(1310-11-07) We Need to Talk About Owlie
Summary: Etienne, genuinely Shocked and Concerned about Oliver's drunken revelations, goes to see his brother, Brother Anse.
RL Date: 11/7/18
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**Temple of Elua **

Etienne seems physically recovered from hia journey, soberly dressed and well groomed. His curls are schooled into a short braid, and he arrives looking pensive.

For a fall evening its pleasantly warm, Marsilikos doesn't get as cold as some places given the sea air and so even in the outdoor temple of Elua its still comfortable to be without shoes. A few various priests and worshipers make their way in and out of the temple grounds, the worshipers dutifully removing their shoes while the priests as always go without. Anse is one of the priests, clad in his blue robes as he works on feeding one of the braziers at the temples edge which help light the open air grounds and keep away the night chill.

Etienne looks relieved as he spots Anse. He moves with a brisk typically Azzalese grace in that direction, not quick enough to draw attention, but with the air of someone who knows where he is going and is not wasting motion. "Brother Anse?"

Anse smiles and offers a polite bow to Etienne "Lord D'Arguil. Its good to see you again. Well, I hope at least, your letter was a bit concerning."

Etienne returns the polite bow, "I am seriously concerned, Brother. To be clear, Henri and I got him to bed just fine. No harm came to him in my company, but it seems to me that there are things that are best addressed by someone who is both family and Priest. he mentioned he has been using opium nightly since the death of his father and also he said some things about sex that were truly shocking to me from a religious perspective and made me genuinely fear for his reason." His eyes widen with real alarm, "He said ugly things about himself for enjoying Naamah's Blessings which he said he had enjoyed right before you and I saw him at the Inn." He looks genuinely horrified, "I will not repeat the words he used. I just…. clearly he needs help on a scale an acquaintance of a few hours is not in a position to provide!"

Anse raises an eyebrow slowly at Etienne "wait.. enjoyed Naamah's blessings shouldn't be something to be concerned about…" Anse starts before frowning, a rare expression on his face. "Opium?" He grumbles a bit "thats bad. He should know better then that…" Anse rubs his jaw thoughtfully "I do appreciate you putting him to sleep." Anse adds as he continues thinking "obviously I need to talk with him more seriously, I assumed he was, well, he was always sheltered I figured he wouldn't be up to anything dangerous. What did he say that's so concerning, besides opium obviously, he should really know better than to fall into something like that."

Etienne says firmly, "I told him that Courtesan was a noble profession and that sex is Naamah's blessing and there is no shame in either, but he… seemed to feel terrible shame about it. My only thought was he clearly needs the counseling of a Priest to better understand himself and Naamah's blessings. He seemed to hate himself, to be honest. That combined with the opium… Do you understand my worry? And think, I am a near stranger he literally met that evening in an Inn. If he is so… distressed as to say such things to someone he hardly knows, what else might he not have said?"

Anse nods at Etienne "Yes, that is quite concerning. I thank you very much for bothering to come find me, not everyone would have taken the same amount of effort." Anse smiles at Etienne and places a hand on the other mans shoulder "I appreciate your concern for my brother, you're a good person clearly. What in the companions names has he gotten himself into…" Anse muses this last part to himself.

Etienne adds, "Though I might not be as my family would best wish, I would never leave someone in that state without help. Next time he might have run into someone less scrupulous or less concerned to see a lad in such obvious distress." He does give Anse a worried smile, "Older Brothers must keep an eye on younger ones….I think from what he said that perhaps neither he nor your mother have properly grieved your father, with both so wound up in trying to be strong each for the other."

Anse hrms a little "Truth be told I haven't had much contact with my family since I joined the priesthood. So I am sure that there is a great deal I've missed. I think Oliver came of age in an unfortunately stressful time in our collective families lives…" Anse smiles again then at Etienne "but, our family dysfunction isn't a cause of concern for you. I will talk to him, as soon as possible, and I think you again for coming to find me."

Etienne's tone is gentle, "Every family has it's particular ways and rough patches. I am just glad that I had met you so that I knew who best to apply to for help for him." He opens his hands, "He is very young, and very confused, I think, but he ha family he loves and who love him and that is what matters most."

Anse nods in agreement with Etienne "yes, now I need to track him down.. I don't think this is something I should let sit for too long.. Hopefully I'm up to the task as well. Sometimes being close to a problem can color it oddly."

Etienne nods, "I can see that might be the case. At the same time, you have the advantage of age and experience," 26 being a long distance to someone who is twenty one, "and he is less likely to… confuse mentoring for another sort of interest, which confusion might make things rather worse in the end. I do wish you and your family the best and hope Elua will grant you wisdom and patience."

Anse laughs a bit at Etienne and gives another polite bow "Its rare for other people to wish ME Elua's blessing, but I thank you. I'm going to see if I can track my brother. I can't thank you enough for letting me know. I hope we are fortunate enough to meet again, and perhaps with less dire circumstances next time."

Etienne bows back, trying to hide his relief at having turned over his concerns and voiced his genuine alarm to someone in authority to Do Something, but not quite managing it. "I would like that." A flash of his sunny smile and rather pronounced dimples.

"Delightful. Until then though, I have an idiot brother to talk to" Anse says with a bit more forced of a smile, and with that he looks out past the temple grounds, sighs, and heads in the direction of the town center.

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