(1310-10-23) An Awkward Moment
Summary: Two young nobles meet in the Courtly Couture and exchange a few words.
RL Date: 2018-10-23
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**Courtly Couture - Market Promenade **

Under Isabelle de Valais' ownership, what was once a humble tailor's storefront has been transformed into a temple of high fashion; wooden foundations and walls have been removed and replaced by whitewashed stone. While the tall windows of the original construct have been kept and added upon, the final effects are spectacular - the interior has been inlaid with white marble embellished now and then with veins of different shades of blue, with sturdy stone pillars and beams to support the second floor and all chiseled with geometric designs at the top and bottom. The massive space has been segregated in different sections by the careful layout of tasteful furniture and rugs - all in either black or neutral shades so as not to detract from the myriad of colors on display.

And there is plenty of color - all the basic hues and the hundreds of shades in between; if it exists, Isabelle has managed to find it. Catching the eye upon entering are five beautiful gowns and three ensembles - jackets, trousers and boots for men fitted upon tailor dummies and placed in different sides of the room, each demonstrating different cuts, styles and embroidered patterns, fresh twists incorporated in D'Angeline classics; from plunging necklines, to the square and classic, these are creations that have been made for the elite abroad and the further one goes inside the store, the more variations can be found to reflect the genius fashion designer's travels abroad - silk robes inspired by Eastern fashions, veils and scarves inspired by Akkadian dancers, loose, comfortable drapery and airy confections that call on images from distant Hellas, Courtly Couture isn't just a store, but an actual art gallery of the owner's work.

Further along the main hall are display racks for the actual merchandise for both men and women; tasteful white drawers and glass cases keep dust from the stock, and all filled with beautiful things. Books that showcase fabric swatches, ribbons, leather and lace, catalogued by shade, type and region are displayed on mounted shelves, framing racks full of shirts, skirts, breeches and dresses. Another section is dedicated to an expansive lingerie collection ranging from the demure to the absolutely risque - lace, satin, silk, Menekhetan cotton and leather are all present here. There are two private viewing rooms here, one as pristine white as the rest of the first floor, while the other is painted entirely black. Both are situated with large mirrors and plush seating.

There is plenty of help. Visible staff are all dressed in crisp, black-and-white uniforms and managed by the former owner and her apprentice. At the back is a winding flight of stairs leading to the second floor, where Isabelle's private office and consultation room is located.

The day is not very welcoming to walk outside. The rain is pouring from the sky and it's dark even if the midday just started. So, many people spend their time inside at home or at work. Though, a young lady is standing in front of a mannequin who presents a warm long cloak. It seems she did not mind a bad weather to go and do some shopping. She gently touches the soft fabric and furs which decorate the collar. "This one is very beautiful. But I do not like black. Would I be able to get this in a more brighter color?" she asks of an older woman who is working here. That woman nods and provides a long explanation of possibilities. However, lady Inesse is barely hearing what is being told to her since her eyes simply focus on the cloth in front of her and she sighs a bit dreamily. From the sleeveless bodice to the floor-length hemline, a subtle floral print embellishes her long illusion gown giving a luxurious feeling to it. Also, sheer inset on the high-neck bodice creates a chic and sultry illusion detail on this pastel attire. Alluring v-shaped side cut outs adorn the floral-print dress and feature illusion mesh for additional support. Banded at the natural waistline, the a-line skirt flares beautifully with front glimmering pleats for added fullness.

Arriving at the Courtly Couture in the Promenade, the rain touching his cheeks and damping his hair down around his face, Yves Valliers is looking a bit soaked through. His heavy woolen coat hanging loosely around him and lifted up at the hip where it displays the length of his customary and predictable sword. After spending a long moment looking over the room, he slowly starts to migrate the length of the room, staring at the various cuts and textures with a sort of aimless confusion. This was clearly a young man unaccustomed to the wealth of variety shown here, and perhaps some member of the otherwise busy staff has decided to divert the youngest nobles to the elderly woman now helping Inesse.

“Excuse me?” he speaks to the elderly woman.

“Yes dear, of course, one moment, I’m helping the lady here first,” she intones in that wise way of one who has worked with enough young nobles to handle them without breaking a sweat.

Hearing that he’ll have to wait, he nods his head in a polite way and then blushing a bit, nods at Inesse. “Yves Valliers,” he introduces himself.

The young lady lowers her gaze down when a man approaches them. She peeks at him and takes a step back. Her hands are immediately raised to wave off staff’s refusal to offer help to the lord. “That is all, all for me. As long as you can make furs white and the fabric rosy - I will be pleased. You can take an order from…” She glances at the man one more time and curtsies. “I am lady Inesse de Baphinol. A pleasure to meet you.” Then she looks back at the maid and assures her. “You can assist lord Yves Valliers now.”

Inesse lingers there for a moment as if curious of what a young lord might desire but her eyes then grow in a slight panic. This is not proper to listen of the conversations of others! So, she backs away and finds a dark grey gown quite interesting. Her fingers run over the laces and she brings a piece of the fabric to her arm as if to see how it matches the shade of her fair skin. “Oooh…” she sighs.

Perhaps assuming the best from the woman, Yves had not assumed for a moment that the elderly seamstress had meant some sort of offense, nor that she had been ignoring him. Just that she’d explained a simple fact he’d overlooked in his zeal to finish this task as quickly and efficiently as possible. When he hears the young woman’s introduction, he bows slightly again, blushing and awkward, his eyes looking for somewhere to go while he waits for the woman to be ready for him.

When the elderly woman with the curly hair turns her attention to the young Lord, she speaks quickly and to the point, in a manner that Inesse notices is obviously different from the tone she’d taken with her. “Now, what can I do for you, Lord Valliers?” she asks with a slight inclination of the chin, sizing the young man up down the length of her nose. As if certain that young lords and young ladies have different approaches which work best for them. The young lord seems to find the alacrity of the woman’s approach something to approve.

“I recently umm. . arrived in Marsilikos,” he begins a bit nervously, but picks up pace a little as he finds his footing and figures out what he needs to say, “And I’m recently informed that I am invited to some event with the Somerville-Basilisque Wedding— I’m told I need something in um..” he has to think about it, “White and black?”

Perhaps he hopes that the woman has some memory of the event’s requirements, from having served others.

A curious little bird can not miss the chirping of others and Inesse’s back straightens up. Her head turns toward the direction of a pair and she bites her bottom lip to stop any unnecessary interruptions leaving her throat. Unfortunately, she is not very patient and she is far from knowing how to hide her excitement.

“Basilisque? They come from the lands of mountains, aren’t they? Am I wrong to say that lord Eneas d'Aiglemort comes from there as well? I am also a recent arrival to Marsilikos and I have met lo-…” She pauses. The warm blush creeps up her cheeks and lady Inesse turns away. “I apologize…” She blurbs.

The girl takes a few steps aside to raise a light white scarf from the shelf. She turns it to one side and the other observing the ornaments embroidered on it. “My mama would look great with this one.” She sets it back on the shelf and then tiptoes to reach for the dark green gloves. “But mama would like these even more…” The girl keeps talking to herself quietly.

The awkward teenage boy turns his head at the sound of a voice coming from what seems to be the midst of some of the fabric assortments. Spotting Inesse after a moment, he blushes a bit and tries his best to put on a smile, “Basilisque? Yes, as do the d’Aiglemorts and my family, the Valliers,” he answers but has to add, “But I do not know an Eneas, so I cannot say for certain whether he was um,” he pauses, “Born there or elsewhere.”

He doesn’t have anything to say about the girl and her mother, but instead turns most of his focus back to the seamstress who’d begun to help him.

“Yes dear, white and black,” the woman confirms for him and sets to measuring him and then leading him a few steps over to look at pre-made garments so that he can see if there is a style that jumps out at him. “Do you like any of these? We might have something close to your size with some adjustments.”

“Yes, that one, I guess, it’s sort of like my jacket now,” he points out, indicating a white jacket pretty much identical to his with ivory buttons.

Inesse slides her own hand inside the green glove and turns her hand around to see how the fabric tightly fits to her forms. “Hmmm…” She ponders for a few moments and then carefully removes the glove. That is when her gaze raises up and she peeks at the boy one more time over the pile of various clothes on the display. She studies his movement, his blush, and her eyebrows flinch every time he speaks out. She parts her lips a few times, but no words leave her throat.

After a few more moments of an open stalking, Bathinol lady speaks up again. “Excuse me, but I… I would suggest that vest for the wedding.” She points at the vest made from brown on black. "A buttoned panel hides the busk of a vest and ensures that it will look great with a white shirt. Though, you would need to change brown ornaments to the white ones." Inesse explains and quickly buries her head down behind the shelves. But her voice still can be heard. “I… I know lord Eneas. He is very nice. He is a lord. I think he will go to the Basilisque wedding then. You should meet him.”

Hearing the young woman’s recommendation, Yves turns his focus to the curly haired seamstress and considers it for a moment. “What’s a busk?” he asks, and the seamstress explains with a few words and a gesture towards the garment that Inesse had suggested, elaborating so that the young lady doesn’t have to.

The teenager thinks about it for a moment and then looks at the jacket and asks, “But if I’m wearing a jacket, will people even be able to see it?”

Back to talking to Inesse, he nods his head a little at her explanation about Eneas, looking confused and shrugs a bit at her. “Okay?” he asks, not sure why she is mentioning it. “I’ll try to do that, I guess.”

For once he doesn’t feel like the most awkward person in the room.

Inesse chuckles when a young man doesn’t know what a bust is. For once she doesn’t feel the only one who has the least of knowledge in regards of a discussed matter. She comes out from behind of a shelf and shows the green gloves to the seamstress. ‘I would like to get these for my mama.” she explains and smiles broadly. Her red cheek which blooms in red roses same as the left one receive a small dimple when a lady casts that smile. She glances at the boy and nods at him, “Good. I wish you to have a wonderful time at the wedding. I was not invited. I am not even sure if I could come. I guess I could… It’s not like the Night Court. I am… I am only fifteen.” She explains and chuckles, stabbing her timid gaze down to the floor again as if she is searching for a lost coin.

Then Inesse scratches the back of her head idly without any specific reason. “What does you family do? I’ve never heard about Valliers. Does your father also fight in the front with people of Skaldi? Have you seen a skaldi yourself?” Her eyes catch the glimpse of the boy’s sword. “Maybe you fought one yourself?”

“Lady Somerville implied that every noble in Marsilikos was invited, I’m certain you would have the invitation,” Yves mentions and then when he hears that the girl is only fifteen thinks about it and his eyes sort of search the rafters of the shop. With a look of realization, he says, “Um.. do you think maybe your parents received one for you? Because you aren’t yet old enough?”

The question about his family earns her a look, a touch perplexed, “Really? Oh, well, we’re from Camlach like the d’Aiglemorts, we fight Skaldi, yes, and yes,” he has to pause again to make sure he is speaking at least somewhat politely, “Um.. I’ve seen and fought a few.”

“Anyway, we export wool, joie and wood.”

“Oooh!” Inesse claps in excitement forgetting an upcoming wedding and the invitation issue. “You fought one yourself?” Her eyes grow wide and she takes a few careful steps closer to her new friend. He must become her new friend! “Is this true?” She whispers. “That women of skaldi grow beard as well? I heard a few men saying it. Did you fought men or women? Did you win? Do you have brothers and sisters? Maybe your sisters also fight? I heard that women from the mountains are quite tough. Is your mama a warrior?” But then she looks at the seamstress and at a few hats laying on the top of some other shelves.

The girl brings her hands behind her back. “I apologize. Lord Eneas simply told me some things about your lands and I was more curious but I was not able to meet him again. My mama would like to speak to him.” Inesse explains and then frowns a bit. “Hmmm… What is joie?”




“I’m alive. So, yes.”

“I have several, you may have met Roche, he’s married to Lady Jacqueline d’Aiglemort,” he mentions, in case that helps her remember something.

“I think most people from Camlach have a touch of Camael in them,” he answers, not being too specific, in part, because they don’t exist in the game and it’d be weird to give them characteristics that don’t hold up in time..

“Why um.. Does your mother want to speak to him?” he asks, feeling like he missed part of that..

“It’s a kind of alcohol.”
“I do not do alcohol, so I didn’t know!” Inesse explains and chuckles. She sets the green gloves on the counter waiting for the seamstress to pack them and tell the price. “I can’t tell you,” she adds about the part why her mother desires to speak to lord Eneas. The girl removes a small pouch from her side and starts counting a few silvers. She sets them on the counter glancing now and then to seamstress to see if it will be enough.

Once the gloves are packed, she picks them and turns back to the boy. “Not many are around. Not many of my age. I will celebrate my natality soon. On the third of November. Would you come?”

“Why can’t you tell me?” Yves asks, narrowing his eyes at her, even as he watches the seamstress go over to help the girl with a quick and efficient skill, well practiced at packing things away for young ladies like Inesse. Yves for his part watches and looks back towards the jacket several times, trying to decide what exactly to purchase. He still just wants the one coat, but he is starting to think about the surcoat and vest she’d mentioned.

Perhaps he should follow her advice if only to try something new.

“I can do that,” he answers, “Will you send out invitations?” he asks. “Just send one to the Valliers townhouse for me, and I’ll get it.”

“Where exactly is Valliers townhouse? Maybe we are neighbors and just do not know it!” Inesse presses the packed gloves to her chest and quickly adds, “Our neighbors are… I think… I believe I saw apple tree drawn on their gates. The place where a man died!”

“The Camlach area, we’re neighbors with the others from our region, I’d assume it’s the same for your family, what area are your people from?” Yves asks.

“Oooh… Then I am very wrong! My people are here. I am from Eisande! You haven’t heard about my family as well? We are not that big but my mama’s family is professional in wine making. My mama is actually very good in this. Do you like wine, m’lord?” Inesse smiles

Deciding on the surcoat and vest, because Inesse had recommended it, Yves has a quick word with the seamstress before turning his attention back to the young de Baphinol. “I have heard of your family, but I hadn’t remembered which region you all are from,” he explains. “Wine? I don’t drink, much, no, it doesn’t help in battle, and I rather preferred to focus on things that helped me stay alive.”

“You are very clever!” Inesse immediately compliments. “I will absolutely deliver the invitation to my celebration. It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you to have fun at the wedding. But I better go now. We all have things to do.” She smiles, and curtsies before turning to leave.

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