laying on his back on the bed, just staring up at the ceiling. He takes a deep breath and sighs quietly.

The door slams open and the vicomte Sebastien Basilisque enters the room of his youngest brother. The man is wearing a wide smile as well as his usual black leather clothes, black eyeliner and silver jewels. "Isn't it the most handsome boy in the whole Terre d'Ange who has decided to honor Marsilikos with his presence?!" His joyful voice asks as the heavy steps announce of brother's closer approach. "Though, I am a tad disappointed that you were late to my wedding! It would have been way better with you at my side as well!" He says sitting down on the edge of the bed. His hand lands on the Oliver's leg and he squeezes it gently. "I hope your journey was well?"

Oli jerks up and tenses as Sebastien comes in. He listens as his footfalls come closer and then he's sitting on the bed. "I am sorry we missed it. We left in time to get there though… Mom twisted her ankle some how." He frowns. "So we slowed down. Though she finally let me go and I told her I would stay with you and you'd… take care of me and I had to promise not to be like Anse or … you." He bows his head. "She thinks I can rub off on you."

Sebastien rolls his eyes even if his brother can not see it. Though, he still gently clenches his brother's leg if his hand was not pushed aside, and his grasp tightens a bit at the mention of the mother. Annoyed voice blurbs, "I bet she twisted that ankle on purpose. She just didn't want to come." He laughs after a small pause and then leans in to hug Oliver if he allows. "I am glad that she let you go. I will need your assitance. I also think that my wife will enjoy your company. She is a bit wild, though, I must warn you!"

The young man feels Sebby get tense and he winces. "Maybe." He bows his head and then Sebby is hugging him and he wraps his arms around his brother. "I know she loves you she's just… tough." He nods his head a little and his eyes close tightly. "I… hope I can help you." His voice shakes slightly before he whispers. "You aren't going to beat me up are you?"

Sebastien snorts, "Why would I beat you up? Did I ever beat you up?" He rolls his eyes again. A surprise at such a question is quite vivid in his voice. But then after a brief pause he grows quite suspicious. "What - did - you - do, - Oli?" Very slowly words leave his throat and even if a younger Basilisque can not see, he can absolutely feel a very intense gaze studying him. "Let me guess… You got drunk?!"

Oliver nods his head. "You did! You and Anse did when I was like … under the age of 9. You'd poke me with your practise swords." He hears the question and tenses. He curls in tighter to Sebastien and grumbles. "A couple days ago but Anse was there. I won't do that again." He grumbles. "It's…something else. I think Anse would tell you but… I think I should."

"We are no longer that young, Oliver. I can not speak for Anse, but I would not do anything like this to you! By the way, my kiddo will be so happy to learn that his uncle has arrived!" Sebastien smiles but briefly. Soon his expression grows more serious. His leather jacket shuffles when he crosses his arms on his chest. "What?" He simply asks.

Oliver nods his head and grumbles. "Anse said you'd be mean." He slides back on the bed and lays down. "Remember… you cannot hit a blind man…" He grumbles to Sebby. He takes a deep breath and tears start forming before he even starts speaking. "I." He rolls to his side with his back to his brother. "I've been…" He wipes his eyes. "I've been taking opium every night for the last three years." He whispers that sentence out. "Please don't hate me…"

"WHAT?!" Sebastien raises to his feet and starts to pace in the room. "NO. I am not going to hate you for this bullshit, but I am not going to leave it like this. Does mother even know?" Not allowing to answer, he continues. "We must find some sort of a way to help you get out of this mess. How did you even end up in something like that? We also need to… Yes. We will talk to some local healers. In fact, I heard of one who is quite impressive in her means and results…" He sighs and his voice softens. "I will make necessary arrangements as soon as possible. I can not believe how mother could be so blind. I love you and we are going to fix you."

Oliver tenses and jerks against the bed. He shakes his head. "Mother doesn't know. I was her pure blind baby…" He almost growls. "I'm not in a mess!" He snaps back at Sebastien. "I want to do it." He finally rolls over and sits up. "I don't want help or healers. I enjoy smoking it." He crosses his arms and looks away from where he hears his brother pacing. "I'm fine… I wanted to tell you because Anse was making a big deal about it too. He almost took my pipe as well but I got it back."

"Oooh… I am not just simply taking away your pipe, my dear." Sebastien chuckles but there is evilishness in his tone. "You will have my guard following you EVERYWHERE from right this moment. Thanks for your current station that you won't even know about it. But this is not only that… I will give you into the hands of a Kusheline!" He cackles and sits back down on the edge of the bed. "I have heard that she is the most scary and best healer in the Terre d'Ange. I will make my arrangements and I will pay her as much as needed. So, you shall not disappoint me. I have huge plans for you and I need you at the top best behaviour as well as your mind. There is no point for you to oppose my decission. I am th ehead of the family."

Oliver growls. "You think I can't hear people following me? Mom tried it and she failed." He shakes his head and his jaw tightens. "You will not give me anywhere!" He pushes himself up and moves over to the trunk, pulling out his luggage. "I am not… yours to control." He starts shoving things and clothes into his large luggage. "There is nothing wrong with me! I am fine!" He snaps. "I thought you were going to be my brother not Dad!" He throws that insult out.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sebastien=Body Vs Oliver=Body
< Sebastien: Good Success (7 7 5 5) Oliver: Good Success (8 8 2)
< Net Result: DRAW

Sebastien raises to his feet and goes where his rebellious drug addicted brother is packing. The vicomte tries to grab the luggage out of Oliver's hands unsuccessfully. "Don't be a child. You are wiser than all of us and you should know that this thing is addictive. I am not your dad and I will never be. Our dad did not care about us. I do. You will be my right hand in handling the matters of our home. I don't need to learn that you ended up dead and you were found somewhere at the doorstep of Kraken's den, or that you were rubbed by some sort of a whore while you were unconcious!" He sighs and steps aside. "You need help, I am getting it, and you will obey, and you will be thankful to me once you get older and find yourself alive, for fuck sake!"

Oliver pulls his luggage away from Sebastien. "I know my body!" He snaps at the man. "I know it more intimately than anyone else. I have been doing this for almost four years and I've not even come close to death!" He throws his luggage at Sebastien's feet and growls at him. "I always do it at home before bed! I won't be violated unless you have whores here!" He shakes his head and crosses his arms. "I don't need help. Nothing is wrong with me." He turns his back to his brother's voice and shakes his head. "I am not …yours to command."

"You said you have been doing it for almost three years, and now you say you have bene doing for almost four years. So… Are you trying to say that you have been doing it since underage? Before you even turned sixteen! Not that being sixteen it still would be acceptable." Sebastien grows angry again. "This discussion is useless. You are mine to command until your marriage or until you prove to me that I can trust you completely and this… this is far from any kind of proof. So, put your things down and deal with it. You are going to be visited by a healer soon, and you will be at the best behaviour. And… you have my guard assigned to you. That's all!" One can hear how Sebastien's steps go further away as he walks towards the door adding, "I am very glad to see you here, Oliver. I missed you. The work will be presented to you as well soon. You need to have a proper occupation for less of a leisure time."

Oliver frowns and bows his head. He shakes his head and snaps. "No one is going to marry me and I don't have anything to prove!" He growls. "I'm seventeen Sebastien! It doesn't matter if it's three or four… either is under aged. I know how to do it where I won't be…" He shakes his head. "I don't need help." He says defeated. "I don't need a healer." He starts crying. "I…" He slowly gets to his knees and keeps packing with shaking hands as he cries. "I'm fine." He repeats to himself.

"You can pack, if you want. But you will have to unpack then afterwards. Your tears are not going to help you. You are staying here and that is all. If you will try to escape - I am going to find you. But then I will actually have to punish you for such a childish behaviour. If you will show resistance to my plans, then I will just have to lock you in the room. Exactly, you are seventeen! Already a man. So, act like one." Sebastien's words are firm. "We come from Camlach. Yes, you were unfortunate to loose your sight but that doesn't make you weak. We grow stronger with every day and we would never give ourselves to such a thing as an addiction. We are stronger than that, and you will show me your strength. I am not going to treat you different just because you are blind, or because you are seventeen, or because you are crying. You are a Camlach man, and you will be one."

Oliver stays on his knees and shakes his head. "Alright Dad." He says coldly. He slowly stands up and picks his suitcase up and throws it at the wall before moving back to his bed. "You sounded just like him… with the stable boy incident. You are a Camlach man, and you will be one." He mocks. There is a shake of his head and he wipes his eyes. "Go to your wife who you are lying too. Live your false life. Keep coming at me and.. it's not an addiction. I can stop whenever I want, I just don't want too." He sits on his bed and glares. He lifts his hand and shoos his brother.

"Ouch!" Sebastien flinches. He aprpoach the bed again and sits down at the side of it, close to Oliver. "Listen, if you are clever, you can usually have the life you desire. I am not lying to my wife. Lady Evelyne is a part of our family and she knows everything. She accepted my offer to marry knowing exactly where she is coming. She is happy and I am happy. We are friends. You can also be happy and you don't have to indulge into such stupidity as drugs. If you wanna talk and tell me why such a desire came to you in the first place, I am here. Happy people do not indulge into opium. If you have any issues you want to discuss, let me know. Otherwise, stop doing this nonesense. You ar every handsome, very intelligent, of a highly respected family. You can see better by your heart than majority of the people do with their eyes. You are a treasure and I can not let you screw it over."

He feels Seb sit beside him and he keeps glaring into space. "You want me to talk to you about how all my brother abandoned me to Mom and Dad's whims? How you went sailing, Stephane left to fight, Anse went into the priesthood… and there I was the ONLY one they would focus on. I finally stand up to Dad and say he needs to be a better man and a day later he's dead. Being strong for mom because all of you hate her but she's lost! Then mostly planning Dad's wake because no one else wanted too. Then mom putting me up on a pedestal because I was her last hope." He stands up as he starts to get louder. "Or how about the fact of when I fell from the roof and broke my arm… how it's healed, the bone aches all the time. My feet constantly hurt because of how much I've stubbed my toes. So which part do you want to talk about? The physical pain? The emotional let downs? The expectations?" He shakes his head and moves away from his brother. "Get away from me." He turns his face to the open door and closes his eyes.

"We have never abandoned you. You were simply too young to go with us, Oliver." Sebastien sighs with a tad of a guilt in his voice. "Listen, deep in your heart you know that I love you. We will spend much more time together as a family. I promise to you. And I do not have any high expectations on you. I simply know that you can handle all tasks I have prepared for you because you are strong. You handled all those things in your past and it made you who you are. Passionate, strong, intelligent… Calm down and once you will be ready to have a serious conversation without looking into the past and being more curious about the future, then come down. I will be at the main hallway." And the man will try to give another embrace if his brother will allow. If not, then Sebastien will simply leave.

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