(1310-10-17) Bare Dispute
Summary: Gregoire and Louna have a fight that starts with the weather and lands on his new relationship with another peer. As tempers rise, he resorts to stripping down to nothing to make a point.
RL Date: Weds Oct 17, 2018
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Monteaux Suite - Baphinol Residence

Through the heavy wooden door, one enters a spacious master bedroom, dark teak wood furniture contrasting to white walls, curtains of crimson with gold filigree accents framing the bay windows, adding natural light to the room. Center stage is a four poster canopy bed with crimson covers that match the curtains. The crest of Baphinol is carved into the headboard. A large tapestry hangs behind details the ancestral lineage of the Monteaux branch of the family, going back at least ten generations. A fireplace of dark teak and white marble that is perfect for keeping the room warm during the winter months is surrounded by gold cushioned easy chairs that are perfect for lounging. Crimson cushions with gold filigree provide an excellent contrast. Below the bay windows is a dark teak writing desk perfect for composing correspondence while enjoying the gardens of Baphinol. A bookshelf on the other side of the window carries popular titles of the inhabitants living there.

In the evenings, oil lamps on the side tables by the bed help the fireplace keep the room lit. A transparent gold curtain to the side leads into a private washroom with a large white tub with clawed feet that can be filled with hot water by the servants. There are two large dark teak wardrobes that carry the latest fashions for Marsilikos.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is freezing and raining.

The weather is freezing and raining outside, almost as if Gregoire brought the Camlach weather down to Marsilikos. The bedroom fireplace is burning logs in the vain attempt to keep the chill out. Her husband is whistling under his breath as if he's /happy/ that the miserable weather is going outside. He moves to the window to open it, as if he's interested in letting some fresh air in the room, "The fire is far too stifling in here Louna, let's open the window and get some fresh air in." He glances over his shoulder, "We should take advantage of the cool air while we have it."

"Fresh air?" The quill stops, Louna in the middle of writing missives and staring at him as if the man had just lost his mind. "Fresh air? No. Get away from that window. Are you crazy? You'll let the rain in and the fire will be pointless and it will be damp and wet in her. Walk away from the window. You want fresh air, go outside and stand in the rain. Not open a window." Exasperation in her voice.

"Or go find your friend you brought home with you and slept with in the guest room" That bit is added on. As if to say, I see all and know all.

Gregoire stops his whistling and stiffens a little, closing the window that he had managed to open a crack, "Really, you need to bring that up now?" He closes the window with a little force, locking it securely, "It's too hot in here. Frankly, it's not healthy to be in this stifling room. I'm not saying that you open it up all the way, just a crack." He starts to undo the buttons on the top of his doublet, and goes back to the topic of his friend, "And I would think you would celebrate that I'm spending time with our peers. You complained I was spending too much time on the docks."

"Then open a door and share the heat with the other room, or don't throw so many logs and coal onto the fire. I didn't choose how much to lay in the fireplace. That's the staff's job. And it's stifling to you because of your bulk. It's just fine to me. Probably has nothing to do with the fire and everything to do with you wanting to be out in the rain again." She looks over at him, this side of unamused. "Not -that- kind of spend." She points out. "Etiquette and behavior outside the bedroom dear -husband-"

Gregoire moves to the door and opens it, giving an annoyed sound under his breath, "I'm also not used to this climate. If possible, perhaps we can have a talk with them about keeping the rooms marginally cooler." He gives her a pointed look since most of the time it's her talking to the staff, "If we /agree/ then I'll carry it out." He runs his fingers through his hair, looking a bit exasperated, "And what the hell do you mean by etiquette and behavior? Lord Gaspard Valliers is someone I care for and want to include in my life. As long as we are discreet, you should not take issue."

"I mean how to behave outside of the bedroom. That's what I mean you dolt." Exasperation. "No one cares how you behave behind the doors of a bedchamber. Particularly yours. But when in public, is where it matters. I'll tolerate the dalliers if he can get you to behave marginally better than you have been, or to at least not ruin your silk by walking out in the rain. They're expensive. Do we look like a ducal house?" The quill is set down and she looks to him. "I'll ask them to make sure the chambers are icy cold in your suite." Just launching to the extreme.

Gregoire places his hands on his hips, "How to behave outside the bedroom? Just what are you expecting me to do?" At the mention of Fenris getting Gregoire to 'behave' in public, "As far as I know, my behavior…" He does remember that one night on the docks, "Has been fine except one lapse. And I blacked out so frankly whatever you might have heard wasn't anything I remember doing." So clearly by the expression on his face, he doesn't expect his wife to hold that against him, "And since then I've watched how much I drink in public." He fingers this doublet with distaste, "And why don't you just get these damn things in cotton? You know I can't abide by silk. It doesn't breath in this heat."

"Just because you don't remember doing it doesn't mean it didn't happen, especially when there are witnesses" Sing singed with venom. She's rising then, moving over to take the collar of said silk shirt and doing the buttons back up. "Because you are a Baron, Barons wear silk. Status, money, rank. Cotton is scratchy and not fit for this weather and time of year. Silk is. I'm -so- sorry that you are now expected to wear silk. I'm sure you'll just have to endure. Like you do me and this marriage." There's a faint pat to his cheek and a smile.

Gregoire gives a deep sigh, "I am sorry for my foul behavior that evening. As I said before, since you've been reminding me, I don't intend to do that again." He gives a small growl as she buttons those buttons back up, "They don't make the collar loose enough, it's practically strangling me." He then unbuttons the buttons that she just did back up, "I'm more comfortable like this." And at her mention that cotton isn't good enough for his station, "Silk isn't practical. It tears easier. I can't get it wet. It's wrinkles like hell." He gives a shake of his head, "And I'm trying Louna. I am but you have to meet me in the middle."

"If you are riding out in the woods, yes. But you are not riding int he woods, tromping about like a bear Gregoire. You are in the city, attending events and representing the barony when I am not here and thus, you must be in the latest fashion. Which means…" She does up one button, leaving the top most one undone. Meeting in the middle. In a strange way. "That you must dress, like a noble, and not like some back woods skaldic brute."

"Yes, but no one is seeing me today," Gregoire is giving her a concession of leaving only the one button undone, "Perhaps in our residence, I can walk freely without any need to wear my finery." He doesn't look thrilled at her calling him a 'back woods skaldic brute', "And I would appreciate it if you avoided such slurs on myself." His voice is even as he tries to keep ahold of his temper.

"Walk around naked if you like. But the moment you are outside our suites, your ass better be in silk unless you're going on a ship or riding a horse to go live in the woods." She isn't reigning in her own temper, if anything, she's still letting it ride, a roll of her eyes as she strides away in a swish of silk to go back to working on more papers. "Oh, I'll refrain. I'll stick to just calling you an uncouth beast then."

<FS3> Gregoire rolls Composure: Failure. (1 4)

Gregoire lets out a roar, "I told you not to call me that!" He starts to tear at the buttons of his doublet, "Fine…you want a beast." He starts to strip off his clothes right there, "You'll get a beast." He makes short work of his clothing till he is butt naked right there in the room, "I'm happy to spend my days walking naked for your viewing /pleasure/ my dear wife." Of course once naked, the marks of his lover are clearly on his skin. One particular stands out showing a bites on his shoulder.

"Oh, It's not for my viewing pleasure. I thought it was so that you didn't have to be constrained by silk?" There's a smile, so sweet. Offered up to him. Though eyes land on that bite mark. A smirk and she looks away from him, back to the papers. "At least it shouldn't be so stifling now. Though the door is open so the servants will see your ass."

"Let them look!" Gregoire tells her and throws up her hands, "I don't give a shit if they see me walking around our quarters naked." He gives a salute to the servant that starts to come in to bring another log on the fire, spies Gregoire's lack of undress and quickly leaves without putting the log on the fire, "It shouldn't be too disruptive…no more than your screeching at me." He's in a fine temper at this point so he barely pays the servant any mind.

"Oh they're quite used to my screeching. And yours as well. Harping and nagging and whining" She keeps writing before finishing off the later, blowing on it and then moving to seal it. "Your brother's shoulders are better." Aiming low.

"We're /identical/ twins," Gregoire grounds out, sitting his naked behind on the bed, "There's not a difference between us besides personality, which there is no need to tell me my many faults on that front. I know your feelings on the matter and you're only repeating yourself." He grinds his teeth and tries to reign in the temper that his wife has flared.

"You'er not identical. There's differences." There's a pointed look to him. "Hmm, not mad enough yet. Shall I send for the Dalliers?"

"His name is Valliers…not that ridiculous name that you have taken to calling him," Gregoire grounds out with a growl, "And you are to stay the /hell/ away from him. He's a good man and doesn't need your shrill voice bearing down on him."

"He's a dalliance, and a Valliers, thus, a dalliers." She's moving toward the door, aiming to head out. "I'll send for more wood, since it's looking a little low." She snipes.

"Don't bother, I'll go get the servant for you since you're about to catch chill," Gregoire tells her with a growl and stalks out of the room bare as the day he was born, forgetting in his rage that he is without any stitch of clothing.

There's a smack of the ass with her bare hand as he passes. "Show them your best side darling!" Before heading off in another direction from him.

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