(1310-10-28) Coins for a Stag
Summary: Perceval spoils Bethane's hunt in the forest and she demands some coins in payment.
RL Date: Sun Oct 28,2018
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Bois d'Aubagne - Eisande

Outside the forest, under a canopy of trees, the forest known as Bois d'Aubagne remains wild in contrast to the civilization that inhabits the city of Marsilikos.

The rain falls down wet and drizzling through the canopy of trees in the forest, giving a fine mist to all that walk among the fallen leaves of autumn. A lone woman dressed in black leather, finely corseted in her armor with a thick black woolen cloak pulled tightly against her. Her leather gloves carry a bow as she leans down to examine the tracks of a stag that has recently passed by. Her fiery auburn hair can barely be seen since it's pulled back into a bun, only a few stray wisps escape to frame that porcelain face.

Perceval has decided to spend a day off from the busy city himself it seems and the Camlachean Lord finds himself closeby, a bow in his hands as well, even though he might not be too skilled with it yet himself, as he is more used to hand-to-hand combat. He is wearing protective leather armor, too, keeping himself silent enough to not cause an uproar in the middle of the woods as of yet. Still he frowns a little as the rain keeps drizzling on his face, maybe having expected better weather down here in the south of Terre D'Ange. Being caught up in his thoughts, he nearly stumbles into the redhead, but catches his balance just in time, mumbling a soft apology "Forgive me."

Bethane moves swiftly as another comes within her circle, practically stumbling over her since he was in his own thoughts. Without a thought, she unleashes a knife, placing it very close to his rather manly bits as she tells him softly, "One should be careful in the forest." She gives a look to his cut of cloth, the speech he uses and then pulls back the knife, "No offense m'lord, I didn't mean to offend." She gives a half smile, "But there are men of questionable behavior in these parts. And a girl can't be too careful, now can she?"

Perceval blinks for a moment as that knife is targeted towards his manly indeed, but for some reason he stays oddly calm and can't help a little smirk crossing his lips, while a certain commanding aura surrounds him "You have good reflexes for sure…" he says in response, before adding with a little sarcasm in his voice "And a sharp tongue… which might get you in trouble one of these days." And with that he shoulders his bow, as the hunt probably won't be any successful today. Focusing his gaze on the woman in front of him, he then says "I assume you are one of the local people here then, since you know your way around the woods so well?"

Bethane hides that wicked knife that's hidden in the lining of her cloak, "Aye, I hail from these parts." She takes a step back to give the lord his space, "And my tongue is not the only sharp thing that I carry." She gives him a saucy wink, "But no worries m'lord, I know better than to try to roll a warrior such as yourself." She gives a nod to the forest around them, "And with your commotion, the stag will have left us so I am afraid you might find only rabbits on this hunting trip." She motions to the bow in her off hand, "Which is a pity because unlike you, I find the coin I save from hunting my own meal quite the loss."

Perceval gives a simple nod once she has put that knife into place once again and he offers a little shrug of his shoulders in response to her accusation "Well, to be honest, I didn't expect to find anyone else here out at this weather. Not that I would call you weaklings, hailing from Camlach myself…" And yet, there's a slight tune insinuating such in his voice, before he adds with a little smile "Though, of course, I could offer you some coins in repercussion, if you need such to afford a meal. Not that I would know your situation, of course."

Bethane motions to her corseted stomach, "My hunger sadly can't wait for the weather to get better." There's a hint of mockery to her voice, as if she's playing on the commoner stereotype rather than truly being in need of a good meal, "So you'll find those of us who work for our food are just as hearty as one of your people." She holds out her free hand, uncurling her fingers of her glove, "But I am one to never turn down free coin so if you wish to compensate me for my missing stag, feel free." Her laughing eyes are alight with mirth, "I'm not so proud to turn you down."

Perceval growls a little at her mockery of him and he builds himself up to that impressive height of 6'1 and he stares down at her delicate form some kind of fire burning now in his own eyes "You think I'm such a fool to fall for that?" he asks her, his voice raised enough to scare off probably even all of the rabbits by now. His hand wandering to his own blade now, he doesn't draw it though, he just tries to make an impression on her. "I think, you owe me an apology for thinking me such naive."

Bethane withdraws her hand as he rises up before her, taking insult at her words. She gives a little noise, a false whimper as she pretends to show fear in the face of his anger, "Oh good lord, I am sorry for any offense that I may have given." She turns her face down demurely, managing to give the right words even if there is a falseness to her manner, "I only wished to get a few coins for my missing stag. I of course would never challenge such a lord as yourself."

Perceval rolls his eyes a little at her performance and yet he seems to accept it for now as he is mildly convinced. "Well you want a few coins you can have them…" he says with a smirk on his face, reaching towards his pocket and grabs some copper coins out of it, before letting it drop right in front of his feet "Oops…" he says, daringly deep into her eyes, as if challenging her.

Bethane raises a brow at the man's apparent clumsiness as he drops the coins to the forest floor below them. She then bend down to pick them up, giving the man an ample view of her rather noteworthy bosom as she picks the coppers off the ground. She straightens up slowly, there's a bit of defiance in her eyes as if tell the man before her that this view is all he's going to get, "Thank you m'lord." Her sweet words are mitigate by her slightly mocking tone.

Perceval bites down on his lip briefly, as he gets to see that view, intended or not, it is certainly to his liking, but he wouldn't want to show her that or even admit to it. At her defiant look, he can't help but look slightly amused, one gloved hand teasingly reaching out to touch her cheek, but withdrawing shortly before his tips might reach the skin. "You are a fierceful one." he says mockingly and then adds "Kind of cute."

Bethane doesn't move as he almost touches her, her piercing eyes still shining with her defiance, "You have no idea m'lord how fierce I can be when provoked." She stands there still holding a bow in her hand, not taking any aggressive act even if there's a hint that she might if she feels it's warranted, "But of course, I am no match to an experienced Camlach warrior. Not at all a challenge or threat, so perhaps if we are done here m'lord, I shall be on my way."

Perceval knows when he has perhaps gone too far and her words make him nearly wince, yet he simply nods his head, restraining from any other advances in a bodily manner, as he frees the way for her "Of course you are free to go. I wish you well on your hunting trip." And those words might be actually truth spoken, even if it turned out to be quite a cold first meeting between the two of them.

"Aye, free indeed," Bethane tells him with a saucy smile and then turns to walk away. Every movement is meant to show the lord behind her every curve underneath that heavy cloak that she wears. Perhaps hinting at what the Camlach lord is missing.

Perceval can't resist from watching her curves indeed, but all she does provoke is a little shake of his head at least for now, together with another smirk on his face. Once she's out of sight he turns around and sighs a little, guessing he has to make his way back without any hunting trophy today.

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