(1310-10-23) The Debut of Odette nó Lis d'Or
Summary: The fête and auction of Odette's debut.
RL Date: Tue Oct 23, 2018
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Ballroom — Salon de Lis d’Or

The Lis d'Or Ballroom shows off elegant grandeur through golden ornaments on the walls, and it has a ceiling painted with an elaborate fresco of Cereus canon, a frail looking version of Naamah ensnaring the interest of King Persis with her charms of transient beauty. There are three crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, and together with additional oil lamps set at the walls at regular intervals they will offer sufficient lighting. Heavy brocade drapes at the windows in deep lapis lazuli blue offer contrast to the polished inlay work of the parquet wood floor, combining light maple wood with dark patterns of mahogany.

About the dancefloor, a number of tables have been arranged to offer seating accomodation, and the opportunity to enjoy refreshments. The chairs and tables are of dark mahogany wood, upholstery and cushions of finest deep blue satin with gold lining. Each table presents one aspect of Lis d'Or canon, as there are four of them, one each for Cereus, Dahlia, Camellia and Eglantine.

This fall night is cool and misting with rain. Inside the Night Court, the ballroom of Le Lis d'Or been draped with silks hanging to the ground to bring a soft ambiance to the room as they flutter softly in the breeze from the open windows. Candles illuminate and warm the ballroom. They are all around, sitting on most surfaces emitting the delicate fresh scent of lemongrass. The refreshments are being carried around on platters of gold. Little hors d'oeuvres are being carried on dark mahogany cutting boards. The finest cheeses and meats laid out for the guests to enjoy at their desire. In the ballroom, most notably is a grand piano of the finest craftsmanship. It's deep mahogany wood grain is polished and the keys are almost shining in their excellence.

The young novice who is debuting is standing in front of the piano with her hands clasped in front of her. She is almost glowing from within as her skin on display has been rubbed with iridescent soft shimmer. Her lips have been painted a soft peach and her eyes lined to make them appear more catlike. A fierce wing. Her long hair has been pulled back out of her face with an intricate pattern of braids around her crown but the rest of her hair falls in soft waves around her body. She is wearing a lavender dress made of chiffon and lace. The lace of lavender is a little less bright lavender. The top of her dress is crossed over her chest with the chiffon and the lace covers her chest and follows the chiffon up to her shoulders. Her dress is pulled in around her waist with a lavender chiffon belt. The skirt of her dress is a mostly patterned transparent lace with some gatherings of chiffon. The skirt falls to the ground in a delicate pool (https://tinyurl.com/yaxs4e5u).

Emeraude gracefully makes her way into the Salon upon Colombe's arm and offers a warm, bright smile to Odette as she comes in and says, "I am quite excited to hear what you shall play for us this evening Odette. You know I adore your music playing so much after all." After the words are spoken she makes her way to take a seat upon one of the larger couch, claiming the middle seat that is nearby the piano, best seat of the house in her opinion.

As promised, Hugon arrives to the Salon to attend the debut of Odette, nodding to those that greet them to take his damp coat. Following the others that arrive as well, the tall man moves with a grace born of his ears as a Courtesan of a different Salon, though his dress tonight is that of a noble. When Odette is spied, he offers the novice a respectful dip of his head and a smile before seeking a seat for himself after taking up a glass of whatever is being served.

Colombe seems to be delighted to have Emeraude on his arm, and watches the proceedings with an unflappably confident smile. Once Emeraude (finally) chooses a seat, he's there with her, speaking softly into her ear and waiting for the event to begin.

Sweeping through the entrance to the ballroom of Lis d'Or with a subtle spring to his step comes Elliot. The Rocialle lord is dressed in a formal tunic of emerald green with vines and leaves embroidered onto it in silver thread. That tunic has been paired with black breeches and boots and a single piece of jewelry, a silver bracelet in the shape of a snake with diamond eyes winds about his left forearm. His golden hair is easy to spot in the candle light as he wanders in, moving to greet Odette. His eyes light up when he sees the piano and he looks to the soon to be adept with a warm smile. "You played the violin beautifully at the closing feast of the tournament, I can only imagine what a delightful performance you will give us tonight. I'm very much looking forward to it." With a final smile and a dip of his head he moves away going to find himself a seat and a drink, his gaze wandering over to the other guests curiously now.

Narcisse is entering the salon without a company on his arm for once it seems and his coat of blue linen is quite soaked as well, so he offers it with a little smirk lifting up his lips to one of the servants to hang for drying, before his eyes scan the room for the debuting adept. Spotting her, he approaches her with a warm smile softening his features "What a lovely dress you are wearing today." he offers politely as ever, before seeking a place to seat himself close to the action.

Greeting those who enter the ballroom is Philomène nó Lis d'Or, a beautiful blonde woman of a certain air who happens to be the Dowayne or head courtesan of the salon. Attired in a fine dress of subdued elegance but also a hint of the typical Lis d'Or glitter of gem stones catching the light of oil lamps and candles, Philomène greets those she knows by name. Most prominently, Hugon de Baphinol, former member of the Night Court himself, whose half-sister happened to be a courtesan at Lis d'Or till some months ago. "My lord, what a pleasure to see you," the Dowayne smiles as she dips into a curtsey of greeting, ready to continue on her round about the ballroom.

Emeraude giggles softly at the whispered words and blushes at him before she whisper back to Colombe. Soon her eyes are back upon the room and a bright smile is offered to Narcisse and she gestures for him to join her and Colombe upon the couch.

On his own, resplendent in the colors of Delaunay, the black, purple and silver, the Vicomte de Rognac arrives. A smile is offered to the Dowayne, a light kiss to the hand offered, before he elects to admire the debutante from afar, where she stands so picturesquely before the piano. Belmont Eresse Delaunay likes what he sees, as the smile on his handsome features suggests, and he will offer Odette a bow from where he stands, content to leave her to the greetings of others, before he will introduce himself properly to her.

"Philomene. It is a pleasure to see you again as well." Should the head courtesan allow, a kiss to her cheek is offered before she slips away to greet the other arriving guests. Standing to the side, Hugon takes in the growing crowd, for once on the other side of a debut, an odd place to be! The glass is raised to his lips, the wine sipped quietly.

Odette courtsies to all that speak to her. First it's Emeraude, "Thank you, my lady. It is my pleasure to play for all of you. Hopefully you will quite enjoy it." Her voice is calm. Her eyes turn to Hugon and she smiles warmly at him. Colombe gets a bow of her head. Elliot gets a courtsy and nods. "Thank you, my lord. I do hope you enjoy it." Her eyes move to Narcisse and she grins warmly at him while she courtsies to him as well. "Thank you, my lord." She turns her eyes to Belmont and she courtsies low and slowly for him with a head bow. She stands and keeps her hands together waiting for all to take their seats. Her hand lifts up and touches the top of the piano delicately waiting.

"Hugon." For a moment Philomène settles in beside the same, tilting her head a little to regard him. "Is it not different to visit our wonderful Night Court as someone to be entertained rather than be one of those entertaining? I wonder. Have you heard any word of our Juliette? She seemed quite happy when she sailed off with the lady Atreis. A lengthy sea voyage. One must hope that she does not return a sailor, our fine little pearl…" Her gaze flits to Odette, and Philomène smiles. "Tonight though, Juliette shall not be our concern, but Odette here, our delight. I am glad to see you have come. May you enjoy yourself."

His mood have been dampened a little before, when he entered alone for obvious reasons, but Narcisse quickly abandons these thoughts, as he waves himself over another servant who serves the drinks and takes himself a glass of fine red wine. And then he spots Emeraude and her company and his mood seems to lighten up even more, as he moves from his current seat to the one offered to him by her. Taking a pause, before he sits, he says "I am glad you could make it, Emeraude." And then his glance turns towards Colombe, curiosity sparkling in those eyes "And a pleasure to meet you, m'lord." And then he switches back towards Emeraude, as if expecting introductions.

Colombe says to Narcisse, "Colombe d'Eresse, my lord Narcisse. I've heard much about you. It's good to make your acquaintance. And at such a wonderful event." He looks to Odette and flashes her a smile that's total confidence, perhaps hoping to reassure the woman even though he's not met her before.

Belmont catches that curtsey, and his grey-blue eyes regard her, holding her gaze as he inclines his head in a nod to Odette. Seeing her posture by the piano, her eagerness, he then takes a look around. An adept provides a glass of wine, and with it in hand, the young lord finds himself a seat, coincidentally beside Narcisse, whom he acknowledges with a friendly smile. "Good evening, my lord." They may have met before. Or not. Marsilikos with all its festivities would have offered certainly many an occasion.

There is a moment of amusement to flash across Hugon's face as he glances towards Philomene at his side, "It is very different. Not something I ever thought I would experience." But life happens. When asked about his half-sister, he shakes his head, "I have yet to hear from her. Knowing her, she hasn't given thought to writing anyone just yet, too much enjoying the voyage." Following her gaze to the stage, and the novice about to turn adept, he smiles again, "I look forwards to doing just that." Enjoying himself.

Emeraude offers a warm smile to Narcisse as he joins her upon the couch as she says, "I am glad you made it as well Narcisse, be allow me to introduce you to one of my dear friends, Lord Colombe d'Eresse." Her attention then looking to Colombe as she says, "And also me to introduce you to Lord Narcisse Trevalion." She then looks at the couch that is now with herself and Narcisse in the middle with Belmont and Colombe upon the ends, a giggle escaping her lips as she happily muses, "Seems like this is the cuddle couch. Given how close we all must sit."

Odette sees the smile by Colombe and she lifts her chin with a warm grin. She glances around at her audience and then over to her Dowayne. Her hand flat against her stomach before she turns and moves around the piano bench. She takes a delicate seat, tucking her dress under her and she puts her hands in her lap. Her bright blue eyes turn to the crowd and she keeps that beautiful warm grin over her lips. Her eyes look to Belmont and then Narcisse before she turns her eyes back to her Dowayne.

To Colombe Belmont smiles. "Ah, cousin Colombe, what a pleasure." Belmont glances from Colombe to Narcisse, and offers his own introduction. "Belmont Eresse Delaunay." With that seen to, he turns his attention towards the debutant and the piano. "Lis d'Or has very high standards. I believe the entertainment offered here is the finest in all of Marsilikos." He offers Emeraude a smile, murmuring "I'm enchanted."

Elliot settles into a seat near the front, a glass of red wine in his hand. He sips slowly from the glass, tasting the wine as his eyes wander the room and take in those mingling throughout it. He seems content to observe for now, not making any moves to approch others but also not seeming opposed to company either.

A proper nod is given towards Colombe by the young Trevalion Lord and Narcisse offers with a smile "Well, a good friend of Lady Emeraude should be a good friend of mine as well, I guess, Lord Colombe." And with that he lifts his glass in a celebrating kind of way, before taking a sip. Then his attention falls towards Belmont and he smirks a little "Glad to meet you as well, Lord Belmont." At Emeraude's comment he chuckles a little "Well with so many nobles around at least I think we will get a proper bidding. At least I am going to."

As everyone is getting settled, Philomène straightens to glance around, until her intelligent eyes meet those of Odette. There, the faintest dip of her head, that smile upon her beautiful features brightening in encouragement, as she addresses those that have come on this particular evening, "My lords, my ladies… You have come to the right place, tonight, as our finest Odette is about to delight us with her art. It is a particular pleasure for me to announce that, after she has played on the piano, you may send discreet bids to me. Attendants with pen and parchment are making the rounds, so you can place your bids throughout the evening. You should know. The Lis d'Or are costly, and you will have to spend quite a bit of ducats, but such is always the case — if you won't settle for anything but the best, the most talented, and the most refined. Pray, enjoy yourself. And the great talent that is Odette nó Lis d'Or…"

<FS3> Odette rolls Piano: Good Success. (3 3 6 2 2 5 2 8 7 5 5 5)

The novice bows her head to her Dowayne and when she is introduced, she stands and courtsies to all in the audience. "Playing this for you is my pleasure." Her voice is gentle and smooth. She turns, tucks her dress again and takes a seat. She lifts her hands up and places them on the keys. She takes a deep breath and then she starts to play. Her eyes close slowly as she gets her rhythm and starts to get into the song. The song is powerful and uplifting. Her fingers playing over those keys as if she were born to play for all of them in this moment.

Hugon doesn't take a seat, but stands near the wall as Philomene steps aside to speak to those gathered. His gaze will remain on Odette as she takes to the piano, watching as graceful hands rise to the keys of ivory and ebony, those first few notes to come with a deep inhale by the Vicomte. The room fades away for certain as the song gains momentum and rhythm.

Emeraude offers a warm smile to Belmont as she says, "A pleasure to meet you as well. I am Emeraude de Delaunay, Baronesse de Velaux." Her own glass of wine is lifted in celebration before she sips upon it and she says, "I am sure the bidding will go quite lovely." And something whispered makes her blush and giggle.

Belmont nods to Narcisse, even if that smirk earns him a lift of a brow. "A Trevalion, so far from Azzalle. I am certain that you find the climate here much more agreeable than the chilly weather you must have so far up north…" His attention shifts to Emeraude, "Ah, yes." His smile deepens. Another Delaunay. Delightful - especially since he is married to one. But then the young Vicomte falls silent, when Odette is introduced and finally begins. Belmont watches her and listens, and like so many Eisandines he finds himself to be quite affected by her skill, the arts a soft spot that comes with the blood of Eisheth flowing in one's veins.

Colombe falls silent as Odette plays, and seems torn between watching her play and closing his eyes to solely listen - so his open and then close at times in the piece. And he's smiling, clearly enjoying the piece.

The beautiful novice continues to let her fingers dance over the keys like they are in their own performance. As the song starts to build to a climax she bites her bottom lip. Her fingers moving more quickly for only a moment before they slowly still. Calming notes ring out around the ballroom before the piece is finally over and she bows her head, breathing deeply.

Narcisse quirks an eyebrow at Belmont, though the pride so famously known for his family heritage doesn't leave his expression, as he simply offers a nod "Well, it takes some time to accommodate indeed, but then I might call Eisande my new home soon enough anyway, if things turn out right…" with that he glances towards Emeraude and sends her a warm smile, which is though maybe mixed a bit by confusion at her blush and what might have caused it. Though then the performance starts and even though he might not be quite as affected as some other by it, he knows to be proper and fall silent and enjoy the performance.

Lost in the music is Hugon, the twist and turn of notes played, the rising of emotions that are soon tied to the piece played. As the last notes ring out, left to fill the air until they fade, he pushes himself off the wall, downing the last of her wine and passes the now empty glass to one of the nearby novices so that his hands are free to give applause.

Through the applause rising in the ballroom, Philomène glances at Odette, and her posture straightens in pride at the performance of her novice. Other Lis d'Ors begin to make their rounds, some carrying trays with writing utensils while others will see the refills of half-emptied glasses.

"Bravo!" Belmont applauds, and in spotting one of those Golden Lilies, waves one over. Writing a number upon a note, along with his name, before he folds it and hands it to the adept with a pointed glance towards Philomène.

Colombe applauds when the piece ends, cheering, "Brava!" He speaks quietly to Emeraude as he applauds.

<FS3> Odette rolls Violin: Great Success. (2 8 7 6 2 8 7 1)

Odette stands up and moves away from the piano. She courtsies again to the audience as another novice takes over the piano and she moves to the side and picks up a delicate violin. She moves over to the piano and glances to the novice. She starts to listen to them play and lifts the violin up as she prepares. It doesn't take too long before she moves in with her stronger notes. Her violin playing is just as beautiful as her piano playing but his piece… she is showing off. How fast she is playing and yet it's still beautiful.

Colombe watches as the woman begins to play the violin, an instrument he clearly understands well. He watches with interest, nodding in amazement as she does in fact show off. And the smile that spreads across his expression is one of appreciation. After all, showing off is a skill all unto itself, and worthy of appreciation.

Somewhere in a corner, a young lord waves a Lis d'Or over, placing a bid. His face remains in the shadows, his identity a mystery. But he looks towards Odette, obviously quite taken with her.

Hugon will turn to one of the novices with quill and parchment, soon to scribble down a note, seal it, and hand it off to be turned over to Philomene. With that done, he takes another glass of wine and prepares for the next bit of musical delight. From piano to violin now, the piece played to draw a look of amazement from the Vicomte. Her quickness, the way her fingers fly over the strings, to leave him shaking his head in awe.

Colombe motions for a Lis d'Or to come over and places a bid, himself, then comments quietly to Emeraude with a smile.

Narcisse takes another sip of the wine in front of him, though when Odette starts to play the violin, the show off performance makes him nearly drop his jaw in amazement. And as if expected reaction, he waves over one of the Lis D'Or and takes one quill and parchment to go with it before scribbling down his first offer and passing it on to be delivered the Dowayne's way and then goes back to enjoying the display once again.

First bids are already rolling in, and Philomene studies the first of them. The smile that blossoms on her features may be caused by the numbers she sees, or more probably by the beautiful violin piece Odette plays.

Belmont glances to the Dowayne, perhaps trying to gauge anything about the bidding. His fingers tap against his chin, in rhythm with the virtuoso performance of Odette. And yes, it will be her he then admires from where he is seated, applauding with enthusiasm when she finishes. "Unbelievable…"

Odette lets her fingers fly over the strings while her bow brings the sounds to life. Though as she finishes she takes a few deep breaths as if the song took the wind out of her. She brings the violin to her chest and bows to the applause. She places her violin down in it's case while the piano picks up again. She moves off the stage as she needs something to drink.

"The highest current bid," Philomène nó Lis d'Or informs with her pleasant alto voice, "is at 9,000 ducats, my lords and ladies. And this is only the first round." Her hand lifts and she indicates Odette as the young debutante leaves the stage, "So much beauty, so much talent, so much grace…"

Like the rest, Hugon is amazed by the violin piece that Odette plays, his bid soon given over to Philomene. As the music comes to an end, and the current high bid is announced, he waves over another novice, a second bid to be soon sent towards Philomene. Guess it wasn't his bid that was high!

Belmont looks up at the announcement, with slightly furrowed brows. Another note is written quickly, and then handed to a Lis d'Or adept. And leaning back in his seat, the young Vicomte watches how the adept carries his next bid over to the Dowayne to be reviewed.

The handsome lord in the shadows sighs, and then sits down to pen a next note for the Dowayne. The way he shoves that note into the adept's hands might look a little gruff, but there it is. Even so, the d'Angeline prefers to remain a mystery, not seeking the light close to the stage.

Colombe writes a bid on the paper and sends it Philomene's way!

Narcisse quirks an eyebrow as well, as he hears the highest bid being called out "Interesting…" he murmurs more to himself than anyone closeby, who still might overhear it though, as he waves over a Lis d'Or once again and writes another note with a higher bid this time. Guess he'll have to pay a bit more then.

Odette seems to be thirsty, and so Philomène uses the opportunity to offer her a glass of sparkling white wine herself. "There you go," the Dowayne smiles, "maybe you want to have a look at those bids as well…?" And with a fine smile, the woman in elegant attire flicks some of the notes over to Odette for reviewing. "This one here… this is highest, my dear. Would you make the announcement?"

Ortolette might be past fashionably late to the event, but considering that there is a good chance that nobody ever expected her to attend in the first place, it hardly matters. Having been carried to the court in a litter, she's walked the rest of the way on the arm of her Cassiline— Girard is, for once, not on duty moving her chair, but instead acts by way of something to lean on when the young invalid tires of taking her small, even steps. She's dressed up in a long gown of ice blue with a slight train and ornaments of diamond gleaming in the complex braids of her hair, and once she has attained the room she looks in upon the bidders with a big, toothy smile, looking excited to witness a debut firsthand.

Odette walks over to her Dowayne and takes the glass from her. She sips from it and nods slowly. She stares at the highest bid and bites her bottom lip. She touches her chest with her other hand and drinks some down. "The current highest bid is 15,400 ducats, my lords and ladies. This is the completion of the second round." She speaks softly and bows her head to the crowd. She grins warmly to them all.

"Kushiel's balls…" curses the lord in the shadowy corner. It seems, his limit has been reached and surpassed already, as he looks towards Odette with a faint shrug of resignation. "Well… I tried." No further notes will be written though. Instead, he gestures for a glass of wine. And after that, a refill.

Belmont just rolls his eyes, and then he shakes his head. Rising from his seat, he elects to walk over to Philomène and her charming debutante. "I am sorry," he says with an apologetic smile, reaching for Odette's hand to lift it to his lips for a gallant kiss. "But I fear, you shall delight in someone else tonight, Odette nó Lis d'Or." Then it is Philomène he wishes to treat to the same gallantry. "The feast is impressive, Mademoiselle." Said, as he withdraws to somewhere to the side. He is curious as to who will win the debut though.

"Oh well… I can't spend more than that without ruining my finances I guess.." Narcisse mutters under his breath, clearly showing some disappointment, as he gulps down some more of the wine before motioning to it be refilled and he indeed doesn't want to bid any further, restraining himself to watch the other nobility for now, as they probably continue their bidding war with bottomless pouches.

Again, there is a look that crosses Hugon's face before he will make a third notation upon a card to be brought over to Philomene. Dare he look amused in some way by Odette's reaction to the bids, and her own announcement of the highest in the second round bids.

Odette watches Belmont come towards them and she grins warmly. The kiss to the top of her hand gets a beautiful smile for the man. "It has been my pleasure to play for you." She bows her head to the man before he moves away and she brings her hands over her stomach and waits quietly looking to her Dowayne carefully as if the woman has all the answers.

Ortolette listens out for the top bid, eyes skirting about the place to make a quick catalogue of those who are still bidding and those who are throwing up their hands at the extravagance of the cost. "Girard, let us pass by the debutante," she asks of her Cassiline, who gladly guides the petite blonde about the side of the room and to where Odette stands by the piano, awaiting the conclusion of Belmont's heartfelt apologia and then stepping forward, herself, patting Girard's arm and stepping closer to the debutante, instead. "How beautiful a little songbird," she keeps her voice soft, a hair above a whisper in greeting the fledgeling adept. Once greetings are completed, she nods to Girard, who comes to guide her to a place where she may sit, and after a moment's consultation he brings her something on which to write a bid of her own, hand trembling just a little bit with excitement.

The approach of Ortolette Mereliot is noted, and the leader of the salon dips into a deep curtsey. "My Lady Ortolette Mereliot. We are so honored that you would come and visit us at this particular occasion. A pity that you missed the musical performances…", Philomène declares with a hint if regret in her tone. Knowing Ortolette's weakness fot the arts… She seems to be pleased though, when the daughter of the Duchesse sits down to place a bid as well. While another note will be delivered to the Dowayne, she will hold folded in her hand, before Ortolette's bid is handed over. Both bids will be carefully unfolded and considered. She will show them to Odette as well. "The highest bid currently would be at 17,000 ducats.", Philomène announces then and lets her gaze sweep over those gathered in the ballroom of the Salon de Lis d'Or. "Any more bids?", she asks into the silence. But it is with a sparkle in her gaze, that she looks once again to Ortolette Mereliot, as if in gratitude for her gesture.

Odette watches with a warm smile as Ortolette comes up to her. She bows her head to the woman and lifts her eyes with a smile over her lips. She crosses her hands over herself and glances around the room at all those bidding. She bites her bottom lip and touches her hand to her chest over her heart. Her eyes widen at the bid that's announced and she downs the rest of her sparkling wine.

"17,000 ducats," Belmont murmurs, his eyes widening. But at the glance of the Dowayne he shakes his head.

Hugon remains quiet, though watches as the late comer approaches to greet Odette and the Head Courtesan. When the highest bid is spoken, he finishes off the most recent glass of wine, setting it aside, his gaze going to the others who were bidding to see where things may go. Surely the duchess' daughter might take another, even coming in late as she did?

Ortolette dips into a curtsey of her own to repay that honor shown her by the Dowayne of the house. "Alas," she whisper-sighs, smiling kindly and warmheartedly to Philomene's woes. But she is having too fun a time to mourn overmuch having been too slow for the musical performances, even if that was perhaps her principal interest in appearing. The rest is good fun, too, and she even got to put in a bid— only to be outdone! Her eyes widen and she glances to one side of the room and then the other, as though to pin-point the source of the other bid. Whether she is able or no, she nonetheless has Girard bring her another slip of paper upon which she long considers before setting ink.

The note from Ortolette is delivered to the Dowayne. Unfolding it, she smiles as her gaze falls upon the written note. Gesturing for Odette to take a peek at the piece of parchment, Philomène asks, "Any more bids?"

Odette glances down to the paper and she reads what's there. Her brows lift and she raises her eyes to Ortolette and bows her head to the woman in gratitude. The woman lifts her chin and glances around at the group of those there, waiting for another bid or completion.

"No more?"

A last glance is cast about the guests of the salon, and Philomène then declares, "And thus ends the bidding for our lovely debutante, Odette nó Lis d'Or. The winner will be notified discreetly when Odette is ready to receive them in a chamber that has been already prepared."

Hugon looks about, shaking his head when other bids are called for. A bow of his head is given to both Odette and Philomene, along with Ortolette. Relaxed is the Vicomte who turns about to fetch himself a snack, talking with a novice who stands with tray in hand.

Odette bows to the group. "It's been my honor playing for all of you tonight." She speaks softly. "May I play for all of you again." She turns and courtsies to her Dowayne. She stands up and glances around before moving to her violin and collecting it. She moves towards the door quietly, her dress billowing behind her.

Ortolette claps her gloved hands together silently when Odette looks in her direction, sporting a big, mischievous grin that turns to a look of general contentment as she watches the novice… now adept… disappear. She clutches both hands over her heart and gives a happy little sigh.

Narcisse smiles a little once again, as the bidding has seemingly finished and so he does empty his glass of wine, as there is nothing else for him to do and rises to his feet before elegantly making his way towards the exit all by himself.

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