(1310-10-16) That Certain Matter
Summary: Delphine and Inesse speak about new acquaintances, the daughter has made. And plans for the future and her upcoming sixteenth birthday.
RL Date: 16/10/2018
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Suite d’Orange — Baphinol Residence

A young lady is seated on a couch. Her legs dangle quite excitedly. Inesse keeps her head lowered down and carefully follows slow moment of her fingers as they guide a needle into the soft rosy silk. A stitch after a stitch and she makes a stem of a flower. The general embroidery is suppose to be a field of blooms, and there should be a beautiful black stallion trotting under the sunrays. Unfortunately, the lack of steady hand, and maybe the lack of imagination joined by a very poor thoroughness makes the beast to look more like a donkey or a cow.

Inesse is humming a quiet melody which is also sometimes too pitchy, or too fast and it does not remind any songs as no bards would have a success if they would sing something like this. However, it is still a sign of a young lady being in a good spirit this late evening. The orange shades of a fireplaces are dancing on her long white skirt and in her almost black eyes. It provides more than enough warmth and that is why a small window is opened to let some fresh air in.

There is a sound as the door opens and her mother enters from the upstairs gallery. Delphine wears a dress of light green that goes well with the dark color of her hair. It is an elegant dress, of course, that pronounces her slender built and waist, skirts flaring out below in a soft rustle, as she moves through the suite. With the door falling shut behind her, the Vicomtesse turns and in catching sight of Inesse, her features soften into an affectionate smile.

“Ah, there you are, my dear little one,” Delphine murmurs, crossing the distance with a few swift steps to press a kiss to Inesse’s forehead. “I had been looking for you. What are you working on, hmm?” The smile remains on her face, “You seem to be in good spirits,” is added, in regards to the humming. “Has there been anything interesting happen to you, today?”

Inesse smiles broadly when her mother places a peck on her forehead. The young lady proudly shows the unrecognizably terrible embroidery. “I am making this. For you!” She pats the seat beside if her mother would like to settle down and hear the full story of Inesse’s recent activity. “Today was pretty lazy but I have met very interesting people! Actually, I did want to speak to you and ask some stuff about upcoming celebration. I already invited few people and some of them suggested… how I could make the celebration more fun! But before that… have you met lady Perrine? Lady Perrine Merliot?” She frowns pondering for a second. “No. I am sorry. Eresse. Lady Perrine Eresse?”

“This looks so lovely,” comes the mother’s verdict in regards to the embroidery, “I’m looking forward to see it when it is finished.” Following Inesse’s invitation, Delphine sits down beside her, hands moving to re-adjust those light-green skirts. “Tell me about those people you have met,” the mother asks of the daughter. “And about ideas that have been suggested. I would love to hear them.” A soft furrowing of brows follows, when Delphine hears a name she does not immediately know where to place. “I am sorry, Inesse? I know of no Lady Perrine d’Eresse, nor have I heard of a Lady Perrine Mereliot. And as I don’t know them, I haven’t met them, I suppose. Why? What about this mysterious Lady Perrine?”

Inesse chuckles and leans in into her mother, if she allows. Resting her head on the mother’s shoulder and laying the embroidery down to her lap, a young woman explains, “She is very sweet. She goes often to the temple. I enjoy spending time with her. She is very intelligent and… I was wondering if you could meet her and ask her if she doesn’t require a lady-in-waiting? I would love to become one!” She looks up at her mother with those excited and almost begging puppy eyes.

She laughs and blushes a little bit in regards of another question. “Well… These ideas are subtle.” Inesse leans back in her seat. “You know that I will have to go to the salon and pick one of the courtesans there, right? But I met lord Eneas… do you know him? He is very handsome and very fun! He told me that one does not require to do it. He said that I could arrange things and have a courtesan attend me but another man could be there as well and I could actually spend time with a man I like and not necessarily with a servant to Namaah. So, I was wondering if you could help me to arrange and negotiate with a salon that I could meet with lord Eneas there?” She beams and looks down at her lap a bit shyly. “I was told it’s okay.”

“My dear, Inesse, I need to meet this lady Perrine first. As I said, I don’t know her, nor do I know what title she holds. If she holds one. You see me a little surprised,” Delphine remarks, reaching her hand out to take Inesse’s into her own, “that you would seek to leave my side, to learn all these things I am trying to teach you, from another. I am here in Marsilikos. I will stay for a while, my dear. Others…” And here the ever so cheerful demeanor of Delphine Le Blanc de Baphinol dims a little, “…may not be as appreciative of your strengths, or as forgiving in regards to your weaknesses. You will always be my little Inesse… Why would you seek to take such a step — when this Lady Perrine could maybe become a friend of yours instead?” Fingers give Inesse’s hands a light squeeze, before Delphine lets go of it.

“I would need to meet her to decide if this would be a thing to consider.”, the Vicomtesse decides then with a light shrug of her shoulders. After all, Inesse won’t be allowed to make such decisions till her eighteenth birthday. Perhaps it is a good thing that the topic shifts back to arrangements of the impending sixteenth natality.

“Inesse de Baphinol. All I offer is to visit the salons, to see whether one or two of the courtesans may catch your fancy. You don’t have to pick one, if you don’t want to. It is an old custom, but not a requirement.” A low guttural chuckle rises in Delphine’s throat and she she shakes her head; at Inesse? At herself? Probably both. “Unless you find an adept or a courtesan that is to your liking, we may skip this part of the arrangements. Of course. You are free to take with you whomever you like. Even this mysterious Lord Eneas. If he is agreeable to it! But. One step after the other.” Her hazel eyes narrow. “I would like to be introduced to him, though. Just to make sure, he is not one of the bad people that would like to use you for their games…”

It is a bad world out there, a fact that even someone of Delphine’s optimistic disposition must acknowledge.

“Oh, mama!” Inesse panics and stabs her apologetic gaze to Delphine. “I thought that you want me to do something of value. I thought I must become a lady-in-waiting to someone! No no no… I do not want to leave your side. I love you and you mean the world to me!” She tries to wrap her arms around mother’s and cuddle. “I want to stay at your side and only yours. Let's forget this lady Perrine. Maybe she will become my friend!” The girl nuzzles her cheek to her mother’s side and then withdraws as well.

The smile broadens. “Aye aye! We shall arrange the meeting between lord Eneas and you. He is marvellous. He understands me! He always knows how to make me laugh and… I feel less afraid beside him. I am less afraid to say stupid things because I know that he will just laughs with me, or he will make additional silly jokes! When would you like to meet him?”

“Silly,” Delphine takes her daughter into her arms and hugs her tightly. “You don’t have to become lady-in-waiting. If this something you’d want, we’d have to approach Her Grace about it. And I would certainly do that, were I to leave the city and you would stay here, my little Inesse…” A gentle peck is given to Inesse’s cheek. “But you are lucky. I am a Vicomtesse, a woman of standing. I will show you how this social game is played, hmm?” But apparently, the mother’s instinctive reaction is put at ease, as the return of her contagious smile betrays. “Lady Perrine… we shall not forget about her, I would like to make her acquaintance. If you are so impressed with her, she must be a lovely person. Lord Eneas, too…” That smile tightens a little. “Would he be shocked to be introduced to your mother, I wonder? Child. Where could we go and meet him?”

Making a mental note, Delphine regards the dark-haired beauty that is her daughter, looking at her thoughtfully, before she adds, “You must learn to pay attention to family names, my dear. Families. And their provinces. They do matter.”, in a soft sigh.

The young girl beams broadly cuddling to her mother and nods. “I hope you will never leave. If you will decide to leave, I will go with you! You are the best, mama!” She pecks Delphine’s cheek if allowed but then more properly settles down on the couch and takes back the embroidery inti her hands. “I will make the arrangements, mama. I will invite lady Perrine to our home, and I will do the same with lord Eneas. You will love them both!” She makes a few quite random stitches and settles the silk down on her lap again. “Did you want something from me as well? Do you need any assistance? How were your days? Did you meet anyone new and exciting? Tell me about your time here in Marsilikos!”

“You will do all those things,” Delphine confirms, leaving one arm wrapped about Inesse as she sits beside her. “Send out invitations…” Visibly relieved that the previous moment of tension has dissipated, the mother regards her daughter’s attempts at embroidery with an amused twinkle in her dark eyes. “Ah… leave it for now, my dear.” She reaches for the thing Inesse is working on and puts it aside. Today… We should go out and visit the Salon of Coquelicot. I do actually need your assistance. In that you and I will try and find a fitting diversion for your sixteenth natality.”

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