(1310-10-14) Pacifist Bread Pudding
Summary: Bethane serves up some bread pudding for Anse, and then chats about to hit or not to hit others.
RL Date: Sun Oct 14, 2018
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Leaping Fish Inn - Market Promenade

The Main Room of the Leaping Fish is tidy and well-kept - and warmed by a fire in the hearth to one side on colder days and evenings. An old tapestry depicting a pair of two leaping fish is adorning the opposite wall - a reference to both the ruling House of Mereliot and the name of the inn. The common room has five tables of sturdy oak with chairs and benches, between which two serving maids move to take orders or bring food and beverages. The air is filled with tasty smells of freshly cooked meals, and murmurs of conversation - and occasionally even melodies rippling through the room, when a lute player is around to provide entertainment. The fare is of good quality that even would not disappoint noble tastes.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall morning. The weather is freezing and overcast.

Its another frigid fall night, the kind where people do their best to sit as far away from the door as possible. As Anse steps into the Inn, quickly closing the door behind him, its apparent why as the cold gust of air follows closely behind. The priest takes a happy breath of relief once the warm air of the Inn hits him and takes a moment to flex his still bare toes before padding further into the Inn, scanning the room for something before his eyes settle on a particular barmaid and he heads in the direction of the bar.

Inside the Leaping Fish Inn, the warm fireplace is blazing offering warmth to the weary traveller. The scent of fresh bread pudding fills the air with its sweet overtones. Bethane is serving coffee more than drinks at this hour as many of the patrons are just enjoying a hearty breakfast. She lightly hums under her breath as she moves from the kitchen to the bar taking finishing up a few things before the inn gets too busy. When she sees the priest arrive, she immediately calls to one of the girls to bring the priest a sample of the bread pudding, motioning for him to take a seat, "Brother Anse, it is good to see you."

"And you as well, I hope you're doing well today" Anse says with a happy smile as he takes the offered seat, making himself comfortable at the bar. When another girl brings him the bread pudding he offers her a smile and thank you before turning his gaze back onto you. "You know if you keep having food and drink ready for me every time I arrive, I might just end up not leaving one of these days" Anse says happily "thank you."

"Well, I wouldn't want to take you away from your duties," Bethane tells him with a sweet smile, "But outside of those, you are more than welcome to come and stay warm by my fire." She gives him a teasing glance, "Now, what drink can I get you? We have a strong black tea or rich chocolat coffee that might tempt you. Or our standard coffee with just a touch of cinnamon if you don't want to have too much sweet." She leans over to give him a nice view of her girls, "Of course, I can never have enough sweets, but it's not for everyone."

Anse returns your sweet smile with one of his own, his eyes staying on you as you give teasing glances and for some reason paying even closer attention to you as you lean over the bar. "I'm not against something sweet, but I don't know if I could handle anymore sweetness than your words so I think I might just have to have something standard." Anse says still with a smile on his face "you're quite the hostess, thank you again."

"I like taking care of you," Bethane tells him softly as she goes to get his coffee, "Since you spend so much time taking care of others." She puts the coffee in front of him, "And don't think this is purely altruistic. I'm getting extra points up there with Elua." She jokes to cover up that indeed she has a soft spot for the priesthood. There's a well of kindness in the woman, even if she hides it with teasing glances and copious views of her bosom.

Anse laughs happily "ah, well of course. I wouldn't expect to be winning such favor just on my own" Anse teases "I'll make sure to add you to my prayers tonight. Mademoiselle Arvyn, true friend of Elua, ender of empty stomachs, and creator of dirty thoughts. Something like that maybe?" Anse pretends to muse as he takes a sip of the coffee. "I'm sure i'll think of something to say…"

Bethane gives a laugh that just comes from the center of her chest, "Creator of dirty thoughts?" She shakes her head, causing her red locks to ripple in her merriment, "I am indeed honored if I make it into your nightly rituals." She leans over and gives him a chase kiss on the cheek if he lets her, "Now you have made my morning." She pulls back a little so she can gaze into those eyes, "And I won't be speaking of what I think about in my own straw bed at night about men with lovely bare feet."

Anse does indeed let the quick kiss on the cheek happen, leaning in a little to make it easier. He opens his mouth to say something but then can't help but smirk as you finish your thoughts. "Is that so?" Anse asks with a bit of a sparkle in his eyes as he looks back into yours "but that seems like such an interesting thing to hear about. Are you sure I can't hear about what you think of men with bare feet?"

"Oh good brother, I don't think such musings are fit for public consumption," Bethane tells him with a laugh and pours herself a cup of coffee since it's a bit slow yet, "Now do you want me to fetch you any fruit to go with the bread pudding? We've got some fresh grapes and strawberries that are so sweet on the lips." She gives a look to Anse's lips, letting her eyes linger there.

"Well maybe we should talk outside the public eye sometime." Anse suggests back as he takes another sip of his coffee but keeps his eyes focused on you. "You're too kind, I am more than happy just to enjoy the coffee and very pleasant company. In fact I think I might come here for the company even if there were no delicious foods or drinks at all."

"Oh I think such a meeting would be lovely," Bethane gives him a teasing look, "You'll have to catch me sometime when I'm not on shift." Since she is a working girl, "Although, if I do slip a few coins to my boss, he sometimes looks the other way when I entertain good friends." Letting him know that her hours can be flexible when needed, "But there's nothing wrong with a stimulating conversation. I think too many people underestimate the comfort of good coffee and bread pudding."

"I will do my best to come find you outside of working hours sometime soon" Anse promises. His eyes still linger on you as he takes another drink but then there is a soft smile. "It is a pleasent way to start the morning. I have to say, sometimes the small things are the best things, good conversation and food dont seem all that special until you go without for a little bit."

"Well you are welcome to come for both anytime Brother Anse," Bethane tells him with a linger look as she takes a sip of her coffee. Her keen eyes never stop watching her customers, making sure the girls on the floor are seeing to their needs. In some ways, the ease at which the floor runs can be credited to this hard working woman, "I'll keep you abreast of my working hours." She scribbles down on a rough napkin with charcoal the next day that she has off and passes it to the priest.

Anse grins a little when you hand him the napkin and its quickly hidden away inside his robes. "I look forward to it" he says before looking away from you for a moment to look over the bar and the busy workers and happy patrons. "Glad you do have time off work, this place seems like it would be quite the task to run. Are the workers here also under the threat of your crossbow, or is that for unruly patrons only?"

"Oh the staff knows that my word outside of the boss is law here," Bethane tells him with a laugh as she picks up a cloth to clean her hands from the charcoal, "But I get two days off a week, sometimes they're a bit flexible if someone gets sick and I need to cover." She motions to the upstairs, "Living here doesn't always make it easy to get away from my work."

Anse glances towards the stairs and chuckles a little "I can see that. I imagine it can be quite loud as well, depending on the night. I understand what you mean a little though. Sometimes work will follow you around. I dont think my work is quite as hard as yours though." There is a hrm as he finishes his coffee and lets his eyes drift back your way. "So why leaping fish? Leaping isn't the first thing I think of when I think of fish."

Bethane gives a laugh and shakes her head, "Oh I have /no/ idea on why the owner chose that name. Or even why his son who runs it now keeps it." She takes a sip of her coffee, "Perhaps it's because all of us born of the sea have 'leapt' away from the ocean or something equally silly." She gives a curious glance to Anse, "And I have always been curious what the duties of a priest are. What does your day look like?" She motions to herself, "I can easily tell you my days tend to be of the same things. Not much changes day to day."

"It varies. There is a lot of very dull work I dont think a lot of people normally consider when thinking about it. Cleaning and maintaining the temple and dorms for example. Not exactly exciting work. But then there is also teaching, often children, explaining the role of the companions to people who don't know. And helping people pray and make offerings. I think the thing for me that I like the most is when I can really help someone though. When someone has a problem and they need someone to talk to." Anse says with a bit of a smile thinking about it. "Its easy to fall into the same pattern of things it seems like, but truth be told I spent a good deal of time on the road. Taking in the country somewhat like blessed Elua did himself. This is the first place I've stopped in for more than a few days in a while."

"When I was a little girl, I'd clamor for mother to take me to the temple to hear the stories for Elua and the Companions," Bethane admits to Anse as she smiles fondly from the memory, "I would bribe my brothers with treats sometimes to take me. And then we'd clamor near the steps to listen." She gives a shake of her head, "It always seemed so magical, all the trials and successes they had. I was like being bigger than my small little world." She gives a nod as he talks about helping others, "I lend an ear myself to those that need it here. Mostly sailors and common folk with hard days that need to unload after a few drinks." She gives a wink, "Or a bit of comfort if I find them pleasing on the eye."

"It is magical, in a way. To think that in a way they created all of us and we can trace our lines back to the companions. How Elua was born and what the angels did to follow him. I still feel something every time I see one of his statues.." Anse smirks a bit then "I suppose I would make for a poor priest if I didn't think it was all very grand and magical though eh?" He says with a little laugh "I'm glad you have fond memories. Some children and even more so a good deal of adults aren't so happy to listen to all those stories. I'm sure you're a great relief to quite a few people. Many times its feel thats truly what people need, someone to just listen to them. In that way what you and I do is not so different. Why, you're even taking into account love as thou wilt" Anse says with a return wink.

"I think that the world would be a more compassionate place if people lived by Elua's tenets," Bethane offers softly as she thinks of the priests' teachings of Elua and the Companions, "Followed him like the angels did. Lived like good men like yourself." She flushes a little as she gets a little too close to her own heart, "My mother spent her life a bit bitter, angry at the world. It was nice to be in a place where kindness was a virtue. Rather than 'life is always going to be Be, get used to it' mantra." She gives a shake of her head, "And life can be hard but it doesn't mean that you can't want for something more."

"I agree. Whole heartedly. I would love to live in a world where people are more compassionate and filled with love. Some day maybe we will get there. That is the reason in a way I chose this life. Wanting to live in peace and not be so filled with anger. You have quite the kind heart, its nice to see. Even if you sometimes threaten people with crossbows." Anse says with a small chuckle

"Ahh well, I can't be as pious as you Brother Anse," Bethane admits with a laugh, "To forsake my crossbow in times of crisis." She gives a shake of her head, "I wish I didn't need it sometimes but life has taught me when kindness doesn't work, then a sharp bolt that's a few inches from one's ear sometimes is far more convincing than any words from my mouth." She does let the priest know, "For me…violence is the last resort. But a resort all the same if other means doesn't work."

"I understand your viewpoint. I think a lot of people think that way. That sometimes though they dont want to violence is necessary. I think also most people assume violence is a fact of life, that it would be nice if it wasn't there but thats the world we live in." Anse pauses for a moment to sigh a bit "I truly wish to convince people that there is another way. Its not easy but I truly think there is no need for violence of any kind." Anse shrugs a bit "but its a tough sell."

Bethane gives a laugh and shakes her head, "Oh Brother Anse, that is a tall order." She doesn't argue with him that it would be good if the world turned from violence but she's pragmatic enough not to think it's possible any time soon, "But I applaud your efforts on that front." Her eyes narrow as one of the morning patrons gets a little too fresh with one of her girls. Luckily, the woman manages to extract herself without too much effort. But it's clear that Bethanie is going to keep an eye on the man while she talks to Anse.

Anse smiles back at you "a very tall order. But I am personally sick of just accepting that people have to kill one another. At the very least I am able to take myself from the cycle of violence, and thats something at least." He turns his head as your eyes narrow and then turns his gaze back towards you "and of course, its not just murder and war, but all kinds of things that we seem to love to do to one another that are really just no good at all. Maybe people need to take a few more trips out to the temple of Kushiel."

Bethane gives a nod of her head and then leans over to tell Anse, "That one certainly needs a trip or two. He's a bit grabby with his hands with the girls and I've had to talk to him more than once." She gives a shake of her head, "And if he wasn't such a bad tipper the girls wouldn't mind." The man in question looks over at Bethane, giving a smirk until he notices the priest next to her and gives a pause.

Anse shakes his head a little, disappointed in the other man. "I can try and talk with him if you'd like. Though I can't say with any certainty what might happen." Anse smirks a bit then "maybe I can invite him for a walk on my way out. See if I can bend his ear that way perhaps. Unless you don't want me harassing your patrons of course."

"Harass away," Bethane encourages Anse with a deep smile, "He could currently use a chance to talk to a man of the cloth." She gives a quiet thank you to the priest for at least trying to help correct the unruly patron.

"I will grab him on the way out. Though if he ends up grabby handing me I will blame it solely on you" Anse teases "maybe it can be the start of a new outreach. Spending time in inns until I find someone causing problems and try and talk them out of it" he chuckles a bit then "I'm sure i'd end up with a black eye soon enough."

Bethane gives him a fierce, protective look, "If any of my patrons hit you, they most certainly would be feeling an arrow in their ass for their efforts. I don't take kindly to folks beating on priests." She gives him a shake of her head, "I know…you don't like volience but does defending oneself or others count as violence?"

Anse laughs a bit "I'm just teasing, no need to go around shooting anyone" hes still laughing a bit as he answers your question "I think people should keep themselves safe. There is an ideal world and the real world, and I wouldn't ask other people to suffer through that for no reason. At the same time I also wouldn't ask anyone to defend me, if that makes sense."

"Oh it makes plenty of sense but it still doesn't mean that I'd let anything happen to you while you're in my care," Bethane tells him gruffly as she finishes her coffee and starts to clean up, giving a bit of a sigh as that patron pays his bill and heads out the inn, "I'd bar him but my boss would be mad if I turned away good coin."

Anse smiles back at you "well, I appreciate the thought. Lets just hope it doesn't come to that. No need to get you in trouble with your boss. But to be honest i'm generally very good at not getting hit so I dont think there is much to worry about. I may be a bit strange but I think I can really put on the charm if I have to. Why, I dont think I've been hit once since coming to Marsilikos" he says with a grin

Bethane gives a smile and notes, "Well you are very charming my friend." She takes a look at the time and notes, "We'll be switching out for lunch soon. Do you want any more bread pudding?" She gives a little sniff, "I can still smell a bit simmering and might take a little break in a few minutes to indulge a few bites."

"No, i'm alright" Anse says with another smile "but you should by all means. You've been entertaining me the whole day, should probably take a well deserved break. I would hate to keep you from a well deserved meal."

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