(1310-10-27) Finding Fenris
Summary: Fenris went missing and three travelers set out to find the giant only to run into a mountain. WARNING: This log contains extreme torture and blood.
RL Date: 1310-10-27
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Tournament Field — Eisandine Countryside

The wind sweeps long and low over a generally flat stretch of terrain, here. There are some signs that areas of the plain might have been built up to help flatten it— one corner in particular overlooks a steep downward hill. The plain has been trodden bare of grass in huge, haphazard patterns, giving it a patchy, threadbare look, but the patches of dusty ground are practical, useful for hemming in a spar or using as the start and end points of a footrace, and on any given day you might find some house or hired blade out here honing his or her skills. Sometimes larger war games are held out here, as well, where the Eisandean army or Marsilikos city guard can be put through its paces.

For structure, well. It's sparse. Perhaps a wooden plank has been set up on two stakes to serve as a bench where soldiers and blades may sit and rest. Perhaps a few haybales have been toted out to serve for archery practie. Perhaps someone has even staked up a flapping canopy to help keep the sun or the rain off of their heads, or their gear. But all in all the place is given to the dust and the clover and the odd sound of steel against steel.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

The three tents are set up. A larger tent and two smaller ones. Fenris's tent is one of the smaller tents. Anyone who knows him knows he stays comfortably on the ground on a single blanket with one large thick blanket over top of himself. However, it appears the tent that Fenris has been living in, the back part of the tent has been flipped up and there is upturned dirt at the back of the tent. On the inside of the tent itself there are some blood splatters but how Fen and Hel fight, it could just be a playful punch in the face. The scuffle though goes out onto the grass of the tourny field and into the woods.

Ailene walks with Thibault towards the tents. They near the smaller tent and she smiles. She is looking forward to seeing his friend Fenris again, this time, on good terms. However, the sight of the blood has her looking confused. She pauses and looks to Thibault with a raised brow before peeking into the smaller tent that belongs to Fenris. "Fenris?" she calls out, but then gasps at the sight of the blood on the tent walls. The way the back is torn has her concerned, too. She looks again to Thibault, worry in her gaze. "What in the Hell…?" she asks him, before barging in by herself and looking around. "Fenris?" she calls.

Thibault arrives at the Tournament Field along with Ailene, the couple having eschewed the possibility of going to the Somerville-Basilisque wedding to instead come here to check up on their friend Fenris. As they approach, nothing seems out of the ordinary, the three tents standing in their normal spots, but when the pair gets closer Thibault notices the way the backside of the tent he knows Fenris stays in is upturned and when they get closer he notices the blood which causes a slightly worried look to appear on his face, even if he knows the intensity with which Fenris and Helisson 'trains'. He has a look inside the tent but does not enter it with Ailene once he is sure it is empty, instead going around the tent to where he can see the spatter of blood is leading, and will follow the trail lowly for as far as it remains visible to him, while still looking back towards the tent where Ailene is checking out the interior. "Fenris..? Helisson?" He calls out in a raised voice, his deep timbre easily carrying over the empty field.

The giant isn't anywhere to be seen. His bed is pushed to the side as well, looking like feet kicked it. His sitting boxes… if they were overturned it's hard to tell as they are just boxes. The scuffle goes out the back of the tent where big feet push into the ground. Only Fen has feet that big. To follow the blood drips is pretty easy. They are rather big. They go into the forest where the trail is easier. Broken branches and blood and deep footprints. More than one person came through here.

Ailene , after checking inside the tent, runs out to follow Thibault as he follows the trail of blood through the woods. She stumbles a little at first, because she is worried and out of sorts, so clutches at Thibault's arm. "What in the world?" she whispers to Thibault, peering left and right, trying to see if she can see a glimpse of Fenris anywhere. "What happened?" she asks. "Where is he?" She raises her voice and shouts, "Fenris!" She clutches Thibault's arm a bit tighter, her worry starting to turn to fear as she sees the footprints.

Following the trail of blood, the worried expression on Thibault's face becomes more and more apparent, his brows knitting together and his jawline clenching slightly as the possible reasons for this goes through his mind. The footprints confirms that their friend indeed is one of the people leaving these marks. One of them, as it quickly becomes clear that more than one person was involved in whatever has happened here. He turns around to go and get Ailene but she is already on her way to where he is standing, so instead he waves her closer and puts up one finger in front of his mouth, signaling to her to be as quiet as possible. He takes her arm and looks to her, again signaling for her to keep her voice lowered and walk softly. "I am not sure, but I don't think whatever happened here was with… 'his consent'." The worry on his own face is obvious now, even if it isn't quite turning into fear yet. "Don't worry, it might be nothing." he says, trying to calm her down but not really believing his words himself. Together they continue into the forest, following the trail of footprints, blood and broken branches. They walk discreetly but with a determined pace to their steps nonetheless. Time might be of the essence, after all, but so is discretion.

<FS3> Thibault rolls Stealth: Good Success. (7 7 3 2 7)
<FS3> Ailene rolls Stealth: Failure. (4 6 5 1 3)

Quite a ways into the forest the blood expands. It doesn't move further but there is a lot of blood right there. Splatters and a pool and smaller footprints with boots on moving around the large footprints which are barefoot. There is a drip from above of blood. If one looks up, about ten feet in the air are feet…up the body…there is Fenris. Hung by his wrists and unconscious. He's naked and his back looks like someone used a morningstar on his back and a club for his front. His face is beaten, one eye black and there are cuts everywhere. From here, it's not positive if he is alive or not. His right hand is bloody from wrist to fingertips.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Composure: Success. (4 2 6 4 7)

Ailene tries to walk quietly, but she is shaking nervously and her feet keep stepping on twigs and making them snap. "Sorry!" she says and winces each time to Thibault. She takes a deep breath and listens to Thibault's words. She nods and her brow furrows. Suddenly, she sees him. She gives a loud gasp and clutches Thib very tightly, pointing to Fenris, hanging from his wrists and covered in wounds, blood dripping down to pool beneath him. "Fenris!" she calls out, yet she holds back, not knowing if he is dead or alive. She looks to Thibault. "Go check him?" she whispers to him and moves behind him. She is obviously scared, and since her man is here, she can hide behind him, just in case. She keeps her cool, otherwise, though, no screaming or hysterics at the sight before her.

The two young nobles keeps following the trail of blood and footprints, the trail leading them deeper, quite deep in fact, into the forest. He winches a bit each time Aily steps on a branch but simply looks to her reassuringly each time. When they come to the area where the trail seems to stop and the blood is pooling together, he pauses in his step. "Get behind me." He says to Ailene in a low voice, his grasp on her tightening just a bit. They approach the area slowly, his eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of movement. Then he notices the dripping of blood from above and it causes him to look up and in turn spot where Fenris is hanging, suspended from his wrists and clearly beaten and injured. "Kushiel's balls.." He murmurs to himself. He looks back to Ailene and nods when she asks if they should check on him. But how will they go about that, suspended so high up as he is. He seems to get an idea, and after signaling to Ailene for her to be quiet once again he once again focuses his senses on noticing any movements or sounds giving away anyone else being nearby. When he is content that no one should here besides the three of them, he turns around and takes out the small dagger he always carries in his red leather belt that also holds his rapier. He leans in and speaks to her in a low voice. "I'll lift you up, you check on him and if you can, get a purchase in the tree and see if you can cut him down. I'll do my best to soften his blow as much as possible." There is no way that he could actually catch the large man and he knows it, but he can't just cut the ties and have him plummet to the ground either, especially in his already injured state. At least he can soften his descent, he hopes, should they prove successful in freeing the giant from where he hangs. If she agrees to the idea, he will lift her up, letting him stand on his shoulders if necessary and see what she can do from the vantage point that should offer her. All the while, keeping his focus as much on the surroundings as possible even if it's hard to take his eyes off the form of Fenris.

"Fen. Fen. Fen. Fen." It's a familiar duck call, flat-toned from the throat of one who struggles with things like appropriately expressing emotions via facial expression or intonation of voice. It reads nothing of the mounting panic making her heart beat hard against her ribcage, only sounds as though she were once more searching for him in among the crowds at the game, dull and slightly annoyed-sounding due to the sheer repetition of the sound. She follows the trail with the ease of one who's been on her share of hunts, following the trail of a bloodied boar going to ground. She comes to stand with her arms limp at her sides in between two trees, staring at the strange ornament hanging from a third tree with a dead-eyed stare for a long second. "FEN." Same tonality, slightly more insistent in volume.

The woods are silent except the three awake people and the one bloody christmas ornament in the trees. Who ever was there, left for a short time and may be back. Fen doesn't reply to Heli's calls. He's not moving.

Ailene blinks and looks at Thibault like she thinks he is absolutely crazy. 'Climb a fucking tree?' she mouths to her lover. She looks at Fenris hanging there, then looks back at Thib as he holds out the dagger. There is now a dubious look on her face but she takes the dagger when offered to her. She takes a deep breath, squares her shoulders and raises her Trevalion chin. She gives Thibault a curt nod. With a brave counternace she allows Thibault to lift her up to the tree. She grabs hold of a branch and swings a leg up, her dainty, very ladylike skirt hiking up around her hip. She looks back and growls at Thib, but she can do nothing about that now and more important tasks are at hand, but she glares at him and lets him know she is displeased with this particular task given to her. She gives a small grunt and hoists herself up upon the branch, then swings both legs up, straddling the branch. She starts to lean over and cut the rope that Fenris is hanging from, but then sees Helisson arrive. She looks back to Thibault, not sure what to do. Should she go ahead? Should she wait?

Thibault holds out his other hand not offering her the dagger and gives the Ailene a shrug and a look of slightly confused apology. He knows it's perhaps not the best idea ever, or even a good one, but he can't come up with anything better, other than simply letting Fenris hang there and wait for the culprit to potential come back, and that doesn't sound like the best of ideas either given the state Fenris looks to be in. He could be on the brink between life and death as they speak, after all. When she does agree and lets him raise her up to get a purchase from which to find a good spot to try and cut the ties holding Fenris to tree, he does so, making sure to pay attention and catch her should she slip. Another small gesture of apology as she gives him /that/ look, but he then simply nods towards Fenris to let her know to get on with the task at hand. He'll apologies later, if need be, for putting her in such an un-ladylike position. He watches her intently while also keeping an eye on the surroundings, which in turn causes him first hear and shortly after spot, Helisson. He signals for Aily to pause what she is doing, for now, and turns to wave over Helisson for her to get closer so he can speak to her without raising his voice too much, a worried and impatient look on his face, although his impatience is obviously not directed at her but at the situation in general.

Helisson is already at hand, almost, having stalled only that last moment of staring before she's at Thibault's side, lips screwed tight together and nostrils flaring with rushed breath while her slightly uneven stare takes in Ailene's efforts up the tree. She could snip the trap so much faster than the other woman, but she'll not rush the tree to try, instead positioning herself near Thibault in order to help him catch Fen as he's lowered and ease him to the ground. As well, evidently, as getting an earful of what's going on. She makes no further words, but the air whistling in and out of her nose in an aggravated huff speaks to the turmoil in her chest.

Ailene looks to the other two and, assuming she should go ahead after Helisson walks over Thibault to help catch Fen, she takes a deep breath again and then leans over and starts to cut the rope. She clenches her teeth and grasps the dagger putting her all in cutting the thick rope. finally, she gets to the last strand and slices through.

When Helisson joins them under the tree from where Fenris is hanging, obviously ready to help catch the large man when he drops, Thibault looks up to Ailene and gives her a nod to signal for her to continue. In the short time it takes for her to do so, he turns his eyes shortly to Helisson, the almost-panic all the more evident in his eyes now that they right next to each other. "Who could have done this!? Who would do this?" He asks her, even if he doesn't really think she knows the answer, as much a vocal voicing of the thoughts running through his mind as an actual question he expects an answer to." Then he turns his attention back to Fenris and gets ready to 'catch' the giant, trying his best to do so when the rope finally gives way and sends his body towards the ground below.

"Someone who really wants to get fed his own eyeballs," Helisson spits out the only answer she has to the question of the hour, lifting up her arms and bracing against Tibs to use their collective strength more effectively to grab at the back of Fen's neck, making sure he doesn't land on his head. If she gets bloodined by the rest of him, who cares? She'll crumble with remarkable grace and help ease him to the ground even if it means ending up under him. She closes her eyes, pushing up underneath him, her hands against his chest, feeling for a heartbeat, or at least how warm he is.

As Fen falls, his arms stay tied, he lands with all his dead weight and everyone except Ailene can get a good look at his wounds. Someone beat this giant to a fine pulp. There are dried tears mixed in with the blood and there is a wound on his head, also a cut across the front of his throat. Something done with precision not meant to bleed but meant to silence until healed. His bloody hand looks like it was crushed as there are bones sticking out of fingers and smaller bones poking out the top of his hand. His back upon closer inspection was whipped with a scourge. A whip with fragments of bone in the lace. Also easily seen now, a wood spike goes through his right knee from the inside to the out. It's all the way hammered in but it must have been short as it didn't break the skin on the other side. Fen is breathing though it's clear he's unconscious not by choice. He's quite warm but his heart rate is erratic.

Ailene squeals and shuts her eyes, grimacing as Fenris falls. She can't watch. She just can't. She is brave, she is full of pride as a Trevalion, but she still can't watch this might-be-dead giant plummet to the ground, mayhap even crushing her lover and Helisson. She waits for the sound of the thud and the sound of flesh being crushed without opening her eyes.

<FS3> Helisson rolls Medicine: Good Success. (7 4 7)
<FS3> Thibault rolls Medicine: Failure. (3 3)

Thibault takes the cue from Helisson and braces himself against her as well to better use their combined strength to greatest effect. There is no worry of getting blood, mud or whatever else on himself, those things hardly seem important or even graces his mind in the slightest. When Fen does rush towards them from above, he is pushed to the ground by the sheer weight along with Helisson beside him, doing his utmost to make sure that Fenris lands as softly as possible even if that means landing on Thibault's own body and taking as much of the impact as he can to spare Helisson the weight. Once Fenris is 'safely' on the ground, or on top of them, he'll move slowly to free himself from the pinned position and look over the man. The sight of his injuries makes him growl and look around the vicinity with an angry glare, as if wanting to rush whoever did this and make good on the words uttered by Helisson just a moment earlier. There is a small sigh of relief as it becomes clear that Fen is indeed still breathing and alive, the worried anger turning to more pure anger as that at least is settled. "What the fuck…." He murmurs at the extent of what has been done to Fenris. He's seen some things, injuries, bad ones, some inflicted by himself. But this…this is madness. He stands up and helps Ailene get down from the tree if she should need it, who knows if they'll have to make a quick 'escape' after all and obviously not of a mind to simply leave his lover here if such should happen. "Can we move him?" He asks of Helisson, not able to gauge the actual severity of the injuries fully. Cause wounds, that is something he can do. Treat them? Not so much. Regardless, he will offer any help that he can provide in trying to stabilize the giant. He motions for Ailene to hand him back the dagger he gave her earlier, cutting off a piece of his shirt sleeve and will attempt to, as gently as he can, wrap it around the wound on the neck of Fenris.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Medicine: Success. (7 4 5 1)

Helisson lifts a hand to swat at Thibault's arm when he tries to bandage Fen's neck. It's as good a way as any to tell him not to do that, her brows furrowed in wonky-eyed concentration. She's had enough battlefield experience dodging healers that she's had to learn at least the basics of tending to herself and her compatriots in the aftermath of wounds traded back and forth with the Skald— i. "Fuck," she spits out, taking stock of his wounds and deciding well. The stick in Fen's knee is keeping him from bleeding. The hand is trash and beyond her ability to do much for it, but she can take off her tunic and the padded leather armor below, unfastening two of the leather pads and putting one on one side of his hand, the other on the other, and then taking the strap Tibs was trying to use to strangle Fen to death and bind the two pads together to at least try to keep the hand from falling apart any further until it gets… well, probably amputated, to be quite honest. "Got to hitch a sled together or something. Get him back to the city without moving him too much. You bring him back? I'm going hunting for a piece of shit cunt ass."

The giant is breathing slowly but the jolt to the ground causes him to start waking up. His one eye starts to open and anyone can see the other is trying to open but it's so swollen it's not opening. His face scrunches up a little in pain and there is a frog sound that comes from him as his hand is laid out and bandaged. The giant's legs move a little but stop instantly at the jolt of pain up his right side. He tenses and tries to sit up.

Funny enough, Ailene knows some basic first aid. She impatiently squirms as Thibault helps her down from the tree, and as soon as she is on the ground, she is running to Fenris, shock and horror written all over her face. For a moment, she just gapes. Then, miraculously, she springs into action. Nodding as Helisson gets busy with the hand, she looks to Thibault again. "Your flask of brandy, My Lord?" she asks him hurriedly. "The wounds at least need t be cleaned." She then sees Fenris try to sit up and she urges him down. "No, Fenris." she orders him. "Just stay still for now." If Thibault gives her the brandy, she uncorks it and first applies it to his neck, which looks to be the most severe injury. She then pours a bit on all the other open wounds. Once she is done, she does not hesitate to bring the flask to her lips and gulp the rest of the alcohol down, head held back. Finally, she finishes with a loud gasp and hands the flask back to Thibault. Again, not hesitating, she tears off a piece of material from the bottom of her linen dress. She quickly presses it to Fenris' neck and applies as much pressure as she can, trying desperately to stop the bleeding, or at least to slow it down. "We need to get him to a healer fast." she tells the others. Then, looking a bit confused, she looks from Helisson to Thibault. "What's a cunt?" she asks, her curious eyes staring at Thibault, expecting /him/ to be the one to answer.

Thibault looks to Helisson with a confused look when she swats at him, the anger still obvious there even if it isn't meant for her. He does get the memo, though, and stops his attempt at a very poorly constructed bandage and instead hands over the rag for Helisson to use how she thinks fit. He looks over the other wounds but this is not his field of expertise, so he will stand back and let Helisson and Ailene take care of any bandaging or otherwise that might be needed. You know, since they actually seem to at least kinda know what they're doing. He nods and starts to look around for something that could be used to fashion a makeshift sled for, but his eyes return to Helisson when she expresses her intentions to go after whoever did this. As much as he agrees with the sentiment, he doesn't intend to not be part of what might come next, after they possibly find the person, or persons, more likely, that did this. "You're not going after them without me.." He says quite firmly, clearly intent on being part of punishing the culprits, or at least discover who they are. "If they could do this to Fenris…. You shouldn't go alone, as fierce a warrior as you might be." And she is, he's experienced that first hand, but that doesn't change the facts. "I don't want to have to come back here and have to drag your body back to the healers, to. Help us get him back to the city and we'll find these assholes and make them pay for what they have done. Together. In any way, I am not sure we could drag him back to the city fast enough without your help." He hands over the flask of brandy to Ailene when she asks for it, having completely forgotten about it himself. He tries to take a sip from it himself but to his disappointment finds the flask empty. Ailene receives a mildly blaming look. He could really use a drink right now. Her question, though, has him pause for a moment. "It's….I'll explain it later." he says to her, not ready to get into the different meanings the word can have dependant on the situation, his expression a bit confused at even having to consider answering such things right now. Not that he can blame her, he knows she is a curious soul. Instead of going into an explanation, he goes to see if he can indeed find anything that they could use for the construction of a sled to pull back Fenris on, although not moving too far from where Fen and the others are located. "Don't go without me." He says one last time to Helisson before leaving their immediate vicinity, his tone making it more of a request than a demand, by choice. He's not gonna pretend to want to, or be able to, tell this woman what to do.

<FS3> Thibault rolls Perception: Success. (1 5 6 3 8 2 1)
<FS3> Helisson rolls Survival: Success. (1 5 6 4 6 8 6)

"Stay down fuck ass," Hel is just upset and spewing expletives, but these ones almost sound… well, not mad. Like she just calls him fuck ass on a regular basis. Which, well, she does. Then she's being told she can't go fuck up the guy who did this. She doesn't bother asking Fen who it was. She KNOWS who it was. Probably. And he can't talk, now, anyhow. But despite all her churning rage looking for an outlet, she'll have to content herself with tearing out the undergrowth and stripping pliant stems of leaves in order to help lash together some sticks and form some sort of thing on which they can drag Fen back to the city.

The giant growls as his neck is cleaned. It's not bleeding. Though he does here an Ailene tell him to stay still so he goes limp on the ground. The pressure to his throat has him growling a little or trying too. It's just a grumpy wind sound. At least, he can kind of see. At Heli's love phrase to him, he lifts his bad hand and jerks it towards her before he hugs it to his chest. That was very clearly a fuck you gesture from the injured giant. Helisson and Thibault do notice only one set of tracks leave the area before disappearing into the underbrush. One person did this to Fen. Fen though is trying to tell Ailene, 'I can walk' but it's just hissing sounds. He lifts his good hand up and pushes her hand from his throat, pulling the fabric off his neck. Very little blood is on the cloth. She doesn't need to worry about his throat. He looks up at her with a tired blue eye. His good hand reaches down to touch the spike in his knee and his fingers grip the top of it. If not stopped, he's gunna rip that out.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Medicine: Success. (7 4 6 3)

Ailene isn't very knowledgeable in medicine, being the twin who is a scion of Azza, not of Eisheth. She looks confused for a moment when Fenris pushes her hand away from the neck wound. However, she suddenly blinks and turns pale. She looks over at Thibault, then back to Fenris. "We need to turn him over, very carefully. His back wounds…" At that, she winces and looks completely apologetic at them all. "And I drank the rest of your brandy." she wails. She sniffles, but does not cry. Instead, she raises her chin and turns back to Fenris. "Just don't move." she says. "We will get you to a healer as soon as we can." She looks down to where the spike is, and when he tries to remove it, she tries to stop him. "No!" she exclaims to him. "If you do that, you will start to bleed profusely, dummy!" she shouts. She growls and throws the old cloth down, rips off another piece of her dress and dabs it on the facial wounds that are bleeding, that have already been disinfected. "She then looks back at over at Thibault. "You better tell me later!" she calls out to him. Then she gives him a very displeased frown. "Where the hell do you think you are going?" she says to him. "You want to go after these crazy bastards and maybe get yourself killed?" she yells now, cheeks flaming red as her hair. "Then what would I do?" She raises her chin at him. "You are not going anywhere without me and my bow!" She glares at him like a typical, overprotective wife, even though they are yet to even betrothed officially. She also has that stubborn, prideful Trevalion look in her sea grey eyes, just daring him to tell her no. With that, she turns to Helisson. "WE need to put him face down on the sled." she tells her. "His back could get infected if we don't get him to a healer soon." She then looks at the hand and frowns deeply. "I don't know how to fix this." she says to him. "Try not to move it for now." She then looks around to the other two once more. "Should we take him to Eisheth's temple?" she asks.

There is a some noises of bushes being disturbed and branches snapping from the direction where Thibault had gone, and when he returns he is dragging after him three long, thick branches to form the frame and carrying a number of shorter, but not flimsy, branches in his other arm. Perhaps not enough to make the complete sled from yet, and not the most suitable thickness or shape for what they're trying to accomplish but at least they should be able to hold for the trip back to town if fastened together appropriately. At least he hopes so. And maybe it /will/ be enough when added to whatever pieces of the environment that Helisson has been able to collect. His short departure means that he misses most of the love-exchange between Helisson and Fenris, but that is hardly important in the grander scheme of things anyway. "It's ok, it shouldn't take us long to get him back to the city once the sled is made. I don't know much about infections but I don't think anything too bad should happen on that account in the time it will take. And I'll explain what that word means later, I promise." He says to her with a bit of a smile despite the situation they're in, going to her to put an arm around her to give her a little squeeze and a kiss before turning back to head off for gathering a few more sturdy branches while the two others take care of Fen and gets started on crafting the sled. He only manages to get a few steps though before he stops and turns back to look at her when she expresses her displeasure with not being allowed to join himself and Helisson in pursuing and 'taking care of' whoever it is that did all this damage to Fenris. "You are /not/ com…" He frowns at her, but he also knows that he is not gonna be able to talk her out of it, at least not under the current circumstances, so instead he decides to stall the matter, even if he is still fully intent on trying to persuade her not to join in on the 'hunt' once they have gotten Fen to the healers. Even if he did think he'd be able to convince her, he isn't ready to take that discussion here and now. That would only delay what is most important, namely to get Fen the fuck out of here and back to the city. "We'll talk about it once were back in the city, ok?" He then says instead, clearly annoyed but not mad. The annoyance quickly fades though and turns to determination, and so he simply gives her a nod. "Yes, the temple would be the best place I believe, he'll need the best care available I am sure. I'll go and see if I can find a few more branches and things to make sure the sled will hold, you two start crafting it and take care of his wounds as needed. No time to waste." Then he is off again, but this time not moving farther away than still being able to keep the three other's within his line of sight. He'd be ready to be called back at any minute, and if he isn't will return only a few minutes later with some additional branches to reinforce the sled.

<FS3> Fenris rolls Body: Failure. (1 6 6 2 1)

Fenris annoyed airs at Ailene when she tells him to not remove the spike. He lifts his bad hand to his open eye and frowns. Though now Ailene is dabbing at his face he just looks up and stares at her and just stares with eyes slightly watering. He finally gets out, "Run…" In a hissing breath that comes is released from his throat wound. He takes a deep breath and tries to look around. The giant shows fear on his mangled face. "Run." He growls out again as he tries to get up but crumples. A big thing starts rustling the branches and leaves quite a ways away from them. The sound of a tree breaking. Something is coming.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Composure: Good Success. (8 2 5 7 1)

Ailene can't help with making the sled at all, having no knowledge of anything of that sort. So, instead, she lets Thibault and Helisson gather the wood and craft the sled. She stays with Fenris and does her best to treat his wounds with what little knowledge she has of healing. At least some Mereliot blood runs through her veins. She also glares at him everytime he tries to move. When Thibault comes over to kiss her and tell her he will explain that certain word later, she nods and smiles softly, having no idea exactly what it means. When he turns back and tries to tell her she can't go with them, she gives him another glare, but it fades quickly when he says they will talk about it later. She just rolls her eyes and chuckles, not worried at all about getting her way in this matter. However, when Fenris starts to hiss what sounds like, 'Run'. She looks at him in confusion, then goes very still, hearing the rustling branches and leaves. She looks back at Fenris and sees the fear on his face and then hears a damn /tree/ breaking! "What the Hell?" she exclaims. She calls for Thibault, standing up and looking around. She has no weapon but the dagger that she kept, ignoring when Thibault asked for it back earlier. She rests her hand on the hilt yet remains calm and collected as she stands by the wounded Fenris and calls once more for her lover. "Thibault!" Her voice is not too loud, but loud enough to reach him, since he should still be within earshot.

Thibault is still close enough to the rest of his companions to hear the sound of Fenris' voice as he manages to speak that one word, and while he can't quite make out what his large friend is saying, the tone he adopts isn't lost on the young Charlot lord. He immediately turns and starts walking towards them, the walk turning into more of a run as the sound of something stirring in the distance and the voice of his Ailene reaches his ears. It doesn't take him more than perhaps ten seconds to reach them, already having been on his way back, and when he does he gives them all a slightly confused look but then he notices their expressions, especially the fear, actual fear, on Fenris' face. A short flash of something as rare as uncertainty runs over his features, but then he starts 'doing' instead of trying to 'think'. He was always better at that, anyway. "We don't have time for this.." he says, obviously talking about the construction of the sled. Instead, he'll lean down to Fenris while gesturing for Helisson to come help him with whatever idea is in his mind. "I'm sorry, but you'll need to use that one leg that isn't injured i'm afraid." He tells him and goes to try and help Fenris to his feet, or foot as it were, trying to get the man standing so he and Helisson can support him on either side and help him move without the use of the sled. He isn't gonna take no for an answer if Fen should do something so stupid as to ask them to leave him there, and will let the giant know that he isn't going to leave without him, as he is sure Helisson will also let him know. He looks to Ailene. "Start moving." He tells her, his tone anything but a request at this point, just wanting her to be as far away from any danger as possible. She doesn't even have her bow with her, and even if she did he would act no differently. "Make your way back to the field, we'll catch up to you." He then adds with distinct certainty in his voice. He will, if they manage to get Fenris upright, start moving towards the direction they came with the large man, where he hope Ailene has already started to move towards, looking back over his shoulder every few seconds. Should whatever is making the noises in the distances become visible at any point during their 'escape', he will be ready to shield his lover and his injured friend along with Helisson. He's not gonna leave Fenris here at the mercy of whatever might be coming.

<FS3> Fenris rolls Body: Failure. (2 2 1 5 6)

Fenris sees that Ailene gets his message though when Thibs takes him under the arm and helps him up - Heli on his otherside. He even uses his bad leg to get them to move faster. Fen is running on the fuck pain move fast train. They make short work of the forest and he glances towards the city as he starts really pushing himself in that direction, though his bad leg starts twisting while he's pushing. It starts just dragging behind him and he starts pushing more on Thib and Heli. A guttural roar comes from the forest and Fenris whimpers and flinches. Must go faster. He starts using his twisted leg to push off the ankle, fear almost palpable around him.

Ailene shoots another glare at Thibault. "I am /NOT/ running ahead and leaving you!" she says. Instead, she also joins in in helping Fenris to his feet and supporting him as they start running away. She is literally trying to push the giant forward with all her bit of strength. "Fenris!" she hisses at him as they run. "What the bloody hell /IS/ that?!" She glances back over her shoulder to try and catch a glimpse of whatever it is that is chasing them. She still has the dagger and clutches it hard in one hand as she pushes Fen with her other hand.

Thibault returns the glare sent to him by Ailene, clearly frustrated and wanting to tell her to not be silly, but there isn't time for that right now, so instead he simply shakes his head frustration and starts moving as fast as he can with Fenris hanging on him, pushing the man to move faster even though he's obviously trying to move as fast as he can already. He doesn't care that the man is injured, not right now. He knows at least part of the pain and suffering the giant Valliers lord has been through in his life, he'll just have to endure a bit more for now. He knows he can take it. When the loud growl sounds out behind them, he looks to Fenris and Helisson both, mirroring the question posed by Ailene. "What the hell is that thing?" He doesn't let it slow him down though whether he gets an answer or not, if anything he is picking up the pace as much as he can with Fen still hanging on him.

<FS3> Olek rolls 1: Embarrassing Failure. (1)
<FS3> Fenris rolls 1: Failure. (2)
<FS3> Thibault rolls 1: Failure. (4)
<FS3> Ailene rolls 1: Failure. (3)
<FS3> Fenris rolls 1: Failure. (5)

<FS3> Fenris rolls Body: Good Success. (2 8 6 2 8)

A giant shadow appears at the edge of the woods. Even bigger than Fen. Though, it doesn't follow them - it just watches. Fen moves as fast as he can, almost running on one foot and an ankle. The breath that answers them is only 'Olek'. Suddenly an arrow pierces right through Fen's good legs thigh. He opens his mouth in pain and leans more heavily on Thib and Heli but he keeps moving. The shadow withdraws and disappears into the woods no longer giving chase, for now. Fenris is still showing fear though as he pushes through the pain and starts moving faster towards the city. The man now limps with both legs but he doesn't care!

Ailene :keeps on trying to push Fenris as they all run. She keeps looking back over her shoulder and gives a little cry when she sees the hulking shadow on the edge of the woods. She does let out a startled scream when the arrow suddenly whooshes past and hits Fenris in his good leg. "That fucking bastard!" she yells, loud enough for the shadow man to hear her. She screams out a few more curses in d'Angeline back behind them, until the shadow withdraws, and even then keeps yelling expletives. "If I had my bow…" she grumbles finally, then finally shuts up, exhausted from running, screaming and fear. "Fenris, keep it together." she urges him. "We are almost out of here."

Thibault also notices the large shadow behind them as it appears, still glancing back over his shoulder every few seconds like he has been all through their hurried escape. He looks in confusion to Fenris when he speaks the name, a name he has heard the Valliers lord speak before. Does he actually mean that the shadow is Olek, or someone sent by him? No time to find out right now. When he hears Ailene's startled scream he looks to her with concern and even more anger than already present flaring in the depths of his golden amber eyes, but it calms again slightly as he sees that she isn't hurt and the extra weight from Fenris pushes down on him as the giant takes the arrow to his good leg, instead returning his gaze to the large shadow and sending a glare in the direction of it. You will pay for this.. The look he then gives both Fenris and Ailene mixes in admiration with the array of emotions already present there, but this isn't a time for praising anyone for their courage or ability to withstand pain. So he just keeps moving as fast as he can towards the city and the Temple of Eisheth, even if it seems like the shadow has called off it's pursuit for now. As long as Fen is moving, he'll be moving.

Infirmary — Marsilikos

Situated within the beautiful greenery of the gardens of Eisheth, along the coastline not too far from the harbour and in view of the Citadel that guards the entrance to the port of Marsilikos, is the infirmary, a one storey building of white stone and simple architecture that has been enhanced with classical elements, as if inspired by the buildings of ancient Hellene culture. Traces of columns, half-worked into the walls can be found on all sides of the infirmary. An archway frames the sturdy oak door of the entrance, white stone worked with impressive masonry skill into a bas-relief, depicting a female in robes holding a roll of bandages and a vial of sorts to the left and a male healer to the right with a scroll in one hand, while the other is lifted in lecturing gesture, as if he were giving a medical diagnosis.

The hall beyond is agreeably cool during hot summers and kept warm in cold winters, through a large hearth that governs the center of the long wall to the right. It is here in this hall that the majority of patients will be treated immediately, and so there are a number of curtains that divide the space into areas with cots. In times of need, the space can be stacked up to hold two dozen beds. The vicinity of the gardens allows for the soothing tranquility of nature to become part of the process of recovery, chirping of birds, wisps of casual conversation reaching those inside through the line of arched windows that sit higher up at the walls. It also serves a source of lighting during the day, whereas a number of oil lamps at the walls are lighted during evenings and nights.

Close to the entrance, there is a door to the left that leads to the infirmary's office, where records of patients are being kept, along with other book keeping of supplies and the like. Another archway opens from the hall into a hallway, where secluded rooms are provided for harder cases, long-term treatments and those of higher standing and the wish for more privacy. These chambers are plain yet well kept, immaculately clean, with sheets of the more comfortable beds being changed regularly. In each chamber, an arched window offers light during the day, and a pair of two chairs offer seating to healers or the occasional visitor a patient may receive.

The four of them arrive sometime later in the Infirmary in Eisheth. The giant is almost unconscious but all he knows to do is run. Thib, Ailene, and Heli directing him to the temple. However as they get near the infirmary, the weight becomes heavier. The giant sweating and shivering and his legs giving out. His head drops between his shoulders and he's back unconscious. Too much pain for the giant.

Ailene breathes a sigh of relief when they finally arrive at the Temple. However, as Fenris' weight becomes heavier, she grunts and growls softly as she tries to push him harder. His back is terribly injured, but she has no choice if she is going to help the others with him so she pushes hard. "Sorry, Fenris." she murmurs to him. Luckily, they arrive and he stays conscious and moving until they are there before he collapses and passes out. She, herself, drops to her knees in exhaustion and just stays there, gasping for breath. "Holy Elua." she whispers and just looks up at Thibault.

As they finally make it to the Temple, the strain of the whole ordeal, both physically and mentally, starts hitting Thibault. Until now he had been in a state of fight-or-flight, but now that they're clear of any immediate danger it all comes down on him at once. He helps Heli get Fen to somewhere more comfortable as he calls out for some of the priests/healers to come and help them and start treatment as fast as possible, not being at all subtle about it, his tone one of giving orders more than one of asking for help. He gives Helisson a nod of both respect and sheer relief. A figure in one of the sea blue robes worn by the priests of Eisheth joins them shortly after and almost instantly calls for more of her brothers and sisters of the temple when she sees the extent of the injuries wrought upon Fenris' large body. He reaches out to place his open palm on the chest of Fenris for a short moment, like the large man did to him the day they met. Once the Valliers lord is in the safe care of the healers, Thibault moves over to Ailene and just reaches his arms around her in as tight of an embrace as he can muster with his strength almost exhausted, pushing her close to him and caressing her hair and kissing the top of her head, while still looking over to where more figures in the sea blue robes are gathering.

While he's unconscious a few start working on his hand to put it back together. They roll him over and clean his whip wounds and puts salve on them before lifting him a little and wrapping his body. He mumbling something quietly to them. He's rolled onto his back, the salve numbing it and healing. Some work on getting the arrow and spike from his legs, others work on his face and neck. All of them together get him wrapped up and started to healing. Though one comes over to ask what exactly happened before mentioning. "He has been saying Gregoire. Don't tell Gregoire." The healer having no idea what that means. They say he is stable and will be able to be moved in a week since his body is already healing with the power of his scion.

Ailene comes to her feet , a bit shakily. She doesn't fight when Thibault pulls her into and embrace and kisses the top of her head. She welcomes the embrace and returns it. Only for a moment, though. Then she she pushing him back and looking him over. "Are you hurt anywhere?" she asks him, concerned and, once more, over protective. She has to make sure he hasn't been injured. Once satisfied with her perusal, she looks over at Fenris being tended. "I hope he will be alright, here." she says to him. "I am sure they can heal him, right?" She bites her lip, plainly worried about him. She then looks a bit confused. "Who is Gregoire?" she asks, oblivious to who this person mentioned is. She frowns then shakes her head. "I don't know him, so don't worry." She smiles reassuringly at Fenris. She then lets the healers do what they need to do. She looks around for a moment, as though looking for someone. "My sister is here." she murmurs softly.

Thibault watches as the healers gathered around Fenris removes the spike and then arrow from his leg and starts working to mend and clean the wounds, applying salves to lessen the pain for when he wakes up again and wraps his body. He looks at Ailene slightly confused when she pushes him away, but his lips quickly curls up into a soft smile as she starts inquiring about him being injured. He reaches up a hand to caress her cheek. "I'm fine, don't worry about me." Then a slightly worried look. "You weren't hurt in any way, were you?" He asks her even though he is quite certain that she is not and would have let it be known if she had been. "He'll be fine, he's getting the best treatment available in all of Terre d'Ange and even if he wasn't, I have a feeling that it would take even more than this to snuff the light out of him." He says then as she asks about Fenris. Then the healer approaches them and tells them that Fenris is stable and will be fine. The small sigh of relief that escapes him makes it obvious that despite his words to reassure Ailene only a moment ago, he wasn't sure if Fenris would be alright. The news that he is is a relief indeed, and his whole posture visibly relaxed a bit more. "I don't know this Gregoire, but thank you for telling us. And thank you for taking care of him." He looks back to Ailene as she mentions her sister. "Do you think that she is here now? Do you want to go and see her?"

The healer nods his head and returns to Fenris. Three healers take the lead in watching him and a female comes up to the couple and bows her head. "I…shouldn't speak in theories but…" She glances over to Fenris then back to the couple. "The way he said… Gregoire. It was worry and pain that this man would find out. It did not seem internal. I have a feeling that you should find this Gregoire and bring him here." She bows her head and returns to Fen's side. Fenris opens his eyes and now that his neck is wrapped properly, the growling happens. He pushes at healers and narrows his eyes. One stands up and comes back with a spoon of something. She shoves it in Fen's mouth and he pushes her hand away. The fighting gets softer and softer until he goes limp on the cot. They all sigh.

Ailene grins weakly at Thibault. "I'm fine, love." she tells him. "Except for a pair of torn stockings and some bark-scraped legs and knees." She lightly punches him on the arm. "Making me climb a tree." she teases him. She isn't mad, though. She then shakes her head. "No." she tells him. "She probably busy with her lessons and I should not disturb her so suddenly and in this state." she answers him about visiting her twin. "She would only worry." She then hears about Fenris' condition and, once more, breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank the Companions!" she murmurs. "I am so glad that he will be alright!" When the one healer comes up and actually tells them to find this Gregoire and bring him here, she looks surprised, but nods. "Alright." she says. "I shall do my best." She looks to Thibault. "Gregroire…." she says. "Do you know this man, Thibby?"

<FS3> Thibault rolls Politics: Great Success. (7 1 8 6 8 5 8)

"Any chance I get to look up your skirt.." he says in jest and gives her a wink, before merely nodding as she tells him she doesn't want to check up on her sister and the reason why. When the woman comes up to them and shares her thoughts about what Fenris had said and mentions the name 'Gregoir' again, Thibault's eyes goes to the ceiling for a moment as he seems to remember something. He gives the woman a small nod before she turns to return to the side of Fenris. Then he looks to Ailene with a mildly tired and annoyed expression when she calls him 'Thibby'. In public. He's too exhausted to get into /that/ right now, and so he simply dismisses it with a shake of his head. After having subtly checked if anyone else overheard her calling him that, naturally. He moves to help with Fen as the man wakes up and starts pushing the healers aside, but it quickly becomes obvious that they have the situation under control, so he leaves them to ply their craft. He returns the few steps he had taken and looks to the young Trevalion lady again. "Actually, I do know a Gregoire. Or rather, I know of him, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the man in person." Two fingers come up to rub either side of the bridge of his nose as he tries to remember the man's full name. "Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol. Baron de…..Monteaux." He then says in a low voice, as if repeating the name learned in a lesson and read off a list, as much to himself as to her. "Maybe we /should/ go and see this man, granted that he is in Marsilikos. At least we can ask him about his relationship with Fenris and then decide if we should tell him about what happened today and about Fenris' condition." He gives a small wave of his hand then. "Let's talk about it when we get home. There is nothing more we can do for Fenris right now other than let the healers do what they do and let him rest. We'll come check up on him in a few days once the worst should be over with and he's back to full consciousness." He offers Ailene his arm and shortly walks over to Helisson, who has decided to stay and be grumpy and fussy at seemingly everything the healers are currently doing to Fenris, to tell her they're leaving and offer his respect to her once again. Once this has been done, he will exit the temple with Ailene, heading towards the noble district to figure out if they're gonna seek out Baron Gregoir.

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